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You must eat this! It’s Grilled Tuna Jaw! [Battle Trip/2018.09.02]

You must eat this! It’s Grilled Tuna Jaw! [Battle Trip/2018.09.02]

(Conquering the city of Cebu) (A seafood dish that has never been on Battle Trip) Sookyung, we’re soon going to eat. As long as you travel in the city, I heard the taxies are cheap. Should we take a taxi? Is it okay with you? Okay. Then let’s take a taxi. Taxi. She calls a taxi as if she’s a local. – It looked so natural. / – She called a taxi. – Taxi. / – Taxi. (Basic cab fare, 84 cents) You wanted to ride a jeepney, right? – Yes, a jeepney. / – Yes. But that’s a little dangerous and there are pickpocket problems. – Really? Inside there? / – Yes. – This is safer than a jeepney then. / – Yes, it’s safer. – And it’s cheap. / – Yes? It’s cheaper than Korea. This is more cost-effective when traveling in a group. – It’s cheaper. / – That’s right. – It’s also hot. / – Yes. – Isn’t it so different? / – That’s right. It was all nature yesterday. Today it’s city. Cebu didn’t have that many high buildings 10 years ago. – Yes, it was more… / – That’s right. – Natural-friendly. / – Many high buildings were built. (You can enjoy various sides of Cebu in a short time) (15 minutes by car to the seafood restaurant) – Are we there? / – Yes, we arrived. How much is 240 pesos? It didn’t even cost us $5 to come here. – We came a long way. / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Thank you. People are all moving busily. I’m looking forward to it even more. Look, there are a lot of locals. (Nami picked a perfect local restaurant) It’s a popular place among locals. – You must go to places like that. / – A family restaurant. There were a lot of families. Like a family restaurant. Let’s order first. Should we? I’ve been talking too much, right? Excuse me? Nami does everything. Right. – It’s good. There are pictures. / – Yes, pictures. I need pictures. There’s tuna. – Fish… / – Yes. – Fish? / – Yes, fish. Fish? That looks good. – Is this alimango? / – Yes. – Gosh. / – That looks really good. Rice. – Can I order a drink? / – Okay. Nami is perfect. Wow. Panga. It looks like pork ribs. (She’s carrying a tray full of food) (It looks plentiful even at a glance) (The seafood dishes of the 52 Tour) I’m hungry. – Wow. / – It must be a really big tuna. It took a little long. – They grilled everything. / – That looks so good. Grilled tuna chin and alimango are both rare in the Philippines. If you go to a seafood restaurant, you have to check the menu first. – To see if they have it or not? / – Yes. I’ve never had grilled tuna jaw yet. – It was also my first time. / – I’ve never had it. – It looks like meat. / – I was curious at first. (Is this dish tuna jaw?) – Doesn’t it? / – I’m curious. Wow, that’s… – I’ve never seen anything like this. / – That’s right. – They didn’t have to do that. / – That’s too much. – That’s cruel. / – That’s so cruel. Look at all that flesh. (The grilled jaw is cut so tenderly) – It looks like pork ribs. / – That’s right. – That’s right. / – At a glance… – It looks like pork. / – It looked undercooked. – Isn’t that right? / – Yes. – We waited for a long time. / – Waited for a long time. (What does the grilled tuna jaw taste like?) It tastes a little like Okhotsk atka mackerel. (Nami appreciates the scent first) The flesh isn’t flaky. – The flesh is chewy. / – Yes, it’s chewy. – It doesn’t seem like fish. / – Right. Should we spray some of this on? The scent will change if we spray this on. The scent is so nice. – I’ve only had that as drinks. / – Sprinkle that on. It looks so good. – We ate it plain at first. / – We sprinkled it ourselves. It tastes a little different with the calamansi. – The last taste would be fresh. / – It’s really fresh. When you go to the Philippines and put calamansi in soju, it tastes really good. – That’s the trend these days. / – It’s like a cocktail. (How is grilled tuna jaw with calamansi?) – It has a particular scent. / – Yes. But the scent changes… When you squeeze the calamansi on. – The tangy and sweet scent… / – Really? – Makes it more flavorful. / – That’s right. I love it with calamansi. (She squeezes calamansi without hesitation) Add some more. Why is it so sweet? (Greatly satisfied) They must have made a sauce that goes well… – With the tuna. / – You’re right. – Koreans will love this taste. / – Yes. You wouldn’t know it was tuna jaw if no one tells you about it. Right? It’s grilled tuna jaw. It’s called panga in the Philippines. – Panga? / – Panga. (The huge grilled tuna jaw isn’t getting any smaller) Why does it have so much flesh? It’s really big. No matter how much we eat, it won’t end. – It has a lot of flesh. / – I want to eat it. It has a lot of flesh. It must’ve been a big tuna. That must be really good. – That’s a lot. / – It’s like soy braised beef. I think it will taste good with a little horseradish. But here, we’ll eat it with calamansi. (We strongly recommend it with calamansi) (They fall in love because of the novelty) (And because of the wonderful taste) It’s so good. (Grilled tuna jaw! Panga!) – The amount is plentiful also. / – Yes. It’s like a festival. I’m also going to try the other food. – I’m going to eat the crab. / – The crab? (Alimango with chili sauce) – It’s a Filipino-style crab dish. / – Yes. (Alimango with chili, $23.80) I’m going to try the sauce first. (The sauce that determines the taste of the dish) – How is it? / – You have to mix it with rice. – You need rice? / – Yes. Is it a little spicy? (Nami also tries a bite) (She finally tries the crab meat) – The meat is really good. / – Yes. You’re really picky when it comes to food. – Is it good? / – Yes. I can’t drink alcohol but I wanted to drink because it was so delicious. Sookyung taught Nami how to drink, and Nami taught Sookyung how to travel. – That’s right. / – That’s right. It’s the best. (Crabs taste the best when you eat with your hands) You can eat the crab as a whole with Thai crab curry. – But this one tastes stronger. / – Right. Crabs in Thailand are softer and they feel somewhat feminine. This one, on