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Tia-Clair Toomey : The Journey – CrossFit Games 2018

Tia-Clair Toomey : The Journey – CrossFit Games 2018

My name is Tia-Clair Toomey, we we are here in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. Shane and I, we moved to Gladstone in 2011 for his work and we’ve been here ever since So, these guys they know that I like to drink the chocolate off the top of my coffee. So they always bring out a spoon for me. It’s just a really nice place where we can come and chill out and you see like, look over in the harbour. I think it’s probably like just seeing the ocean. I feel like that’s something that is quite soothing and calming. So, especially like before training just zenning out a little bit and and kind of clearing the mind really sets you up for a really good session. None of that for me. Ocean is really peaceful. I won’t lie, if this coffee shop wasn’t here I think you’d probably say that about the environment around that. “Oh, I love the trees, just makes me zen out” “I love the car park, that just makes me just zen out”. So this morning we’re here down at Tannum, it’s about 20 minute drive south of Gladstone. We’re going to be doing some beach sprints and a little bit of shuttle work here in the sand. Then we’re going to use a couple of odd objects and dumbbells, a little D ball. Then actually carry it for a mile and just get used to, I guess, getting the heart rate up and and having to deal with odd objects as well. When it comes to the CrossFit Games, you’ve kind of got to go prepared for anything. This is different and it’s also really nice, you know, you’re you’re looking out into the ocean You’re feeling the sand in your feet and I suppose you’re kind of surrounding yourself with a different environment That’s the beauty of doing CrossFit and especially training for the CrossFit Games. I’ve always been quite competitive. Even when I was growing up. I was always quite competitive when we did tennis and and netball through school. I always wanted to not so much be the best, but just wanted to do my absolute best and the same thing with CrossFit I never actually joined CrossFit to go and win the CrossFit Games. That’s just kind of been something that has grown throughout the journey. As soon as I picked up the ball, I was thinking ‘well obviously we’ve overestimated the weight here’ and then we got we got to 400 metres I was like, ‘oh do you want to keep going? or you want to turn around here?’ And and I think Shane really wanted to turn around but his conscience just couldn’t couldn’t allow that to happen. This is when it’s in your clothes and everything. Like then Shane said to do burpees, I was like ‘Oh god’. I do like sand but just not when it gets in like my bag and everything. Like when when you run in the sand in your shoes… And then like two weeks later, you’re still getting the sand out of your shoes. It’s so frustrating. I think Gladstone itself is a really nice place. It has a lot going for it. The weather is really nice as well. It’s just a really great place for us to train. We started CrossFit in 2013 and haven’t really moved anywhere since. I typically don’t really look at the program until I actually get there and start writing it up on the white board. Just simply because, I mean I like to try and be present. As soon as my morning sessions over, I kind of just try and zone out and relax and just try and practice I guess recovering and getting the body ready for the afternoon session with whatever it may be. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. Shane was the one that introduced it to me. He was doing it himself for his rugby training and I needed to find a little bit more of a fitness program that helped with my athletics at the time. So to start off with I didn’t think that it was really something for me, as I probably had a bit more of an ego and thought that I was already quite fit. My first goal was simply just to be a part of the competition squad in CrossFit Gladstone. And he’s like Oh, that’s really cool. I don’t even know about the CrossFit Games at that point, you know, it’s just something that we’ve gone from one, you know, one goal to the next and then saying ‘oh there’s such thing as Regionals. Let’s try and make that.’ When we’ve made that and then it’s like ‘It’s the CrossFit Games. Let’s try and make that’ It’s definitely been an enjoyable journey. Like I haven’t looked back and had any regrets so far For me having Shannon as my coach is is very important. This journey started off with him encouraging me to participate in CrossFit just to improve my fitness, but it’s not just led to him also finding a new career himself. It’s also led us both to beginning a journey together that has gone well beyond our wildest dreams. I have seriously believed this from the very beginning that Shane is my secret weapon, you know? If everyone had a Shane, I’d be very scared because He is definitely that one person that’s gonna get me through the hard days and the days that I probably don’t really want to be going to the gym or our exercising. I just want to be sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix. It was not as bad as I thought it would be but, my calves definitely hurt. Fifteen minute AMRAP Very similar to last year’s Games workout. Don’t quote me, I don’t know the name of it. But we’re just do a strongman workout that they did. This should be a lot heavier. 10 to 50 kilos heavier on all the equipment than it was at The Games. Cause we want to overload. And then just create an AMRAP out of it, so we’re gonna go through some handstand walks as well. It’ll keep us busy for fifteen minutes. Excellent, I love AMRAPs! Coming out of Regionals this year, It was definitely a little bit different I suppose purely because of my placing. Last year, I really wanted to win Regionals and I came second so I guess there was a little bit of disappointment. This year my goal wasn’t really to win Regionals it was simply just to secure my spot back to the Games because well the more experience and exposure you get in competition, the more, I guess, I grow up a little bit and I realise what the bigger picture is. So, I’m in definitely a much more positive and motivated mindset going into the Games this year and I know that whatever happens I’m gonna walk away from that competition feeling very proud and honored to have been there. I’m going to be happy with what the outcome is regardless of the result. We’ve never been affiliated to any other gym but CrossFit Gladstone. We have been able to create a environment that is just really special and it’s not just us. It takes a whole community to have like special people part of it. Everyone at CrossFit Gladstone is so supportive of Shane and I, it’s like seriously our second family For Shane, he he just loves helping people. He loves being able to teach people how to move properly and you know, if if he can change one person for the better like that to him is way more than money or anything else in the world. He just absolutely loves it and for me, it’s so rewarding I think you know if I could, I would trade everything to be able to give Shane like the job that he has always dreamed for. For Shane, I know he loves helping people and that’s exactly what CrossFit is all about. It’s pretty satisfying and that gives me motivation to keep training so that he can do what he loves doing rather than having to go back and do what he was doing beforehand. So, It’s very, very special and very unique. One round to go, what does it look like inside your head In all honestly, I’m just like ‘have a little bit more rest and then you’ll be able to put a little bit more effort in and it won’t hurt as much.’ So, then I get to doing it and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah it’s hurting just as much as it was before.’ I don’t know. I really enjoy, really enjoy this and I don’t know that the reason I’m doing it is because it’s gonna make me better. I really enjoy training. Like there definitely are days that are hard and super challenging, but it’s those types of days that make me realise why I want to achieve my goals so badly. You know, I want to get fit to be a better version of myself and if I can be a better version of myself well then, I feel unstoppable. I can go out and achieve whatever I want to achieve. As much as my goal this year is obviously to win the CrossFit Games, That’s not absolutely everything. For me trainings a lot more than that, and I want to be able to inspire everyone in the world to do exactly what I’ve done. To go out after their dreams because if I have done it anyone can do it. They’ve just got to realize what they want to do and they can, you know believe in themselves that they can go out and do it themselves. So I think, training has not just made me fitter and stronger. It’s made me more confident.

