31 thoughts on “YouTube Cup Vehicles and Grindy Boats – War Thunder Weekly News”

  1. I didn't know about the free Ki skin giveaway, just found out from you, since its june 12 now the giveaway is over. I wasn't able to get it…. ūüėĘ
    Plz post some news such as these types of giveaways the moment they open, not when their closing/closed.

  2. You know what Brother, just start doing vehicle reviews on your channel. Gaijin is fucked as a game developer and producer. I've never seen a game company fuck it's very knowledgeable participants on a complete ignorant basis. What the fuck is up with these people??? You must go bonkers over the idiocy that is Gaijin, and it has to stop. There is no other game developer out there ( I know there's other bad ones) that does what Gaijin does, it boggles the already fucked up mind. I do my research, I follow many credible War Thunder you tubers', I play the game, I am knowledgeable and a historian and a military veteran, but wow, what a shit-show. I usually don't curse or get too upset with things, but this is really bringing the Canadian out in me. You have a great channel here, so please start doing reviews instead of the mindless politics that is War Thunder. Take care.

  3. I really like the look of that model.. too bad italeri, the company who makes them, doesn't reply to questions about if they ship to the US.. I asked on May 24th, it popped up they read the message about an hour later, and to this day, June 11th, I still haven't got a reply :(. Sad cause I really wanted one

  4. Just wanted to make something aware of, for some reason I cannot understand Gaijin have decided to model in external fuel tanks for the IS-2 1944…..I went into a custom battle against some bots and managed to burn down multiple IS-2's with the Centurions coaxial machine-gun……

    Its very strange for this to be implemented but also something to be aware of since they might start randomly introducing this in other vehicles with external fuel tanks and we all know how much we would hate that

    Edit : Just checked the nexy day and it has been fixed

  5. I was so hyped about japanese ships, I played a single match on the reserve, that took me 20 mins of waiting, I got a russian reserve boat sideways, wasted 6 mags on him, and didn't died, he repaired, fired back, and killed my in a single burst.
    idk but if I wanna play ships I prefer downloading World of Warships again and enjoy my Yamato or get my Bismarck finally.. if it didn't was 60gb of installation
    Also those tournament camos remind me alot of something I saw on Armored Warfare back when I played it, they look cool but.. on tanks at least, why would you use a camo that turns you into a practice target, specially on a tank that dies in a single shot no matter where you hit it and that's why I stopped playing top tier since it's literally the only 10.0 I have x d

  6. Reddit decal: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/bx08ji/in_honour_of_reddits_finest_a_gift_from_gaijin/
    Ki-61 Thrustmaster camouflage: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6236-free-ki-61-thrustmaster-camouflage-en?fbclid=IwAR1hgvPruk2hLEl-XEXlvF_OjMiKCrplCPgCbE6O52AntzYEFdTlTuY6JMM
    Get them by the end of tomorrow!

    Video bookmarks
    0:08 YouTube Cup Vehicles
    1:06 Chang log
    2:31 WWM reword changes
    2:49 Free stuff
    3:13 Some models
    4:25 Bonus News

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