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The Worst Apple Store Trip Of My Life — SS168

The Worst Apple Store Trip Of My Life — SS168

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls walk an episode 167 I think at the speared Sonny's podcast I'm your host Lois Spears and I'm fuckin super psyched with how tickets have been selling for no slide season my brand new tour no slide season is officially open and tickets have been going nuts I'm not gonna plug it for ages I just want to get this out there are less than 100 tickets left to the first Melbourne show I have smashed my first week sales in every single place I've done it's been fucking crazy who would have thought that putting out videos consistently for a year would sell tickets it's been going absolutely nuts and yeah Melbourne is almost sold out Sydney's almost gone Perth is half-full pretty much all the major cities now are over half full so I would really get your tickets now especially for that first Melbourne show it's almost sold out okay so lose fears calm slash gigs if you want to get your tickets I am really really excited for these shows it's looking like it's gonna be the biggest – of my career and I'm just fucking so stoked and happy and lucky that that seems to be happening every year every year it gets bigger every year I get better the crowds get bigger and people keep coming back so it's amazing and I'm very very grateful and I can't wait to do these tour in September so no slide season it's on sale now loose beers calm / gigs especially if you're from Melbourne and Brisbane those two cities hurry the fuck up and I think I've sold more I think officially sold more than one ticket to gimpy it could be like three so that's that's it you know that's a new record tripling your sales is a big deal in a couple of days unless tripling unless you're tripling one which is salt so yeah everywhere except the gup-e is going absolutely nuts mam and it's really cool what a dude with with that good news if that wasn't happening I probably would have fucking killed myself because I had to take the fucking computer to the Apple Store dude and it wasn't like wasn't like taking a laptop either right I had to take a fucking iMac like the big giant 27-inch desktop and before you can't start writing in the fucking comment section Oh what did you blow Matt why did you play when are you gonna look I didn't buy it okay it was given to me by a family friend in perfect working condition and as soon as I touched it it broke I reckon I must be cursed I don't think Apple is the problem guys I think it's me I think it's definitely me because you know what happened I came home my old laptop the battery's dead but you know it's fucking almost nine years old so that's fine I'll accept that from any brand 9 years out of a laptop that I took everywhere with me acceptable three days out of a fucking $2000 iMac that I didn't pay for I don't like it bro so anyway this is the fucking iMac it kept turning off right while Killins using it the editor that I have trying to try he's trying to fucking make videos for you cunts and the computers just like not today turns off and for no reason to because you know when when your computer shuts off generally when you turn it back on it goes ah your computer restarted because this happened or it crashed because this the computer seemed to have no idea why it was turning off normally the computers are pretty good when they crash or when they turn off or restart they're like oh we had to restart because I overheat it or this is out of date or this or that is broken nothing it would just do it without warning and turn on like like nothing happened it's a head fucking amnesia bro it would just fall over and then fucking wake up and be like who am i what am i doing oh editing yeah I love to edit and then it would do it again six times a day sometimes not for three days completely random so I go through all the fucking tech specs I go through all the the articles all the help stuff do this try that turn it on hold down these keys none of it worked fucking nothing none of it works so then I get onto Apple support right I'm talking of those cunts and they like they try to destroy that none of it worked right and then they go okay what you need to do at this point is it must be a hardware problem because obviously the software has no idea what going on so there's no software errors so it must be a hardware issue I'm like sweet I guess I'll fucking get that fixed right I'm like what's the issue and they're like we don't know so you got to take it into the fucking Apple Store dude if you thought it was a shit time taking your phone into the Apple store right driving to the shopping center finding a park when it's busy going through the center with your phone that doesn't work walking through all those fucking cunts buying shit they don't need and then you get into the end of the blue shirt can't store the Apple store and there's all these fucking nerds walking around selling shit that cost too much – dumb cunts who don't have enough money and can't afford it but buy it anyway you thought that was bad try doing it while you're carrying a fucking gonna be like 15 kilo 27 inch iMac computer