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What NOT To Do On A Car Cruise

What NOT To Do On A Car Cruise

(singing) ♪ Catch them is my real task ♪ ♪ To train them is my cause ♪ ♪ Yu-Gi-Oh was the game I played ♪ ♪ Not Pokemon ♪ – [Man] Oohh! – It is the beautiful,
beautiful season of summer. For us up here in Wisconsin, we got like 65 days of pure bliss, which means that there’s going to be car cruises happening now. Now unfortunately, if you live in the cool Southern states that have Summer for more than two months, you actually probably end up going on more car cruises than I
have in the past five years. But nevertheless, people
that go on car cruises end up making a ton of mistakes that result in accidents, (beep) poor decisions and just overall just some really common mistakes. And you know, we’re here to educate people on the super technical and we’re also here to also talk about some of the super simple stuff and today is one of
the super simple things that I think often gets overlooked. And these are the do’s, and these are the don’ts of car cruises. By the way, I’m Alex
from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe, You can actually follow
us on Instagram too, we’re trying to get that count up. Otherwise, let’s get into it, you ready to roll? I’m ready to roll, is making dances over
in left field over here. Let’s get into number one. Don’t do anything on a cruise that you haven’t done by yourself. So, one of the biggest tips
that I ever learned is that when I wanted to learn how
my car was going to behave I went to a parking lot, where the only person I could humiliate was myself, and I’d go
and I’d do a burnout or I’d go try to figure
out how my car behaved when I started to whip some cyclones or whatever it is that
you want to call ’em if you want to be a technical person. And it just helped me understand my car, and it also, a lot of other
people do the same thing. You take it to a drag strip so you can learn how to actually run it. You take it to an autocrosser you can actually learn how it turns and everything in between. But if you’re going on a car cruise and you just recently
picked up a Corvette, you’re not gonna want to go try to brag or show off to your friends because if you haven’t
done it by yourself, more than likely when you do it surrounded by 20 people and you’re filled with testosterone and you’re blaring some
Korn or something like that, you’re gonna make a mistake, and you’re gonna look like a dumb(beep). Most importantly than not, a lot of times, it doesn’t
have to really do with you more than it has to do
with the people around you. Because when you make
a mistake by yourself, the only person that you have to somehow feel, you know, sorry for is you! But if you’re surrounded by other people, then you make some mistakes, now all of a sudden, now you’re that guy! You’re the guy that got in the accident on the accident, you’re the guy on the club page getting made fun of. You’re the guy that
has the one GoPro video of you just doing a burnout, running into a tree. You’re that guy. And you can avoid being that guy, by just not doing it until you actually understand
how your car behaves. Tip number two. Cruises usually end somewhere, so don’t be a d-bag in the end lot and do burnouts or run
around in the restaurant or make a bunch of noise or overall just be some tween that’s trying to make
a whole bunch of noise because it’s rude. A lot of times those end locations are a restaurant, they’re a mall, they’re a parking lot. Nevertheless, they are a place that is usually trying to conduct
some form of business. Most of the cruises that I go on end at lunch, because I just like to eat. All the time. Now, we get it, you get into the end lot and everything in between, that’s great, you go eat and then when you go to leave, that’s when you go do the burnout out onto the street or
maybe you rev it a ton and everybody’s staring at you. Just don’t. Just wait until you get out on the highway or wait ’til you get onto the on ramp to do that sort of stuff. Just keep it away from people and keep it away from places. Mostly because a lot of car enthusiasts already have a bad stigma by the normal world. Because you’re that person
that’s loud and rambunctious and makes a lot of noise and does a lot of damage to stuff. Now whether you want to admit that or not is completely up to us, but if we can prevent that, you can usually prevent it by just not not being a bag. The other tip that if you
want to be disappointed in a cruise before you go, research who organized it and how much experience they have in actually hosting a car cruise. This happens a lot because
we all want to go on cruises. We all want to go around town or go out on the countryside or maybe go around the lake for a cruise. And that’s great and all, but if we don’t know where we’re going, and we don’t know who organized it, you may have a pretty terrible experience because they have no experience. A lot of times what we would recommend is research who is going to
be organizing this event and how often they’ve done it in the past. See if they actually have talked to the restaurant
that they’re ending at because if 40 people
show up to a restaurant with no reservation or no idea, they’re gonna want to kill you too. Those cruises can be
difficult because they are a lot of work to put on, especially considering they don’t know who’s going to attend, which comes down to whether you want to go towards an open invite cruise or a closed invitation cruise. Now, open invitation
cruises are kind of like they’re kind of like
the club when you’re 21, they’re a lot of fun, there’s a lot of people, things smell, you’re paying a lot of money for things that you’re not entirely sure that the value is there, but you get that experience, and the experience is
