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Wyprawa quadem na jeżyny, A quad trip – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/64

Wyprawa quadem na jeżyny, A quad trip – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/64

Arrived Hi there, how you doing guys? Welcome to my farm it seems my land is turning into the forest but today we are going to harvest but not crops but the forest berries should be somewhere around I will take a long sleeve shirt that’s my farther’s old one to protect my skin against the thorns my sister were walking around here and said she seen such a wild blackberries I need to check it out so many little trees… am I in the right place? I am not quite sure where I am I don’t know where I am damn I know where those blackberries used to grow and there were such a delicious wild raspberries growing here but now it is forest here and we used to grow crops on this land little path bees working, so they get loaded here! it is goldenrod, isn’t it? yeah, that’s must be our bees so many of them… so this is where they load their little ‘baskets’ OK it turned out we had miscommunication I remembered her saying that’s she was in this part of land and now she told me it is somewhere else how to get out of here now? OK, I am good just got something disgusting on my trousers come Pirat well, so here are the blackberries but not ripe yet she said it was red, but should turn black in couple of days but it seems it need more time well let’s try that one, if it’s good or went wild delicious and sweet but probably need another week or two I I don’t if I will be here then in that case I need to go to big farm market and buy some blackberries if I find one and then if I will be here later and those blackberries turn black, I will come again here and harvest them and now I need to buy them in case I won’t be able to harvest those ones OK, let’s go back home. Look how beautiful my area is St. John’s wort already faded no, it is noSt. John’s wort! or it is St. John’s wort, I forgot how it looks like already! this… this in not St. John’s wort I think it migh be St. John’s wort is it or not? I think so… when I was a kid my grandma used to make a St. John’s wort tea for belly aches I need to check it out or that was a St. John’s wort? OK, I check it out. That’s not St. John’s wort. I thought something was wrong with that… too late for St. John’s wort that’s good! Pirat needs to have a bath so funny go go go! are you hot? you must have a pant do you like that spring water? he must get tired don’t you worry guys, that’s a pure spin water the source is in the fields, more less where we were and that’s a natural pressure so that’s actually very good quality water, it only seems to be black because of the black foil one more time? nope, where he is running away it mean that’s enough you see, I got home without blackberries such a fruitless trip that’s fine, one day it will be fruitful and don’t worry guys, I didn’t drive when I was recording I am not good enough at driving a quad I was driving first way now, thank you for watching and see you next time!

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  1. That was a nice change of pace from truck driving Iwona. The scenery from your family property is beautiful. Very nice vlog.👍👍

  2. Iwonka, szukam Twojego filmiku z Hameryki jak odbierasz nowy zestaw do przewozu chyba piachu. Taki mega długi. Podpowiesz tytuł filmiku?

  3. Oglądając przypomniało mi się dzieciństwo, kiedy to większą część lata spędzałem u babci jeżdżąc po podobnych terenach z tatą i wujkiem ursusem c330 ze snopowiązałką kosić zboża a jesienią z przyczepami zwozić snopki do stodoły a jesienią do lasu na grzyby.

  4. You made a trip no more that 1.5km from home to look like a great exploration.

    That's a talent girl and you have it! Lucky to have grown in such a beautiful environment.

  5. trop forte Iwona Merci pour l'invitation une balade avec toi et je note les recettes Au fait tes cheveux avec la raie au milieu te vas super bien A bientot pour d'autres vidéos

  6. Ok…. Iwona, now I see the BIG PICTURE………you are a farm girl……that explains your work ethics !!!!!! A Polish Farm Girl !! I grew up on a grain and live stock farm in Ohio USA, we have a high standard for working to get the job at task completed and you certainly meet that standard.

  7. To był wrotycz, a dziurawiec był wcześniej, Wrotycz dobry na kleszcze i owsiki i inne paskudztwa zanieczyszczające organizm, ale trzeba uważać ponieważ wrotycz zawiera dużo Thujonu przez co jest niebezpieczny. W asyście dwóch ogoniastych "bodygardów" wyprawa była bezpieczna. Za tydzień nie będzie już jeżyn, ponieważ określiłaś miejscówkę i pojawią się inni zbieracze. Pozdrawiam

  8. Iwona es ist eine Traumhafte Landschaft, ich Liebe solche flecken Erde. Da würde ich sofort hinziehen das ist noch reine Natur einfach schön . Liebe Grüße Uwe.

  9. Thanks Iwona for the beautiful view off the landscape! Wonderful! 😮😮😮You live at a very nice place! You have also really cute dogs, they are full of energy! 😍😍😍I think that now its the time to harvest te blackberries! See you next time! 🤗🤗🤗

  10. Hallo Iwona, wow, Du wohnst wirklich in dieser Gegend? Dieser Ausblick ist gigantisch 🙂 🙂
    Deine zwei Hunde wissen auch, wie man das Leben genießt, hehe 🙂
    Es ist sehr schön, daß Du auch die kleinen Dinge (Honigbiene) mit Deiner Kamera filmst…
    und mal ehrlich, ein Quad ist nichts für Dich, zu Dir gehört Volvo 😉

  11. 11:42 It is important to stay cool in the summer 🙂

    Btw, I just bought a box of strawberries from Poland, they are delicious!

  12. Nie wiem, dlaczego filmy dzielą nas na 20 000 km? Bu na wideo, piękne ujęcia i piękna kobieta. Co stało się z twoją kamerą powietrzną? Proszę o przesłanie pozdrowienia, a jeśli przytulenie się wkrada, lepiej.