through a shopping centre up escalators down escalators through the parking lot fucking exhausting everyone's staring at you like you've just stolen it from the nearest JB hi-fi and you're walking through the center like it's yours that's got to be top 10 most embarrassing things I've ever done in my life thank fuck I didn't get a spot NAB's could you imagine if you saw that video I mean walking through Chadstone shopping centre biggest shopping center in Australia just carrying a fucking iMac computer in my hands exhausted and angry and furious but whoa whoo that guy kill to steal that computer anyway so we get in the fucking Apple store and it is the biggest I reckon gotta be like one of the biggest stores I've ever been to in my life if we're talking one level shit two levels don't count department stores don't care I'm talking like one shot from one brand that sells only what they make that is the biggest store I've ever been to in my life and somehow it was still fucking crowded and I got to say two-thirds of the cunts in there was seem to be staff walking around in their blue shirts doing absolutely fuck or tapping on their phones talking to each other about how much Android sucks which is true but also shut the fuck up if you work in an app store I reckon that every single employee of an Apple store they get a personality uploaded to them when they when they start working there that they like they just hire anyone it doesn't matter every single person who goes in for an interview with the Apple store gets the job because that doesn't matter if you've liked if you have a horrible work history if you always like to work if you get a horrendous reference if you fucking harass sexually harassed all the girls in the bathroom of your last job doesn't matter because as soon as you get to that Apple Store and as soon as you're hired they plug you into the system to let your personality and upload the same personality that every other country has which is insufferably boring hi I'm the human equivalent of a phone with no apps on it remember when you first got your phone and it turns on and there's nothing unique about it at all and it's exactly the same as every other phone on the planet that has just turned on for the first time zero apps not much functionality generic background exactly the same no wear and tear nothing individual about it at all do you remember that yes well I and the human equivalent of that phone the most boring cunt on planet earth polite zero interests nothing unique about it welcome to the blue shirt cut store I will be your assistant for today mister boring cunt how do you manage to be boring and annoying that's what I want to know that is a unique personality trait that every single can who works at the Apple Store seems to have because every boring person I've ever met in my life is not annoying they're just boring they are this guy again you're not annoyed you're just like talking in the me like yeah this is boring you know like I've never been annoyed in a library you know I mean like a library you're like oh yeah it's a library kind of boring but it doesn't piss you off like you don't walk into a library and be like oh it's so quiet and here so fucking annoying there's nothing to do ah you just get bought you just get immediately turned off and you're like oh this is really boring like wait you know like like waiting in line somewhere for a reasonable amount of time you don't get annoyed you just get a little bit bored right you never get annoyed at something boring but somehow every single one of those fucking Apple store employees when I went in there I talked to about six they managed to be boring and the most insufferable Curren on planet earth and exactly the same as each other default annoying boring personality hate it right so I take in my fucking giant 27-inch computer and I take it into the store and I'm fucking holding the thing right none of these cunts come up to me they're all often doing their own shit I walk in with a computer clearly desperately in need of help like if you walk into an Apple store holding a 27-inch clearly used computer that's like walking into a hospital with a baby who's been shot obviously it's a fucking emergency you would never do that unless it was a life-threatening emergency someone fucking help me I walked in with the equivalent of a child that has been shot in the heart to a fucking hospital and all of the doctors there looked at me and there went gee someone should help that guy and then straight back to their fucking phones dude what is this place talk to me you fucking insufferably boring annoying cunts anyway so I fight I walk up to one guy I'm like hey dude I need some help and he goes oh sorry I'm about to give a presentation on how to use GarageBand and I went oh okay well how about instead of doing that you leave the store and jump off a bridge because that is not a presentation that needs to be given to anybody and I'm incredibly sorry that that was something that you were taught and have to do every day because you know he doesn't do one he does fucking probably one of those every single week all right it's time to teach absolute fucking dead shit how to use GarageBand at the Apple