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The Hosting Journey Has Amazing Cleaning, with Superhost Evelyn Badia

The Hosting Journey Has Amazing Cleaning, with Superhost Evelyn Badia

What is the hosting journey and what does
it have to do with house cleaning? Well, if you are a house cleaner and you want
more Airbnb jobs, you need to understand the hosting journey in order that you can match
your skills with what they’re looking for. We’re going to talk about that today. Hi, there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask A House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now, I am connected to the best and the brightest
minds in the house cleaning industry and now today I get to say and in the Airbnb industry,
as well. I know! It’s super exciting. First, I have to tell you our show is brought
to you by This is a website that is sponsoring our show
today. It is a website for hosts who do their own
cleaning and also house cleaners who do the turnover service. It’s full of blogs, it’s got books, it’s got
resources, all different kinds of things that you need in order for you to match your turnover
service skills to what your customers are expecting. So check it out at Angela Brown: All right, onto today’s show. Oh, this is super exciting for me. We have an icon in the Airbnb industry. This is Evelyn Badia, who has The Hosting
Journey, which is a podcast, it’s a YouTube show, and she has a Facebook group by the
same name. I know! It’s amazing. And what she does all day, every day is she
dives into the psyche of the hosts that are hosting all of these different Airbnb’s
and vacation rentals around the globe. She is amazing at what she does, and what
she knows. She’s also a host, but not just a regular
host. She’s a Superhost, which means she’s at the
very upper echelon of all of the hosts that are out there, and she has to meet a certain
criteria in order to be in that space. So joining us today to answer all of our questions,
please help me welcome Evelyn Badia. Hi! So thank you for having me, Angela. It is such a pleasure to finally for us to
be together. My name is Evelyn, and I’ve been an Airbnb
host since 2010, before Airbnb was a verb. Angela Brown: You are not just a host, you
are a Superhost. Tell the listeners that are new to hosting
what a Superhost is and what you have to do to earn that status. Evelyn Badia: They keep changing the criteria. So I know right now you cannot have cancellations, you have to have hosted over 10 trips, you have to have a certain percentage of reviews
that have to be five stars, at least a 4.8, I believe is the percentage. And you have to have a commitment to your
guests. And look, I think what happens as the Superhost,
we have this criteria of what we want to deliver to our guests. And everybody strives to become a Superhost,
but then the question becomes, do your guests know what is a Superhost? Because not everybody does. Angela Brown: Well, there are a lot of house
cleaners, and I get asked this question about 30 times a day: House cleaners want to be
in the house cleaning … working with properties and working with hosts, and they want to know
how do they connect with hosts. And so is it different connecting with a Superhost,
as it is with just a regular host? Evelyn Badia: I used to do my own cleaning
for many years. And we’re very particular, we’re very meticulous
because you’re not cleaning just a house. Right? There’s a difference between you cleaning
for somebody like a family and that … Let’s say, for example, oh it’s okay that I’m late. Oh, it’s okay, oh I’m sick and I didn’t show
up; I’m going to come tomorrow. No, no, no. That doesn’t play well with us. With us, it’s like if we tell you to be there
at 11:00, I want you there at 10:45. Well, at 11:00, because that’s when the guests
are leaving. But I need you to be there on time. And also, we might want you to have a little
bit of design attitude. Sort of like … We’re very specific about
how I like my place setup, my sheets set up, my towels set up. So there’s very specifities. A newbie Airbnb host might not have the specifications
and that criteria that we, as Superhosts, have. Believe me … And I keep telling my hosts,
you have to have a team. Without a team, we’re nobody. But I train my cleaners. I don’t send my cleaners out there without
having them have a checklist, without properly them having cleaned with me. Angela Brown: So would you say that it’s fair
for a professional house cleaner that wants to work with a host, that they have to be
a little bit humble when they arrive, and they have to be willing to learn your way
as a host; because the way that they do it for the general population is not going to
work? Because like you said, they have to be there
on time because you have time-sensitive guests coming in at a specific time. Evelyn Badia: Oh, yes. Angela Brown: There are reasons you have to
do what you have to do. Evelyn Badia: It’s so funny because I started
remote hosting this year. I had a cleaner, but she also had … She
wasn’t just my cleaner; she worked with another company, and she got really busy, and she
went away. And while I was remote hosting, I had to hire
a bunch of cleaners without me meeting them. And there was this one particular person,