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  2. Great Vid! Tia is the real deal. Super down to earth human. I trained at cf gladstone once when i was down there for work and she came over and introduced herself to me! Soo humble! Can't wait to see her standing ontop of the podium again!

  3. Love Tia's story and the fact that she's doing it with husband Shane. They make a dynamic team and hopefully she's take the top spot again this year!

  4. Best female athlete in Australia and the world in Crossfit. Good luck Tia and thanks to wodforlife for this good episode

  5. In my opinion she’s the most humble and down to earth athlete to ever win the CrossFit Games. She seems very approachable and the support her and her husband show each other is admirable. Here’s to a repeat in 2018! Cheers

  6. Tia has a great personality and super happy for her win last year. However, her fiancé seems a bit of a tool.

  7. Got tickets to the comm games weightlifting but was pissed i didnt get tickets to the super heavies. We got tickets that including the womens 58kg division. Im so glad we got those tickets, it was fantastic atmosphere and inspirational to see Tia smash it out of the park. We did go another day which was almost as good and watched the other divisions on tv but im convinced now we had the best tickets by a mile.

  8. the growth in confidence and positive mindset is going to make Tia unstobbable!!! such an amazing human, love her and shane so much

  9. Gladstone , Queensland?? Australia?? It’s like she not sure if she’s right!! More of a question den answer !

  10. God shes hot. Honestly shes the best athlete in crossfit. Great swimmer and runner and obviously weightlifter.

  11. Hahahaha tia hates sand 😂😂😂 she was even using the broom to get sand off the matt on “fittest on earth”

  12. What a great personality, such a remarkable athlete and down to earth person. Great team and yes, those two are crazy in love w/ each other…

  13. I'm with you on the sand girl… We went camping 2 months ago on a soft sand spot… Several trips later, still finding sand everywhere. Love her humility and kindness… Its refreshing, and in addition to being an incredible athlete, will be the reason I cheer for Her over other aussies.

  14. what watch is Shane wearing? you see ;ots of the games athletes wearing them.
    I am after a fit-bit like watch, and I am very visually impaired, the watch looks like it has a very big dislay – help please! Thanks

  15. Love this dynamic duo looks like tia gonna do it again such humble and down to earth couple and both fit af

  16. I don't particularly like Shane's personality but these two do seem genuine in their support and caring for each other. I could point to another couple as the opposite but Brooke's husband seems blind to it so why bother.

  17. I think it’s lovely seeing a woman do and put hard strength and highly humble to herself and to show others what you can do and to fight hell high water to do and be better..

  18. I absolutely love Tia. I love her humbleness and literal strength! She gives me hope that one day I can hit my goal weight and muscle mass! ❤️

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