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  1. still the best…they were so comfortable with eachother as musicians they could perform with such ease and expressiveness

  2. Really enjoyed both volumes. A breath of fresh air. There is nothing left to say about Billie and Lester that hasn't already been said. But if you are listening you two. Thank you so much for the music.

  3. Billie and Lester ……like a cold drink of @#%&( * in the middle of a hot summer day…..very satisfying! Yes

  4. A voz da Billie e o saxofone do Lester são uma dupla imbatível. Um deleite para os meus ouvidos.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I began to listen Lester Young in early 60's and then I discovered Miss Holiday. What emotion for me.

  6. Never really listened to this sort of music before and even now it was a mistake , I put Rossini on but must have made an error .What a fantastic collection of beautiful love songs , I always thought that Lennon and McCartney's were the best love songs but these are equally as good, I will be looking for more Billy Holiday music in future.

  7. весь негатив,уходит и на душе прекрасно,спасибо

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