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It’s raining! Rain and fire –
opposites attract! We are in Marrakech for the first
Dior Cruise fashion show on African soil! And of course you have the subtitles! The Dior show will take place tonight,
in the heart of the city of Marrakech. It is Alexandre de Betak
and his Bureau Betak who organized the production of the huge
event along with the Dior teams. It is a one of a kind
gigantic technical puzzle. – What did you never do in this setting? There are a lot of
things that we never did. Such a large scale, in a
unique place – it’s our biggest set ever. There are 500 linear meters of walls.
250 meters of runway. Quite a feat! And the greatest view ever,
I believe we’ve never done this. – And where are we? We are at the Badi Palace,
in Marrakech. It is a palace of the 14th century. This building is at the origin
of the country’s history. This is the first international
fashion show to be held here. I think it’s the first international
one in Marrakech and Morocco. The production includes a giant open-air
nightclub, for the party after the show. It’s getting very hot, the umbrellas
are out for the rehearsals in full sun. VIPs are coming. Alexander of Betak is looking towards the
horizon from where the clouds are coming. – Let’s hope it won’t come… The rain threatens the impeccable hairstyles of
the influencers and the nerves of the organizers. Here is the editor Dominique Miceli,
she co-produced my documentary on Marc Jacobs &
Louis Vuitton a few years ago. She moved to Marrakech since! Oh, there are raindrops! Oh no! Shut up, it would be a disaster! Lupita Niyongo is here,
also Jessica Alba and Jeanne Damas. Gorgeous! Emmanuelle Alt and Jennifer Neyt
from Vogue Paris. – You look great! You bet! Amira Casar and
chef Yannick Alleno. Karlie Kloss. And who is sitting discreetly –
of course it’s Diana Ross! It’s raining! My hair is going to curl,
what a pity! Yes, there are raindrops –
what a catastrophe! Guests are trying
to find shelter. Everything becomes an umbrella. – It’s raining! And then the rain stops,
time come back! Alexandre de Betak knows
that rain will come back, he decides to advance the show. He takes the microphone. Let’s do it sooner. If we have 15 minutes
before the rain, we take it now. They light up fires on the water. The duck of 8pm is there – it is a duck
that comes to the pools every night at 8pm. And as it’s 8pm,
the duck of the 8pm is there. – It is 8:30, well it’s the duck of 8.PM. The first outfit is a strong symbol,
it is a wool coat from Sumano, a cooperative of Moroccan women. Maria Grazia Chiuri was fascinated by their ancient
techniques, earthy colors obtained with unique processes. The Sumano women have made this coat – the
crossroad of Moroccan know-how and French luxury. We met Maria Grazia Chiuri this afternoon
and she explained the process. The music, commissioned by Michel Gaubert, is
composed by Alex Paterson of the English band The Orb and performed by virtuosos
of the Joujouka. It’s a Sufi music, literally
a 4000-year-old hallucinatory trance. It’s the favorite music of Brian Jones of the
Rollings Stones who recorded an album in 1968. Acid oboes, hardcore bamboo flutes, crazy percussions, a music made to fall down
and have seizures. A coat in unbleached mat. A jacket in silk shantung. Jacquard taffeta pants
with khaki camouflage pattern. Many khaki camouflage patterns. A plastron embroidered
with a thousand Murano glass beads. A long dress that is not wax
but taffeta printed exotic toile de jouy. A long dress in jacquard lurex. A parade of virginal evening dresses. The stray cat of the Palace El Badi
is now a social network star. The star material of the collection is this cotton canvas
with saturated patterns typical of African wardrobes: the wax! Maria Grazia Chirui and her teams went to Abidjan to
spot one of the flagship suppliers of wax, Uniwax. And we see that Maria Grazia Chiuri
was fascinated by the narrative prints. Dior also has saturated patterns
in its DNA; the toile de jouy. And Maria Grazia Chiuri has
her own obsession: Tarot cards. Result – they mixed the toile de jouy,
tarot and wax and we get cotton wax shirts, cotton wax pants, pleated skirts
in wax cotton, wax madness. The tones are emeralds, wine, indigo, ocher, beige, blood, with Tarot element! 10. The 27. Le Monde. L’amour. The wheel of fortune. Winged lions. Here is a bar jacket,
surely the most iconic Dior silhouette. Skirt like a flower,
