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Goodmorning! No, no Yes, yes
No, no Yes, yes It’s that time again! No, no Departure! You have seen this before right?
That I am staying here and she is leaving But I am leaving tomorrow So follow my vlog, because I am going to Colombia We are actually really close to eachother I have to go to Peru for my work And Ryan has to go to Colombia for work So we are actually both If I was in Peru and you were in Holland We would have been further away from eachother than we are now So we are kind of together Let’s go Peru! Thoompie! Hey Lautje!
There you are again! We are travelling again! Amije! Hello sweetheart We are reunited Finally! Thanks to our trips, we are back together!
– We get to go together more often
So much fun! Have a good flight sweethearts -Have a good fight Laura
You going to sleep I have a hangover, going to have a nice sleep Three in a row Amije has bought Chocoloate She just said “I only like the orange ones” – But you have different colours – I don’t know these, what taste is green? Give me the orange one
– Orange is caramel seasalt Oh yes, that’s yummy! – I think green is…
Oh hazelnut
– Doesn’t it say – Oh yes, hazelnut
Then I want hazelnut We will be flying twelve and an half hours, so we will see you in Peru After a twelve and an half hour flight we have arrived in Peru In Lima and I just arrived in my room And this is what my room looks like Two very big beds, because I will be staying here for a few hours It is 19:00 PM And we have to meet at 4:30 AM downstairs for breakfast And at 4:45 AM, we will cross over to the airport That has been organized really well We are staying in a hotel Literally across the airport, why? We will catch a flight at 6:00 AM To Chiclayo, if my pronounciation is correct And then our adventure will start! So what the planning is now, quickly go downstairs Have some dinner Take a shower and go to bed Great! Peru
I am here, so excited to explore! I have an amazing Vegetarian wok Meal, so delicious Enjoy the food girls Goodmorning! On my way to the airport Goodmorning everyone! It is 6:30 AM We will be flying to Chiclayo any minute We arrived at Lima yesterday And we slept across the airport Because after a few hours we had to catch our flight to Chiclayo I will be filming again there I can make a wish, I have a great spot One and Two!
Yes! See you there! We arrived in Chiclayo And this is our bus With this bus, we will be going to our hotel It is Exactly 8:45 AM And we will be going to the hotel now Time to get dressed and touch-up And we will be moving on Our first day Chiclayo Going to have so much fun today, very excited! We in our bus – Look how big it is It is so cozy! I am going to eat this sandwich A nice sandwich with avocado! We are staying in Casa Andina Hotel And it seems to be the best hotel in Chiclayo City It is really early and cloudy But hopefully The sun will shine later on That would be nice beacuse I can see all the pretty colours Cacti, a lot of green And of course I want to film everything for you guys! Sun please appear! We are going to check-in We have half an hour to get ready, then we will go into the city We have arrived at the first destination And that is a museum Called Tumbas Reales Unfortunately, I can’t film inside It is forbidden, to bring your cameras And your phone So we are going to keep them in the bus So I won’t be able to film this for you guys But I can tell you about it later So I am going to let go for now We can go inside and enjoy the musuem – It is a really nice temple with a lot of antique stuff Antique stuff?
– Yes but beautiful antique stuff Very special, so let’s discover Turining off my camera now, bye! Hey guys! We arrived at a beautiful location We will be having lunch here Surrounded by Pink, orange and red flowers That’s what makes us happy! I just saw a horse, the music Is turned on, specially for us And I just wanted to Tell you very quickly I think I haven’t told you yet But I got invited by a tourist organization from peru To come here To discover the North of Peru To show you guys, how beautiful it is What you can do here Because Machu Picchu is very populair And the North isn’t yet So it is my job to show you What you can do here By now, the sun is shining I can hear Spanish speaking music and I can see flowers So I am happy!
