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  1. there’s another song on the radio that has the same rythym or similar to this ? what is it ??? trying to find it lol

  2. This is what the captain of Malaysia flight 370 listened to BEFORE HE DELIBERATELY CRASHED THE PLANE INTO THE OCEAN.

  3. There's two versions of this song. This one plays when lion cub first arrives to the zoo, Then there's one called Alex On The Spot that plays when Alex dances in front of the mob at the end.

  4. This song feels like when your mom picks you up from school early and you drive around town with the windows down on empty streets…

  5. [After the song ends]
    Baby Marty: I don't like the looks of this guy.
    Baby Gloria: Well, I think he's kinda cute.
    Baby Marty: I think he's kind of a showoff.
    Baby Melman: Y-you think he's cute? (Coughs)

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