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These Time Travelers Claim They've Visited Parallel Universes

These Time Travelers Claim They've Visited Parallel Universes

how you doing I'm Callen and this is slapped ham the following alleged time travelers claim they've visited parallel universes but just quickly before we get into and remember to hit that subscribe button for more mysterious content just like this a woman named Miriam Goulding claims that an ordinary elevator ride in 1934 took her into another dimension Goulding was riding with her fiance in an elevator inside a Chicago Mall when she claims that she got off on the wrong floor and stumbled into a mysterious train station people at the train station seemed as though they couldn't hear or see Miriam what's more the season had shifted from fall to summer in an instant the only person who could see Miriam was a young boy who told her that he also suddenly found himself inside the mysterious train station after entering a locker room at he school in Lincoln Nebraska Miriam finally returned back to her life as she knew it after a period of feeling as though she was hovering in darkness her fiance was relieved when she returned home hours later he had been searching for her after becoming separated at the mall oddly several people around town had spotted Miriam walking through the town in company of a young boy during the hours that she was missing could there be a darker version of your hometown out there in another dimension Carroll chase McIlhenny claims that she slipped through dimensions during an ordinary Drive in California and discovered an alternative version of her home town she knew so well maca Lanie happened to be driving from Paris to San Bernardino in 2006 when she decided to make a stop in her hometown of Riverside however all wasn't ride as she made her way down what she thought was a familiar route maca Lanie was unable to locate the childhood home she knew so well what's more her family members were nowhere to be found the homes on the street where she lived were different even the town cemetery was nothing more than a plot full of weeds however some landmarks throughout the town were just as she remembered them maca Lanie couldn't help but sense a dark eerie vibe as she drove around and encountered the residents of this alternative version of Riverside that's when she decided to leave happily Riverside had returned back to its normal state when she visited years later cow chase maca Lanie believes that she somehow entered an alternate dimension a man named Andrew basiago came forward in 2014 and claimed that he was transported through other dimensions as part of a secret project of the United States government called project Pegasus basiago claims that he worked on a teleportation and time-travel project from the age of seven until the age of twelve he claims the children were chosen for the project because of their adaptability he also claims that he traveled through time on eight separate occasions as part of the project among these places basiago claims to have traveled to is Ford's Theatre on the night of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination he claims to have witnessed the assassination in person multiple times he even bumped into himself during two of the visits this photo here is alleged evidence that basiago traveled back in time to 1863 to see the Gettysburg Address he said he witnessed Abraham Lincoln's famous speech firsthand in 2016 basiago ran for US presidency as an independent he cited his time-travel experience as one of his strongest qualifications noting he had a key insight into the future of the country however strangely he couldn't say whether he'd win or not Andrew basiago revealed the technology that was developed by Nikola Tesla served as the blueprint for the time travel technology used by the United States government he said that each visit was like being sent to a slightly different alternative reality that exists on an adjacent timeline did a highly-regarded neurosurgeon enter an alternate version of reality while in a coma dr. eben Alexander has chatted with Oprah and published a best-selling book about the near-death experience he had as a result of bacterial meningitis in 2008 he claims he was able to enter an alternate space where he was comforted by celestial beings during his time of unconsciousness Alexander claims the consciousness is not harbored within the brain and that death is a transition to another realm since his otherworldly experience Alexander has toured the world giving lectures to universities churches and schools however in 2013 Esquire magazine did an investigation into the claims and found that Alexander was part of numerous malpractice lawsuits and had been terminated from multiple practices he was suspected of altering medical documents to cover up medical errors it was also discovered that Alexander was experiencing hallucinations prior to being put into a medically induced coma during his battle with bacterial meningitis many skeptics believed that his journey into an alternate dimension was nothing more than a feverish hallucination brought on from his ailments a man landed in Tokyo in 1954 with a very unusual story the mysterious man arrived at Tokyo International Airport and presented a passport that had been stamped with a place of origin called to read you don't have to study a map of the world for very long before realizing no place called to read actually exists the mysterious man's passport backed up his story it appeared to be legitimate what's more it was filled with customs and visa stamps that were consistent with his story of visiting Japan on business quite frequently he also possessed a checkbook full of checks from a bank that nobody had ever heard of before immigration officials decided that the man should be sent to a hotel in the airport until more information could be gathered two officials were stationed outside the door of his hotel room for the night however the man was gone by morning he had simply