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We visited OAXACA CITY and this is what happened

We visited OAXACA CITY and this is what happened

(Coming up…) Does anyone else feel like they’re inside of a golf ball? I feel like I need to smile for pictures coming out of there like, it’s a private jet. There was some type of whistling going on all throughout the night Oh my gosh, it’s really good! We’re doing something very typical Oaxaca now and that is going to a mezcalería. A-maz-ing! (Stressing the word) And what is it? They brought out the check, we put our card there and then he walked off… with the card. This is an entire room filled with alebrijes. There is so much color here! This is awesome. It’s no muy poco picante! Oh my gosh, it’s super spicy!! [Laughter] It really livens up here after dark! Hello, Tangerineys from a very exciting travel day. We’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Getting here to the airport, as you called it, home away from home. Or no, second home. Our second home. It’s starting to feel like that. We decided instead of taking an ADO Bus like we normally do, (From Puerto Morelos) we were going to hail our friend Adrian who is a taxi driver and that costs us 450 pesos (about $23) as opposed two tickets at like 122? About 250 pesos. Thank you. You’re welcome! Have a good day! Almost double, but it’s way more convenient than having to get a cab driver to the ADO bus station. Anyway, here we are now. Where are we going today? We are going to Oaxaca, the city and the state. (Laughs) This is our third round trip flight using AeroMexico. We’ve pretty, I mean I like AeroMexico so far, they have a bag limit for the free baggage you can take, but once again they didn’t check the weight. So it’s ten kilos for everything – a personal item and then a carry-on. We actually had a free checked bag on this flight. Oh and we had a free checked bag. Why? Because I’m a Delta something or other? You know, it was included in our fare. We got a really good deal on this flight. It was something Mexican online sale day, called HOT SALE. Hot! Hot! So it was about a hundred dollars round trip for the two…no… each. (Laughs) Jordan, how glad are you that we didn’t have to wake up at like 3am this morning? It was still early but 6.30 beats 3am for sure. (Laughs) We are heading to Mexico City first. It’s about a two-hour flight to get there. Perfect amount of time to watch a movie, not get bored in the flight, hopefully not have to pee, and maybe have a drink. Free drinks on board. Thank you! CDMX pollution, yuck! Back in Mexico City! Does anyone else feel like they’re inside of a golf ball, in this airport? Just me? We’re about to board our next flight to Oaxaca and it looks like we’re taking a bus there. I haven’t taken a bus to my plane in ages. Hang on tight! (Indistinct voice over the intercom) One of the perks of flying the same airline alliance all the time you fly, If you fly enough, is that you get free upgrades, and we got a free upgrade to first class this flight! Somewhere outside Oaxaca City. (Indistinct voice over the intercom) I feel like I need a smile for pictures coming out there like, it’s a private jet I think it was the smallest plane I’ve ever flown on but it was really comfortable. We were in the first-class, comfy seats, tons of legroom… Really pretty flight in too! Oh yeah! Oh my gosh! Coming in, the scenery’s so green – all those mountains… I’m excited to be here! I thought it was funny that when we were leaving the Mexico City Airport we were one of the smallest planes. We got here, we’re by far the biggest plane. (Laughter) This baggage claim area here is so small. (Laughs) It’s funny! We are going…here (Shows map) Close to the city center. How much is it? It will cost 180 pesos for the two. 180 Pesos ($9.30 USD) Okay. Is it a Taxi service or? Shared So, before coming to Oaxaca we asked our Airbnb host what’s the best way to get there? And is there uber? No, there is not uber, we were told. So getting a taxi is basically the most quick and efficient way, especially with luggage and everything. So here we are at the airport once again trusting a taxi It sounds like we are taking like a Colective-type deal though. And apparently, they’ll take us right where we need to go. So let’s just hope this goes better than the Cancun time. (Laughter) He asked where we’re going and I showed him the map of where we are headed and hopefully, we get to go right there. The taxi we took from the airport was kind of like a taxi, kind of like a colectivo. And they stopped at