tailored jacket with basques. The bar jacket was created in 1947
at the first ever Christian Dior show. When you become a designer at Dior, the first
challenge is to reinterpret the bar jacket. Another bar jacket, but this one
is not signed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. It’s from Grace Wales Boner, a star designer
from London, who won the LVMH Prize in 2016 and was invited by
Maria Grazia to collaborate. I talked to her earlier. Another bar jacket. The jacket is
fully embroidered on the back, like a bright revelation
when you leave the room. Drama! This is the work of the
artist Mickalene Thomas who has already collaborated
with the house on special bags. She came with her muse,
her companion. Here the hat also looks
like the original hat worn in 1947. It is not a coincidence as explained by
Stephen Jones, the officiel hatmaker of Dior. I asked Dior Heritage all the pictures
of the original Bar hat from 1947. And we put that in a 3D modeling computer. We combine all the photos
to measure exactly the right sizes. Yes, there are many
collaborations on this collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri worked a lot,
investigated a lot and she opened the doors of Dior
and its workshops for designers, artists. It’s a mined field. The tensions around
cultural appropriation are at their peak, the French luxury brand
navigates on troubled waters. Imagine the criticisms Dior is exposed to
for the smallest handbag, or belt buckle. Maria Grazia Chiuri conducted the investigation,
seeked interlocutors, invited specialists. This is supermodel Adesuwa: as she was wondering about
the collection, she spoke with Maria Grazia Chiuri. This silhouette is undoubtedly
the most moving of the collection. It’s done by the star of African
fashion in Abidjan: Pathé O. A tribute to Nelson Mandela. I collaborated in making the shirt
that pays tribute to President Mandela. – That is an important shirt for
you, right? A lot. I dressed him during his lifetime. Why do you do fashion?
How did you start doing it? By necessity. I did not come in fashion for love, no. I was born in the countryside. I arrived in Abidjan,
I did not know what to do. I have no parents, no family. I do not have a job, I did not
go to school to get degrees. And at the time, the only job
that is possible is what is tailoring. That’s why fashion in Africa
has stayed behind, because we consider people who make
fashion as people who have not succeeded. Or who have no family, unschooled. Some models walk by three because
the collection is so rich, 113 outfits. At rehearsals they realized that if they came one
by one, the show would last until tomorrow morning. The turban is omnipresent
but each time knotted soberly. Martine Henry, a Ghanaian-English milliner had
turbans knotted without specific ethnic codes. Fabric strips are reworked by Stephen Jones with
a metal wire that allows them to be sculpted. Ruth Bell closes the show, she’s the iconic model
for Maria Grazia Chirui since her arrival at Dior. For the finale,
the music becomes even more intense, the men of Joujouka come from
the mountains of the south of Morocco. Their music calms the demons and when the demons
are calmed, it promises a good harvest, fertility. Backstage is exploding! And after the finale and
Maria Grazia Chiuri’s bow, Diana Ross landed in an Haute Couture
dress and got the crowd crazy. Bernard Arnault of LVMH
seemed to appreciate. – What did you think of the show? Magic. Marrakech magic. So beautiful. I loved the rain! Rain and fire. Opposites attract! And we came across Catherine Elate, from Dior’s
ready-to-wear workshop – she is retiring! – Tomorrow morning? Tomorrow morning it’s over! I leave my adorable family,
my children, my beloved bosses. But it’s time for me to stop. My heart is broken, but… – Happy retirement! Thank you so much! And thank you everyone! And we had a drink with
Dior’s ready-to-wear workshop! The next day we went back to Paris,
in a Dior plane! And in fact, there were two Dior planes! Overload! From the Dior plane
we saw the other Dior plane! Dior cushion! Dior wipes! Dior plates! Dior fruits! Dior customers were Diorified
in seventh heaven but Dior’s seventh heaven! Dior! Make it Dior! This was the Dior Cruise 2020 in Marrakech. If it has made you hungry for more
fashion videos, click here click there! And do not hesitate to subscribe to my channel
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