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Vietnamese Cuisine : An Introdution to Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Cuisine : An Introdution to Vietnamese Food

Today we are biking out to Tra Que which is
a little village. We’re going for a special organic meal at a restaurant that grows its
own vegetables and herbs. Oh, wow! Can you hear the sound of the water. This is Sam on the Waterwheel. You’re a natural.
If this isn’t fun I don’t know what is. You should move out here and take up farming. So this place is amazing. It’s like a little
organic oasis where they just grow different herbs and vegetables. Everyone is farming
and it is so peaceful and quiet and it is beautiful. Look at all of the flowers around
this. We have a very special drink here. It is called
the water wheel drink. It’s made with lemon basil seed and ginger. Let’s take a sip of
that. It tastes very healthy. In a good way or a bad way? In a pretty good way. Okay. Tra Que is a small farming community village
located two kilometers northeast of the Ancient Hoi An town area. We just came here for dinner but if you decide
to visit this village you can also work with the farmers for the day, you can take a rice
paper making class or you can take a cooking class. If you’ve been following along with our recent
food videos you probably have noticed we’ve been having these pancakes a lot and they
are delicious. I have to say that the presentation of these ones down here looks the best. So these here are the best country pancakes
we’ve had. What I really like about them is that they are not as oily or greasy as the
other ones. They have a little bit of a fluffier texture. So this lovely presented dish is called three
friends and there are three friends right in my hand. We have shrimp, pork and vegetables
wrapped around. Pop that in your mouth. Friendly? I’ve got some good pals in my mouth. These tres amigos are almost too pretty to
eat. Thank you. Easy. So here we have our colorful papaya salad
and I didn’t realize it was going to be this big. I started to think we ordered way too
much food. Are you kidding me? With me here? Too much food? I’ll take care of that. Well to sum up this meal I can honestly say
this is the best dinner I’ve had since I’ve been in Vietnam. I absolutely loved the dishes.
You could just taste the freshness in every single dish we had. The prices were really
affordable. The portions were generous and it was cooked really healthy. Nothing was
greasy or too oily. It was just absolute delight to come here and eat. I definitely agree. I think the long bike
ride out here was definitely worth it and it is nice eating in such a quiet and peaceful
setting just being surrounded by the farm. So we highly recommend it if you’re in Hoi
An. Today we are eating lunch at the Bale Well
in Hoi An. This is a very small local restaurant. They have a fixed menu. Actually there is
no menu. They just bring you food and you pay a fixed price and you eat as much as you
want. There focus is on country pancakes and spring rolls. Which we both love! You take the salad, cucumber, kimchi and a
spring roll. It is going to be crunchy. Now that is a special roll. That has got meat.
Thank you very much. So I dip it here? Give it a try Audrey. Here we go. How is that?
Wow, hard to bite huh? So you are going to what? Well, Sam here wasn’t
paying attention to whole assembly process, so I will have to demonstrate how to roll
a spring roll. Okay, so we add a little bit of greens including some lettuce. A bit of
fumbling with the chopsticks there. Hey, don’t be hating. Then she said this is our kimchi
which looks a bit different from the kimchi we ate in Korea. This is Vietnamese style
Kimchi. It must be pickled vegetables. Then she added a spring roll. Don’t forget the
meat. Let’s try this one. Yeah, try a smaller one. I don’t know if it is chicken or beef
but it looks good and smells good. Now that is a super loaded roll. Ok, now to roll it
tightly. Viola! This is it. Now you add just a little bit of chilly to the sauce. It is
kind of a peanut based sauce I think. And we dip and enjoy! Oh, there comes more food. Oh wow, here is
the country pancakes. Yum. So this delectable roll. This time instead
of the spring roll it has the country pancake inside of it. So we’re going to give it a
try. Is that better? These rolls are amazing! You’ve got pancakes, springs rolls, the greens,
the skewered satay all in this. Happy boy! And if that feast wasn’t enough we’ve got
a little sweet treat to end off with. What flavor did you get? I got cherry. And the dessert just keeps on coming. Now
we have fresh pineapples. Do you have any room for that? No, but I’ll eat it. Okay, seriously that was the feast of feasts.
Normally country pancakes or spring rolls or satay taste great on their own but all
wrapped up together in one big roll dipped into a peanut sauce. WOW! Our lunch came to one hundred and eighty thousand
Dong which is about nine dollars. I think that is a great price because they just kept
bringing out plates and plates of food and we were stuffed and then they were offering
us dessert and it was like ‘oh, I don’t want to turn it down I guess I’ll eat it anyway’
so yeah it was a great selection there. The service there is really friendly almost
in a very unique kind of way. There was one time when the lady was coming over and she
looked like it appeared she was going to be wrapping up a roll for us but instead she
just grabbed a satay and plopped it right in Audrey’s mouth and at the very end of the
meal she came over and noticed I was looking hot and she undid a napkin for me. I thought
she was going to put it in my hands. Oh, no. She just came and rubbed my whole face right
down. Oh yeah. Today we are having lunch at the Green Moss
in Hoi An and this happens to be a cooking school but it has more of a casual feel. Basically,
you choose two dishes from the menu and then you pay an additional two dollars and you
get to go into the kitchen and cook it yourself. That is what we’ll be doing. Believe me when I say this “If I can do it.
Anyone can.” We are entering into the kitchen and we’re
making a cooking video. Audrey is up first. First like this? You roll one time. So you
cover it up? So then we get the sides tucked in? And then we finish as tight as possible.
There you go. Not so bad. It is great. It is like we’re an exclusive
peak into the kitchen. This is how we’re making Pho. Can I try? Two tablespoons. Here are the first few dishes we’ve prepared.
