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U.S has tested a new ground-launched cruise
missile. Department of Defense announced on Monday
that the test was successful. The test was conducted from San Nicolas Island,
Calif. It is important to note that the missile test
would not have been permitted under the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces or INF Treaty. The test was possible since the United State
abandoned conformity to the treaty as of 2nd Aug 2019. In this video Defense Updates analyzes U.S
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20 million players from all over the world! INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and
Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It banned ground-launch missiles with ranges
from 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles The INF Treaty eliminated around 2,700 nuclear
and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers. This was achieved by May 1991. This included short-range missile with 310–620
mi that is 500–1,000 km range and intermediate range missile with 620–3,420 mi that is
1,000–5,500 km range. The treaty had provisions for 10 years of
onsite inspections. INF Treaty went a long way in ending the serious
standoff between U.S Pershing and cruise missiles and Soviet SS-20 missiles in Europe. It should be noted that the treaty does not
cover sea-launched missiles. There were 2 main factors that resulted in
in U.S abandoning the treaty which we will now look into one by one. On November 29, 2017, speaking at the Wilson
Center, National Security Council official Christopher Ford had revealed that the weapon
violating the INF Treaty was the Novator 9M729, having NATO designation of SSC-8 This newly developed missile is reported to
be derived from 3M14 Caliber-NK land-based cruise missile and probably uses some design
elements of Kh-101 air-launched cruise missile. There is limited information on the missile
but it is expected to use Transport Erector Launcher. The missile is thought to be guided by Inertial
Navigation System. As per the United States, Novator 9M729 is
land-based and has a range between 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles depending
on fuel load and warhead used. This makes the missile violate the terms of
the INF treaty. The 9M729 is capable of hitting targets throughout
Western Europe with tactical nuclear warheads in the event of a conflict. In December 2017 the U.S. government had sanctioned
several companies involved in the production of the 9M729, including lead contractor Novator. In February 2018, the Pentagon concluded that
Russia was actively violating the terms of the agreements. In October last year, President Trump claimed
the agreement did little more than interfere with U.S. military development. The president had said at a Nevada rally,
“I don’t know why President [Barack] Obama didn’t negotiate or pull out, we’re not going
to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons, and we’re not allowed
to.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg concurred
with Trump’s assessment. He stated, “After years of denials, Russia
recently acknowledged the existence of a new missile system, called 9M729. Russia has not provided any credible answers
on this new missile. All allies agree that the most plausible assessment
would be that Russia is in violation of the treaty.” The INF Treaty already had much opposition
in America’s power circle. This is not only because of the Russian aspect
but also due to the Chinese factor. Harry Harris, the former commander of U.S.
Pacific Command who is now U.S. ambassador to South Korea is one of them. In testimony submitted to Congress last year,
Harris pointed several important aspected. He noted that China is not a signatory of
any treaty like this and used it to develop a large arsenal of missiles. As per him, the Chinese Rocket Forces has
more than 2,000 ballistic and cruise missiles, almost 95% of which would violate the INF
treat if China was a signature. The Pentagon stated that U.S military successfully
tested “a conventionally configured ground-launched cruise missile at San Nicolas Island, California.”. The specific branch of the military which
conducted the test was not disclosed. The Department of Defense said in a statement
Monday, adding that “data collected and lessons learned from this test will inform
the Department of Defense’s development of future intermediate-range capabilities.” The department said the missile “accurately
impacted its target after more than 500 kilometers” (311 miles) of flight. As per reports, the missile was launched from
Mark 41 Vertical Launch System. It is to be noted that the same launcher is
used in the Aegis missile defense system. The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System
or Aegis BMD is a United States Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency program
developed to provide missile defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It is part of the United States national missile
defense strategy. Aegis BMD (also known as Sea-Based Midcourse)
is designed to intercept ballistic missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry. The Aegis combat system forms a critical component
of the Ticonderoga & Arleigh Burke warships. Aegis Ashore is the land-based component. Both the land & sea based Aegis uses Mark
41 Vertical Launch System to launch interceptor missiles like SM3 & SM6. Aegis Ashore launchers are currently present
in Poland and Romania. But as evident the Mark 41 Vertical Launch
System can be used to fire purely offensive missiles. Also, a variant of the new missile could be
developed that may carry nuclear warhead in the future. Russia has called the presence of Mark 41
launchers in Europe as a violation of the treaty This is where the new American missile will
be useful. The U.S. government’s 2018 Nuclear Posture
Review (NPR) pointed to the fact that Russia is lowering its threshold for using low-yield
nuclear weapons in wartime and warned that the U.S. must move to match this capability. The NPR stated,
“Russia’s belief that limited nuclear first use, potentially including low-yield
weapons, can provide such an advantage is based, in part, on Moscow’s perception that
its greater number and variety of non-strategic nuclear systems provide a coercive advantage
in crises and at lower levels of conflict.” This is where the new American weapons will
be useful. In that situation, just like Russia will have
a way to strike Europe, the U.S will have a way to strike Russia from Europe. This will mean both sides will be back on
the same situation which had led to the INF Treaty in the first place and it will actually
be worse as they will have nukes that have lower usage threshold. Since the distance between Russia and Western
Europe is very small, both parties will have very little time to react in case a missile
launch is triggered. This is bound to complicate the security situation. It is clear that with the end of INF Treaty
, the probability of a nuclear conflict has increased significantly. Russia blamed the Trump administration for
the collapse INF treaty and warned of a potential new arms race. President Vladimir Putin called on the U.S.
to resume nuclear talks so that the strategic stability could be safeguarded. Putin said in a Kremlin statement on August
5, the demise of the INF has “created fundamental risks for everyone,” . He suggest a return
to “common sense” in international security policy. President Trump recently stated that his administration
had been discussing with Russia “about a pact for nuclear weapons, so that they get rid
of some, we get rid of some”. He also added.”We’d certainly have to include
China at some point,” It remains to be seen if a new treaty comes
into place.

