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VLOG: Valentine’s day adventure (subtitle in 18 languages!)

VLOG: Valentine’s day adventure (subtitle in 18 languages!)

happy valentines day guys! So today we’re gonna go explore Montreal a
little bit, Max is gonna take me to a cafe for brunch and then we’re gonna go on a nice
Valentine’s day dinner. And it’s technically my birthday dinner so
it better be fancy. Lots of good surprise! Good! Are you excited? Yeah! I’m hungry let’s go. Alright lets go. Brunch time! The snow is insane. Thank god he’s finally plowing the streets. Omg I look so white cos like the snow reflects
light to my face. Snow white! This way? Huh! We rarely go this way. Guys look, can you see that? Can you see? Is that bacon? No. What’s that? This is a mousse. So put some salt or whatever you want. and
also, you have to make sure it’s not stuck. break it. Little bit of lemon. Some hot sauce. Run! We just finished brunch at Darlings. It was so good. Um, we’re taking the bus downtown. It’s cold. Um, I have to go to Sephora to look at some
skin care. How are your hands not freezing? This is the weather today, -17 celcius but
feels like -26. Oh my God. My ride or die, the only thing about this
though it’s so expensive. Indonesia! Look! Sumatra! Represent girl! Halo! “apa kabar”? Look at that stud. Wait, that’s Max! Max? That’s not me. Oh my god it looks like you. Look at your glasses. You guys even wear the same glasses! Wuddup. Cheers! Oh my god just got out of dinner. So good. I’m so full. Now we’re headed home. Happy valentines! Happy valentines! Love you all! So cold. This area is kind of cute, I wanna explore
when it’s not like this cold cos this is insane. Oh my god that is the cutest thing. Goals! Goals, goals, goals, goals! Day two. Just got to this ramen place and oh my god
as you can see it was like snowing like crazy but, I’m so excited to have this ramen. Um, this ramen shop is really cute, really
cool, I’m excited to eat. It looks really nice, Um, so cold today so
I’m not taking my jacket off even though I’m indoors. But yeah. Today’s the situation, we’re gonna go grocery
shopping today and we’re gonna go watch a movie, probably “Sonic” later. “Yokato Yokabai” that’s where we are. Valentine’s day TWO! You look drunk. Time to grocery shop. To be honest, I’m only here for instant noodles. Market! Hey I found Yos! What you doing? Look over there, their snacks are all over
there. Keep on walking. Keep on walking. Keep on walking. Here. Pocky! What’s that? milky candy! What’s that? Grew up eating more milk candy than rice. Indomie. Happy boy. Which one? Whatever let’s try. Want the other one? Or we share this one? I never closed the video… But please subscribe and follow us on instagram!

Reader Comments

  1. I really love your content, you're so lucky, I hope me and my boyfriend could go to canada someday, I desperately want to marry him 😭

  2. Kyaaa… Akhirnya bisa denger abang Yos ngomong bhs Indo😍😍😍😍

    Btw bagian akhirnya aku sama kakak aku treakk loh bang🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  3. Enjoyed your vid the food in the last restaurant looked delicious love Ramon noodles 🍜 , Canada pretty cool at least you had snow NYC hasn't gotten any real snow this year I miss it but maybe next time . Happy Valentine's day to you both . Peace

  4. Hi, happy Valentine's day hope your day was romantic,Love y'all take care.🧤🧣🧦🧥dress very warm, sweetie wear a 🧣 scarf please.🤗

  5. I m really happy to see u guys..hope u guys take care of ur selves and upload more well as ur video editing skills also too good n hope u guys improve ur skills more and more this u guys..i support u guys always..lots of love from Sri Lanka..😍😍😍

  6. Ingin komen pke bhs inggris tapi males translate,, gemes ih kaka liat kalian tuh ampe di sekolah aku dulu ngenalin kalian ke temen2 aku terus mereka pd suka jg pas aku liatin ig kalian

  7. I love how chill yet romantic your videos are. I'm really enjoying watching you both. I'll be looking forward for more videos in the future ❤️

  8. Aooo kak dengan fujoshi disini.. and yeahh kakak imuttt banget:( pengen cubit cubit pipinya:( tapi takut seme nya marah mwehehe. Gezz aku mendukung banget hubungan kakak<3

  9. kalian pasangan romantis tapi aku takut ada komen2 indo yg ngehujat kalian sedangkan trangender LL di bully habis2 an se indonesia dia depresi dan sampe masuk penjara gara2 narkoba. aku harap sih gak ada komen2 orang indonesia yg ngebully kalian

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