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Zaheer Khan recalls his Team India journey with Yuvraj Singh

Zaheer Khan recalls his Team India journey with Yuvraj Singh

somebody who made an impact on India's 2011 World Cup winning campaign and of course in 2007 in South Africa in the world t20 and we are fortunate that we happen to have someone who made his debut alongside Yuvraj Singh who's announced his retirement from all international cricket today said Khan here in the studio Zach I'm not going to ask you for a reaction to the retirement but just throw us take us back to that day when both of you walked out in India blew together only in fact I mean whether you ask me how don't ask me that's what I was thinking of and and it's a it's a motional day in anyone's career and I've always felt even through my experience when it it I decided that okay no it's time and I have to move on you know I did you just it just kinda kind of comes to you and you you feel that you are free from all the burdens you know all the sacrifices you've done all the things which which you've been doing just to just for the love of the game it's it's something you know which which which feels which makes you feel that now it's done I've played my part now it's time to start the new innings and that's what you is is going to start now and that's how he's going to feel as well and when I was thinking about all this in fact this morning only I had a chat with him and and and I was I was thinking about the first day as in you know when I drove inna yeah as the camp I actually went back just before prior to this tournament ICC Champions Trophy in in Nairobi and October 2000 I still remember I think third of October was our debut for for both of us but prior to that there was a camp in Chennai which which was a lead-up for the Champions Trophy and we had about 25 30 players in that so no one knew who is going to be selected it was just basically oh all these guys are in contention and there is a good chance 15 will be picked from from this this lot who is there and pretty much you know the the senior guys obviously you know the sorrow such in Rahul all those guys were were there so we we to a very hopeful you know you Raja has a de at a great under-19 welcome and then he was in contention I've had a good first-class season so so I was also very hopeful to be picked and the news broke in the afternoon and those days then there never is to be all these formal announcements and all that or you get to hear on Twitter our instant that those kind of things were not there so we had to wait for the the new channels to bring the news before someone from board calls us whether the meeting was still going on as they announced it it the media picks it so we are eagerly waiting for that and both of us were sharing the room and that camp in Chennai so as soon as the news broke it was it was so good that you know both of us got selected in that that tournament so so it was just a lot of screaming shouting around I was talking to my family he was calling his his his family and you know it's the atmosphere in the room was was just great and since then I think you know then going to Nairobi playing those those matches together you know he was once once he played that knock against Australia I know we all knew that we are we are going to see something special you know because he had great ability and me and him always used to fight about the fact that he used to say oh but I should bat higher in the in the order because you know obviously it's a numbers thing everyone wants to have those hundreds and you know big scores in your thing to show that okay no I've scored this many hundred that many hundreds and I always used to tell him the kind of impact you have on the game you know the kind of things which you can do at that number you know what not that number five in white ball cricket that's the most toughest number to bat at you know at number four number five because you don't decide how you going to bat the game decides how you going to bat at that stage so sometimes you have to take your time anchor the inning sometimes you have to go after the bowling set that platform and that's something which he had the ability he had that power that impact on the game at that number and he had near proved it you know be it NatWest be editing those six sixes you know beat him and em is consistently finishing those matches in in in Pakistan in and and and the World Cup 2011 who is gonna forget that the man of the series so this the uniqueness of UV was that the moment used to get on a roll he is to finish the tournament's like you know he he he always had that ever finishing example right there yeah I mean you know and you look at his career any tournament which he started getting runs early he is finished those tournaments with with another series you know that's something which which he had done consistently and in 2011 was something very special so know this is time to celebrate you V's Korea you ease achievements and wish him all the luck for the the second innings you know I'm sure the second innings is going to be even better than what he had as a first innings well I'm just going to keep so heat there on these emotional moments as we see these pictures you've had a few emotional moments you talked about one which was of course Nairobi he's had a second innings of a different kind with with hazel not too long ago this is another innings but you have to talk about the emotions of 2011 because it was a roller coaster within him not everybody knew outside what was going on and on April 2nd 2011 at the 1k day you were there in the same huddle being interviewed with him and you said that I kept telling this man you're gonna win a World Cup for India absolutely on and that's something which which we all knew that you know what what he can bring to the table you know the be with the with the ball in hand with the bat you know his his role was going to be huge in the World Cup so so that that's something which we all knew you know everyone in that team knew about it so we had to make sure that you know he's in the in the in the best possible mindset for that particular tournament and in in Bangladesh he was he was struggling with the wrist injury which he was always complaining about he was getting few injuries all along the line and and and because of that he was not getting on a role which he usually prefers you know he or he's always been kind of a guy who always preferred to be on a roll like you know once he's scoring runs he will score runs and then he can stretch that patch so that's something which was not happening for him because of the injuries which were just you know keeping him in and out of the playing 11 so I was telling him don't worry about all these things which are going to be happening you know come World Cup you are going to have the impact which you always had on the game and you playing matches is going to be most important for for us and I remember in during the World Cup as well one of the matches he had that next strain and he came to me I was like oh I feel like not playing the match I said I'm not hearing anything you have to play it even if you have to open your stance if you can't see but he's saying no but I have to look at the bowler so I said open your stance and play because you know once you are there in the middle you forget all the aches and pains and that's what it did in that 2011 even though he was suffering physically he was he was just you know overshadowing everything because once you are in in that match situation and scenario all you're thinking about is how well you can contribute for the team to win the match and annex and pains all just vanishes in in for that you know that that moment till the time you are on the field playing the match yes I just had to listen to sahi talking about his team a joy but you know we saw some of the numbers we saw the photographs but sometimes neither of those two justice to his contribution what's the legacy Yuvraj Singh will leave behind absolutely as he said in more than anything else you know it's if you look at what you know exactly what raising the team it's around and the people he lifted everyone else around him and that was what he was such an inspiration I mean playing one is an impact to make on the field as a player the other is the impact that you have on everything around you and from from the important things like winning World Cups to even the less important thing so every Indian cricket or the young cricket has been this to come in I remember in 2007 eight everyone would wear ed hardy and everyone was why because you've a pudgy face it he was the style guru also of the team you know all the young guys they wanted to look like shades like UV style like UV so in every way he was a leader I mean every one of these guys said you know one day I want to be like that guy and that was you of ROG you know and yet he carried it so like lightly you interview him you talked to him he was here absolutely he never had that you know I'm a star you know he was just a very cool guy and he was always very good with any young talent coming along you know so be part of the team or outside you know he would make sure that he would have that kind of impact on that guy where you know he becomes a role model for for that guy he's always been a very flamboyant stylish kind of a personality but but he was very serious when it comes to came to cricket and achieving and winning matches you know that fire was was always burning I'm sure it still is because you just part of the IPL franchisee and you know he was he was not taking it sitting but the fact was he was not making playing eleven you know he wanted to be out there and and and win matches you know so that's something you can relate with you be pretty much all the time so so that spark that fire is always going to remain absolutely I mean and of course the style icon stays that's never going to change

