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This is the Vietnam style SAUSAGE STEW, LAU! YUM!! [Battle Trip/2018.04.15]

This is the Vietnam style SAUSAGE STEW, LAU! YUM!!  [Battle Trip/2018.04.15]

So you have to take a boat there? At the end of the road is a cave. What’s interesting is that this road leads to a cave. No one would know about this place. (Today’s weather in Vietnam is as hot as summer) We’re almost there. Please hang in there. It doesn’t look like there will be a cave here. You might not think we’re near a cave but once we go up here, there will be an amazing cave. – It’s not a winery? / – I thought it was a vineyard too. It felt like going to a different world. I felt like I was in “Indiana Jones.” Can you feel the cool wind? You can feel the air conditioner breeze, right? What is this? – My goodness. / – It’s so cool. What is this? Where are we? – Amazing. / – It’s so cool. Starting from here… This is unbelievable. It suddenly dropped 5?? It must be like the ice valley in Miryang. In the cave, you’ll be surprised again. So take a flashlight. Flashlight? Follow me. Watch your head. – I really like Guide Yeom. / – Me too, I love him. Gosh, it’s big. There are lights here as well. The deeper you walk in, the nicer it becomes. It looks like a rose. This is like the movie, “Alien.” – It’s like a movie. / – It’s like the movie, “Alien.” – It looks like there could be aliens in there. / – Yeah. “Prometheus?” I felt like one could film “Star Wars” there. Here and there… It’s really pretty. – Water drops. / – There’s water. It must be really cool in there. Once you walk up the staircase, stand in the center and look up. – He even knew things like that. / – There’s something. – He’s a true guide. / – He was great. Oh, my. Check it out. It’s amazing. – Is it open? / – It looks incredible. – You can even see the sky. / – No joke. – My gosh. / – It looks so cool. – I feel like I’m in a movie. / – It’s amazing, isn’t it? This reminds me of… “The Dark Knight Rises.” – In the movie… / – The basement… Up there… Yeom Tour is really captivating. You can climb up the stairs? Gosh, this is amazing. I wonder how they built the stairs here. If you come up here… There is another space like this. It looks so amazing. There’s the bird-shaped rock. I can see it. I see the beak. It looks so nice there. If you see that in person, it’s 100 times more touching. We’ll go deeper into the cave by a boat. – There’s a boat here? / – There must be a boat. Goodness. – There are boats in the cave. / – All this costs $6? I think Yeom Tour will soon open its business. – They must. / – It’s like they’re making a package. – There’s no reason not to. / – Amazing. – We’re now heading to Hang Mua. / – Hang Mua. This is where you must visit before you die. Yet, it’s not very well-known. This place looks amazing. On the top, you can see a dragon and a pavilion. This place looks amazing. What’s that? This place is amazing. – It looks a bit similar to the Great Wall. / – Right. You’ll tear up and think of your family. That’s the type of view I prepared. (The entrance fee is $5) You’ll go to the top through the stairs here. It’s actually higher than you think. If you’re tired on the way, you can take breaks. Let’s go up. It was quite hot that day. It’s difficult to climb… – When it’s hot. / – Gyeonghwan nearly collapsed. But it gets cooler as you climb. There are cool spots. Once you reach the top and look at the other side, the view there will make you tear up. The other side. – You must see that. / – Got it. Go and see it. Gyeonghwan. That’s where he stopped. – We must go. / – Gyeonghwan is suffering the most. We work out every day so… We loved being able to burn the calories. Sweating makes me feel good. It’s like Gyeonghwan is aging rapidly. He seems so. Look, there… – It’s a kiosk. / – There’s an observatory here. There’s a kiosk on the way. It’s a cute kiosk. They were selling coconuts. Why did I follow them? I’m tired. I don’t see Gyeonghwan. Gyeonghwan. Gyeonghwan. He can’t go further. Please go ahead, ladies. Ladies? So cute. This is a great workout. – Look at the stairs. / – It looks very nice. The higher you climb, the more beautiful the view? Since you can see farther. People are waiting in line to take pictures. (Without taking any break, they keep going) (They don’t stop climbing) I’m so exhausted. Gosh, this is tough. – You’ll soon see an interesting thing. / – Are we there? There’s another interesting thing? It isn’t over. They’re doing their wedding shoot here. Here! She was doing her wedding shoot. In the boiling weather, wearing heels… Unbelievable. Unbelievable wedding. They really love each other. She wore that dress up the mountain. She wore that dress up the mountain. – Up to there. / – She beat us. Unbelievable. – They’re amazing. / – True winners. Congratulation! (Meanwhile, what’s Gyeonghwan up to?) Even the little kid went up. Gosh, this is embarrassing. I feel like death. I can do it. Let’s go. Amazing. The view from up there must be beautiful. It’s so nice here. I got teary. Seriously. – There’s a dragon. / – Where? Over there. Where is the dragon? – It’s huge. / – It is. It looks awesome. 