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What To Pack For Vacation 2017! Travel Hacks + Holiday Essentials! What's in my Carry On Bag!

What To Pack For Vacation 2017! Travel Hacks + Holiday Essentials! What's in my Carry On Bag!

welcome guys welcome back to my channel I'm sorry if you've never been to Louisville maybe this is like Seconal siberian you're like who is this coke my name is yeah I'm from Australia and inside figure I literally found is people together like a travel essentials type of video like how to play holiday flash my patients or perfectly I'd like this video if you do your thing should give it a mouth on the holy because how are you honor to make more here in my name and if you don't like this video and you're looking more videos like this make sure to leave a comment down below letting me know what you by the scenes does maybe you like to see like night routine way routine like whole videos look skinnier let me know what you like to see you down the constellation but anyway today is just one have to look out the window get out of 500 you just tried me funny way take you Sunday sir I'm just doing this video reason I was going off and bring it to coffee do this brand new coffee that I bought this morning I have select chokolate brownie latte look like that it is literally more foam coffee that I had before so that made me feel inspired you guys a question I wonder what is your favorite drink so do you like drinking coffee or you liking the ice will be all like quinoa sauna maybe dessert like drinking any liquid at all let me know down below McFlurry but anyway I hope you guys liked this vide airy MPTV make sure to subscribe to my channel what are you guys like the material is good let's get into the fail so before you guys even stop talking for vacation and the number one thing that I think you guys should totally try doing is writing us up a little checklist especially to keep us to get pool because I can't decide what feels less appealing that yet when you're like I totally left something behind I wonder what it's going to be or actually realizing that it was going to disturb and like underwear or her boring saga if that's either or Yahoo is write down a checklist and if you feel like you're sort to get fooled that you have to get to read something important undetected then just go on Pinterest and print one out they're really helpful as well you can even find film that is specific to like camping or road trip sorry that is definitely super helpful if you're going on vacation and you need a pack specific things about other than that my number one tip is definitely have something with checklist just to make sure that you don't forget anything when you're talking I'm gonna tell you a few girls I'm just gonna start off and show you guys what I pack in my suitcase with me for vacation so successfully I'll always take some sort of like what – like a color because my hair is crazy and then I also take at least two pairs of denim shorts 15s like I really like every single outfit and then of course some undies and socks like and I still ask me at least two times the length of my vacation just in case you know I legitimately the bomb so you probably already know the tackle but instead of filling up your clothes you should try it rolling them because you save so much more space that way especially like on the way back when you're done a little bit of shopping so try rolling up your clothes instead and other things I take our white t-shirt or basic t-shirts just because they go with every single outfit ever and then I also takes a link a little fancier like a dress or romper in case I end up going on to Skinner and then I'll take a jumper and a pair of denim jeans because you never know if it's going to get super cold anything joint tasty it's definitely moving at cold moving on I always take the workout clothing even if I'm not working out because it's super comfortable and then of course I'm going to take the cameras because sleep is still life or the rotation as well and I lost it's exploding that I pack is really like cheetah climbing so you like to keep tops and then like cute shorts or skirts as well and then of course I take my makeup bag under some people don't wear makeup on vacation but I only have two light makeup on vacation and then nixel I take my toiletries but I know I use some travel companions just because I hate taking pool bottles and stuff like cool bottles of shampoo or like a full bottle of body lotion so I normally just pull them out into like these little travel sized containers and seeing as I am to preparing to like disaster it's like my toiletries water exploiting my bag because that happens to me seriously every single time I go on an airplane they just linked throughout my whole suitcase it's my wedding hurt everywhere it wouldn't be surviving these little travel containers because it wouldn't be like a full bottle of shampoo or like a full bottle of conditioner so really that way it probably would go like two pieces of clothing as a person my entire suitcase like no but then lastly I always take as a book as well as the one that I packed my carry-on and also take a ton of little hair because I hate waiting for my swimwear to dry I don't know if it happens to anyone else but I always leave my jewelry in a hotel room like in my two cases sorry if you like that true all you have to do is pack it into a pill container because they're like perfectly sized for rings and earrings and that way you're not going to lose them on your next vacation it's like sorry bad when you go a really expensive makeup or just makeup in general that gets cracked because luggage is turning around on the airplane as sorry to prevent that from having all you have to do is take some cotton around awesome cotton buds and just dip them on the top of your padded compact and now I'll just prevent all of your makeup from breaking if it's turning around on the airplane which is super awesome let's be real we all smell so you can prevent the rest of your suitcase from smelling all you want to do is pack a dry sheet in your suitcase and that way the rest of your luggage if your suitcase isn't going to start to smell as well no get away I actually feel like my backpack bag hike on the plane with me is way more important than my suitcase because if I forget something in there it's like sorry much because you consciously get up and go to the store but anyway the number one thing is that I take in my backpack in my carry-on is some jackster and then Riven alone I take my wallet because you never know you're gonna need some money or some ID let me know down in the comments if you did this as well but I always take a pair of warm socks because my feet gets so cold on the airplane and then if I'm going overseas or somewhere international I'll definitely take my passport obviously and then and next up I always take can sanitizer because I am a germaphobe and I feel like the airplane is so dirty so I always say can't sanitizer I'm gonna take a good book as well I only have a book in the plane and a book in my suitcase and I also take some cleansing wet in case I've got like oily skin or I still have makeup on sunglasses we are a life essential you don't just an aeroplane essentials story I always take her sunglasses and gum because I feel like if I don't have gum then definitely gonna end up with really bad breath sorry I always take gum just in case and of course headphones are an old-time airplane essential because if you don't have them there would definitely be a crying baby in front of you and eyeballs I think a chapstick because my lipstick is so dry on the plane and the same with my skin I always had really oily skin in real life with the second I'm on an airplane in my skin booster guy and then lastly I always put a camera my carry-on bag because I always take so many photos on vacation so that is another one essential for me toxicity room with a little travel day or RTD because I really like doing our dirty days this was super fun because I filmed it any Apple and people like what is she doing sorry my very high everything is that way is my back packet that you guys already seen but this one is from Colette I am so obsessed with everything to Colette has in store but this backpack is like my all-time favorite it's a perfect size and then on my feet I've got these really cool little sneaker shoes of that I got a sauce I think they're like $30 I'll leave them in the links down below only all the stuff in the links down below and i also got this hat on which was only like 12 dollars from quema I like screened a little when I started and so because I was like oh my gosh this is exactly what I want in a hat and more and then next up I've got into these awesome jeans are my all-time faves from a sauce on they've just got a little brick to the knees and I cut it with a white t-shirt that's a goddamn fire and hopefully you guys worked it and you can let me know down the Consular was one of your travel incentives like something that you cannot leave hard without whether it's like your phone or your camera or your pet your gutter or like your killer I know that there's a lot of people to travel with that Pilar's because they're like a staff particular I'm not going shiny King Terrence but I know that they hate thank you like every way start random I know my with my videos too soon hey you guys like to see you and you should also leave a comment down below letting me know what your favorite drinking I'm stupid he needed to get taste testing and why you got in the comments you should also let me hear what your favorite drink is because I am super keen to get case testing sorry I love canary I love to feel like a general trade testing like tasting international food because I love food food is less but anyway you think you guys are working to see you if you did like it make it a massive thumbs up and you have this gun ready make sure to subscribe as the whole thing is you may be right every single weight over if you don't going on interest make sure to follow me on instagram my hands after Davis just looks like I see you guys in my next video have a good day

