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we wanted to share with you guys what we learned over the past week how to get around botanas hard to get here how much money you'll need my shoes and I made my way I was much too used to be enjoy free didn't recognize me Bounty's until I saw your face what's up guys welcome to Bosco in botanas the Philippines today's our last day here in botanas and we thought we'd finish off this beautiful week with a bottle of wine and also we wanted to share with you guys what we learned over the past week how to get around botanas how to get here how much money you'll need way to stay way to eat because before we came here everything was a little bit unclear to us so today we want to show you everything you need to know before you come to botanas the first question most of you probably will have is how do you get to botanas wrong but honest hasn't got an International Airport so if you're coming from abroad you'll first have to fly to Manila Cebu immigrated to the Philippines and then there's actually two airports that fly to botanas the one is Manila Airport and the other is Clarke in Angeles City the airlines that fly here are Philippines Airlines civil Pacific and Skype it's one thing that you have to be very aware of is the fact that lights to bananas are fairly expensive compared to the rest of the Philippines yeah I'm tickets tend to get more and more expensive the coaster gets in a day so try and plan ahead look for deals especially with scarlet and civil Pacific and just booked a few months ahead of time if you find cheap flights within may do it so our plants weren't really cheap we paid fifteen thousand pesos per person with twenty kilos of luggage each now a lot of people say that pecanins is quite expensive getting you to botanas is the most expensive part when you look at the hotel's the restaurants it's not that bad we said at probably the best rated hotel on the island which is Villa de bobbitt which is directly next to the airport it was 300 Europe for six nights so really not that expensive the room is huge comfortable that has AC warm showers breakfast is included and really nice touch so we were really lucky that our hotel actually offered scooters so we were able to get a scooter 4,000 pieces per day in comparison to other places in the Philippines that is but a comparison for botanas it's actually not that bad I've heard people have paid 1,500 pesos per day but actually Jorge and Lucy got a motorbike a proper big motorbike for 800 pesos per day so if you look around and ask around I'm sure we'll get a better price than we do now if you're planning on coming to the botanas to disconnect it's the ideal place internet really isn't that good unless you get yourself a smart SIM card honestly I was shocked by how fast quad LTE here on the Islanders top tip if you are at Terminal four Manila Airport there's a small smart stand that sells 17 gigabytes of data for 30 days and it's only 1,500 pesos with that you have unlimited text and speed you'll be completely connected and I was even able to upload YouTube videos every single day here in botanas two thumbs up for the internet here and just a tip if you have a globe sim cut forget it rather invest in a second SIM card so you covered next up of course very important is cash million I got thirty five thousand pesos cash out just to be safe honestly I don't know if the ATMs here on bass will work with foreign debit cards but I read online that you're supposed to get enough cash with before you come here now that being said one thing you also have to be aware of is credit card transactions on the island don't will get all no restaurants or hotels have credit card terminals it all works on a cash basis unless you paid your hotel ahead online yeah that brings us to our next point and probably our most favorite point filled food and I must say I was very impressed with food here in back on earth first of all there is no fast food here on the island no Jollibee no McDonald's no talking nothing it's just small little restaurants run by families so you have local food which is basically from the table our favorite restaurant on the island definitely is cafe du tu con which that's the best that we're at right now but also we were at the Hudson cafe yesterday where we had Lobster at a mind-blowing low price really really good you get really cheap food at even restaurant high quality Filipino food at a low price Cafe de tu con is a little bit more on the pricey side I'd say you need around two thousand pesos for a lunch for two people or dinner for two people not only having a bottle of vino yeah but if you go to be Han restaurant you're looking at about 500 to 700 pesos for dinner for two people now when it comes to things to do here in botanas I can only limit our experience here from Basco Island because we're going to keep the other two Islands for future trips here to botanas but I'm Bosco island my top recommendation is to just get a scooter go out drive and explore don't just stick to the tourist destinations of course go and visit those whenever you want to do it but I find Bosco is so awesome and adventurous just to explore on a scooter we had so much fun we were laughing we were happy we just had such a great time we had breathtaking moments and if you watch all videos which are