store talk about lowest at the low of society anyone who goes to the Apple store to learn how to use GarageBand we should round those people up and put them on a fucking island somewhere else say come on guys this is the tutorial this is the advanced tutorial for GarageBand everyone's going Oh bro I'm gonna be a fucking music producer on Garage Brandt band and then you just ship them off to an island with no boats no no okay you don't give them boats but you give them heaps of planes so many planes fully-functioning runways air traffic control but no pilots right because you know that nobody who's lining up for a tutorial for GarageBand knows how to fly a plane and you fucking know that they wouldn't be able to work it out either right so you just put them on an island with fuck loads of planes and your guys if you want to come back all you're gonna do is fly to that runway over there and then you just sit with air traffic control and watch all of these dumb cunts crash into each other and blow the planes up some of them will probably explode before they even started the engine they'd be like this how you do it they throw a fork in the fucking engine surely this gel works put their hand in an air turbine could be more harder than fucking GarageBand anyway I go to the fucking thing and I'm and the guys like oh I guess you need help I'm like yeah you fucking record because at this point I've been walking for twenty minutes that's how big the shopping centre was from the car park to the fucking store I've been walking for twenty minutes holding this giant computer we took a wrong turn and had to go around the other way never been angry in my life we finally get the fucking Apple store I get there everyone ignores me for five minutes and then finally some cunt comes up to me goes hello I am a serviette of a human I'm going to annoy you would be boring how can I help and I go well doorknob this is fucked fix it and he goes alright man I'll be right back and then he goes to the back for some reason and I just fucking I'm holding this thing I just like fuck it I just put it on the desk in the Apple store in front of one of the display phones I was like fuck your view of this shit phone this is where my computer goes now and then I start thinking like oh man I'm not gonna be able to leave with this because I'll pick it up from the desk and then just get tackled by security put that down anyway he comes back five minutes later and I've been sitting here listening to a fucking tutorial on how to use GarageBand from some fucking cunt standing up there like Steve Jobs playing it on an iPad playing the drums on an iPad through the speaker's of the Apple store what the fuck right anyway they come back and he goes alright let's take a look at your computer he plugs it in he boots it up he starts doing this he starts doing that he runs Diagnostics he goes but blah blah I talk to him for about 20 minutes about have you tried this I'm like yes have you tried that yes have you tried this yes I have he went through a list of fucking every single solution he could think of and my answer to every single one of them was I specifically remember doing that because you guys don't understand me going to that Apple store is last absolute ultimate last fucking resort I would rather die then go there and find out that I could have done that at home to fix it I exhausted every single solution so he runs me through everything and then he looks at me and he goes wow man you've really tried everything that's crazy like I was the first person in IT history to actually try all of the different solutions that there are he was absolutely dumbfounded and I don't blame him because I've worked in customer service before on the phones and you talked to the dumbest people on planet Earth help my computer doesn't work have you by pressing the on button oh how that works or even just talking to old people who didn't grow up with technology so they just fucked from the start like technology is such a thing where you have to grow up with it otherwise you're lost you know it's like otherwise you come in at 60 years old it's like moving to another fucking country and trying to pick up the language you're about that part of your brain doesn't work anymore all right you grow up with it or you're fucked I was talking to my grandma the other day and I taught her how to use my listen to my podcast because she wanted to listen to the radio show right and she said she listened to my solo podcast which by the way when I started when I make this and when I start yelling about cunts killing themselves and throwing themselves off bridges because they do garage band tutorials at the Apple Store I never really think that my grandma might be listening to that I had no idea she listened so hi grandma anyway she goes I listen to your show why do you talk so fast you always say you're always talking so fast I can barely understand you and I was like what do you mean I talk I guess I talk a little bit fast when I get angry but for the most part I feel like I talk pretty normal to how I talk in real life and she goes no you in the last one you did you talked way faster than normal so my god that's strange and then I help her out with