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Travel Safety Tips From Josh Gates – Travel Channel

Travel Safety Tips From Josh Gates – Travel Channel

JOSH GATES: I’m Josh Gates. Here are my tips for
surviving your next adventure. We’re very far from a hospital,
so got to be very, very careful going through here. Number four, research. Understand where you’re going
and identify potential danger. You found a mine? Yeah. Number three, don’t go alone. [bleep] You OK? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Travel with a friend or a guide. Even routine adventures
can get hairy when you don’t have any support. Yeah! Whoa! Number two, be aware. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Always know how to get yourself
out of unexpected predicaments. Hang on. Hang on! And number one,
you can’t control everything when it comes to
being safe, so basics matter. Wash your hands
often, and get rest. Can’t wait to sleep
out here tonight. Take care of your body and
it will take care of you. I’m Josh Gates. Be safe on your next adventure.

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  1. Great tips! I think for us the limit to our current risk is ensuring we have sun cream 😅 perhaps this risk level will change in the future

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