linked in this playlist you'll see how amazing it is to explore by yourself of course you can take a tour but you cannot limit it to the twin if there's a place that you really love you're not able to stay for a long a time period there just stop in the middle of the road and just say okay we need to stop here and just appreciate the view so having this kind of freedom makes us really happy now if you're a cyclist you actually can rent bicycles here on the island and the roads are really good to explore our bicycle it's a challenge because there's a lot of up and downs but it is so scenic stunning and most of the time there's actually a nice cool breeze blowing over the island just to keep moving um so you're staying active and you're in nature and so one of the best activities that we've done here on the island is actually to circle the island along scooter the further south we came the more beautiful the surroundings became it looked like a mix of Hawaii and New Zealand an island all mashed together into one I especially loved the south coast just before you get to the honesty coffee shop which you also should check out and we also love the Rolling Hills to watch sunset yeah and you will see loads of goats cows even wild horses so many animals it is a truly amaze experience where you can connect with nature another unparalleled beautiful road is if you pass cafe they took on that stretch of roads is so amazing you can see down both sides of the islands you can see the lighthouses you can see the ocean on the one side the mountains on the other side it is really really really really really beautiful they have a mentioned really so I know a lot of you out there love to fly drones here a word of caution here come on Vasco Bahamas you need a permit to fly your drone yeah and the permit costs five thousand pesos you can get it at City Hall but I have to caution you 50% of the island there is a no-fly zone due to the airport so you can only drive on the southern peninsula of Vasco Island now for Mia as a content creator I do YouTube as a driver was well worth it to get that permit if you here just on vacation and it's not primarily about creating content probably the five thousand pesos is a bit much for that permit also guys when you arrive on the island there is an environmental fee that you have to pay and usually the hotels don't take care of that for you and you have to make your way to City Hall yourself there are two fees to be paid the one is three hundred and fifty pesos for the Eco traveler fee and the other one is one hundred pesos for the environmental fee for foreigners for fifty pesos for the environmental fee for Filipinos now here on this island they are countless possibilities for amazing Instagram photos check out our instagrams which will be in the description box and now guys this is our very technical and very fact-based summary of Atanas are the tennis trip of the past weeks but definitely go over and subscribe to Nellie's life YouTube account she's going to do a diary video of this week here in botanas as soon as this channel hits 200,000 subscribers so if you motivated for that video be sure to hit the subscribe button turn on notifications and subscribe to Nellie's life to see that video once it's published you like we see the host yeah we use your vlog and does like to you guys know us from the blog but there's a little bit strange buzz but we want to do like a valuable information based video for you guys if you want to come to botanas and I feel like we're getting into this kind of vibe let us let us put on just natural funny blogging things and if you here for a while already this must be hilarious if you come to be honest you definitely have to open your heart for friendliest people ever I feel like they have such a genuine smile like everywhere in the Philippines of course but especially here I feel like people are very grounded very calm very turned content and very balanced and it is impossible to drive past a person on the scooter without them just smiling at you waving at everybody waves everybody says hello and smiles is so nice you just feel so welcomed here now guys if there's anything that we missed in today's video that you wanted to know about the tunnels let us know in the comments down below because Nelly has not yet filmed that diary of this whole week so if you put your questions in the comment section down below many will be able to address it in her video so do that right now and subscribe to Nellie's life right now for now we are going to end this beautiful amazing week in botanas with our bottle of wine some delicious food here and just some nice intimate conversations between if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments down below if you've been watching this channel for a while and have not yet subscribed please do so now log in to youtube subscribe turn on the notifications support us on this channel and that is actually the best way you can support us and we're moving to the Philippines very soon so sitting for that oh I thought we've moved to the Philippines already I'm just I think we just have to put our luggages in our apartment Andrew thank you for tuning in remember to stay awesome be positive and make it happen see you guys tomorrow same time same case yeah I forgot that this time oh by the way guys love you you

