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Tourism in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Tourism in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Peterborough Economic Devleopment Success Redefined: Tourism In Peterborough & the Kawarthas Peterborough & the Kawarthas sees: 3+ Million visitors annulally These visitors spend $3.2 Million in the local economy That spending results in more than 2500 tourism sector jobs Stillwater on the Lake has been open for about
two and a half years. The concept was to raise the bar on bed and
breakfast. We wanted people to be able to come to Peterborough,
have a getaway on a lake but have all the luxuries of a 5-star resort. People really appreciate being able to get
out of the city. They appreciate being able to come somewhere
where the air is fresh, where they can just relax and unwind and appreciate nature. Wild Rock Outfitters is a successful retail
store where we sell outdoor goods for anything that is non-motorized. So that is kayaking, canoeing, camping, hiking,
cross country skiing & cycling. We now have a fully licensed travel agency
through the store and we’re expanding by doing tours and trips. 25 years ago Keiran and I moved from Ottawa
to Peterborough to open Wild Rock Outfitters. We moved here because there was demand. We moved here because it was a beautiful geography
to not only live in but to work in. We first opened in a small 900 square foot
store in downtown Peterborough. We quickly in the first couple of years outgrew
that and grew to an 1800 foot. And then we decided to invest in long-term
so we bought a 16,000 square foot building in downtown Peterborough. Best move we’ve ever made and it’s minutes
out of town to go have fun on the lakes, rivers, streams and trails. The Canadian Canoe Museum is a hands-on experiential
museum. It’s quite different than most of the museums
that you’ll encounter anywhere else. We are the World’s largest collection of canoes,
kayaks, and paddled watercraft. Historically Peterborough was the epicentre
of canoe manufacturing worldwide. We had close to ten different manufacturing
industries in the area; from Lakefield all the way down to Rice Lake. Peterborough and the Kawarthas is one of the
nicest areas to visit. Peterborough is growing. The area is growing. There’s art galleries, there’s restaurants,
there’s music venues. There’s a great scene for everything. I love food but Iove bicycles equally. The pedaler part of my name is because I’m
an avid cyclist and we partner with my friend Eric. Having Eric here with his Frog Cycles and
our pastry cafe; it’s a benefit to having the two of us together in this little kind
of gem. And I think we’re creating something special
with the two of us being here. There’s no need to be driving for hours to
escape the city. We are surrounded by lakes, rivers, paths,
and some of the best cycling routes in this section of the country. Peterborough and the Kawartha’s Tourism’s
been an excellent partner for us for developing the next phase of our business which is our
travel. They’ve been excellent in promoting our trips
that we offer in the Peterborough area to cyclists that we hope to get from the Greater
Toronto area and all over Ontario and Canada. It’s been really very beneficial to us to
work with Peterborough and the Kawartha’s Tourism. I find that if I ever have a question about
the area, something that I’m not familiar with, I just pick up the phone and I call
them and they research it for me and they get me the information I need for my clients
on the spot. So it’s been wonderful. By partnering with Peterborough and the Kawartha’s
Tourism and ultimately Peterborough Economic Development, we’ve been able to reach some
markets that we wouldn’t normally have. There’s great partnership opportunities. We’ve got Trent University and we’ve got Fleming
College and we can draw students from the Museum Management Program at Fleming as well
as from Trent University in terms of student employment and that expertise as well in the
faculty. Peterborough and the Kawartha’s I think is
really Ontario’s best kept secret.

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  1. I LOVE this video. Very well-produced. Guessing shot by Hurcomb. Beautiful footage. The only thing that confused me (and I'm not trolling here!!!… trying to understand), is the figures provided at the beginning: 3+ million visitors annually that result in $3.2 million in spending. If those numbers are accurate, each visitor spends (on average) approx. $1.00. Each visitor/trip to our region represents one loonie? That is on average how much they spend? I just think that metric seems odd (my ignorance). TIAC (2011): "The average spending by all international overnight visitors to Canada (i.e., $756/visitor) reflects the long haul nature of travel to Canada and the length of trip." So, I get that we have a ton of day-trippers/regional visitors (even commuters). But even a coffee downtown is now $2.50 (shout out to Black Honey!). So, I just don't get how anyone can manage to visit PTBO with a budget of one loonie. Obviously, I'm missing something. Regardless, awesome job on the video!

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