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VACATION started off BADLY… Manila Travel Vlog

VACATION started off BADLY… Manila Travel Vlog

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  1. You want an apartment that is connected to Alexa? Then watch the video below for a sample house that is connected to Alexa.

  2. If you are renting you wont be able to install smart hardware. You will need to buy plugs adapter that you plug into the walll.

    Selecting the ecosystem is important as siri is an expensive option and limited kit that can purchased in phil. Makes me buy most things from USA or UK depending power that the kit can support ie 110v/220v or 110-240v so keep in mind.
    You will find lots of alexa and google here on lazada.
    In my new house i am building will be as smart as possible but some items are yet to get homekit compatibility. I am hoping these products i need get that support soon as they are promising. Lol

  3. In the Philippines when we got wounded, people would say "malayo pa sa bituka😂😂
    And yeah Qatar airways is really nice👌

  4. keep safe Mike! still, enjoy your well deserved vacation! btw, what's the best tip u can give if i'm using french press for my coffee? coz i cant afford fancy coffee makers 😛

  5. try TAILG company maybe they can help with e.skateboards
    i’ve seen some good reviews on them
    god bless you guys

  6. electric skateboard is around 15-25k

    check Lazada.. i forgot the brand

    also in divisoria along narra street. (i think its a china brand

  7. Regarding your apartment, maybe you can check-out Alodia, also a vlogger. She has a friend who has an Alexa powered house. Check out the link

  8. Always love your vlogs Mike and Neli. M very happy you found a home here in the Philippines. Btw, Neli's laugh is very contagious. Stay awesome!

  9. as long as that wound is not healed, you don't wanna dip your feet in any flooded areas anywhere in the world, be careful, Mike.

  10. If you can cook food of your own it is cheaper.Eat more healthy food,organic much better.Raw Garlic and onion is very healthy eat that always.

  11. wow– nice plans for your home.. do not exactly know if our condos are Alexa- ready— but will certainly see what you do with your place.

  12. My advice to both of you is this be a minimalist as much as possible, so that when war breaks out in South China Sea then it'll be easier for the two of you guys to escape from the war.✌😁

  13. When I come and visit philippines, I come and see you guys make sure you have coffee for me and I hope you have business coffee place when I visit 👍👍

  14. Awesome and always waiting for more blogs. Enjoy your stay here in the Philippines. Finn and Kulas both have scooters to go around the city. Scooters are economical and they also have the 400cc which can go on the highways.

  15. More than 4hrs…if you're meeting the juicy vlog you're on the way to…? I should wait till the end before commenting 😛

  16. That hurts seeing the cut on your right foot. It's exciting planning for and living in your new apartment. Sorry, I have no suggestion on how to make life very organized and convenient, as I'm more into simple, natural, countryside living. But anywhere you are together will be exciting, home sweet home! Take care not to hurt yourselves as we are all still in this natural world.

  17. Mike, please stay off your feet for a few days. Your feet will heal faster if there is no pressure on it.

  18. Love your vlogs! Greetings from Virginia, USA! About your apartments automation, like this house in Cebu with Alodia Gosienfiao? –

  19. Literally cringed after seeing that nasty cut. You guys take care, and enjoy the rest of your well-deserved vacay!

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