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the people who watch my series on the hermit craft server you will recognize this thing right here this is a project that I've been working on over the past couple weeks it's my single witch hunt which farm with a perimeter around the outside to make sure that nothing else can spawn so this thing is pretty efficient it produces around about 4,000 items per hour which for me is more enough but for a certain group of people in the Minecraft community that is nowhere near enough and those are members of the side craft server for those of you who don't know who they are these people are extreme technical Minecrafters these are people that are focused on automating everything to the ninth degree they just want everything to be as efficient and as perfect as possible and I'm a mega fan of everything that they're doing and they have invited me to hop on and check out some of their builds and have to say I'm super excited so let's pop one through oh and you should totally prepare for my witch farm – now look utterly pathetic in fact I'm embarrassed to even call it a witch farm now as half a million blocks to place what it actually did it in one day yeah I was gonna say I mean how do you how how many maps is this that's 500 525 640 / 640 blocks that's about 420,000 I think Wow quick math and so and you had to color code all of this write out everything I mean I'm assuming it's not to scale but they're kind of suggestions as to where things are yes and I got this the city area in the middle is just all that the closer forms yeah and some of the destinations up to almost 10,000 blocks away oh yeah this is not the scale it's just like a subway map to indicate of everything yes this is absolutely beautiful and every line you see here is the piston board here in the network in the neder and then of course in the overworld it's ten thousand times eight away so even more yeah Wow okay so that's that's pretty serious alright so let's let's finally look at the first which farms cuz we had to well rebuild things a little bit yep so yeah things changed some people who might remember the old servitors knew there was multiple versions of rooms around the portal here but those actually still are quite which parameter just that things got changed quite a bit so this is making my eyes go a bit funny in terms of like it's difficult to know it's difficult to judge scale right now because everything's so massive I mean if you take a sense of scale you can always fly see we come prepared the entire area just for me it's actually not for you so okay I think off switch should be off I'm waiting five more seconds and then lock out and then we cancel our forms this is this is this is one of the witch farms I mean for my baby little witch from that I'm building on the hammock craft server I'm using this exact design if I remember correctly if I'm just looking at it but yeah or at least very very similar to it so yeah I'm familiar with that one but obviously I've only done one whereas you guys have got four in an enormous well we got four of them here so yeah this is our old quad which perimeter which was originally a reason to choose the seed yeah so maybe you should also head down maybe someone the meantime controller on the farms oh I'd love to see that I mean how long is this perimeter roughly I'm I just have interested about five million blocks five million okay this was actually a hand tuck four years ago no not now you fight for pickaxes and hmm I mean that's actually not that much in terms of parameter volume yeah I'm seeing a lot of witches I mean I'm in space take the mode now and I'm seeing a lot of witches drop out the bottom already and so there's four of these I mean how many out how many items are are you getting from these things one is about six thousand two hundred at maxim's and these are about six thousand one hundred well okay others that's uh that's that's a lot of stuff that's a lot of items I'm not usually one of the slowest farms actually that's the reason why we've built more of them so this is one of the slowest farms you say yes super slow because there's so few spawning spaces right yeah it's only those four Hut's here and quad perimeters they are really pretty rare we even used seed as we said yeah um so yeah the farms were way too slow for our redstone needs and that's why we build all the stuff we saw today on the server – yeah and also one of these produce is only about 775 redstone an hour which is not enough for up so you need you need more than that so you're you're actually using more than 775 redstone an hour on there on that this is like the miles per when you're buying a car it's not the miles per gallon you talking redstone per hour on the side craft server and this it was to put into perspective VAP had some form of quadrature arms for four years now and ran them for easily over 500 hours but currently we are out of redstone dust ridiculous and we need like probably half a million redstone dust just like to craft things the near future what I can't even fathom these numbers these numbers are totally ridiculous to me anyway now that the side craft members had showed me their slowest which farm it was now time to take a look at the project they actually wanted to show me today which was their serve a wide project of in connecting over 20 which farms yes what which just doesn't cut it constantly running low and it had had issues get enough rest on us that's why we decided to add more which huts and obviously we don't we only have one question on this seed a map yeah the next best thing would be a triple