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Will Ronnie Invite Jen? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Will Ronnie Invite Jen? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Ron] Oh my God, stop. Oh. – [Mike] Yo, what is he doing? – Bro, he’s a mess, he is a mess. He’s on his phone the whole time. He’s fighting with Jen, you can tell. – He is?
– Mm-hmm. – Aww, I hate that. This situation with Ron and Jen, obviously a buzzkill. But it doesn’t surprise me at all because it happens everywhere we go. I just hope that that particular energy doesn’t get seeped into our weekend. (phone dinging) (phone dinging) – [Deena] Jenni, if you have a headache, what do you take while you’re pregnant? (phone dinging) – So, I did a lot of like
all natural stuff, um. (phone dinging) (suspenseful music) (phone dinging) Well. – Can I get everyone’s
attention for a second? So, obviously, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on with me and Jen. And she is in town and she’s here. And I would love for her
to be with us this weekend. Do you guys mind if she would come to Pauly’s gig tomorrow, and just hang out? (creepy music)
– What the (beep) Ron? Like you didn’t go to seaside because you were dragged by a car. And now you’re like,
yeah be cool with her. Like I don’t know where to go with this. This is like next level, like mind (beep). – We’re all family.
– I don’t know her so. – I wanna put it out there,
and like I don’t wanna, you know, make people feel uncomfortable. – As long as she’s nice to
you, you know what I mean? Like.
– No tit for tat (beep). – No, its ended. It’s been, we’ve actually been good. Recently, like it was just I
needed (beep) to be aired out. – Okay.
– It was, and I’m good. – Ron is telling us that the fighting with Jen has ended, uh it’s like him saying that the
fighting with Sam has ended. Which we all know, its never ended. – [Jenni] Does anyone object? Speak now. – Or forever hold your, – [Angelina] About what? – [Jenni] Jen coming tomorrow. – No, its fine. – Obviously, we’re all
just like terrified. He’s gonna do what he wants anyway, so there’s not much we can do. – I mean she can come. I’ve always wanted to be on TMZ. (everyone laughing) – I’m gonna sit over here. – This weekend is gonna be savage as (beep).

Reader Comments

  1. He’s in an abusive relationship….this is so toxic and I thought he was done with her…🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  2. Pauly and Vinny are funny and they always taking jabs at Ronnie, but why he don't react to them, they he would Mike, if he had said it!

  3. Ughhh he's so annoying! Like dude just don't bring that mess there with your friends ,enjoy the time but this dude will never learn. He's all talk.

  4. Ronnie is so cute, he needs to leave Jen. I know he has a baby with her and it’s tough but he needs to be a bigger person. I believe he’s a good guy and deserves love and happiness.

  5. DjpaulyDPostive don't bring a monster on Jersey shore family vacation cause that it'll get real fast between Jen and Ron

  6. A lot of spiteful lady’s in the comments who’ve been cheated on always crucifying Ron any chance they get 😂

  7. Either Ron has a thing for dramatic women or he was the problem with Sammi lol I miss her I wish she would have come instead

  8. If he was smart he would have gotten out after her arrest. He could have gotten sole or primary custody of his daughter.

  9. Seems like he brings out the worse in people. He’s as dramatic as the girls on the show & nothing good comes about when he’s around. I wish Sammie was there & not him.

  10. I've tried watching the reboot & it's a bigger train wreck than the original Jersey Shore show.
    I liked the Snooki & Jwoww show better.

  11. This just how much of a bigger person Sam really is. I have always loved her and this really does show she was not the one with the mental issues here………………………………………………..

  12. Ronnie reminds me of my ex husband….girlfriend drags him with a car and he’s like that’s ok…my ex husband get beat up by his girlfriend with a wrench and he’s like ok….desperation

  13. Veo que ronnie es el de las relaciones enfermizas la que tubo con sam , y ahora con jen ojala se hubiera quedado con malika

  14. I just feel hopeless with Ron. He hasn’t changed one bit for the better. Sam did the right thing for not being part of the show. I commend her for not going back to Ron and she’s in a healthy relationship.

  15. Think they should do scenes with both Ron and sam. Obviously Ron’s a fuckin mess but he does it for the show and Sam is matured and I think likes her privacy…but deff would be good to see her positive energy