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Zombie Roblox Family | Hotel Vacation Fun!

Zombie Roblox Family | Hotel Vacation Fun!

the toy heroes yay be sure to subscribe and hit that notification valve for all four of our channels the toy heroes the toy heroes games the toy heroes play dolls and baby doll stories I was so excited about this vacation yeah I think this is just what everybody needs a little R&R yeah especially since when people see our zombie family they go Sami's itn't would not even mean we look that nice is zombie shuffle yeah I think so too it's not like it's not like we're gonna like bite somebody or something like we're not those kind of zombies we're just nice zombies well girls sometimes being a zombie is hard you can say that again pumpkin Marian ivanov-vano Ted and see what there is to do of course your girls can have lots of fun thanks mom dad what are you doing oh I'm gonna get us checked in we need to have a nice room don't we yeah dad of course do oh my gosh they have an amazing pool and a side I have to put my bathing suit on wait a minute I don't have a bathing suit oh my gosh this is so bad okay there's got to be a bathing suit around here somewhere right okay wait a minute wait okay there's a snorkel oh I have to buy it seriously oh yeah yeah I'll give anything for free money milk you could go to the gym or they casino you could work out let me try Daisy I'm pretty good at working on the treadmill boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Boom Daisy why are you singing because I read faster on the treadmill when I sing boo boo boo boo I'm gonna lift some weights here I go pumping some iron pumping some iron okay this is lift one two three four five six seven eight nine money when you do that you literally disappear huh now I'm like all sweaty and tired gotta jump in the pool but they don't know how to get him anything soon okay maybe if I go over here I can get a bathing suit okay it's saying um do you want to enter tube for $20 no I want a swimsuit Daisy do you know where to get those they're barely Miley who cares that she's go swimming in our Kano's okay Wow okay that was seriously fun mighty mighty this is so cool Marty Marty this is so cool yeah this is cool I'm really on this raft ah this is a dive just hanging out in the pool dead end dead end dead end I'm not Miley anymore I'm zombie shark Molly dead and dead and shark bite my knee you just did that so that you could steal my inner tube left pretty much ah this pool floatie is awesome money whoa a casino never better to kiss you know before cuz I'm a kid this machine's broke I don't understand I don't understand how to play ah David dance floor boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Boom Boom Boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Boom Boom I love Rob likes inside – I love likes how about you two – do I love Alexis I do I love roblox how about you if you love roblox slam like button come on guys give us a big thumbs up Daisy those are bull Daisy did you just win of course I did Miley you just don't have to know how to play what but why isn't it working for me I don't know just one more little there's what someone win money don't Miley you later okay well I'd like to win some glitter how does this thing work Miley you just have to be better at it than you are okay one wait a minute I think I've figured it out I can't I can't I won't like pulled out or anything I'm not having a problem Andy finally oh did he do yeah I want some sparkles okay I feel so much better now I literally thought my sister was gonna win all the sparkles Manny will you go be wanting to check out the rest of the hotel of course dad dad ha ha ha hey Molly what's up are you having a good vacation of course I am mom now I'm sitting next to you getting my hair done I'm not sure if I really want to have my hair done oh come on dad it'll be super fine they could give you a mohawk oh my Walker remember when you had a mohawk when you were a teenager oh yeah I try to forget why I think you having a mohawk would be so cool dad do it do it do it you're dead kid a mohawk do it okay what's this say something here okay I want to see hey there what can I do for you today cutie um well I was just thinking about having having like a little bit different of a hairstyle aren't you scared of me I'm a zombie um if you haven't noticed I'm a vampire what a vampire Hey look I'm not running away from you and your zombie so why should you run away with from me Daisy we're doing that bathing suit I got it from my hair stylist so what's it going to be little zombie girl okay vampire stylist and cash we can be friends like kids on B's and and vampires be friends they can't be okay let's see what I can offer you today no no no okay maybe doo-doo-doo-doo what do you think um I think I need some color cuz it's a little bit white hmm let's see how about this one do you like this one better um I guess I don't know it's kind of not me go over and sit in the chair and you can change the color of