We have the Pho and the fresh spring rolls. Let’s go eat it. Take them to the table and
devour them. Here is the spring roll that Audrey personally
rolled herself. No, I didn’t. You rolled it. Do you remember? Let’s see how it turned out.
This is one of my favorite dishes at this restaurant. It is just such a nice fat spring
roll. How is that Pho? Delicious, and prior to learning
how to make this I didn’t realize how many different ingredients went into this dish.
You can really taste the flavors. Next up we will be making a vegetable Cao
Lau. So the Cao Lau noodles are made from the water used an ancient well and apparently
it is quite secret. Not only in Hoi An. Unique noodles to Hoi An. It is harder. It’s a crispy
noodle. Now we’re making our very last dish the vegetable
pancake and it happens to be my favorite one. We’ve got a lot of multitasking going on.
We’ve got the tofu simmering, we’ve got the noodles being steamed over here and we’ve
got the pancake mixture ready to be spread on the frying pan. So that is when we know it is done? Okay.
Take fermented soy bean sauce. Here is the finished product and this is round
two of our feast. It was a fascinating experience getting to see how all of this food was made
in the kitchen. We’re going to show you how to roll the country
pancake in a rice paper, so that it is easy for dipping into the sauce. And a big bite. Oh, yeah. The pancake is nice
and crispy and the sauce is kind of sweet. It has a bit of a tomato ketchup base I believe
but it is also spicy because we added all of the chilies. It is a nice combination of
flavors. How is the Cao Lau? I love it. What really
stands out with the Cao lau is the taste of the noodles. They are just really unique to
this area and I love them. So the texture of the noodles are a little
bit crispy and it almost tastes a little bit like they are under-cooked but that is what
makes them quite unique. We just finished our cooking class at Green
Moss and it was a little bit different from previous cooking classes we’ve taken. This
one was a little bit less hands on and more watch and learn, which is great because we
got to watch a professional make it and the dishes turned out great. Everything was tasty. That is the first kind of cooking class where
it has been more of a just a demonstration only that I’ve taken before. And I really
enjoyed it partly because I’m really slow at preparing food but the other reason was
it was so hot in that kitchen. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much, so I could barely
handle being in there as long as I was. Had I been preparing the food I may have passed
out on the ground. Today we are having lunch at the Mermaid Restaurant
in Hoi An. This is a very famous restaurant in town and that is because it has two very
special secret recipes, so we are going to be trying those two dishes today. The first dish that we are going to be introducing
you to is called White Rose. As you can see over here it is a shrimp dumpling made using
a translucent dough and it was named ‘White Rose’ when the French came because they thought
it looked like a flower the way it is all bunched up together. It is a secret recipe unique to Hoi An and
supplied by one family to the rest of the town. I’m going to pick this one up as you can see
it looks like a little rose. How does it taste? It is really tasty. It has a nice shrimp paste
and it also has some roasted garlic on top, so it has a really nice flavor. The next dish that we’re going to be trying
is called Cao Lau. It consists of noodles, pork and greens. It is also unique to Hoi
An. The Cao Lau gets its special flavor from the
water that comes from a well outside of the town. Or this distinct taste could just be
from its spice caramelized broth. Delicious noodles. They remind me a lot of
the Japanese Udon noodles. The meat is really chewy and flavorful and
you can tell it has been sitting in the broth for a little while. This meal came to about five US Dollars which
is a bit pricey for a local dish but then again we are eating at a famous restaurant
with two secret recipes so that is what you pay. So today we are going to a local restaurant
in Nha Trang. It is called Au Lac and it is the kind of restaurant that doesn’t even have
a menu. You just go in there and sit down and they bring you a plate of food. That is
what you get. Pure vegetarian feast. Tofu central. And we
are here. So here we are just piling on everything. All kinds
of different veggies; there is different tofu. This is a typical meal at Au Lac. Essentially
it is just a big plate of rice and on top they pile lots of veggies, different tofu.
It is just a healthy meal that tastes great and it is cheap. How is the tofu? The best tofu I’ve had. Ever?
Ever! Wow! That’s pretty good. So we got a little soup with our meal and
it has cucumber and zucchini and also centro. Nice flavors. So tell us how much did that vegetarian feast
cost? It cost thirty five thousand dong, which if you’re doing the math is one dollar and
seventy five cents US. That’s not per person. That is total. For two soups, two plates of
rice covered in vegetables and tofu. What a deal! One of the best tips I have for saving money
while backpacking is to eat at local joints and restaurants because you’ll get authentic
food at rock bottom cheap prices. Tonight we’re dining at a restaurant called
Lanterns. It is an immensely popular restaurant. This place is just packed. One of the reasons we like this restaurant
is that they are very involved in the community. They help out orphanages by donating school
supplies and every week they cook meals for those who need it and just hand out free food. Okay, so what are you having today? We’ve
got a lemongrass tofu dish that we first tried when we were cruising along the Mekong and
it was delicious at the time, so we have expectations about this one here tonight. That’s good. It has got a bit of a sweet and
sour flavor but you can really taste the lemongrass, which accentuates things. What do you have over here? I’m having a claypot
dish. This one is made with shrimp. It is like a thick stew or a really flavorful
thick soup. It is sweet yeah. The shrimp clay pot is made with caramelized
onions which gives it that kind of caramel like sweet flavor. Oh, is it ever good. We’ve been eating a lot of tofu dishes in
Vietnam and this one does not disappoint. It is really spicy but it is also sweet at
the same time, so it is a nice mix. Overall, this was an excellent meal. I feel
it was the perfect intersection between price and quality. I’d definitely come back. I’ve
heard they’ve got a great hot pot, so maybe we’ll make a hotpot video really soon.

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