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WoW Classic | Journey to Stormwind [ENG SUBS]

WoW Classic | Journey to Stormwind [ENG SUBS]

Xrayin: Do you know why we walk in a group? Baka Daka: Hm?
Xrayin: Because this road is really dangerous Xrayin: I’m not joking
Baka Daka: What happens then? Xrayin: You are gonna get beat up, that’s what’s gonna happen Baka Daka: By whom? Mobs?
Xrayin: You’ll see in a second Xrayin: I’ll buff you beforehand Xrayin: Wait till you get Aspect of the Cheetah, you are gonna like it Xrayin: She activated her Rogue speed to get away from the mobs Xrayin: Dirty gnome Baka Daka: Question mark level monster Xrayin: Yeah exactly Xrayin: So not only you will get beat but me too Baka Daka: Eh let me put my pet on passive Xrayin: Good thing you do that Xrayin: But you can also encounter cool pets Baka Daka: Eh we are targeted
Xrayin: I’ll only say… Xrayin: No no no dash
Baka Daka: I do follow Xrayin: Let them die Baka Daka: Eh my pet is gonna trigger him Baka Daka: Oh I’m bitten Xrayin: I took over the theat Xrayin: No worries, just run Xrayin: No worries I’m here Xrayin: I’m taking the damage, to the right… Xrayin: what are you doing? Xrayin: Holy **** omg Xrayin: Eh bro run run I’m gonna die Xrayin: Ruun ruuuun
Baka Daka: Eh you are leaving me here? Baka Daka: Should I send my pet?
Xrayin: No run Baka Daka: I can make my pet distract hem Xrayin: Look how long they are chasing Xrayin: Go away dude, why are they still chasing Xrayin: Go away Xrayin: Holy **** Xrayin: Dude go away, I need to heal Baka Daka: Oh they stopped
Xrayin: Ok stop stop Baka Daka: Eh they are still coming!
Xrayin: They are coming run! Xrayin: You see this… oh no no on our right Baka Daka: Do they come from that far? Xrayin: Yeah because you are really low level they do Xrayin: Do you see how dangerous this route is only to get all the way there? Xrayin: You wanted to find out by yourself right? Baka Daka: I wouldn’t come here yet Baka Daka: I would stay in the other city Baka Daka: Eh they are still chasing Xrayin: Eh how? Why are they still chasing? Baka Daka: They are going back Xrayin: Omg eat and drink fast

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