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Weekend GetAway with My Bestie | Kunihira

Weekend GetAway with My Bestie | Kunihira

hi everyone and welcome to my youtube channel I'm here with my best friend learn so in western Uganda it's the most beautiful place ever and then how does someone walk up to this every day we came for the butch I'd pinkie but there's one but and I don't know what's wrong but can we use it so I think we're contemplating meantime we have the most beautiful so can you see this like we have a tank this is a tank and then they just made it the most beautiful tank ever like everything is different this is like it just looks so colorful it's a nice look at this you guys look at this this looks so nice completely users first wait is this black panther am I mistaken could this a black panther like every like this effect fun it actually has very few before which is a good thing because no one's watching me film yeah your eye the last day I couldn't afford it because I scared oh I just want to work up here every day I won't say something yeah and to meditate here I just amazing we're getting somewhere awesome show you guys what you can do unguided or do trust yourself oh my god compliant you guys we're going to go ziplining and watch look at another island so I'm going to be a little fun but also we have to take upward I'm very scared of what this is our guide say hi the very nice person is go back so if you come here look for fun it's even in funk yeah Frank was that do it yeah you guys this is for canoeing whoo Annette has the strength to do that I'm terrified of water look at this you guys I'm so scared also my battery's low but [Laughter] my last book it's fuzzy guys what the hell Larry near the video that you think you can do it in your oil but [Laughter] do you give us we can just say okay before you go let's go [Laughter] oh my god it has the fight was so fun the climbing because it's a hectic it was escape this is like a massive Walker you guys getting the third and if I could be pinpointing oh yeah that's event Amell so if the batch is still owned we're going to record the coin which is kind of tight now because it's very like I don't know so see you guys

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  1. I actually know the people in the video

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