Let’s have some lunch I am going to make this amazing for you guys! – We have arrived in paradise – I can see fountains, flowers – And the music – Automatically makes me smile! This makes me so happy We have arrived at Casa Sipan There you are! We are going to have lunch here, what do we have as a starter? “Ceviche” – The “W” is a “B” – In Holland everyone know it as ceviche And would Be going to a horse show And we think it will happen here – It should be! So let’s have some nice food – We already saw the horses We already saw a horse
– We saw two It is kind of A small paradise, I have to be honest – All these flowers
All the flowers Streetart, horses! I can see dogs, the music – Amazing!
I think we can enjoy! Wauw, what a show! We looked at Marinera Dance Typical Peruvian and in this case even more special With the horses It is a half Spanish, half Arabic horse Very special, as you could see He has very elegant moves The boy that was riding, is only 17 years old And has already won a few prizes, he is a very good rider You can see They have this show specially for us So beautiful to watch! And I don’t know if I told you The horse is half Spanish, half Arabic A pretty special animal, he looks very good! Is taken good care of We checked up on that This was dressage But just a little different than normal Very cool That they did this specially for us The Manrinera! Nice!
You learn something new everyday They were dancing on bare feet They did have make-up on And in their clothes, but without shoes This was so special, we just saw a beautiful horse show We had some nice food, Thomas did some dancing It was fantastic Very photogenic! I saw cats and dogs There is another cute dog And now we are going to the tombe We are going to the tombe! – Where a emperor has been for 100,000 years – 100,000 years? So that’s where we are going! No, it’s a beautiful place I will post the link in the description Because you have to go here, if you are in Peru Zoom in! Ahw, it’s an owl This is so pretty The first time I see an owl in real life – You don’t see them often owls No I always feel connected with owls I think I look like one – With those glasses on you do
No really I look like an owl Every person looks like an animal, you look like.. Let me think of what you look like But I really look like an owl
– What do I look like then? Let me have a think about it I just arrived at the tombe, some history of Peru This has got to do with The museum we visited this morning I saw a lot there What happend here about 2000 years ago 2000 years ago, the Lord of Sipan passed away He was 45 years old, the owner of this area 45 years was old at that time And in 1987 Not long ago They found him and everything here And what they found here Is what I saw in the musuem And it was very special Because you could see the family’s Bodies, jewellery and I am standing here A lot of things happend here 2000 years ago It is nice to see a bit of history of Peru But it is also very weird Very strange This is where he was lying And his wife was next to him – A child
A child, a lama – And two bodygaurds
And two bodyguards So girls, we are at the tombe – Very intresting And it was very intresting, what we saw here Was what we actualy saw in the musuem Because the Lord of Sipan, hit it Amije – He passed away 2000 years ago – He was the owner of this area – And they actually found him 30 years ago Yes, 1987 – And if someone passes away – Someone with a high position, everyone dies together – His wife, the children The dog, the lama, everything And that is what you just saw They dug out everything, they did this with a brush – Yes, with a brush, 2cm per day Insane!
– It took them 1 year – It was 7 meters deep 17 meters deep! And they found the last one 9 years ago! Not that long ago! Right? 9 years ago It is very special If you like the history of Peru You should really visit And this is a real pyramid Even though it doesn’t look like one But it is a pyramid This is a typical Peruvian dog You have a fur! And this cutie Does not have any fur But this is typical Peruvian I really like it Because I think these dogs are ugly but still cute I am curious what it feels like I just want to feel it Hello sweetheart I just want to know what you feel like Feels really weird Hello cutie It feels so rough He has got blond hair on his head Goodevening everyone! We just had two hours in the hotel After having an amazing first, sunny day! And because it is 3:00 PM in Holland I went to bed just now And fell asleep right away It is time to have some food and we are in a Grill restaurant And of course meat From the barbeque But as you might know, I don’t eat meat So I have a kind of bruschetta With mushrooms And I am looking forward to it We are going to eat, then we are going back to the hotel And then we are going to sleep, with a new planning tomorrow Schedueled for us! The food here is insane, so delicious! I am eating mushrooms in some kind of sauce It is so yummy! Listen carefully You can hear so many different birds I am standing in a really pretty nature area I am at Los Horcones de Tucume And we will be preparing traditional food And we will be doing this under the ground Really special By the way, I slept amazing! I can feel the jetlag But Everything is fine Not very tired All these sounds The smell Love it! – This is amazing! Are you enjoying babe?