and this time, I was in town, and I was paid a lot of money. I mean we’re talking about $35 to $40 an hour,
which is a nice rate, and I let him clean. And when I came back I was like, “Oh no. No, no. No, no. Sweetie, this is not to my standards.” I went through the entire house with him,
through the entire apartment, and we had to do it another hour. And he was like, “Okay, I will work for you
for free, just for you to teach me.” Angela Brown: It’s great that he was willing
and humble to meet your expectations, because once he knows that information, he can’t unlearn
that information. So now he knows it for next time, and he will
then meet your expectations every cleaning from there on out. Evelyn Badia: Yes, exactly. I mean, because there’s cleaning, and then
there’s Superhost cleaning. We have very specific needs. I have a host in a podcast who does her places
for travel nurses. And she’s like … She wants her place to
be emergency room clean. You know? Like operating room clean that is perfect. And we understand that it takes time. Look, because we clean ourselves, I know it
doesn’t take two hours to clean my place. I also know that you’re going to have to do
a deep clean every few guests, because the little wraparound that you have to do every
guest that comes in and out, because you have to change the sheets and do the beds and clean
the bathroom. But then, it’s like, let’s clean the molds,
let’s change the filters on the air conditioners. Do we have to clean the windows? Clean the ceiling fans? Right? And those are things that are additional. Angela Brown: And so how much do ratings and
reviews have to do with being a Superhost? Is that-
Evelyn Badia: Everything. And for me, it’s not just even being a Superhost. Is the satisfaction for your guest. It’s like look, the title on my listing is,
Stay At A Five Star Airbnb. I cannot say that if I don’t have five stars
on my cleaning. And therefore, I compensate my cleaner with
that. Look, I don’t see my person as, she’s just
a cleaner. She’s my host, she’s my team. She’s also the front person that tells me
like, “Oh, we need more supplies. Oh, this broke. Oh, there’s stains on the sheets, you need
to replenish them. There’s some issues here or there.” So she’s not a cleaner, she’s a team. She’s part of my team. And that is one of the reasons why I like
to have one person with me. And I do have backups for it, because emergencies
happen. Angela Brown: A minute ago, you said that
you were doing some remote hosting. And so what is remote hosting, for those that
are unfamiliar with the term? Evelyn Badia: So remote hosting is when the
host is not in town, and you might be out of town, and you might not be neither in the
same city, or you might be away, or you might be on vacation or something like that. And then you need the person to be there. Angela Brown: So this leads me to another
question, and I get asked this question about 30 times a day. Where there are house cleaners that will get
a text from somebody who claims to be either a remote host, or it’s a person who needs
their house cleaned, and they’re from out of town; and then they just immediately assume
it’s a scam because the person is not there on-site. So how do you differentiate yourself from
the scam artists that are just trying to hire house cleaners and collect their money, or
to actually hire a house cleaner for a remote property that you actually … it’s a real
job? Evelyn Badia: Well, do they have a listing? And the question is this, I mean, how can
we protect the cleaner? Should they get paid beforehand, especially
if it’s a new person? Angela Brown: Well, one of the biggest scam
alerts is that they want their information, like, “Will you send me your driver’s license
information, and then I will cut you a check,” or, “There’s somebody else that’s going to
come deliver a key, and I’m going to pay them, and they will pay you.” There are signs that are kind of like, “Eh,
I don’t think so,” but I know that there are a lot of hosts like yourself that are working
offsite, that have legitimate jobs. Evelyn Badia: What I was a site, a website
called Task Rabbit to get that person in between. And also, you have reviews, recommendations
from friends. And then when I came back to my Airbnb, I
just went through Craigslist. I posted a link, and then I just interviewed
people and they went through my own process of cleaning and training and everything else. And I didn’t get someone who was a professional
cleaner. She cleans in hospitals, and then I train
her to become an Airbnb cleaner for me. Angela Brown: And so, would you recommend
that it’s not going to be a professional cleaning company that work for Airbnb’s? Or is it may be like a house mom that just
has that window open during the day between checkout and check-in? Evelyn Badia: You know, it works for different
people. So I have done a podcast episode about that,
because if you have those hours, so say 11:00 to 3:00, you drop off your kid, and you’re really meticulous about cleaning, and this is what you love to do; this could be an excellent
job for you. And you have availability. The problem becomes you need that flexibility
