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Travel in the sound. HIMALAYAS.

Travel in the sound. HIMALAYAS.

Why are you here? What do you see? What’s on your mind? Where are you going? What is it for? Stop! In childhood, we ask a lot of questions to learn this world. Years later, these questions increasingly become unanswered, gradually becoming more and more deeply entangled in the labyrinth of contradictions. We begin to stumble over own thoughts… And then I had stopped… and listened. One clap and everything exists. Exists in the explosion. In this orderly chaos of the universe. We are this explosion. Energy, that emerges in various forms which creating a single breathing organism. Vibration. The rhythm of the whole universe… Birth and decay. Day and night. Breathing, heartbeat. Man and woman. Bad and good. Fall, inspiration. Hate. Love. The music of eternity. Listen to this music. Travel in it. Enjoy it. Stop looking for answers. Don’t try to live. Be the life.

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  1. Сильно! Голос не узнал, думал кто то..
    но звучишь хорошо, после первой фразы привык)

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