Reader Comments

  1. To myself and visitors at times say “they enjoy your entire show & your shows agenda”. Best Wishes to you forward. Big Joe

  2. Why do we want to nuke China a hole in China when all United States Midwest farmers are already nuke by our president get your mined straight where hurting at home forget China let the Philippines Japan and Vietnam take care of it we gotta take care of our people at home who is suffering.

  3. If not already thought of? in case there’s a faulty cruise? make sure there is a BOOBY TRAP ACTIVE! you don’t want to give all your secrets away, NOW DO YOU..

  4. This missile was shot off auto a navy island right past Catalina Island it’s a deep state island this is total bullshit the Navy that runs his island is deep state and against Donald Trump this all ties into China lake nuke underground do your research

  5. Use of the Mark 41 Vertical Launching System in the test is further proof that the US was violating the INF , Launchers with capability to fire INF banned missiles had been banned.These launchers r positioned at US missile defense sites in Poland and Romania. The existence of these sites was a violation of the INF by the US, since the launchers can fire both Tomahawks offensive attack missiles and SM-3 defensive missiles, as the Pentagon just demonstrated.

  6. It took the US just 17 days after exiting INF Treaty to conduct a missile test previously banned by INF. There is only 1 possible conclusion – the test was designed, organised, prepared and financed long before the US officially withdrew from the INF.
    So it seems that all the while Washington was telling the world how the treaty could still be salvaged if only Russia destroyed missiles that supposedly violated the INF, it was also developing a weapon system that breached the very same treaty.

  7. It's really important to spend more money on missiles, nuclear weapons, etc. than on educating the American public! Treat Americans like mushrooms…..keep them in the dark and feed them nothing but BS!

  8. About time a bit overdue to NK asols n China n Russia, US can n hit back that there shall not be ANY aforementioned asols n beaches 2 alive to breathe if they DARE to attack us! Yet, the word f bla bla does NOT ever count much n MUST show real thing n so here it is asols n beaches n get through Ur thick heads, CZ we have n will have many of similar like these can n WILL take care of you all for good if U so foolish 2 misbehavior like such extremely foolish act like committing the first strike of nuke to us, N so open UR eyes n U should fully understand we have one of many, esp very sneaky CM!

