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[Music] hey guys I’m starting my San Francisco vlog right here so me and Nell are about to leave to the airport we have a little bit of time to kill cuz I’m actually watching my homegirl I’m watching Kelsey’s latest video TBT – what we went to a doe trip to Fiji this trip to San Francisco is a completely different doe trip with a bunch of girls that I have personally never met before I recognize some names of the people that are going and I’m sure you guys will recognize a lot of the faces that are also going on the trip but for me I’m just gonna be meeting a bunch of people we’re going from LAX to San Francisco and it’s just gonna be me and now we’re gonna be there for the weekend they’re gonna give us a tour of San Francisco and there’s a new really exciting feature that they’re gonna be launching on their app very soon so this is kind of like the hype for that I can’t really talk about it yet however I will most likely talk about it when it does get launched so yeah we’re going to San Francisco for the weekend and this is what this video is gonna be about by the way my sweatshirt is by this brand called scattered and it’s just a bubblegum pink crewneck hey girl I made it to the airport we just checked them and they charged us $30 for our bag we have the same suitcase and I didn’t even realize and I kind of matches my we just went through TSA and no super hungry I’m not that hungry but like I kind of want to snack too so we’re trying to find some food meal I know I said I want this Annette I got a Caesar salad no here is eating a burger we all have much time to eat so he just came into the L say hi this house is crazy it’s like one of those San Francisco houses that you see like it literally like looks like that but weren’t this one this is me and nose room and I’ll show you guys like the downstairs it’s a crazy big house hey bitch okay so that was a little entrance you walk in from there and the first thing that caught our attention was the amazing Cenac table okay love that thank you dope and then there’s like chandelier staircase over here is the living room it’s very like old-fashioned so yeah this is a living room over here there’s a library I think yeah so there’s like a cute little library oh my god we’re gonna take such cute pictures right here and then the kitchen and then there’s like a little deck out there so there’s gonna be two houses wearing this one and there’s another house with like a whole group of different girls but we’re meeting up for like the dinners and the shoots and everything like that so what we’re doing is we’re getting ready right now because that’s seven we’re gonna go to the pond which apparently is in the in the marina they said it’s gonna be a little chilly so we’re gonna like you know we’re warm our outfits I’ll probably put on a little bit of makeup we’re gonna do [Music] oh wow that’s sizzling hot dinner we’re all going to the other Airbnb I don’t even know what’s happening we can up the balcony so we don’t like need to get over this house so we’re just gonna stare at the door and hope for the best [Music] [Applause] [Music] so after a long day of eating what else did we do we are now deciding to go to bed we’re having a little sleepover it was like being a businesswoman and like editing her video at 1:00 a.m. but we have to wake up pretty early tomorrow I think it’s early penny said we had to sleep in we have to be ready at 9:30 okay well I woke up at 7:00 I’m sorry okay I’m sorry you’re such a hard worker and I’m a lazy bug this vlog was like extra great quality but some crazy happen we had some watch my paranormal activity things go on in this Airbnb everyone was really freaked out yeah I think you should lock the door check it out get out we want to stay in here did you just say what if something comes through the window we’re locked in we have no choice but to jump out the window I would rather do that than face whatever’s trying to get in to understand what I’m talking about watch Neal’s vlog or Apple watch me talking go scary at night okay I’ll link their vlog so that you guys gonna get some context I wasn’t there personally so I can’t well I guess star in their vlogs so make sure you check it out you guys better give me credit for the death story okay love you all goodnight bye hey all it’s the next day today we have a really fun day plan first we are getting a party bus and we’re going to brunch like we’re gonna go across the Golden Gate Bridge probably take some pictures after brunch we have a little bit of free time and then tonight we have the dinner based around like the launch of the new feature on dope so that should be exciting that’s pretty much what we’re gonna be doing today y’all there’s such weird pictures of like a randomest people around this house it’s this is literally a freaky ass house like this is Lisa she is dressed super cute like look at her shoes let her fit this is know you’re always eating grapes I feel like angel no can do it Oh TV for me advocate it’s from a brand called kit my jeans are redone my shoes anyways my jacket is knows where this from this is such a shitty Oh TV is it thrifted I think so my jacket is thrifted and then I always wear the same scissor party bus oh wow [Music] [Applause] can you body charge Oh [Music] [Applause] so we just wrapped up run it was fun time now we’re going to the Golden Gate Bridge and I like park next to it to take pictures so we can picture yeah [Music] there’s no way to turn this off right Katie get out the picture Oh Mike yes Haley literally didn’t I get our heads in [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] so after brunch we all had a little so after brunch we all had a little bit of free time I hung out with a friend that lives in San Francisco and right now we’re all getting in an uber to go to Lauren’s house who’s the CEO of doubt and we’re gonna have dinner there we’re gonna meet up with all the other girls no teasing my pants are too loose I like rolled them up but you can’t really see under my sweater we managed to get it back so all good there is a puppy now we’re just having some appetizers just like you think would really that should be used and then and then it’s wrong and then she gets mad at me for not understand hey guys so sorry I didn’t really finish up the vlog last night we literally all just came to the house afternoon dinner after dinner and crashed a day we’re going to the airport we’re getting an uber in like a few minutes oh yeah it’s been so fun don’t shopping always come – thank you guys so much make sure you guys follow me on don’t shopping and also on Instagram so you can stay tuned for when I talk about the special feature so you kind of know why we came here [Music] we got to the airport we’re at SFO we’re waiting for our flight I got but I think I’m gonna wrap this vlog up here and we had a ton of fun we met such amazing people yeah we’re really home now look guys so much all the way to Pluto

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  1. Happy Saturday BABESSSSS
    Hope you enjoyed this week's Dote Trip Vlog to San Fran!!
    Did you recognize any of these faces??

    Also, don't forget to join my SHOPPING PARTY on Dote this week!


  2. This is the irrelevant annoying girls trip

    Litterally know who 2 ppl are and trust me I watch a lot of YouTube 😂

  3. hello september i am a follower of the turkish channel.. ve seni gerçekten çok samimi buluyorum.. lütfen video çekmeye devam et I LOVE YOUUU😘😘😘😘

  4. Can’t decide, I knq that’s nqt what yqu want tq hear but jeeeeeez 😩 I’m thinkin babies bqrn days apart haha

  5. Hey! New to YouTube & just uploaded me first video of my traveling thru Paris, show it some love and check it out! 🙂 xx

  6. eylül ya o kadar hoşuma gidiyorsun kiii seninle arkadaş olmak isterdim…seni seviyorum türkçe kanalına da video bekliyoruz ama senin makine olmadığını hatırlıyorum..her neyse kendine iyi bak love ya

  7. vay be kaelyn'ı çok önceden sevensupergirls'den tanıyordum ve şuan sani'nin yanında gördüm ben şok

  8. that one girl that would put up a peace sign every time she has the camera on her annoyed tf outta me the whole video for some weird reason

  9. why did you just stand by and watch how dote was treating the other girls? i can't stand these previleged little white dote girls SMH

  10. How old is everyone? They look hither school but could be early 20's…how do they have time for this loll

  11. oha ilk başta kaelyn görüyorum . ufacıktım seven super girls izlerdim favorim oydu çok şaşırdım gördüğüme

  12. Bağımlılık yaptı videoların 😂😍 kendimi bi anda türkçe kanalında bi anda bu kanalda buluyorumm 😄 3 günde nerdeyse tümünü izledim. Ayrıca Bi anda nil’in kanalında da buldum kendimi 😂 sevdim sizii 💓😍

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