– Yes I love this The food you just saw That got prepared in the pot Will be put in there For about three hours And then my colleagues will eat it Because it is only meat – They said the vegetables will go into a seperate pot Then I will eat the vegetables We arrived at Santuario Historico Bosque de Pomac And we are going biking That is what we will be doing Are you excitedto train those legs babe! – Can’t wait to start moving
I know right It’s a kind of National Park and we will be biking through it – You need the green bike Then I’ll be matching with my outfit Yes, I am taking the green one We are going biking Mountainbiking! – Yes, excited! Let’s go on adventure Laura on a mountainbike This saddle, I can already see a beautiful orange bird This makes me happy! After biking through the National Park for a while We have arrived at a point Where you can see the whole forest The forest is protected There is a lot of wildlife A lot of animals that live here And it is so big! I can see so many birds of prey Just a moment to take a good look Amazing! Are you showing off for the vlog!
– I know right! We have a pit stop now We are at a bee farm And we are going to have a look We also got something to drink I am wearing my bee outfit We just got a whole explanation about the production Now we are going to What will we be doing? – We will be watching We will be watching, how it is done And this is my new outfit Omg, look a this! This is intense! Look at them! He is looking for the Queen Queen B She has a different colour But looking for her is difficult This is really special, let’s be honest That they all go in Producing honey We found her! With a red spot – That is the queen She has a pink spot on her eye, how? How is this possible! She has a pink spot on her head Omg, look! A baby goat I have never touched a baby goat Hello cutie! It’s adorable! You are so pretty Are you so pretty! Hello cutie I found such a pretty dog I want to take him home You are so cute! And are so pretty! In the future I don’t know what But I really want to move to another country To start an organization For all the dogs that don’t have a home It is one of my biggest dreams I think I should really do it This is a good dog that is taken good care of He looks good There are a lot of homeless dogs here And I just really want to help them all out I know there are a lot of Organizations that already do this But you are so pretty It was really intresting the bee farm! So nice to see Ahw, look at his pauw! How the bees go in And how they produce a lot of honey So many cuddles! Anyways, it was really intresting! Going to turn off my camera, so I can give him a cuddle We are back at Los Horcones de Tucume And the sun is shining! And I can see palm trees Look how pretty! The food has been under the ground for three hours That is what we will be eating now, the girls and Thomas And there should be a lot of vegetables and patatoe Omg, I see a pretty cacti Look how special, he closed the hole Flower on top In the shape of a cross Kind of looks like a grave But the food is coming our way It’s coming back to life He is digging it back up The sand is off The sheets are also off The banana leaves that you can see They are also been taking off Really curious if you Knew you could make food like this Under the ground, let me know in the comments I did not know I really didn’t, I find it really intresting! Typical Peruvian, very traditional And normally It stays under the ground for a whole day But becasue we have a schedule, they did it for three hours So usually for example, Saturday under the ground For their dinner on Sunday Look what he is doing! Delicious! – They have really taken you into account Sweet patatoe and banana Quinoa What was this for you guys? – Duck and pig For the meat lovers and a avocado salad – Even more! We had some amazing food Ate a dessert And now He is going to make his own bread I will show you guys how he does it The bread needs 40 minutes To become nice bread So we can eat it later on Now we are going to a silversmith Here nearby Very intresting, I am doing intresting things I have never done before So I am completely new! Open-minded I love these new experiences! This is what they have done They only do this in this area It is so cool! We are in a museum now And later on we will Be making our own jewellery That would be so nice! These are the typical scooter taxi’s You see a lot of them in Peru And we will be going in one Back to the bread
– This is comfortable – Back to the bread! Hello sweetheart! How are you? You have a lot of these naked dogs They are typical Peruvian dogs But some are small And other, I don’t know Kind of the same height as Rox But then very thin
– White eyes So weird That they look so different So we arrived at the silversmith And this is where the jewellery is made I am very curious We might be making our own! Let’s see what we are going to do And after that we will be eating our bread We just saw how the silver got melted We made it flat with a machine And now I will be making my own shape She is showing me how to do it I will be making my own shape in a minute And making my own jewellery piece My bird is done! Now it has to go in here for a minute Come here puppy! You are so pretty! You are so cute! Hello sweetheart! Are you so pretty It’s so cute I am going back inside, I got distracted by the dogs I am going to finish my jewellery piece My necklace is done! Let me take away my glasses So this bird My lucky bird I made it by myself How is your bird? Look how nice! Now you can see it really well I really like it and yours? – Yes, my bird is great – Look how shiny it is
It is really shiny Oh yeah, the bread is ready! Moment of truth – This is delicious!