  9. The steam-powered missiles of the 1980's are no longer realistic & the Treaty was ridiculously outdated. The Treaty needs to be negotiated AT LEAST every two years to keep up with technology upgrades, not every 32 years. (The advertisements are also ridiculous.) Thank you.

  10. Guys PLEASE stop playing the ad for that game. Gotta be something else to run or at least make it shorter …please.

  11. The U.S. is playing their old Cold War Tactics, to Get Russia to spend so much money until Putin bankrupt the country, and then when an incompetent leader takes over when Putin dies, Russia will be back to it's 1990's Boris Yelson era again.

  12. US withdrawal to INF is preparation for nuking China triggering the 3rd world war just like Hitler triggered 2nd world war. If it's not going to be doomsday it'll be US downfall.

  13. What if a rogue actor, who has supposedly been negotiating with higher ups, has control of a base and fires off a missile to stir the pot? Has anyone ever explained the pic of the missile that was shot at AF-1 off the west coast? ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  14. The US to the world: Follow our rules, regulations and buy and sell with our dollar or face sanctions!! Ohh by the way world we will be pulling out all treaties especially those we have about the environment and weapons manufacturing

  15. Russia making missile that violated the inf treaty, 😅😅😅😅😅😅,but watch us now as we start testing our missile……..

  16. What did I tell you, today Russia and China went crying to the UN. Hey The American's have this too, it's not fair only were allowed to break the treaty in secret. Putin just did an interview and said he's concerned the US was able to have a successful launch test so fast. Duh, morons the Arliegh Burke Class Destroyer that has you all hot and bothered has this technology for years, we just adopted it to land based cruise missiles. Still wanna compete with the big Dog?

  17. Even if China does sign a treaty it is passed experience that China still cannot be trusted.The Chinese have no regard to honor , seeing as I know people who have placed online purchases and later found that the item was to originate from China then never received the items or monies back. So why would anyone intelligent person even consider trusting them?

  18. Michel Platteeuuw a 56 yr old transgender french adult who still lives with his mommy.

  19. As I have stated before was the nato´s fault that Russia are seeking to acquire new and sophisticated deterrence weapons: By the time the Soviet Union fell they compromised to not further expand from the borders they had at that time but they have failed on it and now have been sorrounding Russia with military bases, so what do they expected Russia to do?

  20. My navy intel says the deep state base commander is rouge and fired the missile as a warning to Trump. What say you all ?

  21. Of course China must be added in this pack but also Pakistan as they are advancing in the world of nuclear weapons faster than any other Nation right now which a lot of people don't know and they are under no treaty yet they're part of NATO which makes no sense

  22. Of course it's Russia that broke the treaty the USA created and tested this missile in a few weeks YEAH RIGHT HYPOCRITES

  23. I am never happy about news like this. I am a realist through. I realice that hardware must be tested. But it does not make me happy.

  24. You cannot intimidate Russia with Missiles…… YOUR MISSILES ARE INFERIOR AS COMPARED TO HYPER-SONIC MISSILES

  25. From Mk-41 launcher, so Putin was right when he said Romania and Poland have not only defense capabilities (US unilaterally withdraw from ABM treaty in 2002.) but also offensive, INF breaching capabilities!
    Good to know which countries I must avoid in the EU! Luckily I have a fourth home on island Hvar and a boat!

  26. As soon as I hear This Guy's voice.. I'm out of here, because I know my time is about to be wasted if I stay.!

  27. If ww3 breaks out shit I’m proclaiming independents I’m not gonna fight for the rich shit kill each other don’t get the ppl involved bomb the White House that’s we’re the real terrorist be at. Nothing but hypocrites that run the world

  28. Need to become friends with the aliens no I don't mean Mexicans I mean the aliens from space hire them to zap China Russia Iran Pakistan or anyone else who pisses us off LOL I forgot to mention North Korea

  29. Typical double standards of the US Government, they test missiles and punish North Korea and others for even wanting nukes, Iran being one. The USA Government is the biggest hypocrite on the planet!

