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Travel Series – Scotland

Travel Series – Scotland

traveling around Scotland you encounter a lovely and rich country full of beautiful landscapes and a long history castle's you see in scotland look enchanting and witness stories and events resembling stage plays and dramas Shakespeare's Macbeth is probably the best-known example some parts of Scotland are the least densely populated regions of Europe and offer almost unspoiled countryside to visitors lonely lighthouses or picturesque ruins of churches you should travel through Scotland leisurely accompanied by a muse to allow you to yield to the different influences and impressions of nature and architecture on a sightseeing tour through Scotland you can see marvelous landscapes as well as historical buildings the buildings reflect the long wars between ancient noble families for the throne and the fight of reformers against the state Catholic Church which ruled from 1560 the land of mountains and lakes offers more than one culture and one landscape proof of this is the capital of Scotland Edinburgh is definitely the most Scottish of all cities around Castle Hill the tourist center of the city all the tourist cliches come true double-deckers form rent spots in the Scottish reign during all seasons you always have to take the rain into account but who would get into a bad mood because of that Scotland without rain would only be half as impressive the ancients and Giles Cathedral is one of the most important sites in the city the first mention of a church at this place comes from 854 the building of today's church began in the year 1120 after a fire in 1385 the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style of course bagpipers shouldn't be missing they stand on almost every corner along the Royal Mile and play characteristic melodies edinburgh castle a fortress at the core of the city has always been well protected today however the guard doesn't have to find the English or the anglo-saxons trying to capture the city but they work as a reception committee for tourists from all over the world including a few Scots a magnificent view of Edinburgh a cultural heritage of splendid monuments opens out from the castle from the castle rock downward leads the Royal Mile which is lined with cafes restaurants and shops selling whiskey because buildings are decorated with flags and coats of arms here the lovely Street carries its name rightfully one of the most famous symbols of Edinburgh is the Gothic scott monument it's dedicated to the famous writer Sir Walter Scott and the view of the city is definitely worth it the writer was born in Edinburgh in 1771 with his work he popularized historic novels throughout the world Edinburgh was built on seven hills walking along the Royal Mile you can feel it one of the hills is Holyrood Hill it's worth climbing because of the beautiful view the Holyrood Hill is named after the Holyrood Palace today the Renaissance Castle where Mary Stuart lost her lover is the official residence of the British Queen in Scotland there are many personal items of Mary Stuart exhibited in the palace from the time which she spent in prison before her premature death there is royal splendor in the port to Britannia the former yacht of the royal family anchors here the picturesque port district is a secret tip for visitors who want to get away from all the Royal things and bagpipers you in the evening after the tourists have returned to their hotels Edinburgh enters into a unique dreamy atmosphere locals and young night owls again have the old town with countless pubs only for themselves a visit to one of the pubs is worth it even if you aren't a Scot a Scottish contrasting program Victorian high-tech the fourth railway bridge in the north of Edinburgh leads to the Central Highlands the most famous lake in Scotland is surely Loch Ness thanks to Nessie the legendary monster which is supposed to inhabit the depths of the lake the lake so peacefully set into the landscape is an inspiration for more or less serious fantasies about monsters the legend was smartly raised to cult status helping to attract thousands of tourists every year Gordon a Nessie Explorer is convinced that the Loch Ness lake is foamed not only to fish he wants to prove that with a sonar picture there's a little red dot just about here which is a fish but to give you an idea of competitive sizes then there's this thing here which is well clear at the bottom and it's about five six metres long so does the monster Nessie really exist for me there's something in this law that we've got to find out but certainly the word monster I will not use because I don't think it is a monster because it doesn't monster implies that it's evil I don't think it's evil and it's just a creature that's living here and keeping out of the way on the tours and Gordon sets off again on an expedition he's always tracking the mysterious inhabitant of the lake naturally with many tourists on board to get to know Scotland from a border ship is one of the most adventurous ways to travel around the land of lakes but before you can become a captain on a yacht you have to listen closely first in order not to mix up bow and stern motor yachts are rented for days or weeks and offer solid and comfortable equipment the only thing you have to give up is TV but this shouldn't be a problem at all because of the Magnificent landscapes