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Top Disembarkation Tips For Cruise Ship Vacationers 1st Timer to Veteran Cruiser The Cruise is Over!

Top Disembarkation Tips For Cruise Ship Vacationers 1st Timer to Veteran Cruiser The Cruise is Over!

here with traveling with Bruce hi you
doin today welcome to my video today’s video is called top tip for cruise ship
vacationers everything you need to know whether you’re a first timer or a
veteran what you really want to know is well after the cruise is over these are
the memories you want to be taking with you
memories of views like this from the deck of your cruise ship whether you’ve
been in the Caribbean or in Europe or Alaska you want these memories to last a
lifetime and I have some videos with photos here some of my cruises over the
years and they were great but I can tell you right now if you don’t plan it right
you could have yourself a bit of a problem when you’re down here to
Caribbean bring some sunscreen and bring a hat or – don’t forget your bathing
trunks all the obvious stuff you’re gonna be in a Sun an awful lot and it’s
going to be glorious but when the cruise is over you’ve got to be ready for this
embarkation whether you’ve been on a ship like this the Oasis of the Seas or
whether you’ve been down in st. Thomas looking at this gorgeous area here as a
zoom in over the airport and hand over the harbor where the cruise ships are
once this is over you got to go home and the first thing you got to remember is
the cruise line sold you a bill of goods you remember those brochures about how
nice and beautiful your rooms look like this or your room looked like this well
that’s not what your room looks like on the last day of your cruise your room is
gonna look like this you’ve got a pack and get out the scramble is on grab the
suitcases and put it all away you bought stuff while you were on your trip you
know you did and now you’re stuffing it into this luggage oh the poor luggage
how are you gonna do it after you pack it up guess what the luggage goes into
the hallway and the porters get ready in the evening to take it downstairs and
pack it up on those racks with all the other baggage from everybody else
especially if you’re on a ship with 5,000 other passengers this is what your
luggage is going to be looking like with everyone else’s and then it goes from
here to the pier and then into the customs area and you’ll check and find
your bag a little bit later in this mess right here but
you don’t have a carry-on and you forgot to pack clothing for your trip home and
you’re in your PJs you might be leaving the ship look like this guy and you
don’t want to be doing this this is going to be highly inconvenient make
sure you pack clothing for your trip home tomorrow
check your vault in your room make sure it’s empty don’t leave any valuables
behind they’re yours take them with you another thing to remember is when you’re
getting ready to leave take these with you your room key cards they make a
great souvenir but if you’ve forgotten something in your room you can get back
in there and take one last peek don’t leave them in the room and slam the door
behind them another thing if you’re gonna take those bathrobes which by the
way they are a lot looser on the first day of the cruise narrow bit tighter at
the end of the cruise have you noticed that you want to take these things home
you’re gonna pay for they’re gonna charge ya uh if you tell them you’re
taking them they’ll they’ll be happy to charge you but if you sneak them out
don’t worry they’re just gonna charge your form so don’t be doing that on the
morning of disembarkation yet a nice breakfast get up in nice and early head
out either have it filter to your room go to the dining room go to the buffet
and have a nice meal because if you’re traveling on this day you might not be
able to get a meal for three or four or five hours after you get off the ship
and get onto a plane who knows check your room belt they’re gonna send that
to you in the evening before you get off the ship make sure everything on there
is correct if not head downstairs and check it out with the hotel staff
downstairs also the photo area you may want to get your photos the day before
not on the last day the day before because it’s gonna be a bit of a zoo
down there and you don’t want to be in the middle of all that if you’re leaving
the ship with your own luggage make sure you’re not taking too much if you can’t
caught like this guy you’re gonna have a problem getting around maybe it’s best
to you know catch the luggage downstairs and have a skycap help you over that
might be a bit much you want to go home with these kinds of memories of your
trip the great time you had the beautiful views you’ve had the sights
that you’ve seen that you’ve never seen before or haven’t seen in a while and
are gonna see again you this is what you want to remember a cruise for don’t get
caught in your PJs too don’t be doing that guy nice stuff
remember the crews for what it was it was a time to relax and enjoy the
amenities that they offer you hung out at the spa you know hung out on your
balcony and you watch the sea go by hour after hour and you read some books you
ate too much but it was good wasn’t it you drank too much but it was good
wasn’t it and you had a wonderful time wasn’t a family reunion maybe it was
maybe it was just a – you’re getting away for a little holiday but here’s the
sunset that I tried to capture an old boy you want to try and capture a
capture a sunset on a moving cruise ship Oh unless you have a tripod it’s kind of
tough and Here I am holding my brand-new camera with this high-end zoom lens
desperately trying to catch the sunset as the Sun is disappearing here in the
Pacific Ocean I’m on a Mexican cruise here and the Sun is going down an awful
fast and I can’t make it do it again and when he does it once every day and you
got to catch it so I’m zooming in I’m watching it it’s disappearing the sliver
is almost gone the Sun is almost done here it goes here it goes hang on Bruce
don’t feet too shaky on the camera try and get the shot try and get the shot
hang on for God’s sake oh and don’t forget about your luggage store and
don’t be wearing PJs getting off the ship don’t be doing any of that there
goes the Sun it’s gone it’s all over but the crying cuz the
next morning you’re getting off that boat and you got to go back home to well
where the relatives are this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce thanks for
joining me today we’ll talk to you soon goodbye everybody

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