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The INSEAD Executive MBA: A Transformative Journey

The INSEAD Executive MBA: A Transformative Journey

I think—you know when I think of INSEAD, and when I think of the first day when we started the programme and the last day when we all graduated together, how transformed everyone was. I decided it was time to really expose myself to new ideas and be challenged from both the professors and the student body. Having, I think, 57 nationalities in one room— the diversity of the way they are thinking and expressing themselves— it was so enriching. Everyone’s been working for around 15 years, so we’ve got a wealth of experience that everyone can bring into every situation. You listen to other people who have a very different analysis and a different way of doing things, and this really opens up your mind. I’ve learned to deconstruct and reconstruct repeatedly. I’m now much more aware of the pitfalls of my own personality and how that works leading an organisation. Coming to INSEAD for an EMBA programme is definitely not about the diploma. It’s about the transformation. INSEAD has reinforced an approach to life that I think is gonna benefit me for many years to come. One word? Inspiring. Enriching. Awesome. Mind-opening. Two words. (Laughs) Sorry! (Laughs) Life-changing. Life-changing doesn’t even begin to explain it. It was a programme that gives you so much more than education. Are you ready to be exposed and really probed to be changed? ‘Cause you will change. A hundred percent of the people changed.

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  1. Hi Guys, I am Vuyo Ngquba, I am enthused by the closing remarks/message "Redefine the Way You Think and Lead, I love it. Thanks for the video, very true we need to reconsider the effects of diversity and what it can add towards the brighter future. BRAVO!

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