1, 2, 3. – Is Gyeonghwan still not there yet? / – He couldn’t. He’s doing a photo shoot with that person. Are you kidding? (Embarrassed) It’s tough even when you’re dressed like this. How did she climb up here with a wedding dress on? She’s amazing. My goodness. Aren’t you tired? Gosh, you’re amazing. (He’s finally near the peak) Excuse me. Dad, dad. Did you drop by somewhere? – I’ve been climbing the whole time. / – Close-up. Close-up first. (Eunkyeong’s close-up pictures) – There’s your profile picture. / – You should work out. – Mothers are always on the run so… / – Gyeonghwan… The view from this side is amazing. Is this what you meant earlier? It’s amazing. What is that? This canal is connected to Trang An. Try to… Stand here and think about nothing for 10 minutes. It’ll be an unforgettable memory. It looks like a painting, isn’t it? It’s so beautiful. – It’s a beautiful place. / – This is amazing. The view is incredible. I’m going to send these pictures home. (They want to share this view with their families) Being up there reminded me of my family. I took pictures of the view and sent them to my family. – We’ve been working hard. / – We have. We should work harder when we go back. Let’s work hard. Are we going to eat now? We’ll go back to Hanoi since a day trip is possible. Our driver drove us back to Hanoi with the rental car. What is that? It’s so shiny. This is a great restaurant in Hanoi that I want to introduce to everyone. I have never seen any Koreans here ever. Today, on Battle Trip… Is it the first time revealing it? This is the hidden card. Vietnam style sausage stew. What is this? – Oh, my. / – Really? – “Lau.” / – “Lau.” They add noodles at the end. – What is that? / – I come here often with family. Even the kids like this. It’s a good place to bring the whole family. I really want to eat this. It’s not ordinary noodles. We wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t for Yeom Tour. – Isn’t the atmosphere amazing here? / – I love it. (Gyeonghwan says hello to someone) They must be friends. – I come here often. / – Really? (Gyeonghwan orders the food) That burner is so interesting. Oh, they put two together. (We’ll have the usual) It’s delicious. It’s here. It’s here. This is amazing. – It’s lau. / – It’s lau. – It’s lau. / – I’m so proud. These are just the basic ingredients. These are mushrooms and meat sausages. Like Sikyung says, it looks good as is. – Just. / – It has every tasty ingredient. It has squids, shrimps and clams. – What is the soup made of? / – Fish. They usually just make the soup by themselves with herbs. For 5 people, it only costs about $35. This place is amazing. – Just put everything in. / – Everything? – Tofu. / – Everything. Everything is healthy. It’s starting to boil. – Let’s put the vegetables. / – We really like this. – Let’s put this much in. / – All you can eat. nfvlf You can keep asking for vegetables. Look at this. This is amazing. It looks like me. Why is it so long? – Let’s just put a few in. / – I want that one. This is fried tofu paper. I think I ate about 40 pieces of the fried tofu. – That’s really delicious. / – To make it spicy… – Put this in. / – I need to buy that. – Put this in. / – I’m going to take one with me. – We bought it because it was so good. / – Line up. – The soup is amazing. / – It’s amazing. – We could put more in. / – Add more? – Let’s make it really spicy. / – I love it. This looks really good. I’ll make the sauce. Squeeze some lime. And put the chili peppers in. – Where did you dip it? / – Right there. It’s so good. – Dip it in the sauce. / – That looks so good. What is delicious in Vietnamese? nn It tastes so clean. – It suits the taste of Koreans. / – We like soup. – Meat. / – It’s good when you want soup. It just looks good. (She taste the fried tofu paper) Eat the small one. It’s like fried tofu. Because it soaks in the soup, it tastes like dried fish. – It’s soaked in the soup. / – That’s right. You can get more vegetables for free. – More vegetables for free. / – Vegetables are expensive. – It’s really cost-effective. / – Yes. I really need to go there to meet Gyeonghwan. They add noodles later, right? It’s fantastic. – It’s here. / – Is this the noodles? Why is it so cute? Noodles? – Noodles. / – What’s this? The noodles are good even if you eat it plain. It was so delicious. Put it in. – It’s so adorable. / – It’s floating. – Let me try the plain noodles. / – The plain noodles. The noodles are really thin. Try it. (Crunch) We have to put noodles in this kind of soup. This is that thing. It’s the ramen snack my son eats. – That taste. / – It was so good. I bought a box of it. Didn’t you bring it today? – I ate all of it. / – I’ll send you some. They have different flavors. Shrimp, beef… – Chicken. They have a variety. / – I want it all. The shrimp flavor was the best. – Highly recommend it. / – Shrimp flavor. I don’t think you’ll gain weight with these noodles. (It’s zero calories if it’s delicious) (Slurping) I really need to drink the soup. (The spicy soup relieves upset stomachs) I can’t help it. Since we’re in Hanoi, we need to try Hanoi vodka. That’s amazing. You need to remember this. – What is that? / – It’s the Hanoi local vodka. Try some Hanoi vodka. Is it okay for you to drink today? – Did you video call your family? / – Yes. The kids are all sleeping. – Can I give you a drink now? / – Yes. Okay. First… I can’t drink alcohol but he made such a delicious drink. – It’s cider. / – I was so surprised. Yeom’s cocktail. Here, it’s really cool. Take this. Put a lime in there. – Oh, my. / – It looks so good. – That’s amazing. / – You have to put a lot in it. It’s so nice that a local is making that for you. The locals drink like that. I love this. You did a good job going up the mountain. Let’s end today with this. – Cheers. / – 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. – It’s so good. / – It’s really good. – It’s so good. It’s not the time to take photos. / – Try it. How is it? – I thought you couldn’t drink alcohol? / – It’s so good. – Please don’t over drink. / – That looks so delicious. Your little finger goes up when something’s good. It makes you like this. Who gave me sugar water? I put vodka in it. – Are you okay with another drink? / – Yes. I did a food show for 5 years. One of the best was noodles made from freshly caught crab from Yeongdeok. This beats that. It’s the best. Vietnam is too good. The votes might be the highest ever. – Isn’t it amazing? / – Yes.