Everyone’s stop along the way, so it was kind of like a shared van cab and it took about an hour to make a half-hour drive, but it worked out alright and it wasn’t too expensive. We are in our Airbnb now and it has been raining like crazy since we got in. We decided to order uber eats. Yes I know, that’s like a total cop-out but it is Oaxacan food, so there’s that. This is a bag of… Well, I ordered Cafe de Olla (Coffee made with cinnamon & piloncillo – unrefined cane sugar) And it came in a bag. I’ve literally, I’ve never seen a coffee coming in a bag before. That makes me nervous, like hot liquid leaching plastic chemicals. Yeah, I’m probably going to die. Please don’t spill. Please don’t spill. Please don’t spill. [Laughter] Just how I like my Coffee served…(laughs) That’s funny. Fresh out of the bag! [Laughter] While I’m at it, I’ll give you a quick tour of the room. It’s very, very basic. We have a bed here and then you have the shower [For 7 nights, we paid $148 USD ($18 a night, plus fees, booked on Airbnb)] and bathroom – all in one. Please, take a quick moment to notice that you can totally see whoever is showering over here and also going to the bathroom. So in a situation like this, you really gotta love the person you’re staying with and enjoy and embrace all the noises and the sounds of the sites that might come with that. I think I heard a knock. [Cat meowing] [Laughter] Hola! And here we have Tlayudas. They’re infused with brown paper here [2 Tlayudas, 2 bottles of water, agua fresca, cafe de olla, + tip – 360 pesos ($18.56 USD)]. So as you can see, our Uber Eats idea is totally backfiring in every single way. Our first full day here in Oaxaca City, and it’s not raining, and it’s not supposed to rain until the early afternoon, so we’re going out to get some breakfast at this highly recommended place called “Boulenc” or maybe that’s how you pronounce it. And if I seem a little crabbier than normal this morning, it is because I did not sleep well at all. I found our bed at the Airbnb to be pretty uncomfortable and there was some type of whistling going on all throughout the night. This went on every night From around 8pm – 4am. Not kidding. Our suspicion was that maybe it was a bug – a type of bug, or bird. And then we looked it up online and apparently, there’s some ancient whistling language in Oaxaca. So if it’s that, these ancient whistling people are like totally night owls and they don’t go to sleep until the daytime. (Laughs) That’s really strange that whistling is a language. I’ve never heard about that before in my life. I haven’t either! Apparently, it’s like an endangered language though, probably because those who do it all throughout the night have a very high disappearance rate. I’m just kidding. That’s the terrible thing say, I’m sorry. I say good, let the language die. That was annoying, I couldn’t sleep at all. All I want is coffee and then I think I will be good. So, we are in this place now. It is one of those that as you walk in, you realized how much bigger it is, and how many more tunnels, and caverns, and passageways there are. To where we now are at our table. I got a macchiato out of this strange – I’ve never drank out of a coffee mug like this before. [Laughter] (28 pesos – $1.42 USD) Coffee! And I got a ginger ale for 32 pesos ($1.63 USD) which was actually listed under their fermented drink section, supposedly has ginger, soda, and then lemon, and tonic water. It doesn’t taste like the ginger ale I’m used to at all, but you can tell it’s freshly made. Tell me what you think… Oh my gosh! It’s really good! I’ll take this. You can order another one. (Laughter) That’s the stuff right there! I am so jealous of your pancakes right now, they look so good! Usually, gluten-free pancakes are either dense, or small, or weird. But these do not look like any of those descriptive words! Like you just have one in Playa Del Carmen and they were disgusting! It was like…I can’t even know how to describe it like gummy, gross mashed flour but then I’m not going to pay attention – not going to focus on that. I’ll focus on this which has like homemade whipped butter. Bananas, fruit. I ordered it with bacon so I’d have a little bit of salty mixture. In there. I’m guessing this is maple syrup? (110 Pesos – $5.59 USD) I’m so excited! And they have gluten free stuff here in the bakery. And they have gluten free stuff in the bakery! I love Oaxaca. So I got a croissant with a fried egg some vegetables, I think it has goat cheese. It is It is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life! So