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Top 17 Things to do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Top 17 Things to do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

and today I’m in Rotterdam and I’m going to be showing you all the things you can do in this awesome city if you’re new to
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notifications and you get more videos like these Welcome to Market Hall. Behind me is the words of largest painting it covers 11,000 square meters and it is known as
the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam but it’s not just a marketplace it’s also a place
of residence there had 228 departments that all have windows that look down
into the market hall where there are 98 feet just in the microphone I’ve got my first
freshly made through it bathroom awesome well this is where it all began
right outside the market hall in Rotterdam is where people first started
to settle by the river Rother but unfortunately that river it flooded
the whole area and the Dale had to flee and it wasn’t into 1272 that they all
came back and what did they do well they built a dam and by the 14th century they
called the city Russia then today you can see where the river Rother used to
flow through it’s actually month now by grey bricks on the pavement if I was to
sum up Rotterdam in one word it would be architecture and my favorite example of
this in the city of Rotterdam are these cute houses now these were designed by
paint long he was a Dutch architect now these were his answer to building
housing over a pedestrian bridge in the 1970s anyhow affectionately designed to look
like an abstract art and they till city in such a way that they give perfect
visibility over the surrounding area but there is just one design and that is the
interior actually if you like you can actually go in all over this area we’ve
got quite by people on the architect and this one translates to a house is like
well love is the roof of the city beautiful building behind me is coded a
big face and it was built in 1898 and it’s one of the rare examples of one of
the buildings that have survived the Blitz of World War two
it used to be Europe’s tallest building it’s got 10 floors and from the rooftop
terrace to get an awesome views over the city talk about a museum with a difference
the Maritime Museum here in Rotterdam gives you access not only to its very
interactive museum but also to the boats that are moored here that are over
hundred years old these used to be used in the Rotterdam port and instead of
taking them to the shipping yard they’ve brought them here and you can visit them
as part of your entry ticket can you believe that I’m standing on the world’s
first crowdfunded reach it’s bright yellow and if you donated 25 euros you
could have had your name engraved on one of the wooden panels all in all eight
thousand people put their names down to be part of this crowdfunding project and
in the end these City Council’s donated the rest of the money to help build a
bridge I’m currently in the courtyard here of
the stud host or the town hall which was built in 1940 and completed in 1920 and
it’s one of those buildings that almost escaped any damage during the Second
World War it’s built in the Dutch renascent style
and you can visit the courtyard where I am now and also the interior hall and if
you want to see more of the rooms in the Town Hall you can take a private when
you arrive in Rotterdam you’ll arrive at the Central Station here behind me you
can see it’s unique roof which points to the city center this station is special
for many reasons and one of them is for 3,000 solar panels that sit on the roof
they power all the lights that lifts and elevators in the station and one that
creates too much power they just sell it to the National Grid so what about all
these cyclists here in Rotterdam well they’ve got 5000 bike parking spaces
just below the station where I’m standing now so what about the lettering
on the outside of the station well that’s the original lettering taken from
the previous station that stood B in 1957 when they took the letters down to
the previous station and they had them in store eat while the new station was
being built 60 the letters mysteriously disappeared a strange thing to steal but
anyway they decided they were going to keep the same typeface the same style
and coloring they recruited them and that’s what you see down the front of
the station so one other interesting thing about the station is that
the only station in the Netherlands not to see the name of the city on the
station itself from the outside there just a Central Station it doesn’t say
Rotterdam Central Station and the reason for this is because the local says well
if you’re in run adem you know you’re invited in behind me is the santa claus
by Paul McCarthy an American sculptor who was commissioned by the city of
Rotterdam cost the city two hundred thousand euros but when they finally
sought the statue for the sculpture they decided that they didn’t like it and it
took them another seven years to decide where to put it now the reason why they
didn’t like it was not because of religious reasons but because as the
flag center is holding a black cloak and as a local legend goes if you wanted a
sex life you have to rabbit’s foot you think should I do it all over Russia damn is awesome street
art like this one behind me and what makes this one special is that it’s
interactive you can climb the ladder and be the second person in the ladder I think I found the cutest spot in
Rotterdam it is Delft Haven and it has survived the World War two bombings and
it makes it one of the most popular areas to visit here in rotterdam hello
yo mas this is of course the euromast tower built in 1960 it was purpose-built
to give awesome views over the city of Rotterdam they’ve got two restaurants up
there it sits at 180 meters high up you can zipline and upside down the tower if
you like otherwise if you’re feeling like you want to stay over the night
well you can do that too there are two suites but you can rent out but what could be more Dutch than
windmills and they’re in 19 of these 18th century restored windmills just
outside of Rotterdam 23 kilometers on the water bus it’s a beautiful ride and
once you get out here you can walk around you can ride your bike if is even
a canal ride if you wish and you can even visit some of the windmills if
you’re interested in that too this area is called kinderdijk which translates to
children’s dike and it’s famous for having the largest cluster of windmills
in all of the Netherlands even though the real reason I came to
the Romans I’m finishing museum was to see the Tower of Bella painting it’s
actually not on exhibition at the moment it’s just come back from Japan it was on
a loan there and they’re creating a new exhibition here but I do recommend you
come to the Bowman’s museum it’s one of the most important in Europe and
certainly in Rotterdam and the Netherlands it covers it for so many
different artists here you can see Matisse Dali Kandinsky so many artists
here Rembrandt of course van Gogh Matisse the list goes on you really have
to make a trip here it all goes through from the renascence time the Middle Ages
and through to modern art as well believe it or not but this building
right behind me is a church now how did it end up looking like this well when
they were coming to redesign the new Central Station here in Rotterdam the
architects actually had big plans for it but the city of run of them they people
decided no it’s too expensive and it doesn’t represent the people that live
here so then that’s led in the architect rebuild these three buildings behind me
and also the church behind me is the beautiful building
Hotel New York now this used to be the head office but the Holland America Line
which was a passenger ship which connects to the Netherlands with America
and this was the first connection between the two continents welcome to the floating forest so why is
there a floating forest here in Russia damn well the artist George Baker wants
us to think about the relationship between the city dweller and nature and
that’s because every time a new building is built sometimes they need to cut down
trees to do so instead of just taking those trees away they’ve recycled them
they’ve given them a new purpose a new life then place them in recycled sea
boys that use fresh water inside to sustain the trees and place them here in
the harbor there are 20 trees afloat in the harbor and there is one on the
mainland well that’s it from me I hope you enjoyed this video about Rotterdam
if you have any questions leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you
in the meantime leave a nice big thumbs up if you liked the video subscribe to
my channel turn those notifications so you get more videos like these and I’ll see
you in the next video tot ziens! (Bye)