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  1. Tomorrow im travelling from Denmark (a small country on top of germany and under sweden) to Qatar and from there to bali. Thats about 16 hours in flight and 24+ hours of traveling (with flying) and im gonna look like a 13 year old Girl in sweatpants wearing her older brothers/dads t-shirt with her School backpack on being very stressed. Why? Because im gonna wear a pair of Puma sweatpants, SUPER oversized t-shirt, runningshoes, my School backpack and hair in messy bun…and i am very stressed.

  2. Replying to Aimee Rose Sanderson :
    1. Her hair doesn't need scrunchies.
    2. Maybe her hotel has toothbrush and toothpaste.
    3. I think it'd be better if you bring a little snack and some money to buy more as needed.
    4. Sarah doesn't have many shoes. Moreover her shoes are often the same style so one pair is enough, she can wear hotel's flip flops or hire a cute pair of slippers for her photos (becuz she is not the type owning a pair of slippers in her house). 😊
    5. She mentioned the charger but maybe she forgot to film how she put it in. πŸ™‚ Anyway she definitely had it with her.
    6. I don't think sleep mask is a must have. If Sarah does use it, it should be in her makeup bag or her "emergency" kit.
    7. The one hat she wore at the airport is enough.
    8. Sunscreen is not mentioned but she may put it in one of her two bags.
    9. She did bring her sunglasses.
    10. What is a water ring?
    11& 12. Her hotel may has towels and hair dryer.

    Thank you for reading my comment. Best wishes to you.

    Btw, I love you so much, Sarah. ❀️

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