  30. The 1991 collapse of the Soviets cost the America's MIC alot. No enemy – no profit.

    Alleviated in the War on Terror 2001 onward, 8 nations bombed currently. Not enough for America walked away from many treaties since Bush Jr. A new battleground is being sought – China's Asia to base offensive missiles.

  31. Russia have 9 different Nuclear Missile ''activate'', American have 2 different Nuclear Missile ''Active'', China have 7 different Nuclear missile '' Activate''

  32. Russia is just a gas station with a few nuclear weapons. Other than that it is in fairly rough shape with a GDP slightly better than that of Mexico. Russia should stop pretending to be anything other than a post super-power nation and concentrate on helping its own people.

  33. Please Russia and China show off their nukes on those trucks in their little military parades every year. And China and Russia's track record on transparency is a joke

  34. It's just a ground launched version of the tomahawk…. it's not new.

  35. We all already know this will be useless junk, the American thinks they can just whip up new weapons and defences in no time LOL

  36. China's military growth makes it unrealistic to ban the previously banned INF missile category for US/Russia.
    But it would be fruitful to negotiate a treaty raising the usage threshold.
    A largely symbolic gesture, since it's only as enforceable as a piece of paper, but one which could increase global safety.

  37. When assuming power in the Cold War,….there were two letters,……..instruction to open in case of crisis! A Crisis arose,…opens first letter,..”Blame everything on your predecessor”,………..IT WORKED! Another crisis arose,…opens second letter,..”Prepare two letters”.

  38. When Putin is dumb enough to mess with the west, he will get his little ass kicked. We will arm them to Death like we did with the SU. Russias economy is crap already, and we will punsh it over the edge. We only have to stay strong, determined and united.

  39. I reckon by 2020 (if the US is still around) we'll see the US roll out her new 'bright pink' tanks with 'deep purple' polka dots, her new 5th generation (grounded) 'bright purple' aircraft with 'luminous pink' polka dots.

    They'll proudly show the world their new huge, enormous, unmissable target, the 'soft lilac' Aircraft Carrier USS Barack Obama with a 'special rainbow' landing deck.

    The Rainbow will also be the new flag of the US military (Army, Navy & Airforce) All personnel from Cadet through to top officers will be required to always carry a silk rainbow handkerchief (especially in hostile area's for dabbing away the fear tear) LOL 🙂

    Well, we did see an American captain In tears when arrested In Iranian waters, we saw him and his crew all crying with snot hanging from their noses, they were all eating cakes and drinking fizzy pop while crying like brats, then they just hand over passwords laptops and phones and openly allow them to access all Information.

    And the US wants to take on the North Korea's, Russia's and China's of this world?

    Three highly armed and well-defended countries with Armies of millions of men fully trained and prepared to fight and die for their countries that completely outnumber the US.

    Oh, SURE!! LOL

    The USA struggles against the Taliban and other non-militarily capable countries, they've never met a fully militarily capable country.

    Personally I give the US precisely zero chance against any of them, let alone both Russia and China as allies!?

    Who are these yanks fooling apart from themselves?

    Your military Is only as good as your MEN! LOL @ the Yanks!?

    The USA = A trillion dollars of military hardware.

    The Taliban = A dollar of military hardware.

    19 years after the USA was going to kick their asses inside three months, the Taliban hold more ground today than they ever have. LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  40. The US has put its own nation under threat, nobody is threatening the USA, but the USA is threatening everyone. We all know how this ends up, we've seen it all before. Every War in history has been lost by the country trying for domination, control or global tyranny.

    Not one has ever won, countries with some of the largest, greatest, most enormous military's ever seen at that time, have all lost, and not only lost but all have been annihilated.

