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  1. First carnival can you say hi and also I would love to go on one of your ships but I can't. Any suggestions to help me out

  2. We got married on the Carnival Pride on July 5th, 2015. We didn't know what to expect at first, but it was absolutely wonderful and the perfect way to start our life together.

  3. ATTENTION DO NOT GO ON CARNIVAL PARADISE. JUST GOT BACK FROM CRUISE AND 2 of the Paradise's engines and stabilizers were broken. This caused us to not be able to port at TWO STOPS. It's a death trap. Brown water and then straight bleach came out of my sink. Sewage smell for HOURS all over the ship. Only got a "oops sorry" from staff. NO compensation for the disaster of a trip. HONEYMOONERS ON MY SHIP FOUND A USED NEEDLE IN THEIR CABIN.

  4. I just got married may 6 2018 on Carnival Conquest and everything was wonderful ty Carnival my only regrets was that was reining and we couldn't get my photo out side and that was one of my dreams 😔

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