lying ahead of you the Caledonian canal was built in the 19th century to make the distance between the North Sea and the Atlantic shorter but the aim of the majority of today's travelers isn't to get from place a to be as fast as possible quite to the contrary the stop isn't regarded as an interruption of the voyage but an opportunity to learn something from other holiday captains an absolute highlight of the voyage Loch Ness it seems mysterious even without the stories and legends about Nessie the ruin of Castle okert on the shore of Loch Ness bears the scars of 200 years of fighting and siege long and narrow Loch Ness has the greatest amount of water of any of the lakes in Great Britain regarding its depth on our way from Lake to Lake we have to pass through locks again and again passing through the locks in August's fortress it's a fascinating performance for those on shore from water to the mountains Scotland shows its rough and unkind aspects in the highlands only with a four-wheel drive you can make a trip without problems to the characteristic Hills the mountain world of Scotland after lots of bouncing around when you get to the top you can enjoy a view of the countryside and if the god of the weather allows it you can delight in watching the breathtaking landscape the soft greenness of grass in the highlands doesn't spoil only the observers but it provides the best conditions for sheep grazing if this is too boring for you you can learn something from a real Highlander about items of Scottish Trace this is the the Scottish kilt there's eight metres of tartan involved in this kilt as a front apron and then there's a apron under there and it's a pleated here at the back and there's eight meters of tartan in it sometimes it's are best left of the imagination as to what's worn underneath the kilt on a windy day then a lot of people soon find out back in Inverness the capital of the highlands you can watch traces of the past of the northern highlands at the farmers market so typical for this town or in different small busy streets Inverness isn't only the capital of the Scottish Highlands is also the only town in the highlands invar means estuary in Gaelic it's a nice proud term is suspension bridges over the Ness and old stone buildings in Elgin on the east Scottish coast you can reveal the secret of Scottish kilts not what is worn under them but how they are produced in the johnstons factory for woolen fabric which has more than 200 years of tradition you can tour the precincts and watch how wool or Scottish skirts are produced Lancel and kashmir after scaling which is washing the fibers are then processed through the carding machine where the fibers are separate and underlying ready for spinning a natural oil in fat lay on the fine wool is gently removed cashmere wool made from the lowest and best layers of the coat of cashmere goats is imported to Johnson's from Mongolia China Iran and Afghanistan sheep will is of course provided by the population of local sheep after spinning the yarns are prepared and numerous formations in preparation for the weaving of the scarves travel routes and at Johnstone's the Scottish tartan also gets new fashionable colors after weaving the scarves travel blankets and fabrics are finished and here in the shop you see our finished products for sale whether checked with small or large squares a classical present from your trip to Scotland is a garment with a traditional Scottish pattern a walk in the park behind the corner has something from a trip to the highlands Scotland is known for its quick and unpredictable changes in weather but the changes are also quick when the weather is bad as soon as the Sun shines through the clouds the rain is quickly forgotten and even when it's cloudy the coast of the fite Peninsula has a unique ruff charm lonely walks on the beach with the sound of waves breaking on the shore and the shrieking of girls in the background this kind of relaxation of body and soul takes place on the coast north of Edinburgh you the Fife Peninsula is very diverse small partly dreamy and partly busy fishing villages lie on the coast like pearls on a string the largest settlement is an stuffer from where there is a marvelous view of the Isle of Mae st. Andrews the mecca for golf players in Scotland the Royal and Ancient Golf Club founded in 1754 is respected in everything that is connected to the rules and history of this sport the most famous of all the 430 golf courses in Scotland lies here right by the sea something special for those who don't live by the coast our hovercrafts which you can observe landing on the beaches of st. andrews but landing might not be the right word to describe the majestic process when the vehicles draw nearer and nearer the coast and then slowly continue on to the beach when the air is let out the vehicle drops at least a meter down so that the passengers can get out comfortably to tour Sint Andrews for this place is worth visiting not only because of its golf courses st. Andrews was the seat of the most powerful bishop in Scotland from the 10th century the ruin of what used to be the largest Cathedral in the country mediates the beauty of the Middle Ages even to the present day the little that is left reveals the magnificence of the building walking on the beach the history of Scotland can be recalled and you can also regain energy for other tours from Castle to Castle that's how also you can