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  2. excellent!! I live there and I realize that I still have many things to do…to see things in more details!

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  4. "het Kralingse bos" is beautiful and has a great view of the skyline. Same goes for former international steam ship "SS rotterdam" which is nice to visit by watertaxi. Another great view is from the terrace of the former subtropical swimming pool "Tropicana". And last but not least "Maassilo" is one of the coolest venues in the Netherlands for concerts. So many great options in Rotterdam you keep coming back.

  5. Don't forget the Rotterdam zoo, known as Diergaarde Blijdorp. It originally opened in 1857. Diergaarde Blijdorp (Blijdorp Zoo), also named Rotterdam Zoo, is a zoo in the northwestern part of Rotterdam, one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. It is operated by the Stichting Koninklijke Rotterdamse Diergaarde (‘Royal Rotterdam Zoo Foundation’). In 2007, it celebrated its 150th anniversary. Divided into several zoogeographic regions, the 26-hectare (64.25-acre) Blijdorp Zoo boasts well over 180 species. It has a zoo shop, multiple cafes, and an information centre.

    The zoo is a member of the Dutch Zoo Federation (NVD) and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

    The Rotterdam Zoo moved to its new location in the Blijdorp district prior to the bombing of Rotterdam in World War II, which destroyed most of the city centre. The original zoo had been heavily damaged in a bombing two days prior to the Blitz, but it had not been touched by the main bombardment on May 14, 1940. Some streetnames, such as Diergaardesingel (‘Zoo Lane’), still recall the old zoo. The new zoo at Blijdorp was rebuilt slightly to the north, where it opened to the public in its current location on December 7, 1940. The new zoo was designed by Dutch architect Sybold van Ravesteyn, who designed the central railway station of Rotterdam as well. In 2001, Blijdorp became almost twice as large when it opened a new western part, which includes the Oceanium aquarium. In 2007, the zoo was declared a national monument.

  6. Thanks for a great video. One correction though: the Witte Huis (43 m) was never Europe's tallest building; think of the many church towers that are much taller and older, not to mention the Eiffel Tower which is ten years older. The Witte Huis was the tallest OFFICE building in Europe for some time.

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