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Woohyun recommends this! You want a bite? [Battle Trip/2017.02.18]

Woohyun recommends this! You want a bite? [Battle Trip/2017.02.18]

Where are we going for a drive? Heonhwa Road. The course that’s closest to the sea in Gangneung. It’s most famous as a winter driving course. (Heonhwa Road) (The road that’s closest to the sea in Korea) – It’s the sea. / – It’s the sea. The waves are really strong. – It would be nice to just drive. / – Yes. That’s Heonhwa Road. It’s a famous driving course. It’s so nice for family and lovers to visit there. You don’t have to speed there. – You can drive slowly. / – Yes, you can drive slowly. This is the true ocean. The winter sea is so nice. The winter sea feels nice. It makes you relax. It’s nice just by looking at it. It’s pretty. It’s a great road for driving. This is amazing. Goodness, it’s so pretty. I can’t believe I’m here with you. You should be honored. – Wow. / – This is the winter sea. The weather was nice. Just driving there felt so good. It looks really nice. This comforts me. There’s a tent bar there. Those places have great food. Those places have the best raw fish. (A restaurant on the coastal road) It’s the best. It’s a tent bar that has been in business there for 20 years. This is the place. Rice topped with raw fish looks good. Not many people know about this place. Hello. Hello. – Looks delicious. / – It’s an eatery. We found it. (Fresh seafood from East Sea) As you see, the people sitting there are all local people. It’s a hidden gem. You can’t find this place online either. Yes, yes. This place has the best seasoned raw flatfish. – Nice. / – And crab knife-cut noodles. – It’s the best. / – The best? You love food, so I trust you. It feels special to eat in a tent bar like this. If you come here at night… This view right here… Imagine having a glass of soju here. I know what you mean. I’m sure I can finish all the alcohol they have here. He must be strong. How many bottles is that? – That’s more than 10. Really? / – I can drink them all. I can smell something delicious. It smells good. It’s ready. – Thank you. / – It’s flatfish. – They serve food in large portions. / – My first time. – That’s seasoned raw flatfish? / – Yes. – That’s a small portion? / – Seasoned raw flatfish. – It looks delicious! / – That’s a small. – That’s a small? / – Yes. It costs $20. – Thank you for the food. / – What’s this powder? It’s soybean powder. – It’s soybean powder. / – Flatfish is in season. – It’s in season. / – It’s in season… – Flatfish is in season? / – Yes. The soybean powder adds a savory taste. (It’s delicious) It’s good. If you like spicy food like me, it’d be better if you dip it. I took a bite of the food and then looked at the sea. – Seriously… / – It makes you say wow. (Woohyun focuses on the food) I can’t help smiling. Ma’am, the food is delicious. If you mix rice with it, it tastes good too. Really? If we mix rice into this? That with some sesame oil would be great. I really loved it. That tastes amazing. – With the sesame oil. / – You’ve been won over. – Buckwheat. / – Come to your senses. This is nice. – It’s game over. / – What’s that steam? Is it CG? No. It’s all real. It smells incredibly savory. Okay, okay. Let me try. It’s delicious. It’s very savory. After eating two spoons of it, I almost called the police. – Why? / – It stole all my rice. You have to mix with rice if you order this dish. – It’s delicious. / – Right? – It’s here. / – It’s here. I’m so curious about this dish. – It smells amazing. Goodness. / – Thank you. (It’s full of fresh snow crabs and shepherd’s purse) (He can’t wait to taste the broth) It’s spicy and refreshing. It warms my stomach. This is a perfect dish for winter. (Chewy) By the way, this is $6. In Seoul, you can’t find a snow crab dish that is $6. This has so much snow crab in it. Exactly. How can this be only $6? It’d be over $10. This is why we should travel to Gangneung. I bet Sikyung would love this. – Sikyung? / – He’d drink 20 bottles of soju. Driving here in this kind of weather. – Come here, have some noodles. / – I want some. – If you come with a lover, it’d be amazing. / – Yeah. Hashtag, romance tent bar. Hashtag, love station. – Okay, station. / – Love station. Here we go.

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  1. I know it's off topic but Woohyun reminds me of the late Jonghyun. His dressing, mannerism, facial shape. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I am not too familiar with them

  2. watching them eating really makes me hungry. i love watching them eating omggggg. more variety of food and infinite pleaseeee! woohyun is so cute even when he's eating. huaaaaaaa.

  3. I really like their dynamic, Woohyun is really an older brother and Sungjong is the always amazed younger brother. Haha. How cute.

  4. That place looks amazing. Any idea what camera or recorder they're using?? Or is it just the place that looks so good?

  5. can someone tell me what is the song that a girl sung and someone has rap when they're entering the bar tent?

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