Reader Comments

  1. Its not yuvi foults,its ours…we forgot what he done for us..every one has ups and downs,but we never let him rise again,we don't give him sorry champ..may god bless you for your future.

  2. No Farwell matches for two big players of India who was the backbone of India in 2007, 2011 world cup- Yuvi, Gambhir. Not fare BCCI… Don't forget the contributions of this players towards Indian Cricket. Everybody remember only Dhoni captaincy in 2011, 2007 world, but don't forgot this two legends who played match winning innings in this tqo world cup. Yuv's top batting in 2007 T20 world cup, Gambhir crucial innings in final where failed others includes Dhoni, Yuvi and Yuvi allround performens in 2011 world cup, Gambhir top batting in Final….
    BCCI- How can you guys can forget those contributions….
    Very bad, cruel minded, members who given nothings to indian cricket….

  3. Yuvi, you have done your job responsibly by bringing the dream world cup.. v the Indians recognized u were the back bone of the Indian world cup winning squad .

  4. Undoubtedly, Yuvi is the Greatest fighter cricketer world has ever seen. His aggressive and fearless batting hugely contributed in winning matches, WC and produced memorable innings. Will always miss you Yuvi.

  5. Yuvi sir aap bahut ache ho hamesha india ko ache match jita ke diya hai chahe aap ho team me ya na ho lekin jub bhi aap side camera aata hai me hamesha aap ko dekh ke happy ho jata hu sir i alwys miss u sir n my heart alwys u sir bus kabi moka mila to ek baar aap se milna chata hu sir ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

  6. wow..probably watching any other show except breakfast with champions..and i instantly remember the presenter guy from the Star Cricket Guys.
    Do you remember guys? When he used to be a presenter and we would stick to Star Cricket all day..?
    Now Cricket has become a show business and people watch for Mayanti langer and other female least i had seen Harsha Bhogle and guys like the one in this video.

  7. The last cadet of that battalion has also retired… there should have been a farewell match for all those soldiers which didnโ€™t happened it is a sorry and pathetic feeling. Take a salute ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ Hindustan zindabad

  8. Yuvraj aap mere Sabse favourite player ho aur rahoge๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข, Lekin mera cricket dekhne ka man nhi karta ,kyuki aap nhi dikhoge ab,khelte hue , isiliye ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  9. I am a 90s kid (born 1991) and I started watching cricket in 2000/01 and still remember that match winning knock against Australia (McGrath and Lee) and I was mesmerized. Thta Natwest final against England, brilliant knock. Finally there was a left hander who was as good or even better than Dada was. Finally he's the last to go from that bygone era – Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid, Ganguly, Yuvraj, Kaif, Anil Kumble, Balaji, Nehra, Zaheer, Harbhajan, Nehra!!

    Feels like my childhood has gone, those memories, those nostalgic feelings all hitting so hard. He was a true match winner and as Zaheer said: "The IMPACT he had on others, the way he could get wickets bowling as well as fielding and then setting the tempo while chasing or setting targets" He was true Gem of a player. After Dada, he's the last left hand batsmen from India who could have that kind of impact, at Batting, Bowling as well as Fielding.

  10. What a special player he was, batting bowling or fielding in his prime he was exceptional. The way the ball sounded crisply of his bat was the best and may be only Lara comes close. Salute to Indias biggest match winner. India got 2007 and 2011 only because of Yuvi.

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