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  1. Can somebody show me how to do the Subtitle for this? I can do the Vietsub if I have chance!! ☺️
    Có ai biết cách nào để cập nhật thêm sub ko? Mình sẽ rất vui nếu mình có thể đóng góp phần vietsub để các bạn Việt có thể hiểu và cảm nhận thật hơn với những clip như thế này !! 😊

  2. Người việt nhiều người vô văn hóa thấy sợ điểm du lịch mà rác rơi vãi thấy mà ghê sọt rác thì tràn ra không ai sử lí ( nhất là mấy người già tập cho con cháu xã rác )

  3. Oh😖🤮🤮 I so sad for them that dog soup everywhere in Vietnam where every restaurant have dog soup is real if want to eat something in Vietnam if you don't see them have chicken or them have pork please don't eat chicken and pork we still know because looking and know that chicken and pork but beef and Dog meat don't easy to say it's dog or beef because Dog meat and beef looking the same and have everywhere in Vietnam take come for make food 😖🤮I go Vietnam and eating some soup and after I finish eating my friend tell what soup I eat I say beef noodles she big Laugh and tell no beef noodles but I eat dog noodle soup make I sick🤮 and never ever want to eat restaurant in Vietnam anymore 😖🤮🤮🤮

  4. There are many kinds of Lẩu in Vietnam, very good for health with a lot of vegetables, herbal and less oil usage. Vietnam cuisine is well- balanced between ying and yang, so we eat we feel very excited and healthy. Let's come to Vietnam to experience amazing cuisine and stunning landscape and rich and unique culture 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  5. Mình đi những nơi này rồi. Lần nào cũng mỏi chân ko đi tiếp đc :)) họ kiên trì quá

  6. Tao bảo người VN ngu tiếng Anh thì lại tự ái =)))
    “Núi Ngoạ Long” thì bọn ngu người quản lý lại đặt cmn thành “The Lying Dragon Mountain” =))) vl dịch haha ngu như lợn mà cũng đi làm.
    Từ “Núi Ngoạ Long” có 3 chữ mà n dịch thành 4 chữ.
    “Ngoạ Long Mountain” tên riêng giữ nguyên. Ngay đến cái Văn Miếu ở Hà Nội cũng dịch cmn thành “Temple of Literature” một lũ ngu đi dịch tên di tích sang tiếng Anh. Lên truyền hình nước ngoài mà xấu hổ thay cho mấy thằng óc chó hưởng lương.

