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  1. Can I request doing a Karity makeup video? I love their makeup, such great quality and would love to see how you would apply!

  2. Loving your eyebrows on this video… do an update on your eyebrows please. Thanks 🙏🏼 in advance!

  3. Can u do a new upgraded video of dollar tree makeup cuz they have everything now a setting spray a few primers an lashes an latex free lash glue

  4. I don't bring makeup on vacation. Just a brow product and mascara. This mama doesn't have time to fuss with make up while on a beach vacation! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I hAve to have moisturizer, foundation and eyebrow pencil or something to fill in my brows. Also, I love Born This Way and use it all the time as well.

  6. No where for the summer… Its all work.. I'm a nurse.. So I'll be at work… In Guyana 🇬🇾.. Love ur makeup travel bag goodies.. So essential.. ❤😊

  7. Hey boo! We actually already went to Ocean City MD & Jacksonville Florida this summer & or last little mini trip will be to take our kiddos' to Lake Erie PA for Labor Day they have an amusement park & water park! What about you!?

  8. Omg I need that brush holder. That would be perfect for travelling. Do they shop international? Any chance they've given you a discount code Kelly?
    A little tip I use when travelling with loose powder – if it doesn't come with a protector when I put cotton wool pads or balls in between the lid & sifter and then you don't lose product.

  9. Lmao so funny how I’m watching this video, stuck at the airport with my kids waiting to board to head on over to Florida.

  10. Why don’t you just put that stuff in your checked baggage and only keep the couple things you need with you in your carry on (lip gloss, etc)? Doesn’t make sense to bring your whole entire makeup bag with you in your carry on. If your worried about stuff breaking or spilling because of elevation changes then put liquids in ziplock bags and easily breakable stuff covered in bubble wrap.

  11. Can you pleaseeeee do an eyeshadow brush video you have so many and I’m jealous I wanna know how many you have and what kinds I’m also looking to buy more brushes too

  12. we love u kelly keep up the great effort u put into each video just 4 us <3 can u go to the worst-reviewed makeup artist <333 xoxo

  13. Literally just ordered that case while watching your video because I'm leaving for Hawaii next Sunday so I rush shipped it to my house😂

  14. The london heathrow airport is the absolute worst! They are super picky with products and have made me open my powders before

  15. Yes! A great solution for brushes and tools!! Awesome video Kelly, I love the old school videos!! TFS!! xoxo

  16. Kelly I just wanted to let you know Besos is Spanish for 💋 Kiss and it's pronounced like BAY or Baysos I know you always say your not sure if you are saying things correctly so just thought I'd help you out with that one!! 💘 Love Love Love your channel and watching all your tutorials, hauls especially since like you my skin is as dry as the desert and you don't do DRAMA !!! I recommend your channel to everyone !!

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