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Wheelchair Tennis Champion Dylan Alcott & His Journey Through Sport | Nike

Wheelchair Tennis Champion Dylan Alcott & His Journey Through Sport | Nike

Ladies and gentlemen! The moment you’ve all been
waiting for! He’s the glass-ceiling-smashing gold-medal-wearing crowd-surfing quaddie-hottie mister shoes-always-clean Dylan Martin Alcott! People look at me and go, “Ah, he’s in a wheelchair;
he must have a hard life.” I would not change it
for the world. My life’s bloody awesome. Dylan Alcott was born with
a tumor around his spinal cord. Surgery removed the tumor, but left Dylan
paralyzed, requiring a wheelchair. One of the things I struggled
with the most growing up was when I turned on the TV, I never saw anybody like me. I didn’t know anybody
with a disability. And when I did,
it was a road safety ad, where someone drink-drives,
has a car accident, the next scene is someone
like me, in tears, because their life’s over. And I was like, thats not my life. The one thing that saved me, was playing sport, because wheelchair tennis
was the first time I’d ever met
people like me. Other people in
wheelchairs smiling, happy, in relationships,
being independent, I’d never seen that before. To people that say tennis
is a boring game to watch, I don’t think they’re
playing tennis properly. It’s the most inclusive
sport that everyone plays. And it’s fun! Doesn’t matter if
you’re in a wheelchair, if you’re 80 years old,
your gender, where you’re from, everybody can play tennis
against everybody else. One of the things I’m
most passionate about is changing the perception
of athletes with a disability. In particular,
wheelchair tennis players. ’Cuz I get it… we’re so inspirational. But I’ll tell you
what else we are: We are elite athletes who train our backsides off and put on a show every single time
that we play. I love challenging
those stereotypes when it comes to tennis. My nickname for Dylan Alcott? I’ve always called him
Darling. Dyl-berto. Dyl. Dee-dee. I probably know him as… “Hey mate, can you
help me up the stairs?” And a legend, I suppose. I’m pretty lucky that
I’ve got a pretty big personality. I had to push myself
and my friends to try and change
their own perceptions of me. Welcome to
Weekend Breakfast, Here with Dylan Alcott. Did you get a plus one for today? For what? For that mustache on your face. I love what music does
for me. Not only as an athlete, but music festivals was
one of the first places that I ever felt included. No one cared about the fact
that I was in a wheelchair. They just cared about the music. So that’s why I started
Ability Fest, to provide opportunities
for able-bodied people, and people with disabilities, to come together, and enjoy music in a
festival scene for the first time. If I was to intro Dylan,
I would say, I’d like to introduce you
to our lovable wheelie, three-time Paralympic
gold medalist, a champion that
advocates for people with
disabilities the best person
in the world, please welcome,
Dylan Alcott. I think there’s a responsibility
for athletes to be more than an athlete,
if they choose to be, and, I’ve definitely
chosen to be. We set up the
Dylan Alcott Foundation to help young people with disabilities
all around the world to help them fulfill
their potential and achieve their dreams
in whatever they want to do. Hey Alex, how are ya, man?
I’m Dylan. How long have you been
playing tennis for? A couple years. Couple years? What chair do you
normally use? One that we got
from Tennis SA. Oh, yeah.
Is it any good? It’s alright. Could you get a better one
you reckon? Yeah. You reckon? Yeah. Well, We thought we’d get you a brand-spankin’ new tennis chair! There are way too many barriers to help young people
with disabilities to achieve things like
becoming lawyers, doctors, paralympians. And that’s why I love the work that we get to do
through the Foundation. This is cool! It’s quick, isn’t it? Yeah! Okay. Turn around. Well, you’re faster than me! Yeah, I want to have a
massive impact on the future of tennis, to hopefully inspire more
young people to get involved in tennis. It doesn’t have to be
this old school, be quiet, change of ends game. Get out there, have fun,
be loud, play music, Change the perception
of what we have of tennis and help challenge that
for the next generation. Even if I could play a
very small part of that, that’ll be sick.

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