wit shot which is the nearest one was what over 1 million blocks away so it wasn't feasible to go there yeah and that's why we decided to use the double wit shots which usually find around every 10,000 blocks on normal roads and we added a lot of double which hurts additionally to the quad which shut and if you if you know map you can see it which has icons always indicate one double wit shirt and total we have 20 now you can also hear next you can travel through each of those locations check it out now two things to get around on the side craft server you use piston bolts pretty much exclusively and there's so much fun to ride on also while I was riding this piston bolt I asked them if they'd be disgusted at the thought of building her a single witch farm and they essentially laughed and said that it's good enough for a single I'm so embarrassed I thought my witch film was good and this will take me to the way to farm yeah yes yeah I just realized I asked that after I jumped into it which I loved the sign that you guys have created as well that's very very cool that's German how did they do that is that just you kind of take an image that you've created in Photoshop or something then use a program and then just place it block by block or yes yeah pretty much yes of course a double perimeter only yeah as I mentioned before well the portal is in one of the farms and you might actually notice there's quite a big Tower built around each of these farms yeah which seems a bit unnecessary and if you also fly somewhere to the side of this butch pad here that everything's built on yeah you can't jump on that one okay you can also show the edges of the perimeter to show how low down we are yes of course we bumped everything here with world leaders down to bedrock yeah basically to Patrick exactly and then actually refilled it again using a large cobble generator with flying machines to push everything in in order to fill essentially the first sub trunk now the reason they do this is to essentially prevent lag and if you want more in-depth explanation checking out their video I would like to mention two things the bot descriptors well first of all this one it's bigger than the last one I did notice my noticed this is about 16 million blocks in volume 16 million yep and I'm I mean that is yeah this is a ridiculous render distance as far as the server endless chunks we removed everything 528 528 blocks and a top to bedrock and so was this automated by flying machines with this point and as well Thank You ping that Tingy tipping machines that you also used on your episode I think yeah flying over bumping stuff down and then we also have a sweepers at the bottom that get rid of the liquids that pop up so at the TNT can destroy the blocks below liquids as well and that way it's mostly automated there of course some obsidian blocks here and there that we have to remove by hand but everything else the machine is the Machine does everything else and how long did that take so in terms of just sheer machines moving time the beginning we made the perimeter in 36 hours and remove everything but yeah we got better over time you know we got to type down to 8 hours to make one of those complete perimeters eight hours sir but we had a group of 10 to 15 people working on it but an 8 hours we got from normal terrain to everything bombed out and so you are you just getting much better at building the flying machines is that it and we're also machines yeah so the first time we did this we used a really slow world later that will deter all took almost I think 12 hours or something to finish right it was really slow really lucky yeah we didn't optimize it at all and then over time we just built better and better versions iterative improvement and at the moment I think the world later takes something like six hours a bit more to finish that's amazing I think our current record for doing everything's of bombing out the whole area of building the whole Stone generation all the witch farms doing literally everything you see right now he is 11 and a half hours no 14 14 14 hours that is so bonkers that you guys can manage to do that within 14 hours I mean that's crazy because I mean I hate to keep bringing up the because it almost seems sad to bring up my little witch hunt that I'm building on the hermit craft server when I'm standing here because it doesn't look anywhere near suppresive is this but like we me and green were totting up the amount of time that I'd spent so far on the witch hut and it came to like 36 hours or something ridiculous like that and that's for a single witch hunt with a much smaller perimeter of only 1.2 million blocks so you've done 16 times the amount of space and also completely flattened it and also built the entire witch hut and also surrounded them in stone and cover the entire area in carpet and you've managed to do that in 14 hours and that's that's so impressive but as you mentioned while we're over at the train station map in the nether hub this isn't the only wedge farm that they've constructed there's an entire network of them so it was time to check out all of the other designs that they had now I thought it'd be a good idea to kind of montage this because a lot of the designs are really quite similar all of them are built in a similar fashion in that you have the two witch huts and then you have these gigantic 16-million perimeters 16-million blocks I mean it's totally ridiculous to even say that once again to bring it back to my little hermit craft which huh that's a 1.2 million block parameter and I thought that was impressive coming on here it's completely