something else on her phone she's like how do I listen to the new Luke and Louis show I'm like grandma it's the same as the radio it's here she goes oh that's really convenient go and listen Luke and Louis episode one and two out right now episode 3 coming out on Tuesday it's going nuts people love it anyway I teach you how to do that and then I and I hit play and then I realized that she's been listening to podcasts at 1.5 times speed the whole time she's had the podcast out but she goes ah that's why and like and it says 1.5 times but I she didn't grow up with technology how can you expect her to know that shit it's like yelling at an ad a Chinese immigrant who came here at 60 and you like I why don't you speak the language fluently and he's like ah because that part of my brain doesn't work anymore because I'm 60 and I've finished learning for them for my life you don't learn anything new after 60 bro that's it the only thing you learn after 60 is like how to be a little bit more racist that's it you're like well I'm stuck in my ways I might as well go a bit deeper get out of me country so this cunt he's talking my fucking he's talking about computer doing all this stuff that only he could do he starts running Diagnostics Apple Diagnostics that they're only using all these codes and shit that only he knows stuff I couldn't do okay great well at least something's happening I guess this will be fixed and it goes yeah look I've run all the software diagnostics looks like it's a hardware problem so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna run one more and it should tell me which piece of hardware is the problem and I'm like great then he goes while this is running I'm gonna talk to a colleague and see what he thinks cuz I've never seen this before and I was like well there we go I've got a unique problem for once it's not Apple just being fucking garbage and braking for the normal reason at least it's got a unique strain of AIDS you know at least that'll bring something exciting to his day because I'm sure later on he has to give a 50-minute presentation on how to use fucking iMovie two three senior Asians Asian students who have to edit something for uni and that's this is the highlight of his day trying to work out what unique type of aids my computer as well while trying while trying to maintain a pleasant conversation with the angriest biggest Australian man he's ever seen in his fucking life who's clearly like a millisecond from snapping it there's the fire and murder behind his eyes on on the surface he looks calm but underneath he's planning out exactly how to take out the Apple store and he looks at that Australian man and he knows deep down he could do it anyway the diagnostic runs hard drive fine graphics card fine this is fine that's fine everything's fine gets down to the final thing the RAM right and then there's an error I'm like oh my god it must be the RAM that's great cuz Ram is really easy to replace even in max great that's good I'll just take one of the RAM sticks out replace it BAM brand-new computer and he goes ok so it says there's an issue with the RAM but the only issue is is that it's not it's it's you're using Samsung Ram so there's nothing wrong with it the computer is just going hey this isn't made by Apple I'm like oh fuck well then the computer doesn't know no one knows what the fuck's wrong with it so he goes what I'm gonna do is I think it's a RAM problem so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take out the two Samsung Ram and what you can do when you get home is you can you can turn it on and see if that works and I said why don't you take it out now and then we see if it works and he goes why don't you just do that at home and I said why don't I do that here and he goes how about you just do it at home and you can work it out yourself and I said I came fucking through the shopping center with a 27-inch computer that everyone thought I stole fix it now anyway then I went home because I backed down and I was like I was so fuck I'm fed up with it I was like whatever he says it'll work I'll try that I go home I turn it on it doesn't turn on it turns on but it doesn't low and it just sits on that fucking loading screen permanently great incredible so I came in right this is what happened right if this was a hospital this is what happened I came in with a child who had been shot had a life-threatening but survivable injury and I said someone help my child has been shot and I'm in a hospital surrounded by professionals the perfect environment full of people who can save my son's life please help me and then doctors came out of their surgery rooms they came running one of them was giving a presentation on GarageBand and even though he put down the iPad and they all came round and they all said don't worry Lewis this is a life-threatening injury but I swear it we will save your son and I said I trust you doctors I know you can save my son I know you can do it and then I hand it over my son suffering from a life-threatening but survivable and fixable issue to the people who can save him and then they pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death and finish the fucking job and killed him and then kick