vanished from a ledge free room that was 15 stories above a busy Tokyo Street all attempts to locate the man again came up short had he simply slipped back into whatever parallel version of reality he had come from what if you woke up one morning and discovered that your job relationships and many of the other things you knew weren't quite the same this happened to Lorena Garcia one strange day in 2008 Garcia woke up on what she thought was just another ordinary day and headed to work however the department that she worked in for twenty years wasn't there when she arrived in her office she then returned home to discover that her estranged partner was there what's more he was completely unaware of the fact that the couple had actually been separated for six months that's when things got even weirder the man she had been seeing for several months had all but vanished into thin air Garcia was unable to locate him with the help of a private investigator unlike most people who alleged that they slip into parallel universes Garcia hasn't been able to slip back out the woman is stuck living in a dimension that she claims isn't her own to this day the year was 1986 when a man named Pedro Ramirez claims he was teleported to another dimension while driving in his car outside of Seville Spain Ramirez was headed to a town called alcalá de Gwadar when he suddenly realized that the once familiar route had suddenly turned very unfamiliar he claims that he came around a curve and suddenly found himself on a six-lane Highway he had never seen before unknown structures and strange terrain unfolded all around him he heard voices in the distance all of the cars that he shared this new and strange highway with passed at intervals of precisely eight minutes these cars had narrow rectangles where traditional license plates would normally be Ramirez claims that he drove on this bizarre highway for about an hour before turning off to the left he was eventually able to get to his destination safely however he was never able to explain how he got there or how he ended up on a highway that didn't resemble anything in our world for college girls claimed that there was apt into another dimension while driving through Gaddy Anton Canyon in May of 1972 the event supposedly happened just as the girls came upon an intersection after crossing into Nevada from Utah they watched as the black pavement on the road in front of them suddenly turned into white cement the confused girls assumed they had taken the wrong path and attempted to turn around however they encountered a terrain of pine trees and fields instead of a desert landscape once they did the girls claimed that they then stopped at a Tavern on the side of the road to ask for directions however that move was watered by mysterious egg-shaped vehicles that began chasing them the chase resulted in a wreck that left the car they were driving with busted tires the girls waited in the car until morning they then hiked to highway 56 and flagged down a state trooper the mystery of what really happened was never solved however the girls believed that they somehow passed through a portal into a parallel version of our planet a Swedish man named Hakan Nordic first arrived home one day in August 2006 to discover that water had collected under the sink in his kitchen that's when this ordinary problem turned into an extraordinary event not first claims he was transported to another dimension when he reached for a pipe while trying to fix the leak a wormhole located under the sink pulled him into the future and brought him to the year 2042 nautic first claims he was able to meet up with himself at 72 years old and have a chat he thought that no one would ever believe him so he took out his phone and filmed a short clip this video here is what he captured it allegedly shows nod first in the year 2042 having a chat with himself in the future they hug each other and even compare a unique arm tattoo skeptics noted that the tattoo on the older man is as fresh looking as nod fists claiming that it's probably a close relative velocity even his father Nordquist said he had a really Pleasant and unique experience and doesn't care whether people believe him or not however the whole story was eventually outed as a viral marketing campaign for insurance company AMF so sadly this intriguing story is nothing but a hoax before we get to that number one spot and take a look at an entire family that may have slipped into an alternate reality remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications that way you'll be completely up to date with all our latest videos Francis Peterson was traveling home with her husband and four children in 1935 when the Iowa residents slipped into a strange version of our world Peterson claims that her family decided to take a detour through a scenic Valley area it turns out that this quaint area operated very much like a place that time forgot the Peterson family admired the lovely scenery and scenes of women in old fashioned clothing as they drove along they delighted in the way the residents of the area tended to their goats collected firewood and pulled water from wells the Peterson family enjoyed their time visiting the area so much that they wanted to do it again in the future unfortunately they could never quite find it nobody else seemed to know what they were talking about when they described the place to others who lived in the area in fact there was no record of any such place existing in the area at all it was as though Francis Peterson and her family temporarily slipped into a place that doesn't exist in our version of reality if you love time-travel stories then you're gonna love our other video ten cases of time-travel that can't be explained there's an embedded link right there go ahead and check it out slap that thumbs up button as well because it lets us know you're enjoying the content and that's it for me I'll see you all next time

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  1. "Some landmarks were just as she remembered them."

