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What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D anime

What if “Adventure Time” was a 3D anime

[ Axe Bass playing ] [ amp hums ] [ lute playing ] Uh-oh. [ gibberish ] Marceline! Will you go to the movies with me?! We need to talk… ♩ Good evening my dear, your escort is here! ♩ Finn, you do NOT want to go down that road with me. With you, I would walk down any road, m’lady. Especially, if it leads to the movies. Oh, yeah? No one would want to go to the movie with… …THIS! [ evil laughter ] What do you think of me now? How do you like your popcorn? Uuugh! You’re starting to annoy me! Well then let’s do something fun, like go to the movies! Get off me! Finn, I like you, but– Headlock! NO! Listen to me! I’m not gonna the movies with you! I just don’t like you that way. I’m sorry, Finn. I just… I don’t wanna date you. Date me?! Man, I just want to go to the movies. But everybody hates me. Wait. You… Don’t want me to be your girlfriend? Huh? No! Movies! If you weren’t looking for a girlfriend then why were you romancing it up all day? ‘Cause Jake said Couples Night had weird kissing requirements and romance initiation rituals and whatever else. I didn’t really say all that. [ mumbles ] Of course I’ll go with you, Finn! You will? Yeah, as friends. Of course, as friends. But no tongue. Yea– Wha? ♩ Come along with me ♩ ♩ And the butterflies and bees ♩ ♩ We can wander through the forest ♩ ♩ And do so as we please. ♩ ♩ Come along with me ♩ ♩ To a cliff under a tree ♩ Oh, fine! With tongue. [ screams ]

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  1. Can anyone else move around the room like on the screen? Cause my sister’s phone can I think it’s just android tho. It’s so cool

  2. I remember mairusu playing the game version but who would've thought I would've found you like one years later

  3. so like, yeah with tongue everybody is talking about…bUt WhAt BoUt WhEn FiNn'S fAcE iS sHoVeD iNtO hEr CrOtCh

  4. Just because Marceline been eating lots and it went onto her legs, can y’all just fuckin watch the damn video

  5. I just realized they must have had sex cause after the end it had a butterfly and bee song 🤦🏻‍♂️

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