travel through Scotland Corder Castle found its way into literary history Shakespeare made it immortal in his play about the Scottish King Macbeth who killed the ruler Duncan in 1040 and then ruled himself for seventeen years bringing relative wealth to Scotland tourists can feel like lords or ladies of the castle from May to October the present Lord spends the rest of the year here personally it doesn't matter where in Scotland you are but sooner or later more castles emerge creating an image like something from dramatic films these stone witnesses of time have a special atmosphere in a slight drizzle and are one of the most fascinating impressions of Scotland goats and sheep simply belonged to the Scottish countryside on lonely roads in the highlands the animals are equal participants in the traffic and they peacefully go wherever they want you you cannot think about the highlands without cattle either it seems as if these noble animals possess the Scottish national character they watch visitors indifferently and they don't let anything disturb them at least it seems so the animals are part of the Scottish landscape strengthening the impression of virgin countryside in the visitor and when the fog spreads over the highlands even nervous inhabitants of cities turning to calm romantics Scottish nature is good for relaxation the fastest way to see Scotland is to travel by plane our plane is getting closer to the island of inle and on your way you can admire the beautiful landscape from above here in the southwest the history of the United Scottish realm started in the year 843 when the Scottish King Kenneth MacAlpin defeated the Picts the United both regions and gave Scotland its name in lay a secret Queen was up to the end of the 15th century the stronghold of the Ireland Lords who ruled in the west of Scotland but the rocky coast with its perfect hiding places was used by local inhabitants to make other fortresses for smuggling different kinds of remains of the old culture and history you can find in the second largest one lying still on the south coast of the island more than 200 years ago people started the secret distillation of profitable whisky using the simplest means millions of litres were produced here a year I'll a is the right place for lovers of this drink thanks to the most important and most precious thing Pete from seagrass the main difference when drying barley and malt is using the peat substance it's local fuel which has a strong smell when burning and that's what adds the unique flavor to whisky so nobody is surprised that there is an air of past smuggling adventures still hanging here Edinburgh is Scottish Glasgow cosmopolitan you soon find this out in Glasgow in the largest city in Scotland you rarely see pipers and kilts on George Square there is an impressive Town Hall the city chambers attracting your attention it was built at the end of the 19th century copying Roman and Venetian models and pigeons on the square make this impression even stronger guys go the city of architecture and design during 1999 most some of its architectural jewels to Charles McIntosh who with his Glasgow School of Art laid the foundations to Glasgow style Art Nouveau but even in the most modern streets you can notice a bit of traditional Scotland in this metropolis of 700,000 inhabitants it doesn't go completely without a kilt in Glasgow you you can Street is the nicest shopping street in Glasgow here you can buy almost anything those who are interested in fashion or a bargain will enjoy this pedestrian zone what people get here can be transported in the strangest boxes souvenir lovers will like it here too because of the tea and biscuits you a different programming Glasgow the oldest building in town the Cathedral Church of Mungo radiates peace and dignity which makes you forget that you are in the largest and busiest city in Scotland the Gothic cathedral from the 13th century is the most important Scottish Church of that period on the hill behind the church there is the necropolis modelled according to a cemetery in Paris a bit of Venice in the middle of Glasgow perhaps to get some southern atmosphere to Glasgow even on Scottish rainy days an industrialists had his factory built as a copy of the Doge's Palace a nice piece of eccentricity in a Scottish way the another eccentric Scot had a bit of Italy brought to his country there is a special building McCaig tower on a hill above the port in the coastal town of Oban if it reminds you of the Colosseum in Rome you would be right however love of the local banker in Italy was larger than his bank account the building wasn't finished due to lack of money one of the popular activities for tourists in Auburn is to board old small fishing boats and have themselves transported several miles from the shore accompanied by roaring motors the aim of these stomach-churning adventures are earless seals which have their home on the small island of Auburn these animals are used to on lookers and it even seems as if they are enjoying the attention that is given to them and when it's all too much a seal simply dives you can enjoy many culinary pleasures typical of this country or set off to find Nessie the shy inhabitant at the bottom of Loch Ness or walk in the footprints of history and art all this is possible in Scotland cordial hospitality live traditions that Scotland where else could you let your soul roam and then find yourself again you