the other hand, tastes strong and passionate. – That’s right. / – Yes. (Ah) Ah. (The young Nami is taking good care of her sister) That looks good. It’s good if you mix it with rice. Seriously. – Nami is doing good. / – Seriously. – It’s like marinated crabs. / – I’ve been to Yeosu. – She eats it like marinated crabs. / – Yes. (You can’t eat crabs without eating rice in the shell) It’s so pretty, Nami. (It tastes the best when you eat it in one bite) Is it really good? (The taste is spot on) How is it? (There’s no need for words) It feels like you’re curing your hangover. – We’re full now. / – Yes. What will we do next? – We enjoyed nature in Oslob. / – Yes. Now we have to see… The panorama of Cebu City. – At the observatory? / – Yes, at the observatory. I planned a fun event. (Conquering the Cebu City) (Unusual city observatory) (20 minutes by car to the city observatory) The weather is really nice today. – It’s nice. Can you feel it now? / – Yes. It really feels like we’re on a city tour. – Right? / – Where are we going right now? There’s a place where you see Cebu City in a glance. – Really? / – Yes. It’s the highest building among all the buildings. – In Cebu? / – Yes, among all of Cebu. – Is it dangerous? / – No, it’s not dangerous at all. If it was dangerous, they wouldn’t make it here. – It’s on the 38th floor. / – Yes. – Even babies do it. / – Even babies do it? You’re talking about weird babies. They always say that even babies can do it. Did I see it wrong? Are we going to do this? Yes. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of fun? Do you want to do this or the skywalk? I’ll do this. – This is better. / – Gosh. – It’s similar to the Las Vegas one. / – Yes. – It’s high. / – Gosh. (A zip line across buildings) – What is that? / – Gosh. – That’s so scary. / – There really isn’t an age limit. They restrict by people’s height. (But this is the reason why they came here) – Gosh. / – Just the look of it is thrilling. – Just the look of it is thrilling. / – This was so… Even I was scared. (A thrilling activity in the sky) – I can’t do it. / – Oh, my. – Let’s not do that. / – What is that? That’s ridiculous. I’m scared. (Edge coaster and entrance fee, $11.60) This view… We can’t see Cebu City in one glance. – Right… / – Yes. It’ll relieve my stress. I think they’re going to make something for us. Are they giving us safety regulations… – And asking for our signatures? / – No. It’s just saying that it’ll be fun. It says that it’ll be fun? – That it’s fun? / – Nami is doing a good job. – Is it okay? / – It’s okay. It’s safe. Won’t it shake when the wind blows? No, it’s been 10 years since it opened. They never had an accident. – Where do you want to sit? / – But the view is… – Really nice. / – Isn’t it amazing? It’s so beautiful today. – Isn’t it beautiful? / – Yes. I think we have a good range of visibility here. – But it’s too windy. / – Yes. Help me? Really? (She sits down frantically) – It’s done? / – Yes. Okay, just hold here. Or free hands, okay? The view is really amazing. What is this place? Isn’t this amazing? The view is so nice. – The view… / – But I wish I wasn’t sitting here. It would have been so nice. Do you wish you weren’t sitting here? – Look, it’s safe. / – What? (Serious) – All we do is just sit here, right? / – Yes. As if you’d just sit there. (She can’t relax at all) Slow, okay? (52 Tour can’t back down anymore) – Let’s go! / – Do you watch the view there? – I also thought that at first. / – We’re moving. – I’m sure it would lean forward. / – Right. – Oh, my God. / – It isn’t that fast. (Screaming) What happened? I didn’t know that it would be like this. It doesn’t move straight. It tilts to the front. (Edge Coaster starts tilting as soon as it moves) What’s going on? (Oh, my) – Are you looking down? / – As if you’ll fall off? Yes, it feels like you’ll fall off. (Thrilling) (The beautiful panorama of the city is before them) What are we going to do? – That must be really scary. / – It really was. (The thrilling charm of Edge Coaster) – We kept going like that. / – Oh, my. Nami! How can I enjoy this? This isn’t enjoying the view of downtown! Are you sure it’s not broken? Is it usually like this? Yes, it goes like this automatically at first. Hold on, how do I do this? There we go. It’s okay now. – We can control it. / – I found out how to control it. – Can you control it? / – I found out how to control it. – Did you find out then? / – Yes. – I was really scared. / – This is fun. I think Sookyung will lose her voice from that. Don’t touch that. – Don’t touch that. / – Enjoy the view now. – Can you control it? / – Yes, we can control it. But we didn’t know at first. (She regained her peace of mind) I wondered what this was for. Look at that. (After screaming, they saw picturesque views) I can’t see anything right now. Look afar. (It makes you feel like you can forgive anything) No! You have to do that. (It’s really entertaining for the viewers) (Press) (Excited, horrified) This is really funny. It must be fun. It was fun. Nami wouldn’t have done… Anything if Sookyung didn’t react at all. It’s fun to tease people like her. – Yes. / – It seems like she’s laughing. I think she’s enjoying it. No! – She’s playful. / – Yes, I’m playful. – I wanted it to be fun. / – It’s fun if you ride it like that. This is so funny. (Crying) You’re so adorable. Why aren’t they letting us get off? Sookyung. It’s funny for the viewers to see you cry. I don’t want to show people this. I want to be seen as the strongest person in the world. Sookyung. Sookyung is crying. She’s still pretty. – Isn’t she so pretty? / – She’s still pretty. It’s funny. It seems like Sookyung is laughing. (Nami enjoys teasing Sookyung) It’s so moving. I can’t explain this in words. There’s more to what you can see. Please come here and experience it yourself. – I want to kill you. / – Do you want to kill me? We’re going to eat… – Your favorite food. / – She’s crying. – Yes. / – I’ll do everything for you. I made it so fun that she cried. I’ll do everything you want. – I want to grab your hair. / – I’ll let you grab my hair. I have a lot of hair.