flavorful! (70 pesos – $3.55 USD) Connected to this restaurant is this really cool bakery with gluten-free goods and all this marmalade and jam and stuff. [Maddie making fun of Jordan] And stuff. That’s the stuff. When there’s stuff. Gotta go to the place with the stuff! [Laughter] That restaurant was outstanding – one of the best I’ve had in a while, five and a half stars. So we’re kicking off our first day by checking out the zocalo of Oaxaca City. We’ve got this beautiful cathedral here with some of the most intricate detailing. It’s super hustle and bustle, there are tons of stands with people selling artesanias and food and anything else you can imagine. But something that I love is that no one is bothering us, like we’re walking around and we don’t have this “pasale pasale” like people trying to get you to look at everything they’re selling, so we can just walk around, in peace, and enjoy soaking up all the colorful things, all the beautiful artesanias. One of my favorite things to do in Mexico. You’re obsessed with all the colors here. I am! It’s so pretty! Doesn’t it make you happy? Okay. Makes me happy seeing you happy. Do you see what I see? I think I do! I think I see it! We haven’t gotten to do this in so long! I don’t think we’re going to be able to get to though. Oh no! This is a travesty. They’re just gonna put a centro of el centro here and then not let us go to it? What jerks! [Maddie fake crying] Kind of cool though. I haven’t seen one like this. So, we had to come back in the room to regroup a little bit. It was freezing this morning, but then it heated up a lot and we’re at higher elevations. So we’re so, so toasty in our jeans. It’s August, I don’t know if that’s like typical weather for this month, but it seems to be very, very bipolar. Rainy and stormy and freezing yesterday, freezing in the morning, super hot now. But now that we are more prepared for this hotter weather, we’re heading to a spot for lunch that was recommended to us on Facebook. Thank you, Liliana, for that. We asked you guys what could we do? What are the best things to do in this one week that we have here in Oaxaca? So trying some delicious Oaxacan food is on the menu. So I ordered this infusión de poleo (Pennyroyal infusion tea) and they serve it like this – the tea. This is pennyroyal, which I didn’t know you could eat. We’ve only ever had it as a bug repellent for those noseeums (jejenes). They serve it like this. That’s awesome. And this was 40 pesos! ($2.03 USD) Tell me what it tastes like! It just reminds me of mint. Like mint tea. Pennyroyal has a peppermint smell. If you remember? And it also has insect repellent properties so I hope this just enters my blood and keeps them all way. They brought out this awesome spread of breads and blue corn tostadas and then butter that has Maracuya. Maracuya, yeah, what’s that in English again? I forget. I hate when this happens. (Laughs) Yeah, it’s starting to get to the point where I’ll remember the Spanish word, way before I’ll remember the English word. and I will try to explain it, and I’m like Okay, what is that in my native language again? (Laughs) I know! Oh my gosh! I’m totally blanking on it. But yeah, they brought over a couple salsas as well. This is really good and our meal hasn’t even gotten here yet. (Laughs) Here are the Tlayudas with… Shrimp, no Onion. (Thank you!) And this salsa is with Morita Chile It’s spicy and it has onion (Maddie’s allergy) This is Campache (?) Fish, Yellow mole, Vegetables from our orchard, Buen Provecho (Enjoy) 245 Pesos ($12.46 USD) One of the many things Oaxaca is known for in its food culture, is all of its different kinds of Mole. And this is a yellow mole that I got, with fish. I just had one small bite and it was really good. How’s yours? A-maz-ing! And what is it? This is Tlayuda, hopefully, I pronounced that right It’s a big corn tortilla. In this case, it’s blue corn. It has Cabbage, Oaxacan cheese, shrimp in this one and Friojles (beans). And like way more flavor than I could possibly describe to you right now. (Laughter) (200 pesos – $10.17 USD) That Restaurant was amazing! We left there completely full and I have leftovers. So excited to have more of that tlayuda later. And we decided to walk out and see what else is there to see around here and behind me is Templo de Santo Domingo De Guzman, I think. This is just another example of a cathedral, or a temple, or a church (in Mexico) That has such detail and it’s so fantastic, the tile work, the engraving… We wanted to go inside but I’m pretty sure they don’t like you