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Zack & Twilight’s Trip: A MLP In Real Life Test

Zack & Twilight’s Trip: A MLP In Real Life Test

(Moans) (Snores) (Hooves Tapping) [Twilight] Zack! (Hoof Tap) [Twilight] Zacky, Wake Up!! (Moans) (giggles) [Twilight] Good Morning My Favorite Little Brony! (Moans) [Zack] Good Morning Twilight! (Yawns) [Zack] What Time Is It? [Twilight] It’s 10 In The Morning, And We Were Suppose To Go On Our Trip Today, Remember? [Zack] Oh!! [Zack] Oh Yeah I…I Almost Forgot!! [Zack] I Just Need A Second To Get Ready, Ok? [Twilight] Ok! [Twilight] See You Outside!! (Hooves Tapping) [Zack] So, What Did You Want To Do? [Twilight] Eeh, I Thought We Could Maybe Just Take A Soothing Cruise Around The Town. [Zack] Well….It Depends! [Twilight] Uuh, On What Exactly? [Zack] On How You Want To Do This, Because…. [Zack] I’m…Still….Alittle [Zack] Uncomfortable And Trying To Adjust About That Teleporting Thing! [Twilight] Oh, We’re Not Gonna Teleport, Im Gonna Fly Us Around. [Twilight] You Know With The Fresh Air The Wind In Our Manes, Stuff Like That? [Zack] Well…..Ok! [Zack] If You Insist, I Guess! [Twilight] Alright Then, Hop On!! [Zack] Ok?? [Zack] I Sure Hope You Know What Your Doing! [Twilight] Don’t Worry, I Got It Under Control! [Twilight] Hold On Tight! (Wings Flap) (Whoosh) [Twilight] Hey Everypony, It’s Me Twilight Sparkle, I’m One Of Zack’s Friends From Equestria! [Twilight] He’s Gonna Be Making Alot Of Cool Videos About Him, Me, Spike And All Of Our Friends! [Twilight] If you want to help make these videos happen then make sure to subscribe to 1stZackAttack on this button here! [Twilight] Make sure you also check out his Patreon Page Here to assist us on continue our adventures together! [Spike Off Screen] Twilight, Where Are You?? [Twilight] I’m Coming Spike! [Twilight] Well, I Gotta Get Going. [Twilight] So Long, EveryPony!!!

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Zach! I love you're videos! I do have one complaint, fluttershy's voice sounded a little off in this episode. Also she is supposed to be yellow, not purple. When will you fix this mistake?

  2. This is good! Very well animated! There's a few strange audio things but still cool.

    ~0:32 (oddly cut voice pause)
    1:24 2:51 2:55 (Voice tone change?)

    Also credit me for this please. Atleast in the video description

  3. What a lovely mlp irl test video 1stZackAttack my favourite part was at 2:00 can you me how you made the video cause I want to make a mlp irl video like that with twilight sparkle on it and make a adventure series please🥰

  4. twilight seams to be a little bit big nice job with the animation making her seam like shes talking to you no1col dose are legit you might want his help next time

  5. Cool What software did you use to animate twilight? Or did someone else animated at I guess maybe? No1cool?

  6. Yay!! Another Pony IRL Maker I can sub to other than PecachPictures aka Joey-O! And unlike Pony Meets World, this actually has full on voice acting! You just earned a sub bro! Now I don’t only have Earth to Pony to look forward to, but these as well! Keep up the good work Zack! You just earned a new sub! 😉

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