  13. Pieski to główni aktorzy tego filmiku , okolice ładne, podobne do Pogorza Karpackiego, widzę dużo anglojęzycznych komentarzy więc skusiłem się na polski komentarz, pozdrawiam serdecznie życząc nastroju jak ten krajobraz 🙂

  14. 11:50 Ten mały pies rozwalił system 😉 A w 13:57 no to już jest mistrzostwo 🙂 "Pieseł" dostaje like 😉 wybacz Iwonko.

  15. Google translate from Czech – I hope so you will understand me correctly.
    I observed a few things:

    Countryside is a beautiful place to live… You love home and you are happy there when you can do ordinary things…. You smile with your mouth and with your eyes…. Your dogs love you…

  16. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  17. I grew up in the rolling hills of the Midwest USA, and your farm area in Poland looks just like it! Best food in the world when it’s fresh picked and made.

  18. I miss eating blackberries here in Philippines like 1983 that's my morning meal haha and afternoon after child's playing outside. Then watch cartoons evening while eating it again haha gold years

  19. Witaj Iwonko widoki przepiękne, podkarpacie górą . Psiaki przegoniłaś nieźle, gdyby nie ta kałuża pewnie byś je wiozła. Piękny ogród, świetne zdjęcia zwłaszcza te poklatkowe pozdrawiam serdecznie,

  20. Iwona vejo todos os seus vídeos hoje você está deslumbrante muito linda você e solteira um beijão aqui das Minas Gerais BRASIL

  21. Beautiful place. My grandparents grew blackberries and made stuff like pies. mmmmmmm
    Cool the dogs can run and be free and clean water.

  22. Oglądając ten film oddałem się nostalgii. Całe moje dzieciństwo to takie tereny jakie dzisiaj pokazałaś,przepiękna przyroda.Mieliśmy kiedyś gospodarstwo i prawie cały czas po za szkołą spędzałem właśnie na takich terenach.Jak jechałem rowerem na pole czy do lasu to też zawsze biegły ze mną psy.Też jeździłem na jeżyny,jagody,maliny.Tak mi teraz tego brakuje. Dziękuję za przypomnienie najpiękniejszych dni w moim życiu. Pięknie tam u ciebie,nigdy się tego nie pozbywaj.

  23. The goldenrod is turning our hillsides to gold right now, too! (The New York Catskill Mtns). I looked it up. There are over 150 species of it, some native to North America and some to Eurasia. So everyone (and all the bees) get to enjoy it in late summer! Your farm is on lovely countryside.
    Oooh – you have tansy, too! (The flower you were thinking was St. Johns wort.) Actually, tansy was introduced in N. America from Europe, but thrives here. It makes some lovely blueish-green to yellow-green dye. In fact, so much of your vegetation and the countryside look familiar. We must have similar climates, as well as similar terrain.
    Gorgeous slo-mo of your bees on the goldenrod…with music. Those are sure energetic pups – farm dogs! I see Pirat is more fond of bathing than the other dog.
    Thank you for the lovely glimpse of your farm.

  24. Beautiful…!!! My Grandparents came to US from Poland…I remember my Grandmother telling me they had a big farm…She told me that they put all the girls on ships to us, when the Germans/Russians ???were invading…I wish she was around to tell more…all I can remember…

  25. Super…Trip! Amazing View! Excellent….Team! Probably one of the Best Natural Dog's …Swimming Pool , I've seen!
    Hundred's of …Likes, from me!

    Thank you so much, Iwona!

  26. I can see why my family settled in Wisconsin after coming from Poland. Watching this video it could have been either place. Beautiful

  27. Look just like my blackberries.. which are not ripe just yet. Thanks for the trip.. your place looks very much like here in Wisconsin.

  28. Wow awesome countryside, very similar to many parts of Australia, but much greener than Oz, we are in a drought and have been for years, as for the Quad down under they are trying to make Roll bars mandatory for safety, as too many Riders have been hurt, Best of all love your Dogs and great videos, Thanks for sharing with me AU

  29. Hello Iwona. Greetings from States side. Your video took me back 50 years. Growing up on the land. From sping with wild strawberries, to fall and both wild blackberries and black caps. To raspberries. The land you have and the countryside is so tranquil, so beautiful. You are blessed to have this in the family. Thanks Iwona.

  30. Looks very peaceful there. Two things, one, wear a helmet, and two, take your atv out of 4×4 when you're on the road. That will damage the axles, and cause binding. We all want to see around for a long time, so get a helmet!

  31. That wasn't a wasted trip Iwona. The scenery reminds me of the rolling hills of Western New York State. It's always such a delight to watch you and the day to day work of a beautiful woman. I don't mean beauty in the looks department only. You are a special person. Roger

  32. Iwona such a magnificent place…with you on it makes it totally beautiful. You are so much a sweetheart for the whole world. THANK YOU. Love everything you do…can't get enough ❤ Texas…Pirate 😂😂😂

  33. Iwonka ranczo jak w Kanadzie dzika przyroda.
    Ale ziemia jak mało używana to zarasta. Nie Masz sumienia tak małego psa męczyć. Fajne tereny.

  34. Wow wow. It's beautiful. It is very like my home in the countryside. Be VERY careful on the quad when the ground isn't level. They can easily flip over on the side. You were so cruel on the poor dog going so fast hahaha. Enjoy your holidays x

  35. hello lovely lady , your gunna have to chop your fields down , get rid of all the junk , cos next time you go for a ride the forestry will have taken over ,then youll only have trees on your beautiful spot of land !!!! XXX

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