wearing shorts or hats. So, we’re both out in that. Maybe we’ll come back another time though. We’re doing something very typical Oaxaca now and that is going to a Mezcaleria. They are all over the place here, places where they sell mezcal because that’s a big thing here. For a second I thought you’re going to say we’re doing something very typical of Maddie and we’re at Mezcaleria. (Laughter) That too. There’s this thing we can do where you get to try three of them, Either a basic package or premium basic is 180 Pesos ($9.16 USD) Premium 220 Pesos ($11.19 USD) and two ounces per… so it’s six ounces Oh my gosh! So, we will be sharing that because it’s like 2:30 in the afternoon. But 5 O’clock somewhere I guess… We decided to start off our flight which is no longer going to be a flight because we can’t drink this much, with Gusano clasico, which he said, is the most smooth of all of them and it’s the youngest aged or maybe it’s the location? I really need to learn more about mezcal. But it is very smooth. It’s got a smoky flavor which I equate to like the smell of sharpies. Really?!? Yeah And sometimes a bad way, but in this case, no. He also gave us this sal de gusano, which is worm salt Which also has chocolate in it, which makes sense – Oaxaca is also known for its chocolate. We still need to find Chocolateria. Do you taste the chocolate when you taste that? I don’t. No. (Boulenc Bakery) Jordan, what are we doing back here? We are getting all the goodies! Hello, friends! It will cost 135 Pesos ($6.86 USD). Okay. Thank you! Here you go! (Counting change) 50…65. Thank you very much. And look, here: Cake, Cookie And these are the two pastries that… don’t contain wheat flour. Thanks! See you soon. Until next time! So not long ago in a video, I told you that I couldn’t really eat sugar because my skin was reacting like crazy (notice around my eyes) Well, I got a bunch of sugar just now because I can eat it again. A bunch! Can you see how much this is actually like in real life? This is so much! I thought you were gonna stop at the two that were gluten-free. But the reason is, I found out I have parasites, and I went on a protocol to get rid of them, and it turns out they must have been feeding on the sugar that I was eating and it made my skin react like crazy, but now it doesn’t. Good morning! It is a new day here in the noisy Oaxaca. Yeah, it’s really noisy! I think because of the narrow streets and the flat building facades, which are super pretty by the way, reminds me a lot of so many other cities like Puebla and Guanajuato a little bit. But that’s not the point. What was I even saying? Oh, noisy. But because there are so narrow streets that the cars going through there Kind of reverberates the sound a little bit. Yesterday after walking around a while. We were getting pretty hot because it heated up a lot in the day. So we ended up deciding to go back to our place and hang out, try to cool off a little bit and do some work too but unfortunately, we didn’t get to do any work because the internet in our Airbnb is so slow. It won’t load a single web page and that’s just one device being connected trying to load a simple web page. So our host said that there’s limited bandwidth throughout the city – throughout Oaxaca City, but I think both of us pretty much call BS on that one. I have a hard time believing that a city this big doesn’t have a good enough internet to load a web page. Yeah, so many people often ask us that – How the internet is in these cities that we’re visiting and will have to do some like throughout the city just to see At cafes and stuff, maybe? It’s so hard to answer though because it depends on your well, when we’re staying in a place, it depends on the Airbnb host’s service provider, how much they’re paying, what level they’re paying for, and what part of the city they’re in, Like it’s just hard to know. Yeah, there’s so many factors. Speaking of internet, that has been one of the biggest pain points of us living in Puerto Morelos, but Or Mexico in general, I think. But almost always because we are at the mercy of our Airbnb host who chooses – whatever probably the cheapest option is. But we are getting Fiber-optic installed at our home right now So we’re really excited to be able to have about a hundred times faster internet than what we currently have. Yeah and maybe, just maybe we’ll hit 100k of our first-ever live stream…maybe. (Laughter) I like this The moment you walk in there’s really pretty piano music playing. It’s a nice ambience back here. Before eating they brought us out these