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The stars of Disney’s Frozen II reveal Elsa and Anna’s new journey

The stars of Disney’s Frozen II reveal Elsa and Anna’s new journey

I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone or anything. (suspenseful music) – Getting into Frozen two
and having to reconnect with your characters, did
you do anything special to get back into it? – I don’t fell like we ever left it. – [Interviewer] Okay. – Because these movies
take a long time to make. So, right after the first one came out there was a little gap but
then almost immediately they started talking about a second one, and because the first
one had such a long life- like, it was somehow
in theaters for a while and it was in the (mumbles). I don’t feel like I ever left it. Also, Anna basically is me. So, no. I’m with her every day (chuckles). – [Idina Menzel] Every
concert and every place I’ve traveled in my
life I take her with me and sing her songs every
day and sort of it’s just an amazing reminder of this gift that is Frozen and how it connects us
with these audiences. So, yeah I think she’s right. It’s not an off and on switch. – Talking about the songs… You know, with the first
film we had Let It Go, which was a huge, huge hit. Now we’re going into the second one, we got a lot of new music. Is there a song that’s
already a stand out for you? Yeah? A couple maybe? – I mean, I think we all have some pretty amazing songs, to be honest. – Evan Rachel Wood, who
plays our mom, sings this lullaby that I’ve been trying
to sing to my kids for– – It’s sort of this folk folky song. – Oh, it’s so beautiful. But, I haven’t been
able to get Idina’s song Into The Unknown out of my head since I first saw it last month, so– They dug deep, they really did. They don’t just write songs. They really write the characters and they tell story through their music. – It’s in that same
vein of the first film, but it’s still a bit different
because even this film in it’s entirety, we’re
seeing a different setting, we’re seeing a different time. – It’s deeper, this movie. That’s what I would say
about it, it’s deeper. It’s beyond the walls of
Arendelle because they go on this adventure because
Elsa starts hearing this voice. And the whole family –
Kristoff, Olaf, Anna and Elsa – go on this exploration
adventure and you see a whole different world. It’s not in the kingdom
of Arendelle at all. You meet new characters, and there’s this sense of adventure. And what they learn on this kind of– This adventure is facts
about their history and their parents and their family that currently threaten their kingdom. – Now, out of Anna and Elsa,
if you could have a sibling who do you think you
would- who would you pick? – It would be her. I mean, because we feel so-
I mean I don’t want to speak for you but- we feel so close to our own characters, I think that- definitely. And she often reminds
me of my younger sister. – Oh, really cool. – Yes, and her being a lot
smarter than me (laughs). She’s just wise beyond her years. – I just talk faster and sometimes that comes across as wisdom. (Idina laughs) – She’s got a great
perspective on a lot of things that I really respect her for, and it’s the same with my sister. – I remember watching
her as an audience member and just going like “Oh
my God, what a queen.” And then I remember at a
reading of Frozen they asked us to prepare a song and
I had never met her before so my first meeting was
“Okay, so this Saturday you’re “going to go to Idina Menzel’s
house and just practice singing Wind Beneath My Wings with her.” And I was like “Uh, who is this? – (laughs) The piano. – “Who is this? Is this
my dream come true? – But I felt the same way
about her, I admired her. – But also, I showed
up and I was so nervous to sing with Idina, and she was so kind and she was just like
“It’s okay, let’s just “do this” and there was
just this familial sense of everything’s going to be okay. Which I also have with my sisters, and it was just lovely from day one. (outro music)

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