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The BEST Adventure Motorcycle Tire – MITAS E-07 – 50/50 road/off-road

The BEST Adventure Motorcycle Tire – MITAS E-07 – 50/50 road/off-road

these are the MITAS E-07’s
and they are the best adventure motorcycle tire I’ve ever used to define
what is the best tire first you have to define the mission and my mission is
adventure riding for me adventure means a heavily loaded bike on the interstate
it means curvy corner mountain roads long gravel stretches but more than
anything it means I need a tire that’s gonna perform well in grippy nasty dirty
sand gravel muck trails because that’s where I love to go riding and this tire
does all of that quite well and in fact off-road it performs better than a lot
of the knobby tires that I’ve used on these bikes the best way to put it is it
is perfectly mediocre at everything and quite good on the
trail let’s start up one of the biggest debates in motorcycle tires fat versus
narrow I’m a fan of narrow tires I want it to be narrow so it cuts through the
mud through the sand through the muck and grabs the traction that’s buried
down below and these tires are exceptionally narrow for their size this
one which is a 150 only measures out in 141 millimetres wide which makes it very
narrow when I’m off road if I get up on top of mud or sand or or muck the tire
will float back and forth being less stable what I want to do is dig down
through and cut and grab what’s at the bottom with the narrow tire that means I
have more pounds per square inch traction is more about pressure on the
ground than surface area so if I have a tire that has two inches of contact
patch and I have 500 pounds sitting on top of that that means that’s 250 pound
per square inch if I have a smaller tire with only one inch of contact and that’s
safe 500 pounds is on top that means I have 500 pounds per square inch with a
narrow tire and with a lot of pounds per square inch it’s more likely to drive
that tire down into the bottom and grab the traction down below the other places
comes into play is one I’m on the trail and I hit things like water on the
street it’s very unlikely for a motorcycle to hydroplane because it’s
such a narrow contact patch and it’s a very thin layer of water but on the
trail it can be an inch thick it could be a foot deep and with a narrow tire
it’s more likely to drive through that water and get to the bottom this is why
when you go onto the trail so you look at dedicated dirt bikes they’re all
running very narrow 90/90-21 or 190/21 inch tires there’s skinny that can cut
down and grab what they need this tire feels more like a dirt bike tire than
even the nobbies I’ve run on this the E-07 works very well on pavement I’m
getting eight thousand to ten thousand miles out of a set of tires depending
how far you want to run them down to the tread in the heat the tires stick very
well feels almost as good as any Street tire I’ve ever run in the cold I’m not
running that aggressive anyways and I’ve never felt any exceptional slip or slide
or anything just related to the temperature what I really like about
them on the road is the transition these tires because they’re narrow transitions
the bike very very quickly and aggressively and make the bike fill half
the weight of what it actually is the only downfall to use these on the road
is they do carry over some of the same attributes as a knobby tire which means
at speed or with the heavy load the bike is likely to have kind of a little bit
of a walk where you’ll feel the handlebars move as the tread flexes
underneath you there’s a little bit of noise and there’s a little bit of
vibration but it’s less than the Heidenau k60 Scouts and definitely far
less than a pure knobby like the TKC-80 or the Kenda Big Blocks the E-07is an
exceptional tire on the trail it has a nice large tread block where it swings
the mud out I very seldom how these tires pack up it has to be clay or very
sticky in which case any tire is gonna pack up
they have very deep tread on them which means I can stutter
if I’m in the snow they’re deep enough to do that they have a long tread life
but also each one of these sharp edges on the tire works to dig in and to grab
the ground with enough gap in between where it can get down inside and there’s
a balance between having too large a gap and being so tight that it can’t catch
an edge the E-07 just like the Heidenau k60
scouts are renowned for being a very stiff tire and very difficult to mount
and dismount but that shouldn’t dissuade you that should encourage you to go
after this if your adventure is the same as mine the reason is that stiff
sidewall is what helps protect you if the tire gets low if you hit a really
sharp edge or if you end up getting a flat tire and it runs all the way down
you’re less likely to damage your rim and your bike also this bead on the tire
seats very very stiff just like the rest of the wallet once it sits on there it’s
very difficult to break the bead but again if you run out of air or you hit
something very hard it’s less likely to pop off the bead and damage the rim
don’t look at that as a negative that’s a positive that’s one of the things that
makes this such an exceptional off-road tire the MITAS E-07’s are a great value
with the high performance and high mileage that they put out these are the
best adventure tire I’ve ever used

