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Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 5: Monterey Peninsula CC with Alan Shipnuck

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 5: Monterey Peninsula CC with Alan Shipnuck

White's baby! All white shoes, white pants, and the white bag Like that. In the mud, in the wet, in the rain. What color boxers you got? Well, we'll find out here shortly How many times can you get this up and down out of ten? I'm gonna go with a one Oh my goodness, great shot! Very tight, tight, tight piece of property. We're making it work. Am I nervous about Icarido driving an RV? – yeah, I am. That's a pretty good start No Laying Up was here We're making it work Today was a great day. Lovely breakfast in Carmel Skinny boy. Welcome to Carmel. Thank You. Slender-man gets through. I got the Lance Barrow Omelette. Now, it's down to me? Oh boy Got to see Monterey Peninsula, but the highlight of my day, maybe the highlight of my trip so far was being able to play with Alan Shipnuck. Who has long been somebody I admire, huge fan of his work, one of my favorite authors. Yeah It was like a hotel on wheels until the sides started acting up. My foot just starts sliding, sliding, sliding. We'll monitor the situation. How would you sum up golf on the Monterey Peninsula for someone who's never seen it? Well, you know, I was Robert Louis Stevenson, who said this is the greatest meeting of land and sea, you know, The courses are so beautiful, it sucks that It's not as accessible as Scotland or Ireland people love their golf here there's great tradition obviously with clambake, with the US Open, the US Amateur so it's a serious golf community and some serious golf courses too. Currently tee 15 at the Pebble Beach pro-am. AT&T Pebble Beach pray? Yeah, that one. Well, how you like playing here? Oh, it's good I'm loving the the scenes at Pebble and the 70-mile stretch is pretty awesome. We're going to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club, which of course is one of the host venues of the entire Crosby clambake that's on the short course We're gonna play the dunes, which dates to 1925. The plans were drawn up by Seth Raynor Who promptly died before construction began. Robert Hunter, and Alister Mackenzie were hanging out Just waiting for enough members to join Cypress Pointe Club so they could fund that project. So in the interim, they built the dunes Mostly Hunter, but of course the members like to say it was Mackenzie. The course was nice tough test But didn't drain at all. They brought in Rees Jones in the late 90s to do some work His solution was to build the greens up super high Was not a popular remodel and so 2016 it reopened. It was a Tom Fazio project, but The Faz was candid that he was not going to make too many site visits. So Did this unique kind of partnership with a couple of us old lieutenants, Tim Jackson and David Kahn? Who were in the dirt every day, and did such a bang-up job, they actually were given co-credit for the redesigns, so it's a Raynor McKenzie Hunter Jones Fazio Jackson Kahn golf course, but amazingly it's awesome. And it's, you know, somewhat coherent as a design They're gonna start playing the Crosby Clambake there every other year alternating between The Dunes, and The Shore Probably next year will be the debut of The Dunes and the world will see. It's a great test It's harder than The Shore might be the second hardest golf course on the peninsula behind Spyglass So it's probably eat our lunch. How's the weather looking? Do you think we're gonna get to play golf today? I don't know I think the farther up the coast we get, the s******r it seems to be getting so We'll see. Alright, fingers crossed Are we gonna get rained on today? Hell yeah We're gonna get killed. So basically we just heard on TV they're about ready to pull the players off the course Which means it's time for us to go on the course. Time to mark my ball for the day. We'll see who the real men are. We're going out, they're coming in. I think that says it all Bing Crosby started his little clambake down in in Southern, California. When the tournament up here in '47 it was Pebble Beach, Cypress Point and the old Dunes course, and the Shore was a pinch-hitter a few times in like 60s, but eventually Spyglass Hill Bumped out MPCC, and so for 30 years it was Pebble, Spyglass and Cyprus. Then Shoal Creek happened, and that controversy Cypress Point had to go away sadly Replaced by Poppy Hills also known as sloppy poppy. That was not a popular Substitution, but so be it After the Shore course was redone at the turn of the century by Mike Strantz, unsung genius It reentered the road in 2010, and that's how it stays Today. What kind of players play well here? Like, like players like me. I'm kidding Phil Mickelson, I mean obviously Did you watch that three wood he hit out of the trees? I mean God. You just gotta hit it straight, keep it in play, really small targets I mean Monterey is the easiest, but Pebble has tiny greens, and Spyglass has big greens But but small targets so you just gotta be a good ball striker, and roll with the punches a bit on the greens Cause they're a little untrustworthy You know the first 11 holes were really tough, and really wet We got Neil up there somewhere No way I'd love to find a hole in one here. That'd be really fun! Do it. How we holding up? In the words of Tiger, conditions were tough. Couldn't make any putts. I'm trying to figure out which one of my layers is wet Yeah, I know. Definitely five, probably four, and maybe three I Don't have any layer here. So like, it's just Like