things, which I believe are called memelas. They’re kind of like sopes in that they’re made with a masa (corn dough) base But it’s thicker than a tortilla and then kind of like a sope, topped with like salsa, and cheese, and various other ingredients, but it always makes me laugh a little bit the number of ways that a basically tortilla can be formed into different dishes and they call it something else in this case it’s memelas or a memelita. If it’s the tiny one, like what they gave us. We each got a really good latte here for 29 Pesos ($1.48 USD) a piece. And then they brought out a plate of bread and they said it’s 15 pesos a piece ($0.76 USD) and so we got the pan de elote or cornbread off of that. I always feel like it’s a little bit of a sin to call it cornbread because it’s so much better than cornbread in my opinion. Cornbread is like often dry, crumbly, and pan de elote is filled with love and happiness. I just did a speed test of the Wi-Fi at this restaurant and we have 38 download and 8 upload. Which is faster than what we currently have in our house in Puerto Morelos. And this is with four people on their laptops on the table next to us, so yes, there is fast internet here. What do you think of the restaurant? I really liked the atmosphere. I got waffles and I wouldn’t get them again, but I don’t know if I can judge them too much on waffles. Yeah, I mean that’s got to be the most Oaxacan thing you can possibly order from that menu. (Laughter) I got – I think they were called tesajes? Let’s go if we’re going to go. Oh my gosh, I can’t even say it now and that is a regional dish that’s like salted beef and then they put some memelitas with it, those little kind of like sope things I was describing. And I thought at first, oh my gosh, 180 ($9.11 USD) pesos for this plate! That’s so expensive for this little amount of food, but it was so good! With guacamole, and refried beans, and Oh my gosh, the meat was so tender! One thing that did happen after our meal there is we gave them well, they brought out the check. We put our card there and then he walked off… with the card. With the whole book. That has never happened in Mexico. In Mexico, they always bring the terminal to you so if they ever walk off with the card, (Sometimes they don’t have a portable terminal, BUT you’ll be invited over to the cashier/payment station) Be very wary about that! And you hopped up immediately and chased after him. But he had already gone to the back. He came back out again and he was like, oh (in Spanish) we only have a portable thing for the Visa machine. So, maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but that was super weird. Although our Airbnb is nothing special. It’s just basic, like a place to sleep and shower I’m really glad we got a place within walking distance of the centro area, how about you? I’m almost always glad when we pick a place that is walkable, Because we’re doing so much walking and spending time outside in the sun, it gets tiring, so it’s nice to be able to go back and regroup and then walk out again without spending a ton of money on transportation, cabs or colectivos, whatever that might be. Yeah, and there is no uber here So if you want to get around you will have to pick up a cab, or a colectivo, or a bus on the street. And you know where we’re going next somewhere to find pretty colorful things and that just happens to be a La Casa de las Artesanías de Oaxaca. Some of the artesanías that are very typical of Oaxaca are things made out of this black clay, I love the looks of this, it looks so cool. Yes, they always have such intricate carved out designs. This must take forever (to make). We’re actually doing a tour later here, Where we’re going to see them making this black clay – this pottery. So pretty excited for that and then another thing very typical of Oaxaca, right over here all these painted alebrijes which are… what do they call them? Spirit animals? Spirit guides, yeah, spirit animals. Yeah, so they paint them with all these intricate detailing and this is an entire room filled with alebrijes. There’s so much color in here, this is awesome! This is super cool! Oh my gosh! And they’re all so intricate and interesting looking. I love these – Made from toothpicks Look at this little armadillo! umm…porcupine. Do you want to see a 52,000 Pesos ($2,647 USD) alebrije? 