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Bret! What is your opinion on Shinko E705? Yes, it is a bit different type, but I am curious. Many people are happy with them. Thank you for your videos. I am a big fan 🙂

  2. Absolutely agree on the narrow tyres, changed my rims on my 2016 1200GS to take 140 rear and 110 front, now far better off road than the rediculous 170, way more rear grip and it doesn’t get tipped sideways by rocks like it used to on the 170.

  3. reading on mitas webpage the e07+ is a upgrade of the e07
    do you still prefer the "older" e07 ? im finding it hard to find for sale in norway

  4. Yep, I can totaly agree on this. Used to have Mitas E-07 on my previous bike – they were cheap and totaly worth the money. On my bike now i'm riding i have Heidenau K60 scouts, they cost almost twice as the Mitas, but not much better. So going for Mitas again later.

  5. I ran E07 Dakar’s cross country, on several bikes…an excellent tire. Spot on review. That being said they’re kinda sketchy in the rain. After those roached out I slapped TKC80’s on and to be honest … I feel like they’re just as good. The confidence and grip they offer is tough to beat. Downside they’re soft and the tarmac eats em up. Love both tires!

  6. Good video but I think that your opinion of the Mitas E0-7 being the best adventure tire is very subjective. The terrain that was seen in the video looks very mild and for more harsh terrain I personally don’t think it would manage in harsh terrain or something other than neat trails. Still seems like a great tire but I don’t think it would hold up it conditions that I think a lot of other people would consider classifying as adventure. Like I said, great video the tire may suit your style of riding but I don’t think calling it the best adventure tire is entirely true, but again that is your opinion and I respect that.

  7. He's right! I have these tires and they are awesome. Even his comment on the stiffness of the sidewall is right on! I've had 2 flats on my rear tire, and I have plenty of time to get over long before I feel like I'm riding on my rim. And yes, they are a little harder to put on. But I love them – I ride aggressively on the street and the dirt, and so far it's the best of both worlds.

  8. Couldn't agree more! Ive got 10k on my E O7's (honda africa twin) and by the look of them Ive got 2k more. Love on and off road on them!

  9. Couldn't agree more! Ive got 10k on my E O7's (honda africa twin) and by the look of them Ive got 2k more. Love on and off road on them!

  10. I currently have these on my Africa Twin and completely agree with your video. However, the one downside for me is that once you have a few K's on them, the center tread line on the rear can be a problem in muddy slippery trails. That's for me anyway, probably lack of skill plays a part but my shinko 805's felt much better in similar conditions.

  11. The perfect tyre for adventure riding is like a unicorn. It's a fairy tale. To expect a tyre to perform like a dirt bike tyre on the trails and a superbike tyre on the bitumen is unrealistic. It's all about compromise and balance. Give up some speed and handling on the bitumen so you can have some grip and handling on the dirt and vice versa. The tyres I got with the R1200GSA (Anakee 3s) were really good on the bitumen but less than useless on dirt. (Also didn't last long thanks to my somewhat agressive riding style). I wanted but couldn't get the E07s so I got the E07+s and have been quite happy with them. Done some fairly gnarly, rocky, muddy slippery rides with them and can't fault their performance on and off road. Just have to modify my on road riding to suit the tyres.
    Bret, once again a great video, really enjoy your work and excellent production quality.

  12. I use e07 on my Varadero and I think they do the job well. The only downside I have experienced is wet tarmac. They slip easy as soon as the tarmac get damp. Otherwise this is my first choice of gravel tire.

  13. Hey Bret. Great video and thanks. Where are you getting the E-07 in the original version? I can only find the E-07+ for the BMW GS. Do you have any comments on the difference between the original and + versions?