your hair I can't they're all taken now I've white hair Marlee I like your hair I think it looks cute your pigtails make me win two wins we are not twins no bathing suits like I'm green it's green I think I should pick purple I picked the green one I felt like that was really Sam be like well that was her boys definitely not that one oh this one's got like seashells all over it this is cute okay I picked this one look like you yeah Molly your hair looks great and I make you bikini that's a double Maile I like your bathing suit it's it's very Sambi like thank you Maile I tried to make it ugly okay now I can get in the pool without getting all my clothes wet because I'm gonna bathing suit splash ah that's much better swimming in your clothes is kind of just yucky because your shoes get all wet ah I could live here forever wait a minute we haven't even seen our room yet I definitely want to see our room dad which hotel room there we get can you show me oh yeah sure I think they checked us in now I'm not really sure are you done yet dear um no I'm still finishing up having my hair done okay well we can meet up with mom later dad come on let's go get our hotel room okay Molly let's do it I'm stuck on the table huh what floor are we on dad dad I'll run for floor I mean for four oh cool okay whoa Vic he's sweet is this our room well I tried to book this one oh it's it's 15 it's $15 okay I bought it you did Molly whoa big spender yeah you can say that again excuse me but um this is our hotel room oh sorry um I thought it was my hotel room nope nope nope just for zombies okay I bought it but I can't get in I'm confused why can't I'm not get in my room okay there we go excuse me room booking accepted uh excuse me but this is my hotel room okay I guess you can hang out in here if you really want to whoa this room is awesome I know right dad look at the TV you're gonna love watching the news on that in the morning look at all the pillows they're like strawberries ooh we could have like lunch here or whatever room service this is Daisy oh my way oh my gosh look at the size of the TV in here Daisy's gonna freak out when she sees this and the beds are super comfy whoa this place is so awesome you can say that again Wow there's another living room over here and dad you might want to come here a minute why Molly is everything okay yeah come in this other room dad dad where are you Molly I can't even find you this hotel room is so big whoa what are you sitting in right now I'm sitting in oh my gosh this is the coolest place ever we have another balcony and guess what Wow you can jump in the pool from your balcony Kath no tell mom and I'm deysi about this so amazing wait where are they they still just one mom okay you're not my mom we are you Lena no you're not my mom I thought for a minute maybe you were my mom because you kind of look like her and I thought maybe you had your hair done or something doo doo doo doo doo doo where's jay-z and my mom where's jay-z and my mom where where where are Daisy and my mom okay I don't know where they are I guess maybe they went up to the hotel room or something okay now how do I get back up there not through the casino oh my gosh this hotel is so big I'm lost okay wait there is the UM the elevators right there okay for for VIP suite hemorrhoid is this a room whoa girls you picked out a great room well actually was me and Dad jay-z was still like I'm in the pool or something no I was dad to send dad with mom this is called the strawberry suite and you guys can see why because everything is strawberries there is a strawberry light there's strawberry we should strawberry everything there's strawberry pillows whoa look at this view we can see our little town from up here it's amazing Daisy did you sing amazing I did it really is where's your father oh one guess it sounds like a chainsaw then it must be dad snoring he's asleep whoa you can kind of see somebody else's balcony down there too that's cool whoa look you've got comfy chairs out there huh I could stay at this hotel forever me too mom let's just buy a room forever hug that would be pretty expensive Molly but it would be pretty awesome hey did you guys see the hot tub yet hi Toby are you serious yeah come on mom come on Daisy Oh dad did you fall asleep in the hot tub oh well yeah dear you're so funny come on family everybody get in the hot tub this is gonna be awesome oh this is wonderful yeah I'm getting it too we even don't have my bathing suit I hate railfans thanks so much for watching our hotel routine we had so much fun today I can't wait for tomorrow I mean what are we gonna do all day I'm probably gonna hang out in this hot tub and eat lots of snacks dad you're funny okay don't forget to subscribe to the toy heroes games will be put on awesome videos just like this one every single day we'll see you guys next time bye hey toy girl fans don't forget to subscribe to the toy heroes Channel and check out these other super cool fun toy heroes videos

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