me out and said you're welcome fuckhead I took my fucking computer in to get it fixed and they murdered it now it doesn't turn on it's fucked nothing I can do I've gone through all the troubleshooting you know what I'm not taking it back for fuck's sake man and you know it's not even my computer so let me change that that's like if I was babysitting someone's son and they got shot and I took her to the hospital and then they murdered the kid now we're gonna take its dead body back to the people who gave it to me and be like hey thanks for the computer it's fucked irreparably enjoy there you go don't need it anymore I broke it in a week so thanks Apple for that fucking awesome and now Kailyn is back to editing five days a week on a MacBook Air that he bought before he started working with me and is not for video editing because it's a MacBook Air and the only thing those things are good for is Word documents and porn so guys if there are any late videos this week you fucking know why oh my god and I can't I can't afford to get a computer Apple Windows or otherwise so I guess I'll just have to fucking suffer a deal with it until till I work something out loose Pierce calm slash gigs get your tickets if you're outside of Australia support me on patreon because oh fuck the one thing that I need to do my job canted anyway what else happened this week you see this comedian got in trouble this female comedian I never heard of her her name put it on my Twitter I put the joke on my Twitter her name is Dena Hashim looks like she's from New York cuz she's doing the cellar she did this joke about xxx tint a.cian and it's a funny joke write the joke I'm paraphrasing but basically she was like he got shot and that's horrible and she said that's horrible and it's bad and it's not a good thing that he died but he was killed while he was buying a vehicle with $50,000 of cash and all I thought was that would make a really good ad for venmo which is an app that you send cash to friends on your phone right finally joke that's a good ad to not carry cash around that's a funny dark fucked joke definitely a joke also preface with it's horrible that this guy died and that was put out on Comedy Central and mind you the audience if you watch the video packed everyone's pissing their pants oh my girlfriend's calling hello you're on the podcast oh you're outside okay thanks for joining me on speed Sundays talk to you soon all right I'm back Jasmine's here as well this is what happens every time Luis is too lazy to do his podcast during the week it wishes when he's meant to do it you're lazy I launched the to launch my new podcast I did three videos and two videos and all the clips for everything your fucking slacker I've been anything but like your welfare queen because he's meant to Tory during the week while he's working because we spend weekends together because we don't live together yeah but it's very often recently you just haven't managed to get everything thank you mean very hectic recently yeah but that's great buy tickets to is to ah yes good hi how good's Melbourne selling I don't know I haven't seen the sale reports oh really tell me this what can I say that the first show not not overall ah yeah but the second ones going that's – oh wait this is a symbol for something isn't it I think it's alright me yeah doing that hand symbol like the okay symbol so what were you talking about this comedian Dana Hashem is in heaps of trouble for a joke she told about triple XL me this not a xxx X that's 6 X's xxx xxx xxxx 9 X 10 lots of X's have a simpler name care what about can't change it now I like that so so if you don't know the backstory is he's an amazing musician and he was tragically shot and killed and this is the woman's joke about it I found it so we can all listen wait hold on what he also was in controversy during his life and I think that's one of the reason she was joking about him he's not just a saint who got killed he's also beat the fuck out of his pregnant girlfriend apparently he had mental problems but but I do think that he was repentant I do think it was unrepentant pregnant girlfriend bash I know I think I think what's particularly tragic about his death is that he was killed right right at the moment where he was really becoming a much better person than what he was didn't go to jail yeah he went I think he did he went to jail oh my god and he was trying to be a better person a parent yeah and like the when he was killed he was buying a motorbike I believe for charity and he was doing he was doing some really good things and it's it's a shame but it's kind of a meme because like some people cuz there's like these the you know my 11 euro brother loves him yes to the place where if you talk bad about him he will you bring up the jacks our YouTube call me Twitter like everyone that's yelling about him exactly bring up the fact that he's dead my little brother will run out of my room crying Schiele seen this maybe three times it's very it's like it's very sad and a little bit funny but you know 11 year old shit and that's like but there's a whole heap of people like that who credibly dedicated to him and he's memory and then their whole heap of people who's like wait a