  14. Hi Bret, very good videos. What are the rear tire dimensions you choose to get a narrower profile? I ride 800GS and always put 150/70/17 tire. Is a 140/80/17 tire is okay to make a narrower tire profile? Thank you in advance.

  15. Probably I`ll be the only one who disagree. Had it on my ST750 – i`ve been drifting on asphalt and it got filled quickly in dirt + pretty useless in sand. So its kind of good for everything but does nothing well.

  16. Best for you, your skill level, your type of riding. There is no "best" 50/50. Its what work better for an individual rider. Im sure they are quite good but what works great for one may not work to good for another.

  17. I've got 24000 km on my rear E07 but only got 15000 on the front. Swapped the E07 front to a Shinko 804. 9000 km so far and lots of wear left.

  18. I just put a set of these (Dakar version) on my 2017 KTM SAR and I LOVE them on the bike. I was not disappointed at all.

  19. Great Review. My tkc 70 on my GSA are cupping badly and pretty ruff on the front. Time to change. i do mostly road but like to have the ability to do forest access road. so 85 15 inish. was thinking of tourance or tourance next. Had a set of tourance on my dl1000 and liked them. was looking for a tire that is quieter than the tk 70….so what would you recommend and do you find the e07 loud on the highway?

  20. Bret, I agree 100%. I ride on Mitas 07 since 2 years ago, and I think asame as you: the best tire I've ever used.

  21. These are the tires I decided for my 1290R.
    Replaced the rear, and intend to replace the front soon

  22. Well based on your reviews my new set of Mitas arrived yesterday. Looking forward to see how they fare this summer.

  23. I agree – Used the E07 Dakar tyres on a new Africa Twin, excellent and pretty cheap, too. The Dakar version has the 'yellow stripe' to note the difference from the standard E07; thicker walls for punture prevention. Lasted well and good in the rough stuff. Cheers 😀

  24. All those coarse motorcycle tires chew up those soft trails and destroy them. That along with the noise and smell is why hikers and even bicyclists don't particularly like motorcycle dude activity out in the woods.

  25. Hi Brett, what do you think of the new 07? With the new tread pattern is it still as good as the old one? I am riding an 05 R1150 GSA and would like to run 1 of these on the rear.

  26. I have been using Continental TkC80s mainly commuting, but have driven through mushy mud and snow, as well, with better ability than I ever thought possible. Getting close to 4000 miles on them on a 2015 V Strom 650. No bulges or or choppy tread patterns showing up. Good video info, as always, Ya’ll!

  27. So apparently they don't make these in the sizes needed for my Super Tenere anymore, so with that said would you recommend TKC-80s, the E-07 Dakar's, or the E-07+ and why?

  28. Hi Bret, GREAT review. I am a relative newbie – rode a little as a teenage then started again 10 years ago (I'm now 70). I ride a Husaberg FE390 with Pirelli MT43 trials tires (DOT legal) for rough, rocky off road in the Colorado mountains, but I just bought a new Versys X300 for riding the TAT. The OEM tires (IRC GP210) are great on pavement and fairly good for gravel roads, but I will be upgrading tires after engine break-in period. WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THE E-O7s FOR A LIGHTWEIGHT BIKE LIKE THE VERSYS X300? (Bike is 385 lbs wet; I am 6'3" and 210 lbs; I travel light, perhaps 40 lbs of gear MAX – usually less). Riding is about 50/50 street/dirt. BTW, bar risers and foot peg lowering blocks are magic for tall guys on this bike! -Ray near Durango, CO

  29. What do you think of the Anakee Adventure for more road oriented touring? 70% on/30% off, mostly gravel and dirt (very limited mud, puddles, etc)

  30. Great videos, thanks for sharing. My experience with the MT-07 is different. They came stock on the 2019 KTM 690R and are diabolical on sand and mud (especially the front). I changed them over in less than 500km's. The are good on the road, and fine on hard packed trails. I'm ruining Golden Tyre Adventures on the 690 now and Motoz RallZ's on the KTM 1290SAR. Cheers.