52,000? Okay. Let’s go. This crocodile. Oh my gosh! How crazy is that thing? It’s probably as tall as I am. And look at this detail! Oh my goodness! Wow! How cool would it be to have that in your house? erm…our house? We’re here trying out another Mezcalería and this one doesn’t just serve mezcal straight, they actually have lots of unique cocktail combinations as well as food. The other one was just straight mezcal, you don’t get anything else except a glass of water. This drink has basil, and cucumber, and lemon, and Mezcal of course. It’s really good and it is 100 Pesos ($5.09 USD). As we were walking into this restaurant, someone who watches our channel saw us and recommended that we try this salad. It’s called Ensalada Tomate, (struggling to pronounce it) creollo. Do you remember? *Panics* I think it’s ensalada tomate criollo. But anyways, it has tomatoes and goat cheese and some other stuff in there. So that was 100 Pesos ($5.09 USD) and it looks delicious. I would just love to add that you have the most beautiful descriptions of food (sarcasm) You can practically just taste it when you go “A lot of other stuff!” Thank you and looks delicious! That’s my favorite word to describe food. Also, it’s so cool. That’s another one of yours. [Laughter] They serve this free tostada with Oaxacan cheese and salsa. (Messy and delicious) There was no other way. [Laughter] There are these alebrijes right along this walking street, what do you think they’re made out of? I couldn’t even fathom a guess. I don’t know. They’re super cool though. I love those Tigers over the balcony, painted like alebrijes. I don’t think they’re… Alebri-heads it sounds like you’re saying. Alebri-heads. Alebri-heads (Laughter) That’s what I was trying to say. (Sarcastically) Uh-huh! [Laughter] So, at the last Mezcaleria, there was a table of six and they would not stop staring at us, so we kind of had to leave and go find somewhere else and we have now found our ourselves next to this walking street which is next to Dangit, I forgot the name of this! What else did we find? We found esquites and elote! my favorite. Hello, what is the price of a glass of “Corn in a cup”? 20 and 25 Pesos ($1.01 and $1.26 USD) One, 25-Peso cup, please. With Mayo, Cheese, .Tajin (Spice), and Lime A little more lime and which is more spicy? It’s spicier? Then just a little bit. Thank you. 25? I said “un poquito of the más picante” which I thought was gonna be like a hot sauce and he put mucho, super mucho! So I’m gonna die. Here we go… Can you blow off spiciness? Probably not? Oh gosh! So hot! Temperature, hot! (Major Freak-Out Later) It’s no muy poco picante! Oh my gosh, it’s super spicy!! [Laughter] Help! Hot in every way. Would we get more views if I was a fire-breathing dragon? Probably. Okay, ready for it? I’m just kidding. I thought you were serious. So much like Puerto Morelos or pretty much any place in Mexico for that matter, it really livens up here after dark. There are lots of people in El Centro here, and we were just on a walking street with tons of people. Yeah, wow! Yeah, sadly, this is burning my freaking face off! [Laughter] So we’re going to have to go back for tonight but we have to come back. We have to come back and see what’s happening! In the Zocalo. We’ll be back here. Did you hear that? We are coming back! So right here we have a subway, makes me wonder though. Do only people in Mexico City know how to say that right? Subway. (In a Mexico City accent) [Laughter] Every video we don’t include Laska in, we get a dozen comments saying A dozen? I’m sorry, a dozen times like 4500. Where is Laska? Where is Laska? I want to see more of Laska! Well, she’s back home in Puerto Morelos and when we’re flying somewhere She never comes with us. We don’t want to subject her… We don’t wanna subject her to being in the cargo hold of a plane, like we think that’s too stressful and inhumane for a dog. So until tomorrow! Tell the fine folks where we are at. Cafe? What is it? Nuevo? You had one job! [Laughter] Cafe Nuevo Mundo, right? Yes So we just had breakfast at Cafe Nuevo Mundo We’re not gonna show you because honestly, the food was terrible. I thought my latte was alright and they had decently fast internet so I might use it for that reason, but I definitely, definitely wouldn’t eat there again. No. It was just basically a plate of cheese. And I like Oaxaca cheese but just straight up cheese? I don’t know! We are heading into Mercado 20 de Noviembre, oh my gosh, I can’t say that! 20 de Noviembre. So often I want to go into mercados because they’re So culture rich they have cheap food and artesanías, clothes, and pretty much anything you can imagine. But at the same time, they are always really crowded! And there’s the possibility that your stuff could get stolen