ruined it for me the thing that I especially like about these things is how much consideration has been taken to make them lag friendly obviously all of the bottom sub chunks have been filled all of those stone blocks have been filled in around the witch farm as well to prevent lag and every single possible consideration that could possibly made to reduce lag has been made so that they can run farms like this on the server without causing any issues I just love seeing minecraft engineering like this I mean it's it's so cool to witness and I feel so privileged to have been able to pop on and actually see these contraptions in person but now that you've seen the farms I'm sure the question that all of you are asking is where do all of the items actually go where do they get stored and the answer is they get stored centrally this is where things get really interesting and so the items so the items are landing on the sole sand which is covered in buttons and then they're all going down I guess into these things what is a combined item sorter and sheikha box filler right okay so since we have a we do striker boxes on the service we haven't kind of unlimited amount of them yeah we store everything in striker box because it makes it easier to transport absolutely but as you can see there as there's no storage here so everything is just getting stored in those shaker boxes which should unbroken and fall down into the water stream once filled up and so maybe yeah maybe if you follow that water stream they just go into the nether but lots of things yep so we have you've been spending quite some time traveling to all of destinations it would be way too tedious if you ever need items just to go here yes that's why we actually have a central which from storage yeah maybe if he goes through the portal next can see how we transport the troika boxes in screwed another dimension we should actually mentioned that we don't send every single box for an esse so maybe if you look at the dress stone system here we we fill up a complete chest yeah so this is under the quads there once it's completely filled up then we send a patch into the portal so we don't activate the whole transportation system for each striker box each time right that makes sense that would be pretty likely I'm assuming yeah so every about 10 hours it takes into the double just fill up you send the patch through and then look at this thing this is the room is just for the dugout because then we can see the greatest on yeah the register is mostly for trunk load so we can't load the area so every every chunk that you want to process empties in has to have a 5×5 area of chunks around it loaded right so in order for the boxes to get picked up because they obviously arrive as items from the nether portal we have to load a 5×5 around them and then they get picked up by the super my cart and get transported into this dropper line here that makes sense and this dropper line is this a super super fast drop align by the settings 10 meters per second trouble a 100 meter space basically we could build a instant drop a line all the way to around spawn from here yeah but then we would need to load all the chunks at once and that would cost lag spikes yes we slowly load the chunks along to drop a line and just yeah get them through in 80 thousands of blocks long the end of the dropper to start of to drop a line can already unlost art unloading while it's actually still has items in it they were traveling through it it's much more efficient to not do it instantly maybe don't go too far down to drop our line because it goes all the way up to spawn and we're like you could actually just follow the dropper line and spectator mode sorry I started flying down there because that's okay we've almost all made it back some people are still struggling so we're very close here to our nether hub and yeah well here's our central storage obviously it's not here in the nether but yeah I'll never have back so you can just slightly see it up there yeah that's where all the Shire boxes that go when they come through the nether right here it's just a drop a line coming in and well chunk loading grid around it then we shoot it into a portal yep and I suggest we head to the other side and take a look at that this chunk loading grid not only turns on the storage we also because of the wave and crafter excellent point well if they also have to make sure that the chunk leg rig doesn't unload in order to not break the redstone on top right that's why in the north east corner you can also see instant line going towards the server spawn activating a purple loader so they actually got another line here just to make sure that the chunk loading line doesn't break over 3,000 blocks basically say are saving the system from from crashing Wow and we got morning for anyone who doesn't know what a mob switch is is essentially a bunch of mobs that are in the Lazy chunks of the spawn chunks and when you load them up it stops all mobs spawning in the world so they're used to playing in a world that doesn't have any mobs on but when the mob switches off of you see things start to spawn and they freak out okay yeah yeah really weird not having a mob switches really where you get used to mobs which is so quickly it's really good do not have of spawning okay so got tracker boxes in this case incoming through the dropper elevator yeah and then first we check if we actually got a striker box so we try to fill it the item into another striker box a normal item goes in there obviously another striker box coming put another shaker box so all the items that are not a shaker