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  1. After spending a few AMAZING days in Batanes, we put together a little Travel Guide for you guys. So if this place is on your list then WATCH THIS BEFORE travelling to Batanes :))) We are headed back to Manila to wrap a few things up for move to Manila – SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell if you want to see more of our life in the Philippines 🇵🇭

    HIT the link in the description box to follow us on Instagram for some behind the scenes. You will find us under
    📸 @makingithappenvlog and @nellyslife__ (First pics from Batanes are already online 🙂

    PS: we are getting REALLY close to 200k – Nelly will upload her first video on her channel as soon as we hit this milestone. Here is her channel 🎥

  2. Batanes is a untouched Island
    The mountain and the land are so STUNNING..
    and probably I'm from Cebu I never seen Beautiful batanes before…

  3. Hi Mike and Nelly you two are both inspiring in your way of showing living a life to the fullness. I am glad that you find living and exploring in the islands of the Philippines is really making you both feeling at home with us. You never have a dull moment as far as I can tell with all your vloggs. Alles Liebe hierunter aus australia !!! sei umarmt! XXRonna

  4. We love you, too. I said it before, I will say it again – you guys are the most humble vloggers. I can feel your passion for the videos. More power to your vlog!

  5. Im a local here in the philippines not all of us can afford travelling anywhere as others and as you do specially Batanes given the chance i would love to do it. Thank you so much for showing us what Batanes is and how beautiful it was i enjoy watching your vedeos and all other vedeos that you are showing like places you visits and explore. Thank you so much im follower of your MIHV.

  6. Thanks for this! Super educational!! 😍 i can’t thank you enough! ❤️ this vid of Batanes is not just food for the eyes but also so educational. Thanks alot!

  7. Im an avid fan of your vlogs. You are very lucky to reach the Philippines from north to south. Your Batanes is an amazing one. I've never been to Batanes and maybe next year. Just explore our beautiful country and invite foreigners to come over coz its More Fun in the Philippines! Im just sorry for what had happened to the taxi scam you have encountered. Dont worry its just an isolated case. Glad to meet you someday. GOD bless!

  8. if some filipinos were not smiling or waving at you, its not that we didnt feel you welcome here.but its because filipinos were shy and reserve.some of us often feel inferior or shy on dealings with the foreigners.thats why, its better to talk directly to filipinos rather than just smiled at us.because, sometimes we didnt how to deal with people, locals or foreigners alike.

  9. That drone fee is too much and unjustifiable. Too pricey for a permit in an area that is not congested with drone flying; and there is no published (?) environmental impact study specific to Batanes to support such restrictions. Also, drone flight times are very limited, 20 real world flight per battery, and droners average 1 or 2 batteries only.

    Drone flyers FYI, the drones are geo tagged and are programmed already not to fly around airport areas, or areas where the locale has requested for no fly zones. It's been programmed, and regularly gets updates (ie DJI), so even if a flyer tries, the drone will resist and not venture into the no fly zones. That's why these permits/money making ventures bordering on almost extortion (sorry po), tend to be actually moot.

    Balance is needed . I hope Batanes officials hear this out and be open to suggestions so as not to discriminate vs those who have or share drones with friends but travel on a budget, instead of favoring only those who have bigger expense funds.

    Regrets for a very long winded and strong comment, but it just feels wrong, and exploitative. It's as if you were charging fees for a view of the sea when the sea had been there for the longest time and for free, sans any man initiated input, or investment.

  10. You just visited the Land of Gold… react to this video when you reached Manila. Proof that Philippines was in the Bible Ophir (Now called Batanes – The lost land of Gold)

  11. I enjoyed watching your vlog. Thanks for featuring Batanes just one of the many beautiful places of our country.

  12. Thank you guys for promoting one of the Philippines’ spot! We will be forever indebted you. The Filipinos love you back a million times more!

  13. Thanks for the info! The net carrier is particularly important for vloggers that want to experience off-beat areas but need the high speeds to stay connected. Cheers!

  14. hi guys! nice vlog it will help a lot for those who want to visit batanes…for a typical filipino yes is much expensive than is what very few local filipino can visit Batanes even we are within the country… by the way that 2:53 in your vlog, the rolling of nelly's helmet… im i only the one saw it??? be safe both of you…

  15. Fantastic vlog. Always a true pleasure to watch you two Thank you Thank you
    Life is better in the Philippines 👍

  16. I love the authenticity you two share with your vlogs. There’s so much love and positive energy. More so, with your editing. Keep safe, especially with the scooter Mike! And to Nelly, I’m excited with your first solo vlog 🙏

    See you soon Mike and Nelly… 😊

  17. Hi! Mike & Nelly good day, I always watching your vlog sometimes I repeated it. I feel that lm travelling with you guys so amazing lovely scenery… so good luck & God bless keep safe always…

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