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Travel Insurance – Vacation Impossible Podcast

Travel Insurance – Vacation Impossible Podcast

She actually contacted me recently to
ask about from a Canadian experience can you recommend a good website or company
for annual trip multi-location travel insurance she was unable to find
anything. Travel insurance is interesting I wanna break it into two
categories there’s medical insurance and then there’s sort of like trip
interruption insurance the medical and sometimes they’re bundled together but
sometimes they’re not and so you want to be careful that you’re you know what
you’re buying if you’re only getting trip interruption and you’re expecting
extended medical and it’s not there that could be a problem so I used to book my
medical coverage when I didn’t have any third-party coverage in Canada I would
book it through my bank and so you know for like a two-week trip it’d be less
than $20 and if you were traveling multiple times over a period there were
economies of scale where you know you could get like a half year a full year
you know at a at a reduced rate so if you have nothing and you need medical
and just medical only contact your bank and you see what their their prices are
but that’s where I would begin my search the other half of this that I want to
address is the sort of the trip cancellation trip interruption insurance
I’ve never bought this in my life and so take my voice as one of many I’m not
necessarily telling you what’s right or wrong but in my experience of I think
fairly extensive travel there’s only one time that I kind of wish I had it and
that was our second cruise we were flying to Miami to sail on the breeze
and we were supposed to be taking a connection in Chicago Sam had gone on
ahead so he made it just ahead of the snowstorm that came in but then it shut
down O’Hare and so our flight was delayed by over 12 hours so it was
supposed to be leave in the morning land in time for dinner
ended up being an overnight and so we landed in the morning we had a Hilton
property might even Hampton Inn I’m not sure this would have been late 2013 and
so they were not able to refund it because because of the conditions of the
price with which I pay it was a prepaid non-refundable thing that is the only
time in all of my years of experience that I was out any amount of money
because of this sort of stuff generally speaking when something goes wrong the
companies that you’ve booked with if they
have any conception of customer service they’re gonna do something to make it
right one way or another I mean you’ve seen various videos and we’ve talked
about things on the podcast before when we had the spa problem with Carnival
they ended up making it right eventually after we got on land when we had the ant
infestation at Tampa at the Hampton Inn Airport East I think it was you know
initially the experience wasn’t great they made it right later
the two or three cruises we’ve been on that have been diverted because I think
three or four actually because of like weather high wind hurricane whatever it
was they always made it right they took us somewhere else we got a discount on
the next thing we have had flights interrupted a couple of times we were
stuck one time in Minneapolis st. Paul with an airline that’s actually defunct
now and after some serious complaining they eventually made it right they you
know we got a free hotel night when there was a storm that again we were on
the Paradise Mike and I coming back from Tampa there had been a storm
that had interrupted flights again up through passing through Chicago that you
know they ended up we got the discounted hotel at cost and then they you know
rebooked our flights for us at no cost so generally speaking if you have an open
mind about your travel experience and you’re flexible then I personally have
rarely saw the need and to think about it this way
I was out one hotel booking in my entire life to date if I had paid for trip
insurance every single one of those times I would still be down I think so I
think I have come out ahead of the game it is a risk I admit but I think by and
large if you know how to complain and you deal with reliable trustworthy
companies like Hilton and Carnival who it’s not always perfect but when it goes
wrong they make it right then you can you can travel with some degree of
confidence so that’s just my personal perspective take it as you will but
that’s that’s just sort of how I roll thanks for watching if you could give us
a like and a subscribe down below that would be fantastic

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