    The American people would be very wise to remember that.

    Because there's a reason for that.

    When you're fighting for the right reasons, fighting against attempted tyranny or oppression, you learn very quickly to overcome anything thrown at you, you fight with all your might, everyone around you is the same so you easily outfight anyone fighting for tyranny or fighting for the wrong reasons, because those troops all lack any real sort of fight.

    so no matter what or how many weapons they may have, they can't ever match the fight against them. We see this in every War throughout history, over and over again, we also always see that the troops all fighting for the righteous reasons, like their own country's freedom, always seem to become invincible! Every War is the same. It will be no different this time, only the annihilation might be much more severe, but just as deserved.

  41. The US wants to make a new treaty with Russia that includes China because they’ve been testing these weapons, but China said they have no interest joining a treaty saying what they can and can’t build that they will build what they want when they want. China is more dangerous and untrustworthy than Russia IMA

  42. Oh wait, that's right, silly me, you're the USA, the most POWERFUL force in the world, such a powerful force, they all claim? Hilarious.

    So big and powerful that it gets beaten by bums, farmers and groups of guerrilla Taliban fighters armed with only AK-47's and homemade IEDs.

    The USA = A trillion dollars of military hardware.

    The Taliban = A dollar of military hardware.

    17 years after the USA was going to kick their asses inside three months, the Taliban hold more ground today than they ever have. LMFAO

    Loses in Vietnam against a bunch of tunnel kids they tried to burn alive with chemical weapons.

    Got chased and ran away back behind the 38th parallel from the Chinese in Korea, then gets out of the War with a ''face-saving'' armistice.

    Tried to force China to purchase its opium in the 2nd opium War and is the only one defeated by China as both the British and French won convincing victories while the USA humiliated, beaten and well defeated had to limp home all alone.

    Fought for a mere 18 months in WW2 and actually hilariously for years claimed it was because of them we won the War when we all know the facts say the exact opposite. Yet they unbelievably still try to say the same today with their propaganda that they've been spoon-fed from birth as if a ''real'' part of their history.

    Claims it won independence by beating the British? Really? No, not really at all, just usual hilarious US propaganda and lies. They've been the same ever since. Full of shit!

    The War was fought between the British Redcoats (loyal to the king) and the British rebel Blue coats (refused to pay the kings taxes) with French support. Where are these ''Americans''?

    The ''Americans'' kicked nobodies ass.

    The USA did not exist, not for years, first, they had to ''purchase'' other parts from France and others LMFAO! (Even though they actually sing about beating the British in their hilarious propaganda national anthem) lol, how embarrassing is that really? Singing propaganda in your own National Anthem LMFAO, that's tragic man.


    Claims to of won the War of 1812. Again, utter crap!! Could not be further from the truth.

    Britain stopped the USA from taking Canada in 1812. America attacked and tried to take Canada but failed dismally as the British knew all along through their intelligence so were prepared for them, Britain also armed and prepared the local Canadian townsfolk and the Canadian Native Indian, but it was the British who took the fight, kicking their asses all the way back out of Canada giving them a routing.

    America tried to supply France/Napoleon In the War against Britain and failed drastically!

    Britain stopped the USA from supplying Napoleon by blockading the USA preventing them from trading anywhere throughout the entire world bankrupting the USA In 1812. America keeps this very quiet, I bet not many even know. LOL.

    America tried to force Britain to stop Impressing Americans onto Its ships and failed hilariously as Britain mainly used Impressed Americans to fight that War LOL (That does make me laugh) Using Americans to fight against Americans? Absolutely brilliant, the pure cheek is something to be admired LOL

    Well, Britain was fighting a real War against France and saw the War of 1812 as a mere skirmish LOL

    Only when Britain had defeated Napoleon/France did Britain allow the US to trade again and only then did they agree/allow for a treaty.