of availability, because we have guests coming in and out between the weekend and any day
at any time, but we don’t have work every day. Angela Brown: You mentioned you have a podcast,
and so I would hope that you would tell us a little bit about your podcast. I’ve listened to it, it’s fantastic. And you also have a YouTube show. Tell us a little bit about that. Evelyn Badia: Well, my YouTube show is not
as good as yours. I have a few episodes, but I haven’t really
… But it’s The Hosting Journey, and I talk about Airbnb, everything Airbnb, just to teach
people how to do hosting. And the podcast is the same, The Hosting Journey. Because it’s just … It’s a job. And we do … It’s sort of like you have to
do marketing, you have to clean, you have to do everything. And I was watching your episode about cleaning
sheets and towels and everything else, and it’s like, that’s all … We go through it. And as hosts, look; our cleaner has to tell us. You are our forefront, and especially if you
are the one person and the host is not there. Let’s say for example if something broke,
if something is missing, or if there’s stained sheets or stained towels, we might be able
to process a claim, but only if we know. Angela Brown: So what I hear you saying, as
the house cleaner on the property, you are the eyes and ears on the ground, and you are
representing the host as the representative of the company when you are there staging
and restocking and cleaning and making sure that everything is super status for the Superhost. Evelyn Badia: Exactly. And look, I compensate appropriately. For me, it’s bonus and it’s like if we get
all five stars cleaning, there’s a bonus from me. It’s like, “Hey, you’re saving my business. Why not reciprocate?” You know? “I appreciate the work that you guys do, because
I know how hard it is.” And look, there’s times I guess a cleaning
might just take a couple of hours because there was not a mess, but then when you have
those kids, those little toddlers with their sticky fingers everywhere; those cleanings
take forever. Angela Brown: Well this has been fascinating
information, and I happen to know that you have both a Facebook group where people can
join. Tell us a little bit about that real quick. Evelyn Badia: So the Facebook group, also
The Hosting Journey, is for anybody who’s thinking about becoming an Airbnb host. Oh my God, we talk everything. Oh, so much conversation. You know, from like, “Are you thinking about
doing just one night hosting?” Which is a lot of cleaning, because you’re
doing all the turnovers. I mean, the sheets, those towels, to bed covers;
everything has to be clean for just one night. But, it makes sense. Oh, we talk about reviews and we talk about
the house manual, everything. Evelyn Badia: So it’s The Hosting Journey. It’s a great Facebook group, it’s from all
over the world. So you know, please join. Angela Brown: And I also know that you have
a training program where you train hosts how to maximize their home sharing profits. Tell us a little bit about that, and where
customers can go, our viewers can go and take a look and also hire you for that. Evelyn Badia: Yes, so everything is at I have a manual for people to create in their
house. It’s all about communication with your guests. It’s what I believe. And right now, I’m creating a program called
Having Your Airbnb Created With Your Heart, Soul And A Little Bit Of Science. Because especially hosts that do their home,
it’s a little bit different than places that are just anywhere. Right? We differentiated, we’re not an Airbnb. We’re home. We’re hosts. And so for me, it’s like creating a business
where it’s coming from our heart, our souls. But I also use science to tap into what our
guests want and needs. So it’s at Angela Brown: You’re just a wealth of information,
and you’ve got some great ideas that both hosts and the cleaners who want to be the
Airbnb hosting partners can benefit from. So this is just awesome. Thank you so much. Evelyn Badia: Yeah. And look as a cleaner, if you just look at
Instagram pages that from hotels, to design, to know how to make a pretty bed. And those little things, those extra things
that might tell the host, that makes you an exceptional cleaner. Because cleaning … Okay, you can clean. But what about that little extra? Tell me like, “Oh hey, the light bulbs went
out. Oh hey, the Wifi is not working properly.” Give me a heads up on issues that might come
up so that we can resolve them together. Angela Brown: All right, and that is Evelyn
Badia. Thank you so much for joining us today. And I got news for you. She just agreed to come back and do other
shows for us, where we can get all of our cleaning questions answered so that you can
match your expectations to those of your hosts, and they can match the expectations of their
guests. I know. I’m super excited. All right, so we’re going to leave links in
the show notes to everything that we talked about today so that you can find her podcast
and her YouTube show, and then also hire her for her seminars and workshops. All righty, if you found this helpful, please
pass it onto a friend. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a
cleaner place than when you found it.

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