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  1. I lived on Jared drive in JC. One summer night I was walking home from work at 8 pm, I cut through the golf course. When I came around a corner on the paved trail I suddenly felt uneasy and cooler. It was my first ever "eerie", creepy feeling. I felt like I was being followed. I glanced behind me and I freaked! There was a ball of fog suspended only three feet above the ground, about 6 foot diameter, RIGHT BEHIND ME. I stepped up my pace and after maybe 15 seconds later I looked back and I could feel every hair on my body stand up. I got a shiver that jolted through my whole body – IT WAS STILL BEHINF ME! I ran my azz off and about "flew" over the tracks, all the way to my trailer. I was in panic mode. I looked out the window and didnt see it. I never took a short cut through that golf course again!

  2. I worked at Welington's at the Carnegie Hotel. At 5 Am one morning in 2004, Me, Shelby Silvers, Mary Shears were in the kitchen havig coffee and chatting, about 15 feet from the stairwell around the corner. That door is an always locked door, It opened and slammed shut. We all looked in that direction but saw nobody. Nobody was due to come in for two more hours. Mary said "Davie check that out." I walked into the tiny vestibule and nothing. I checked the door and it was locked. Shelby said she was scared and asked me to check the dining room. I grabbled a knife and went looking. Nothing. Anyway, the next morning I was there before the girls. I made our coffee and was standing there with my back next to the wall sipping my coffee. Suddenly and ice, I mean, ICE cold, "POOF" on the back of my neck. Lol that cup of coffee went flying out of my hand I was so startled. I ran my ass down that stairwell and stood outside waiting for "my girls". Shelby drives in and says "Davie what are you standing out here for? You look like you saw a ghost". I told her and she said lets just stand out here and wait for Marry. When Mary came finally, she said "Whats wrong"? We went upstairs like three scared little kids. I looked around and nothing, again. I looked to see if it was an air vent, but no, not near where I was standing.

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