box could sort it out put in this chest here right then we also have further control if the shaker box is completely filled up because sometimes when you build a new storage your hopper lens in a system or whatnot yeah so then we also check if the striker box is completely filled up for signal string 15 if not also gets put in a box in there yeah and finally everything is alright it's put into the storage here yeah and we basically got the seven different item types you get from the witches but you still need to sort it in in order to do that we take one item out of the shaker box yeah run it over this filter system here mm-hmm if the items get picked up a hopper then a striker box which parallely also gets put through the dropper system also gets put into debt slot and the items is back foot back into the striker box and that's how we kind of sort filled tracker boxes in this case right I mean and this is your storage on the opposite side a cistern in the storage in your possessory up okay so I can see that I thought as you mentioned an ear on the redstone is currently empty but is I mean you have a decent amount of life Stein I think that goes without saying I mean when you say well redstone apparently there's a few shockers there so if there are no yesterday a little bit there it's crazy so I mean I like the fact that if because for me I mean having a having a few sugar boxes filled with redstone I've kind of been alright with that I feel pretty confident whereas you guys forget that you have a few shocker boxes of redstone lying around and you need to have a full full storage system to be happy and have one that cleared up the server I picked up like ten Shanker books is full of redstone blocks that were just left over to server because no one cared about I mean that's gotta be that's got to be crazy so with so with this storage I mean it's around about nearly a hundred thousand items per double chest isn't it when they're filled with three thousand so each item type you can store five million yeah yeah you had that correct five million redstone dust can be stored in their system impressive now where is this storage system well this I gotta say made me laugh my render distance isn't far enough to actually you know get this the full impression of this thing this is totally ridiculous so is the storage so the storage system is actually in the base of the witch hut is it yes we wasted one which HUD what is this but wait there's more the sigh craft guys then found an exploit is so powerful and so efficient that even they considered it to be cheating this is something that I've got to see very hard I mean technically mob spawn everything yes yeah yeah and witches can spawn in the overworld anywhere pretty where it's dark yeah yeah so is it this is completely normal I know Moe could someone explain what exactly is happening here that's your point come on expensive sex combs okay I'll explain it very concisely a ganache intended this way come on basically the mob spawning depending on random calls okay the gist is that the game needs to figure out where to spawn mobs and but obviously computers aren't fully random there's and there is a structure to computers and making a completely random system is impossible so so they the thing is when you use a randomizer in the game you should keep in mind when you're programming that you shouldn't make it exploitable and they forgot a line or so and left an exploit in the game and that is – that is the exploit is that the randomizer can be reset and you use that reset – to create witch hats for example and other structures such as mansions and stuff but you can trigger that reset every time you load a chunk and if you know how the reset behaves then you can get the same outcome every single game take and if you know that if for example the specific load chunk load and you get a witch hard to spawn in a specific location you can just reset that event every single game tick just like a command block and I believe the way they do this is by loading 18,000 chunks all at once to kind of overload the server and then recently orangey although I could be totally wrong there so I mean it's kind of gone over my head so I think it's safe to say that that was ridiculously impressive I mean I loved seeing all of the witch hunts I loved seeing the RNG witch heart as well I mean it's just it's totally bonkers seeing what's possible what is possible in Minecraft if you dedicate the time and also the research into it I'm oh yeah I'm completely blown away by everything that I've seen here and they actually gave me a tour of a lot of the other builds on the server and they're just as imperative if not even more impressive so I'll be piecing those two in some fun world tour video as well so look forward to watching that one but anyway big thank you to the side craft guys for giving me a tour is much appreciated links to all of their details down in the description but anyway I hoped you enjoyed this video if you did please listen that like ban and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe but thanks for watching guys this is Ben mumbo and I'm out I'll see you later you're pathetic you're a pathetic witch farm I don't even want to see you anymore you

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  1. I would never have the patience to make one of these. So the fact they made an entire network worth 16 million blocks each is just crazy.

  2. I made it 3/4 into the video before my brain overloaded. I can't contemplate spending so much time building things at this scale.

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