This is your? – Third one!
This is my second one Let’s continue! This bread is amazing Goodmorning! This is day threein Peru And we are going surfing today My very first time Let’s put on our wetsuit I think we will be getting a workshop How you should stand on the board And then we are going surfing! We are going surfing! And this is seriously, like I just said Something new in my life I have never done this before I love to do things, I have never done before To see if I can do it and if I like it or not And how cool is it if I can do it That’s my goal for today I am the kind of person that needs to stay standing I really need to… Omg, these waves are high Amije! We will surfing soon But these are fishing boats That are handmade with bamboo Super creative! Looks a bit like a canoe We are going surfing! We got a quick explanation So much fun! This is so much fun! I am goofy This doesn’t happen often but it means That my right leg is in front First time, I got directly out of the water Those waves are so high This was insane! These waves are so high The first time he said “ariba’ Stand up on the board I kept on going! This was amazing! Next time I am filming with my Go-pro Surfing was so much fun! Quickly going inside, taking a shower And getting dressed Let’s move on, super excited! Look at this wall Look at this ice-cream car And the sun is shining! It was an amazing Last day in Lambayeque That’s the area we are in We will be flying back to Lima And that means We are heading off to the cold It is winter here, but still pretty warm In Lima it is freezing cold We are flying in about two hours In this restaurant we have Had an amazing lunch My stomach is full And On the move to another area New adventures in Peru! Hey guys, we arrived in Lima The flight took an hour And we just had a bus ride That also took an hour And now we are back in a really Pretty nieghbourhood in Lima And I will film everything for you guys! But you will see that in the next vlog We did so much in Chiclayo If I film everything it will be a really long vlog I will be splitting it in two parts So you will see everything in the next vlog We are going to do so much more fun activities! Stay tuned for the next vlog Hope you enjoyed watching this vlog What I really enjoyed About the area we were in The area is famous for it’s food! There are a lot of traditional Peruvian meals That you can only eat there You can’t eat it here in Lima Everything was really intresting To see everything and taste different meals We did a lot of activities, surfing was amazing! Still thinking about the fact I managed to do it! It was fantastic! Now we are in Lima, big city, very modern This is my room I have a super nice room, very modern This hotel only exists for two years This is the bathroom It is really fancy And I have a Koffie machine And I think I can also make tea Going to do that right now This was it for today See you in the next vlog! Bye!

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  1. Wat een vol programma hadden jullie, maar tegelijk ook wel enorm veel gave dingen. Lijkt me een erg interessante regio. Mooi verslag Laura! 😍

  2. Wat prachtig Laura. Je krijgt zo inderdaad een heel andere kant van Peru te zien. De mensen lijken mij ook erg aardig. Zo mooi die kolibrie. Die heb ik nog nooit in het echt gezien. Kijk al uit naar het tweede deel. Fijne dag. X

  3. Wat een mooi land is Peru, en wat leuk dat je ons met de video's meeneemt zodat je een goede indruk van het land krijgt. ik kijk al uit naar het 2e deel. 🙂

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