    America even made one last try to get the Impressment of Americans banned in the treaty of Ghent and failed once again as Britain merely glanced at it and pushed it to one side lol and completely Ignored the plea, and they signed anyway. LOL

    Britain had no reason to prevent the USA from trading again once we'd beaten Napoleon and allowed, or simply did not object to the treaty of Ghent being classed a ''stalemate'' Britain didn't actually care what they called it because Britain had beaten her arch-rival France and had achieved all of her goals. But when they saw the USA call it a ''stalemate'' they all let out a tremendous laugh LMFAO.
    As many historians have said .. If you can call achieving every goal while the USA achieved nothing but bankruptcy – a stalemate – so be It! hahaha

    Oh yeah, and then we burnt down the White House as a parting gift LMFAO

    Claimed it forced the USSR to remove its Cuban missiles while the truth is that it was the USA that was forced to remove their missiles and close down their military base in Turkey before the USSR would remove their Cuban missiles = defeat.

    Claimed Japan surrendered because of the 2nd nuclear bomb when we now know today it was, guess what? You got it, another American lie. Japan Ignored the first terrorist Nuclear attack, they also Ignored the second terrorist Nuclear attack, Japan ONLY surrendered after Stalin had kept his promise to Invade East Asia and the Soviets crushed the Japanese. That alone removed any hope the Japs had of getting Stalin to act as a mediator for a conditional surrender, and it was only then, the Japanese surrendered (as we now can read from the people of the time). The timing of the surrender Proves It.

    It was just another American Lie. And still, by far, the biggest cowardly act ever committed on earth.

    Thought they bossed Syria with their bought and paid for terrorism only to have to sit back and watch Russia kick their terrorist's asses over and over again while they were helpless to even resist it and resorted to again, yep, you guessed it, lies and criminal attacks on the legitimate leadership of a sovereign country.

    Supplied Georgia with their military assistance (lmao more like hindrance) and then had to watch Russia again annihilate and destroy all the military equipment they'd just given away.

    Destroyed and ruined the lives of an entire country, Ukraine with again, more of their, yep, you've guessed it, more lies, more supplying weapons to criminals and basically worked against all the interests of the Ukrainian people and still are, while pathetically trying to blame it on Russia.

    But wait, I must be truthful and give praise where it is due… Otherwise, I'll be accused of being a Russian bot. My bad?

    You have to admire the 'SEALS' They fly In, In the dead of night and crash a top Secret multi-million dollar helicopter, waking the whole country up LOL.

    They then 'storm' a building with their 'night vision' glasses on, clambering and struggling to climb a fence (getting a leg up lol), then get tangled up in clotheslines before fighting free and shooting anything that moves, like the so-called Bin Laden's grandma LOL.(Americans never knew Bin Laden had been killed by the CIA right back In mid 90s LOL)

    Then the 'SEALS' from chopper two, can't get in through the roof, so are clanging down the fire escape before then also tangling themselves up in the clotheslines because of their night vision glasses lol, finally shaking free, they find the enormous double front doors they couldn't seem to find lol. Eventually, they get up the stairs to Bin Laden's bedroom… Kick the door In and shoot anything that moved including a bearded man from Guantanamo Bay (who the CIA dragged in a few hours ago) and his cat LOL.

    Quickly they drag his dead body back to chopper two while waiting for the rest of the 'team' to untangle themselves from them damn clotheslines, before finally climbing in and flying off to safety. LOL

    LEAVING a hi-tech multi-million dollar top-secret helicopter still Intact, undestroyed, and not guarded on the ground for China to snap up and look at while also taking pieces to start copying. LOL

    That's the United States Idea of a SUCCESSFUL ''Special ops'' operation LOL.

    Hell, they even had their President sat In the Oval office watching them clanging around like Laurel & Hardy! LOL

    Respect to the United States Of America and their ''SEALS'' who the American love to believe are the best Special Forces In the world…Can't stop laughing! LOL

    And the US wants to take on the North Korea's, Russia's and China's of today's world?