minute this guy beat the fuck out of his pregnant girlfriend yet why are we sad that he's dead so there's like a culture war around this guy who by the way his music is beautiful yeah I think his music is undeniably amazing I think it's right that's the context I mean you don't need to know the context for the joke but but that's what it is it's not just someone joking about your treasure anyway alright play play tune plays here's the judge well let me just turn my volume up here's the joke morning XXX 10th St on he's a loser rapper was murdered he was he was shot he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money which is very tragic I think also it would be a very good fan vote commercial [Laughter] that's a joke and people are losing their minds like this thing this video has like 1500 retweets and it's been posted everywhere else calling for her to be cancelled and for Comedy Central to be canceled which is ask people on Twitter realized you can't actually cancel a person or a television network what do you mean by Comedy Central Comedy Central that's up that's like going cancel Fox canceled Disney these kids overestimate their power it's just a new way of people telling them to kill themselves is it because you himself is too offensive for them to say I don't know it's like and and all of these people you know for a fact laugh at 9/11 all these other memes about okay well how about this this is my strongest counter-argument why can he the guy rap and make music about murder death and killing people but you can't make comedy about murder death easily reason why cause it's sensitive around comedy is that you're making people laugh at a topic when you're singing about a topic you're not making a happy feeling out of it I don't know man I feel like that if you're rapping about killing you can make people feel angry about it I feel like a joke isn't gonna make people feel well it doesn't make some people but the point is I mean the joke the point of the joke is to make people laugh which the belittles the topic that's why people get upset but I feel like people can hear music about killing people and him saying he has some lyric about like what was the lyric that I thought I posted he's got a lyric that's like quite explicitly about killing people which i think is totally fine well here's what I think I think they are quite different I think they're making comedy about something – making different sorts of art that has different emotional reactions are quite different but I that's fine I think it's totally fine to make light of yes of horrible things the show because people don't shouldn't take it seriously so he's his lyric is feel but fear will be plentiful death will be bountiful I will spare none of you peasants and everyone goes ah that's good music and I'm not taking it seriously obviously he's not actually going to kill every every peasant in the world but then someone will joke about something and be like oh we're taking that joke seriously which is just funny to me because jokes by definition are not meant to be taken seriously but anyway so this so that people have lost it gone nuts and to the point where I just checked out her things she's come out and apologized because people are harassing her and all these fucking delivery eleven-year-olds with Twitter are threatening to kill her and all this shit I wonder if my little brother is I would not be surprised he has a Twitter account actually thank thank God yeah anyway so and Comedy Central has removed it and it won't be going on TV yeah she apologized she basically said she didn't mean to offend anyone which is which if I think that if you're a comedian you should never apologize for a joke do you know what I what I would have said because it gives all of those people so much power and also those people if you look at her apology don't want it and they don't care and it doesn't slow them down or you or placate them at all it makes them feel vindicated she's more powerful that makes them grow harder I don't think you should apologize cause it was a good joke and the purpose of your joke was to make light of that and she succeeded in her purpose clearly because there's video evidence that upset some people by they can get fucked do you know it do you know what she should have said okay what would you say I would have said I was thinking about it before I would say look I'm sorry that I offended people but he's not exactly around to get upset about it is he and then I would have said then Murray hit me up for sponsorship option oh then you put your venmo so people can send you money right yeah so you and you would definitely get money is the thing she made a very good point who the fuck walks around with I mean I was walking around with that I would be like oh my god I am gonna get shot and killed he was streaming on the Instagram that's how it happened maybe you know natural selection baby hey don't I don't want all these cuts on my fucking YouTube I'm sorry please forgive me I didn't mean anything he's my bad boy please don't come at me fourteen-year-old anime Twitter profile pictures I don't know I just I just think that it that it is funny that they won't the irony and they won't take his lyrics