what the most fun is. Those open invite cruises
are the experience, but they don’t often have a lot of all the other good stuff. Closed invitation cruises,
on the other hand, are kinda like the nice Outback Steakhouse dinner you go to on a Thursday night. It’s gonna be good, you’re not gonna be that
disappointed in the quality, it’s gonna be a little bit quieter, a little bit calmer, but you’re okay with that ’cause you’ve grown up,
you’ve had your experiences and now you just want to enjoy dinner without being, having your ears blown off by some dude without an exhaust that’s just straight at
redline for 30 seconds. Closed in cruises are gonna have some benefits that you can be a part of, and if you know who those people are, my recommendation would
be to shoot ’em a message on Facebook and see if they can invite you to the next one. But research who’s organizing these events and how much experience they have so that you can set your
own level of expectation on the cruise, wherever you feel like
it is most relevant. That way you’ll never be disappointed. That goes into the next thing, though, with open invite cruises, the bigger the cruise, the slower they go. You’re gonna want to worry about others more than you’re gonna want
to worry about yourself. But if you have any sort of pro tip here, it would be either, be in the front of the cruise, or be in the complete back of the cruise. Being in the middle is a little like being in the middle of a roller coaster where your head gets
whipped around super hard and you’re not having any fun but everybody in the
front’s having a blast, everybody in the back is having a blast, but you’re stuck in the middle, like the peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but it’s not tasteful
and it’s not delicious, it’s actually terrible and it makes you not want to have any fun, because you’re stuck
playing an ebb and flow game of break and gas, because there’s 55 people on this cruise. The bigger the cruise the slower it goes, because you’re gonna be
running into things like stop signs and lights and all sorts of other issues. You’re gonna run into pedestrian things that you’re gonna have
to take into account and other people that are on one lane roads and you can’t pass ’cause of a double yellow. So if you want to go on a faster cruise, it takes us back to point three of going on those closed invitation cruises or just cruise with a couple buddies versus cruising with a big group. However, the bigger the cruise, often the more fun it can be because you just got like this
mob goin’ down the highway and that is a lot of fun. You can make some really good pictures, take some good rollers, it’s not bad. Tip number five is really easy. If you don’t show up
with gas in your tank, everyone’s going to hate you. That’s it, there’s no, there’s no explanation on that one. Another tip here for you is that cruising is fun, but if you can’t talk to others, it’s pretty much really lame! You’re gonna want to get a radio, like a little walkie talkie. If you remember 2002, walkie
talkies are still relevant to some of us, or Zello. There’s a couple apps that you can get through your app store that allows you, it’s kinda like a walkie talkie, you can set up channels
and talk to each other, it’s an absolute blast. A lot of people host it for road rallies and things like that so that you can talk to other teams in different cars, and you can also get real time updates to driving and directions and addresses and things like that if you need to, because a lot of times
once you start a cruise, things do change. And if you can talk to another person that’s leading the cruise, or somebody that’s right behind the person leading the cruise, it helps a ton with you
having a good experience, which brings us into the
last cruise do or don’t, don’t turn left. Only rights. Left turn signals don’t exist
when you’re on a cruise, only rights and straight aways. That’s it. Stop blaring through yellows as well. If you are in the front of the cruise, and you see a yellow light, just stop! Because if it’s turning yellow, not everybody’s gonna make I don’t understand the
difficulty in that part, but don’t, just stop. And always remember that you’ve
got 30 people behind you. That especially goes for
people that are organizing these cruises is that your start points, your end points and your drive routes, you’re gonna want to make sure that it has two, three lanes
if you have 20 cars. You’re gonna want to make sure that you’re starting at a park
and ending at a park. If you end at a small restaurant, they may not have the
parking available to you, whereas a park almost always will. If you’re going into a park, we’re gonna want to make
sure that we’re being safe in the park because if
you’re going on a cruise on a Sunday which most people do, there’s children and playgrounds. And you’re gonna wanna
be careful around that. If you’re cruisin’ in a large group, probably be careful as
to where you’re ending if you’re ending on a hillside, you’re not gonna want to
roll into another person. You’re not gonna want to
do a burnout into a tree. There’s a lot of just really basic stuff but the most important thing is show up on time, have a full tank of gas, have a walkie talkie ready, know where you’re going, don’t turn left, only rights, be safe and have fun. And those are our car cruises’ tips. But if you have one, drop one below. Let me know what your best
tip for a car cruise is, and of course, don’t forget to subscribe. If you’re looking for
wheels, tires or suspension, it’s your boys, We have everything you
could possibly imagine when it comes down to that stuff by now. So, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later. Peace.