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  1. I can appreciate how Koreans are very willing to try and know how to appreciate the local cuisine. They love Cebuano food and Cebu. They've moved in haha 😄

  2. Are you sure the staff don't even mention that you can control the angle of your seat? I would thinknthatnwip be the fist thing they'll tell youto fully enjoy the ride.

  3. That feeling you're living in the Philippines but you haven't been there and they promote better than the Filipinos…

  4. Oh gosh i really feel hungry while watching these beautiful ladies 😘😘 thank you for visiting our home town welcome you to come always 🤗

  5. Alimango is never a rare seafood in the philippines, and pickpockets are not always common especially in cebu since people there are very nice and diciplined they’re making it look like taking public transpo is a very dangerous thing in the philippines

  6. Calamansi must be mixed first with soy sauce and dip the tuna jaw. Do not directly put the CALAMANSI into the tuna meat jaw..

  7. calamansi shouldn't put directly into meat I wish the server tought u the right dipping sauce for tuna panga using calamansi will even taste better.

  8. Sana mawala na ang terorista,kriminal,adik etc sa Pinas,para marami pa lalo ang mga turistang pupunta sa bansa natin. Lalago lalo ang turismo. Posible pang dumami ang mga investors.

    Daming pasaway na Pinoy:(

  9. Its funny when they use alimango or kalamansi in sub. Where in fact they can use the english term of it. But i like it. I like how they appreciate the foods in Cebu.

  10. Me i'm from cebu city my place is very near in Crownd Regency that building but i never ride that coaster heheh.! Even if free ride thanks.!!! Heheh.!!!

  11. Yes, tuna panga IS the best!!! You get a big piece of fleshy, fatty, juicy tuna for a really good price!! Even I am shocked we got so much for only 250 pesos (5$)

  12. pickpocketers are not just in the Philippines but in all countries as well. So as a traveler it's your job to be wise and street smart.

  13. The best way to eat grilled panga is by dipping it in soy sauce with crushed chili, and calamansi. You can add chopped onion and garlic if you like.

  14. If there will be a next battle trip in Cebu, if you want to see the panorama of the city with the city lights, I highly recommend TOPS of Cebu or Mountain View in Busay

  15. It's sad that they didn't get to ride a jeepney. Are the robbers really going to do that knowing that they'll be on camera? Lol

  16. I laughed when they they put directly the calamsi juice at the tuna meat😁 calamansi is supposed to go wth the soy sauce and chili when you wnt spicy,, all together we call it "sawsawan"(calamansi, soy sauce, chili) . You'll enjoy your meal more,

  17. Panga is delicious especially if its so fat. Thin panga isnt that delicious tho it is usually dry. So I strongly recommend fresh and fatty panga(Grilled Tuna Jaw) and for the sauce I recommend Soy sauce with Vinegar and onions, you can also add tomato and most especially Calamansi. I dont recommend putting calamansi directly to the panga.

  18. lol they refused using the local transpo but to say filipinos are very hospitable to tourist and you won’t experience pickpocket that’s how we treat the tourists in our country and we want them to enjoy and be happy.

  19. Dito sa nicosia, cyprus libre lng ang ulo ng tuna (kasama ang panga syempre) basta may kakilala kang nagtatrabaho sa mga restaurant. Tinatapon lng kasi nila dito un, kaya ginagawa ng mga pinoy na chef ay pinamimigay nila sa mga kakilala nilang pinoy.

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