about murder seriously but they will take jokes about murder serious jokes it's a happy feeling you don't get it all these people are like so caught up with emotions right so the reason outraged culture exists is because they think no one should have to feel bad emotions yeah and people are feeling people feeling good emotions about his death makes them feel bad emotions yeah where's people feeling bad emotions about his murder lyrics does not make them feel bad emotion do you get it like it's really twisted no but I mean that they're clearly taking the joke serious they're not taking the drug seriously they know it's a joke they just saying that this is not funny this is a bad joke it's not good and they're taking it literally well it doesn't that's the thing like I don't get why comedians should apologize because he's a thing is that you used to only have to write for your audience yeah now this is potential that the whole world's gonna see and the way a joke works there is always gonna be a percentage of the world who doesn't think it's funny be potentially a fucking pissed off about it and I think it's just part of the job description with comedian now is that having bulls enough to be able to say look I don't care this is my job I made the majority of people happy with this and I'm happy I'm not gonna apologize that's the thing like that's what I always think when people get offended by people like always being getting offended by call me they just wouldn't we tar around before it's like it's that that's that's the thing it's like these people that are angry and shit one heaps of them are underage so they could never buy a ticket or come and see a show anyway and to none of these cunts understand stand up clearly so they would never come to a show so all you're doing is appealing to an audience that one did not know who you were never liked you and never will like you even after you apologized so you try and make those people happy who will never be happy and never come to your show or supportive of you and you lose all of the people that liked the job that might go oh fuck she's funny she doesn't give a fuck I'm gonna check her out and then they check you out apologize I think what happens is that no one understands like the intensity of the comments and the outrageous when you're being called out it's really full-on yeah and we understand it because we come from a trolling background and we go oh you know what it's no big deal and if we don't yeah yeah it's going to die down and getting you know somewhere attacking your internet connection or posting your details online it's really not that bad so we can go yeah we've been on the side of the perpetrator where people have no idea about you know it's the first time it ever happened to me it was pretty good you know what it is it's trolling for social justice like they wouldn't say that Joel is trolling for it cause and it's sorry intense and people have no idea because they've never told before and they had no idea the internet was capable of this and then all of a sudden is happening to them and they're like fuck I obviously need to apologize yeah it's no it's it's pretty well it's interesting tell them to suck you'll clean and with that I think that's where we're gonna end that topic we've got about I've got about seven minutes here Joe can we can smash out a life advice question yes can actually be a question this time last time it was just a story of one guy who did all of the drugs yeah true I I'll have a look so if you don't know miscellaneous Billy and there's the worst part of the podcast I wish we could cancel it yeah but I'm wait come on apologize miscellaneous bit at the end demand Lois because I actually don't have any questions I have I want to try stand-up but I've answered that question like 30 times do it okay all right no I meant the person who wants to try stand up yeah that's answer do it be really shit at it and one day you won't be you will be consistently shit for at least six months and that's fine I don't we wrote smiles and it's normal to be scared yeah I think I'm actually gonna make a video about it and I'm just going to send people the link and you should also make a video about all of your gear and how you run your business here because it's really interesting yeah I should do that I will do that okay yeah I don't have any how you used to do it before you had killing and now you have queue and how let's change your business because the other thing is that there's heaps of youtubers out there who are really big and they can afford to put on editor but they don't just don't yeah and here's the thing is that you probably would have been that person as well but I always when your business is getting to the point where something needs to move yeah I just start harassing him and nagging him until he you life will be so much better like this way house he would have never got this warehouse but it's completely revolutionized the way his business works it's awesome I mean that's why we're doing Luke and Louis because I mean yeah that's all we didn't look like you is your bedroom and editing your own videos there would be fuck you would still be just as bad as miscellaneous bit at the end bad