  7. These girls are fun to be around and funny too. He is a good tour guy. I enjoy watching all of you even i don’t understand but i can look at subtitles in English. You guys have knowned more places and have eaten more good Vietnamese foods than i do.

  8. Các bạn cm vừa vừa thôi át hết bình luận ng nc ngoài r. Nên nghe ý kiến chê bai yêu thích của họ mà rút kih nghiệm

  9. this is some tips when U taste "Lẩu" in VN. :d many pp will drink wine but not volka =))))) we like to dink some original wine (rượu nếp cái) or fruit wine like banana (rượu chuối), "rượu táo mèo", rượu ổi (guava wine). it's more intresting and tasty

  10. Son Doong cave is the second largest in the world saying that it has led the world because China has found a bigger cave

  11. I'm so proud of this video made by KBS !! Thank you Koreans, all you are very kind and polite !! Welcome to Vietnam! God blesh you !

  12. Holy cow! Look at this place. It is phenomenal, remarkable and unbelievable. I am vietnamese but i never been to this beautiful mountain. i never would have any opportunity to go to this place because I live so far away – hundred thousand kilometers away. it is across the Pacific Ocean . besides i do not have enough money for a flight ticket . what can I do now ? Someone help me , please ? Let us pray for me to hit the jackpot . I dont need a lot of money , maybe about several milions dollars . I think that's enough for my whole family to enjoy a long vacation . we shall go through Vietnam and then we will go to all Asian countries . what such a beautiful life ! isn't it ? Omg Vietnamese food is delicious , don't you think so, buddy? Reminds me, food is making me hungry, you can here my stomach is crawling, forgets it, you dont listen to me. ha. ha. ha, i am so ashame, it is ok, next time i wouldn't tell you that, it is silly, right? I am sorry because i forgot to introduce my self to all of you. I am Dat, my full name is Dat tien Ha, i live in the United State, i am not like some other vietnamese whose dosen't like Vietnamese too much, probably they are people whose served for South Vietnam's previous Government. They are the losers of Vietnam's War, they evacurated from Vietnam before The Vietnamese Communist take over South of Vietnam. They all live in the United State, most of them live in California State. It has been over 44 years since they ran away of Vietnam, but they never forget a shameful past, they hate the Vietnamese Communist, they alway persue revenge, some stupid people tryied to come back to Vietnam to against the New Government, but they all were in jail for being stupid, for their losing mind. What about the others ? what did they do, they are smarter than their fellowships, they have their own strategy to fight with the Vietnamese Communist by internet, yes that is a new method, very popular in the 21 Century, they organized logically by arranging some group to comment uneducationally, they usually to sully the Presidents, Govenors, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Army, Generals, Military, whoever works for the Government, They talk bad about Vietnam with any subject, any reason. but the main reason is because they hate the Vietnam Government, they are jealous for deverlopment and wealthy of Vietnam, they talk bad about this, they talk bad about that, bla bla. Altogether they act like crazy people, sometimes they pretend to be Southern people to scold the Nourthern people and opposite, I am just telling you a few thing, not all of terrible things they did in the past, they do in the present and maybe they would do in the future, who knows. There was a only thing i can't understand, why they can't forget the past, let the past to be buried and put the hating down, why not loving each other to live happily, why they can't come back to Vietnam to build Vietnam to become a strong and wealthy country, why they do such a lot of bad things to against Vietnam, for what? nobody could answer those question, only them. I will stop here, i do not have enough time to talk about them detaily, it could take a whole day, a whole week, maybe a whole month. I comment these thing is just for fun without any purpose, if i could do any wrong, if i could make anyone angry, forgive to me, please!

  13. Why do Koreans literally put chili in every thing? Can’t they just eat it the way it is? No offense though, I just don’t understand why

  14. Chị ấy nói là trong vòng 5 năm chị ấy được thưởng thức món mì ngon nhất được nấu bằng cua tươi mới bắt được từ một người bạn của chị ấy. Nhưng món Lẩu này đã vượt xa món mì đó.

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