    Three highly armed and well-defended countries with Armies of millions of men fully trained and prepared to fight and die for their countries that completely outnumber the US in millions? Oh, SURE!! LOLOLOLOLOL

    The USA struggle against the Taliban and other non-militarily capable countries, they've never met a fully militarily capable country.

    Personally, I give the US precisely zero chance against any of them, let alone both Russia and China as allies!?

    Who are these yanks fooling apart from themselves?

    Your military Is only as good as your MEN! LOL @ the Yanks!

    The American = We're stronger today than we've ever been… Like that would be difficult? LOL

    Then you woke up with your mum shaking you telling you to take your hand off your dick and get ready for school????


  43. If the nuclear war is ever gonna happen, its most likely to happen within the next decade. That is because after up to ten years, we will have laser mounted everywhere that will fuck their missles off right as they launch. We have the technology and we are starting to add it to our arsenal. What do you think space force was about? We prepping for laser wars in space.

  44. Russia just matched and exceeded this pathetic attempt.
    It luanched an enhanced ballistic missile from a sub.

  45. It is amazing how many Russians troll military videos. I think they believe if they hype up Russias military enough it will somehow become reality. Meanwhile a Russian cruise missle is spewing radiation everywhere and their Ammo Depot just exploded 😆

  46. Small number of soldiers (Special Operations) could work againts terrorist or small groups,
    But you cant use the same tactic with russia or China, that would be dumb, you need a mass amount of soldiers,
    Technology isn't the only thing that helps with winning the war(WW2:Germany had the technology but yet The red army still invaded), its manpower as well,
    If the US thinks they might not have enough troops, A draft may come

  47. Sounds like LRASM (AGM-158C) is now available for Aegis ashore. Don't know why everyone has their panties in a bunch about it though. It's not nuclear-armed like Iskander. And before you guys get all bent out of shape about nuclear Tomahawk missiles, they got retired back in 2013. Aegis ashore has no nuclear capability.

  48. Aaahhhhh. So this is the real reason for US abandon INF treaty…. Lol. Glad president Putin sees far beyond you people. Shame on US. Always bullying small 3rd world countries.

  49. Russia in response to the US withdrawal from the Treaty INF are able to deploy non-traditional carriers of nuclear weapons and create a heavy duty warheads. This opinion was expressed by a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of missile and artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov in an article for the "Military-industrial courier".
    The expert refers to the nuclear weapons treaties aspect, where there are only restrictions on the number of warheads, not their total mass. ""This allows to go the way of creating mega weapons — combat units with a TNT equivalent of more than 100 megatons and missiles to them. The use of such a munition can initiate catastrophic geophysical processes in the United States, for example, the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO," Sivkov believes.
    "if the US announces a withdrawal from the moratorium on nuclear weapons testing, then we also need to announce it. To create multimegaton weapons and experience it (…) We need to make sure that in any development of the situation, the United States knew that their country could disappear from the face of the earth. Moscow needs to clearly state that we will beat the canyons, faults», he said

  50. One of the reasons, Russia start construction of Skif, Poseidons and Burevestnik is the big vulnerability of major US cities located along the coasts, inability of the US to build air defenses to protect coastal cities and military bases from such missiles (Skif, Burevestnik) and protect these cities from tsunamis, caused by the explosion of Poseidon torpedoes.
    In addition, the United States will not be able to give a symmetrical answer, as the cities of Russia are removed from the coast and we are able to build a layered air defense system to protect of our cities.
    That means, Russia remains the strongest country on this planet. This means, that your Leviathan is weaker than Behemoth
    Complete impotence of the United States to comply with previously signed Treaties did not affect the security of Russia, reducing the level of security for American citizens.
    Leaving the INF will also lower the safety of US citizens, as Russia has more serious means of hitting at this range (up to 5500 km from Chukotka) for the US cities and vulnerable points on the map, such as Yellowstone supervolcano and Long Valley Caldera.

  51. The US tested a mach 3 cruised missile with a 500 KM range.China tested a mach 11 cruised missile named the Jia Geng No.1 with a 2,000 miles range that can maneuvers and glide to its target.

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