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  1. my boyfriend lives here , and I watch this to see what to look forward to when we meet up for the first time  in Scotland!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am going this summer but dang, it's so dreary! I'll have to view it as part of the charm but I am sure a spoiled Californian. Beautiful place

  3. welcome to Scotland, dont mind the used needles from junkie pricks. Jellys available on every street corner, enjoy your stay 😛

  4. Hello! If you,re like me, than you'll agree that the Scottish never got a real shot at Empire. That's why, for a limited time, we're offering a 6 month free trial of being a state in our union. Offer includes being a part of the greatest military on earth, representatives in Washington as well as a vote for president, and Midwest bitches!
    So don't miss out try our free trial today!
    (Offer invalid if part of the European union, Soviet union, or any other communist regime.)

  5. no Faslane, Grangemouth, Dounreay, etc. It's the Forth Bridge, no rail in it.

    'Mary's premature death'!!?? you mean she was mudered by the English Queen.

  6. during infiltrators freedom fighting the life of key guard and the people at work as government locally changed with the rivals choice giving a short relief followed by accounts of betrayal

  7. It occurs to me now. Red hair is Frisian MacNaughton. There is no such thing as Belgium, except pre-nations. Scotland gene-pool has no connection to the Divine Royal castle there. This means the standard issue there of m/f R1b and yuca-Spain and copper-pygs have zero "Scottish", which means they are identical to "Belgium". What?! Scotland is Belgium? This is what is meant by "Celtic". There is no such thing as Belgium, and Scottish is Belgium, which means Celtic …and Belgium is the neighbor of Frisian MacNaughton. After Nord-Freeze, MacNaughton becomes Scottish King James. Probably not Scottish, but located where Belgium is, or else this is when Belgium village Kingdom relocated to Scotland. Any admix MacNaughton King James produced in the way of daughters, is the entirety of Scotland's gene-pool connection to "red-hair" vibration-genetic, which was almost certainly minimal to none showing the color red, and in modern times, zero showing red, however detectable by vibration and character.

  8. One of the places which i like most. Beautiful landscapes, history and gothic culture makes this place wonderful

  9. Please tell me who the man in the video with 12:36 minutes.
    I'm looking for relatives in Scotland. He is very similar.

  10. If Hitlery Clinton wins the next US election I'm moving to Scotland. I hope the locals will welcome me. I have a lot of respect for the country and its history.

  11. scotland is not a sovereignn nation,. Its not a national state by UN definition. 
    it's an english colony, same as northen ireland and wales.

  12. Great sight seeing of Scotland and its environs

    Salutations to the team and thanks

    God bless

    Kasturi G


    Μεγάλα καζάνια, εργάτες με φόρμες, σκοτσέζικοι ιδιωματισμοί (γκιβ μ' ε μποτλ), η γκάιντα, το κιλτ, οι φαλακροί λόφοι, οι σιωπηλές λίμνες στολισμένες με λειχήνα και πέτρα γκριζόμαυρη, Γλάσκοου, οίκοι ιδρυθέντες, χρωματιστά μάλλινα υφάσματα, κοκκινομάλλες γυναίκες με πανάδες, χοροί παλικαρίστικοι (τα χαστούκια βροχή), καλοί άνθρωποι, τα μεγάλα μυτερά πυργάκια στο Έντιμπουργκ κι ένα παλιό μίσος για τους νοτιότερους Εγγλέζους, που γίνανε το ένα με τούτον τον περήφανο λαό ( ίδε ιστορίες της Μαίρης Στιούαρτ και της κόρης του Ερρίκου και κληρονόμου της Καθολικής Μαρίας Τυντόρ). ".
    (Σελίδα 37 από την " Όμορφη Θεσσαλονίκη" του Νίκου Τσιφόρου, εκδοτική Ερμής ε.π.ε.
    2009 για αυτή την έκδοση δημοσιογραφικός οργανισμός Λαμπράκη α.ε.).

  14. Im so excited about europe's future! They ruled the whole world and today are almost beggars. They looted the asian countries and now we are your daddies! Time is not far when we'll see you as 3rd class citizens living in poverty and dirt! After all everybody has to pay back for their sins. 🙂

  15. One day, I am returning to this beautiful country. Never felt more at home, not even in my own country. Scotland is so beautiful and amazing you just have to visit, but be warned you will never want to return home.

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