it's not good. It's not visor weather. Tried to slam dunk it because I had a little river in front of the pin So automatic two putt, we like that. Ah, I love golf, don't get me wrong, but this might be, we're on the edge We're on the edge. We might have lost it Well, remember how I had trouble kind of gripping the club in perfect sunshine in Orlando Yeah today was a bit of an issue god that course was incredible. It was so much fun I just wish I could like feel like I actually got to navigate around some of those greens and whatnot We got we got dumped on pretty good. It's a must make to tie, a lot of bets on the line I'm gonna try to throw it just right of the pin into that River, and then see if that current will bring it in. Oh my god No. Take it. Take it, go! You haveing fun? Yeah. We are here on the 10th tee at the Dunes course, immediately to My left is Spanish Bay could be an amazing course, it's not it has potential there's talk of blowing it up and starting over which every golfer in the world desperately hopes for That out there is the point, where we're gonna play the 14th hole over the ocean which you've probably seen on Twitter Around the bend you get to the Shore course, which is a tournament Venue which you can't quite see if you just go a little farther you get a little taste of Spyglass Hill, and then of course Augusta, no oh Cyprus Point a lot of golf right here Mr. Pie man just drained what a 30 footer? Just another 30 footer, comfy par for me, comfy par 11 holes was enough for us. We stopped We had a nice bowl of chili, a little time in the halfway house. In the truest sense of both words It was the very best of golf, and the very worst of golf I think that's that's fair. No like no hyperbole either. Oh, yeah. What do you think of the boys quitting after 12 holes. Yeah, they're missing the best part It's barely raining anymore. I can't feel my hands, but. I've never been wet, cold. It's gonna take an act of God to get me back out on that course The weather moved out, the Sun came out, and it was like the best you know Seven holes of the trip so far almost. We are on the 14th hole nearest drop spot is Honolulu, iconic par-3 full-blooded carry over Craggy coasts Sun is dappling on the horizon, it's pretty pure Got six. Smooth six or big six? Smooth, we got wind behind us Get some, work I didn't see it Shipnuck's gonna play it here Do it! That's it! We're not getting anything better than that today Not too bad, some scratches. Not too bad. I thought the Dunes course was like the second course at Monterey Peninsula, I thought it'd be like, okay I was I was blown away. I thought was awesome. You get out here on this part of the property, it's like another world over here If you keep following, go down the coastline DJ That point way off in the distance that is the 16th green site at Cypress Point Tough with the glare, but you look a little to the left You can see the first fairways, you can see the 14th fairway. So that's our little sniff of CPC. Oh God he is back Nine or a Gankus wedge? That was very Gankus. Geez. You might have too much speed. As winners of the qualifying we are going to take advantage of our trip to the refuge. The two leaders of the tilt, the qualifying get to go to the refuge. It's a hot and cold tub spa in Carmel We're following through on our end of the bet very quickly. Let's just note Four and five have not blocked a punt. We have seen nobody jump in the ocean yet But for anyone who's ever been curious on why our message board is called the refuge There you go. Everything's gonna come full circle. Big news. We thought it was called the Refuge. It's just called Refuge We need to take refuge right now This is where the footage ends. This is it. Gosh, we'll let you guys know, see you on the other side Ok, the no talking policy starts right now. All right, so the refuge closes at 10:00, it's what time? 10:02, we maxed it out I can't talk, my jaw is like droopy Open, sagging like old man balls right now. As someone who very rarely feels awesome I feel awesome. That's quite a compliment. Let's go home. So while we stay in the RV We set up our humble editor in here. How's the process looking in here? A lot of golf clubs in here man. Commandeered the air vents for gloves to be dried out. So anyone who's curious who edits the videos That handsome devil right there. It's not this guy, I'll tell you that. Big match tomorrow 4 vs. 5 Kane vs. Abel. Who's who? Did we decide that? I feel like I'm probably Cane, i'm the bad guy Who's the bad guy? God doesn't like my offering Well, Shawn Carter's not gonna either. The franchise might be more like Jacob than he is like Adam man. Man, I hit good wedges today I drove the ball well, I think I'm gonna beat the shit out of him tomorrow. If I find the fairway, then I'm dangerous But it's really that simple. Like I just gotta find the fairway. Like my game is probably the worst shape It's been in a year, but I'm ready to go to rock Lead off match. It's the brother Schuster. Well, I'm playing for my mom. I'm playing for our mom You gonna have that sitting in your belly all day Feel good? Yeah, play my game that's all I can do We like that! Let's go! It's match play too, so I know I can get in his head I've been getting his head since he was born. My course management's probably a little bit better than him. I got to stay disciplined I'm trying to build him up a little bit so that he falls that much harder. This is like the play-in game Is the bulletin board material we were looking for. Thank You. Mr. Carter and goodnight. Pleasure

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