Reader Comments

  1. To put it simply.
    Don’t be rude.
    Don’t be a idiot.
    Do your research.
    Watch out for idiots, that didn’t follow step one.
    Make sure fueled up.
    Don’t run yellow lights.

    And make sure you don’t have a Ford short i6 under the hood as that particular sh*t heep engine really makes my Volvo purist bold boil.
    It is not a real T6 it will never be as good as The old B6284S or B6284T.
    The Swedish engineered Volvo 5 cylinder is superior in every way shape or form.

  2. Don’t forget the walk is talkie or radio. Without it, it becomes super hard to coordinate cars together

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  5. if you are planning the cruise, have some sort of knowledge of the traffic in the city. don't get 30 modified cars stuck in downtown traffic in the summer literally about to catch on fire. have to stop the engine every time you stop lmao. ive seen it happen. its cringe. a bunch of high horse power cars literally dying in traffic burning clutch.

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    Demonstrate installations and repairs, go to car shows, talk about upcoming vehicles and news, etc…

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  8. i literally just went on a cruise yesterday, but instead of taking my car i rode along so i could get rolling shots for everybody. It was an absolute blast because even on the highway, everybody followed orders on the way to the dyno meet and paid attention both to the road and where i asked them to hover around the camera car for the best shots!

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  15. Use a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water to wipe dried bugs away. Spray on splatted bugs wait one min wipe away. Safe on all services leaves no residue works like a charm and is super cheap.

  16. Make sure your car is in shape to go on a cruise. You don’t want to be going on a cruise with 2 misfiring cylinders.

  17. We use hand signals when we turn left on our cruises and we’ve had 20 people once one person sees it the rest start signaling until it reaches the last person so it’s just a common sense and caution

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  21. Don’t drive without a license, registration or insurance, but if you do don’t rear end and total my bmw

  22. My first car was a mazda 6 with 170hp
    And i did notever crash it. But that was also thanks to my employer who ordered the ehole facory a driving saftey lession where we went to a specialised racing course where you experience all kinds of shit like aquaplaning and drifting and parcours so you really get a feel for your car in all kinds of situations. It was truly amazing

  23. I think I’m cursed, every time I go on a cruise with other people I ALWAYS get red lights, like the people in front of me are all fine but I get the red light, so when it turns green I try to catch up, guess what, there’s another red light around the corner, I think you get the idea hahaha

  24. Fun story and pro-tip: If you just bought your pre-owned Ferrari 360 Modena which has an aftermarket exhaust, for the of god himself, stop putting it in neutral and revving to a bajillion RPM while rolling 50 deep at 60mph through the quiet 9am rolling hills backroads… happened last week here in Texas. Group leader told him to shape up or GTFO… he promptly stopped.

  25. Just of of curiosity, whats with the don't turn left thing? I personally only cruise with very small groups (1-3 cars with occupants) so what ever it is doesn't really apply to me. Its seem strange to me as it would limit the options on the route. (also don't live in the US so maybe has something to do with that?)

  26. a dont i would like to add is that dont show up late or at the wrong location cause people will think that you just randomly put yourself into the cruise just so you can be seen & you dont wanna show up at a different location that everyone is meeting up at cause some people will think that youre just there just to be there if you sit there waiting for hours & youll be looking stupid waiting
    another thing is that dont show up to a cruise with your car or truck dirty or broken because there will be people who will want to take pictures of your car unless youre driving a sleeper & you just dont want to get a new paintjob because you want to keep like you found it & you just want to show off yoyr speed & performance say like you have this line of nice clean sports cars then all of a sudden you see a dirty beaten one in the middle or leading the cruise line & people will judge your car

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  31. Don't stop on the highway. Have seen people miss an exit or not be able to get over in time and attempt to stop on the road when we have to stop to pick up others who have gathered at a different spot…don't do it. Just take the next exit and come back around or just go on to the end destination. You are taking a risk and more often than not you are gonna cause an accident.

    Don't rush ahead doing 100Mph+. Most people don't want a speeding ticket and want to get there safely. A little back and forth passing someone and then them passing you will happen and can be fun for videos. However, excessive speeding away from the group defeats the purpose of a group cruise. Not everyone wants to weave in and out of traffic speeding to the ultimate destination. Many of us just play it safe and do the usual highway speeds and aren't trying to win the Indy 500

  32. Don't purposely poop in your front seat and ask everyone to see if they smell something weird when blatenly there is a fresh shit sitting in the wide open on your passenger side seat yum

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  35. #2 pisses me off so much. Cause where I live, a couple hang out spots that me, a handful of friends, and multiple car groups enjoy going to have issued permanent bans on car meets cause a few idiots have to ruin it for everybody and do burn outs, or full-on send it when it's time to roll out (roll out is @ midnight). So now, there's only one spot that we all consider a sanctuary that, thankfully, the police and security who patrol the area, know we wont cause trouble and leave us be. And we've all agreed that anyone who does try to send it or wanna be stupid, will get their ass whooped.

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