okay well we got five minutes jazz what do you being up to me yeah not much not much no how's your podcast going ah it's very um intermittent yeah yeah are you doing the old speed some days missing which is if I come out it might not yeah speed someday so they came up they came up with why don't you tell me because always makes me so angry but then I go no they're right all the time it's justified no it's going well it's your poker school for them yeah I know it's ravenous unfortunately you can't change though babe ravenous weeds Jasmine nice hearing why can't you change your name I mean if she doesn't release it there's nothing funny you can change it too can you what speed some days as hilarious no it's been really good so it's actually it's like I talk about serious topics but I keep them funny and then sometimes I just have episodes talking about my life and things that are happening I hadn't angry episode you get angry a lot on your podcast oh yeah I think the first 20 minutes of this episode was about me taking that fucking thing to the Apple store oh the you know the only reason I convinced him to take it he needed to take her for a month and I convinced him to take it I said babe think about the podcast content you will get a percent that is like 50% of the reason I went is because I knew that it would be like well that's actually half a podcast of me screaming that's always my best content is going to the Apple store and yelling about it I said that what I did was like the equivalent of me taking a dying child into a hospital and then the doctors running out to fix it but instead they just stabbed it to death and finish it off definitely came home why think of everyone who is taking their child to the hospital the doctors have to all of those people who never liked me never will like me and will never come to my show especially after this apology I want to say you are my target demographic and I will do anything to please you to all of my fans hi guys I'm gonna leave it there thank you very much for listening make sure you check out Luke and Louis the first two episodes are out right now and they're really really good and people are loving it and it's growing heaps and be really really good and also if you don't have time for another podcast follow it on Instagram or follow the Luke and Louis highlights YouTube channel we just posted the best bit you have time for another podcast you fucking what are you doing like you've chosen to listen to Lewis talk for 20 minutes about his iMac yeah sure if you sat through 20 minutes about times from another podcast Karan listen to it also maybe get a hobby see you later guys have a shit one

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  1. Tickets to me 2019 tour are on sale now
    All dates tickets and info here:

  2. People keep coming back because you're a funny cunt, the only thing stopping me from going to your shows is that I live in the UK

  3. From my perspective with the joke on X. He personally changed my life and has helped me to deal with my problems, (very bad) and insecurities with his emotion and lyrics which perfectly fits the mindsets I have to deal with. With your point about his lyrics talking about murder, I see it is taking a walk through his mind and how he feels, which people can relate to. Your girlfriend was right with the fact that we (x fans) don't like the jokes around his death specifically because for a lot of us it feels like we have lost someone close to us in the sense that they have helped us significantly through hardship. Take it as someone making a joke about, say your older brother for example, who passed away, specifically their death. I know its nothing like losing a family member, but the impact they did have on you was like somebody was there for you when you needed them the most (like family) and that is going to hurt, even if it is just a joke. By the way I'm almost 18 and not some 14 year old kid haha. Oh and I don't find 9/11 funny😂 I think death is a tragedy and don't find any joke revolving around the death of people personally funny, (other than metaphorically) . I hope you do read this in its entirety to understand why people aren't happy with this joke. By the way love the vids Lew! It always cheers me up to lie down, chill out and have a fucking laugh 😁 By far my favourite comedian of all time. Have a good one

  4. if it was a ram problem the computer would have told you, it would def know if there was a ram problem but if you take out both ram stick and it has no ram in it idk what would happen so you need to have at least some ram in there so get new sticks and try that but the computer would probably know what was wrong if it was a ram problem

  5. Your computer needs ram otherwise it won't boot properly. The solution is really easy, just buy and install new ram that is compatible with your Mac. That 4head at Apple was a fucking moron and should have told you that.

  6. I ordered a pair of Apple earphones online, came in when they said it was ready and it still took three cunts for me to get my earphones.

  7. i have never been into an apple store in my life and i guarantee i'm better off for it

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