and who even knows what else. But so far, of the two that we’ve checked out here in Oaxaca, They’re pretty spacious and they’re not very chaotic, so it’s been kind of enjoyable. There is food, and bread, and music! [Live music playing] In general, markets have goods section and then a food section, but this seems to be all food. So maybe there’s another building or something that’s goods and other artesanias and stuff? Hello, table for two, please. Yes, of course. Thank you! Go ahead, welcome. Thanks! Spanish, English, French? Spanish is okay. You speak all three? Me? Yes. Two and a half. [Laughter] So after we left (mercado) 20 de Noviembre we went to what we thought was still part of that market It turns out it was another one called Benito Juarez which has more like goods and artesanías, Pets even, like many markets in Mexico, pretty much anything you can possibly imagine is within that market, but now we’re at a very fancy place. So we wanted to try out the number one rated place on trip advisor and that’s Tres Bistro. And so we went downstairs and this what I’m going to call a restaurant sniper, came in, and was like, oh this way. And were like, okay. So, we picked a table that’s looking out at the Zocalo and luckily Jordan is like wait Is this the same place because it has a different name on the menu? And so yeah, she was totally like “Tres Bistro? Come here!” And it was a different place. Hello, welcome! Thank you! So they brought out these freshly made potato chips and they’re the greatest thing ever! They’re still warm So good! The best potato chips I’ve ever had and they’re huge! These are so big! I mean That’s a big honking potato right there! [Laughter] So I got mushrooms with ginger, there’s a whole mix of flavors and it’s really really good! This dish was in the neighborhood of a hundred and sixty pesos [Live street music playing] So Jordan had something to eat but now we’re here to place called La Matatena and why are we here? It’s a pizzeria. Usually this would not be somewhere that I would go for food, But they have gluten-free pizza, gluten-free options including Lasagna, desserts, and all sorts of other goodies, so I’m so excited, so so excited! I may have gotten a carajillo, which is espresso and licor 43. Because if I don’t get some caffeine we aren’t staying up past my bedtime! It’s 8pm though, you’re going to be up all night! I just want to be up past sundown. With some drinks, tea, and a very large gluten-free pizza We got out of there under five hundred pesos and as much as I wanted to make this a night life night Not happening! Even with your espresso? Yep, gonna go to bed. [Laughter] Although we picked a couple of duds for restaurants on this last day, we loved just about everything that happened in Oaxaca So you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to our channel to see the Upcoming video or videos that we are going to be putting out so subscribe to our Channel, and one more thing! [Bell ringing] Gong that bell! So you get notified when we put out our new videos and we’ll see you soon!

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    I camped at BC-RV, a real nice RV park, full features, wondrous old geezers in motor homes, some packing serious insights. I drove up. up, to Mt. McKinley, snow at top, hot at base- just a few miles. (highest in US mtn)

    Death Valley- you are on the edge of it. Quite a stark trail up and down hwy 395.

    There are also the internment camps a bit up the road from Lone Pine.

    Psst. There's a reason so much TV is shot there- works in your favor.

    Scary as hell but safe ghost buildings-mine thing East of BCRV, long dirt winding, climbing, road up, up, to an old ghost town like- place- light pickups or more. I can find you the link. There is an old guy was just on network TV, thus is still there. Just him and you. Be extra nice, respect him, give him something safe he doesn't have (for me, six cold Pepsis and a Bud) There are ancient steel cables over your head as you ascend perhaps 2,000 feet on one narrow road, used to move ore, now are just shockingly big. When I was there, ancient bar-restaurant, dead, countless artifacts on the wall, spices, slice of 1859.

    Sorry to rattle on- but showing America (world) the beauty at the base of the Sierras, edge of Death Valley, would be quite a coup- for you! Maybe look into Death Valley- but need a local expert- my parents- to summarize what to see. (I suggest- the weird fish hole where the fish have no eyes. Serious.

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