    You said "all was not right", so is it that all is not right or not all is right? Please speak properly. Thanks.

    Why does no-one travel thought time back to the false history of "jesus" or "mohammad" and see that THEY NEVER EXISTED?! Oh, because then that would be absolute proof that "time travel", in this sense, is nonsense and we can't have that, can we? We can't be certain; instead, we have to be unsure and always guessing!

  2. "Could there be a darker version of your hometown out there. . . " I live in Los Angeles. It's a collection of all of those dark towns in one spot.

  3. So, #2 people only noticed that it was a fresh tattoo? yes, I know it’s a hoax, but like the “older” him had a bigger tattoo

  4. If Andrew Basiago witnessed Lincoln's assassination 4 times why did he not try to stop it somehow?

  5. I'm a Time Traveler I went down the road for a couple of Lagers and when I got to the shop I was 4 mins into the future

  6. Here is my time traveler experience

    I went to the bathroom one day to take a really big dump. Next thing I know my poop went to parallel dimension and painfully my ass till the next day

  7. I believe I am living in a dimension that is not my own.  My true dimension is much more captivation and fun.  In my true dimension I am young, rich, handsome, very athletic, drive a Lamborghini, have 25 girlfriends and I win in everything in which I compete.  And I have two cats named Marcatony and Cleocatra.

  8. It can be possible, something similar happened to me and a friend of mine. I was giving my friend a ride back home,which is in Chino hills,California we transition from the 91 freeway East to the 71 North ,once on the 71 there's a road sign that reads Chino hills 4 miles I read the sign out loud to my friend as I was finished reading what the sign said I turned my head towards my left to see the scenery of the hills on the side of the 71 freeway , I turned my vision to the road ahead of me and noticed that I was driving still on the 71 freeway but I was able to see the mall signs of the shopping center which is about two(2) miles from my intended exit which is Sequoia/ central exit that's about six (6) miles we had traveled in a period of a few seconds, I pointed out to my friend the shopping center sign and asked my friend if we had past the Central Ave. Exit , my friend freaked out when we realised that somehow we could not account or remember traveling from the point where we read the first sign to the point to where we were at. It's like we travelled six miles of the 71 freeway in just a few seconds. Once in a while my friend and I travel that stretch of high way and my friend and I cannot explain how that happened to us. Time travel is out there.

  9. The facial proportions on that bald-headed idiot, are not even consistent. the bone structure of that "older version of himself" cannot be him, because that other individual has an entirely different facial structure.

  10. I have two sets of memories from when I was young.
    In set of memories, me and my dad live in the city, and he's the owner of a construction company. He drinks whiskey and gingerale; he has a nice apartment, and I have a super Nintendo. My favorite game was this Mario game; It was "Super Mario World 2", but it wasn't "Yoshi's Island", some other different game, and had a similar graphic style to Super Mario World, but with some pre-rendered graphics. I could go on for hours about this alternate life.

    I thought I was going crazy when I would wake up with a stream of these memories from an alternate life..
    So I looked into it.
    My dad actually was going to start his own construction company, but decided not to do it. And I did some research into the development of SMW and Yoshi's Island, and I found out that the team that was going to make SMW2, was going to go the same route that Donkey Kong did, with the prerendered graphics. And there's a lot more things in the development, like unused graphics for super mario world, that I remembered from these memories. It's like I had memories of a game that was almost supposed to exist; and all the evidence from sites like "the cutting room floor" and developer interviews supported the fact that these "Alternate memories" weren't that far from the truth.

  11. Teleportation is real… I once went on this long metal object which after a few hours I ended up quite tired and in the place I was in I heard local residents speaking in a language I couldn't understand.. Building's roads and even signs looked strange to what I was used to… I wandered aimlessly for a week looking at unknown sites before again I was teleported in the metal long thing… But as it landed I recognised everything to be back to where I lived.

  12. I had two jockeys get hurt on 11/26 2004 and 2017 both at same track and same race # and horse # they both returned to ride April 1 of the following year both horses owned by the same person and the first was trained by the son the later by the father

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