  31. Do you have a suggested 50/50 tires for dual sports (since they’re lighter)? I have the mt21/d606 combo on my Wr250r but it’s about time for replacing and I’m looking for something longer lasting since it turns out I don’t ride dirt as much as I thought I would and mostly just use it to get to work and occasionally a random service road.. any suggestions? Or stick with what I’ve got

  32. Hi Bret. What tire size you have on the rear? I have like you 1200gs 2009 and there is a 150/70 and i can't find the e07 with that size.

  33. Bret, what tire would you run if your only off road consists of the occasional gravel/sandy road or fire trail? My Tenere has BW 501/502. I went down a gravel/sandy road in New Mexico and it was sketchy. Looking for a better tire without losing much street performance since I ride probably 95% street. Thanks!

  34. Great rear tire. But I hated the front on my F800GS. I used the E07 rear and E09 front. Found it a great combo for 50/50

  35. I am new to the ADV world. Interested in the tires, but not sure how to choose a sizes F/R. I have a 2018 R1200GSA. Live in Seattle.

  36. hi Bret, Thank you for this awesome review. I'm in the market for a new set of tires for my big Multistrada Enduro. Ran the Motoz GPS tires for the last 10K (a lot like the K60) and they did well enough in every situation except wet asphalt – but I learned to ease up on my riding during that season in the PNW. I'm scouring every outlet for reviews of the next tires. I always try something different.

  37. Good review, but I beg to differ on your philosophy of tire size and pressures.when off road I always air down, this softer tire allows the suspension to work in conjunction with the tires.when you hit soft ball sized rocks with street pressured tires they deflect the hard tire instead of allowing the tire to absorb some of the impact with the suspension.lbs per sq in would apply to street or hard surfaces not dirt,sand or mud.A thin tire will indeed cut through stuff but what if that stuff doesn't really have a bottom? Then you need surface area for traction, don't believe me? Ask guys who ride primarily dual sports off road, dirt bikes don't count because of their low weight, that's why they're running thin tires, and they're mostly on tracks, so they have to pick a tight line to ride, and the medium is the same.As always just my opinion and pick what works best for your set up, thanks.

  38. Hello Bret, I wanted to ask you something since you published this video, but it just keeps slipping 🙂
    Since the E07 bead is stiffer than normal, do you think it is possible to break the rear bead with just normal tire irons?
    The other day I tried with some 12" ones and had no success after an hour fighting it. I didn't remember to try out the twisting-with-pliers method though…
    In the end a 24/7 tire shop guy was happy to help 🙂
    Thank you!

  39. Traction is more about contact with the ground than pressure per square inch? then tell me, why do tanks have tracks to lower their ground pressure so they exert the same Force as a human walking across it? Pressure per square inch needs to be low. Otherwise you just sink. And cutting through a single mud puddle that's fine, going through a hundred yards of mud? Aint going to happen.

  40. Hi Bret! I LOVE the scenery of this video that forest looks like heaven for adv riding! Btw have you ever tried motoz tractionator gps tyre (its what Im using now) and would like to know your opinion compared to these E07 you recommend. Stay cool!!!

  41. I ran these for my last set of tires and liked them quite a bit. Inexpensive and super rugged. I got 12k miles from the rear and the front still looks good for twice that.

    I don't get offroad enough to keep running them so I switched to a more street tire, but if I had a big offroad trip planned I'd go back to these.

    Great tire life, great grip, a bit noisier and milage suffers a bit on the road.

  42. Thanks for the review! Trying to decide on the next set of tires for my new 1090 Adventure R once I wear out the stock TKC80. Want a 60/40 or 50/50 tire. How are these on wet pavement? Shinko 805/804 are another option.

  43. Hey Brett, looks like these are hard to come by.I can find alot of E07+ but with the chevron tread I could only find the E07 Dakars. Do you recommend the E07 Dakars? I can still find some for my super10, thank you for your time and excellent video content.

  44. Do you think the Mitas E07 is appropriate for a 250 dual sport? The physical size is ok but I've heard it's just too heavy and stiff for a smaller bike. I am going on the TAT in a few weeks and I'm trying to decide between Mitas E07 front and rear or a Dunlop D606 in the rear and a Pirelli MT21 in the front. Thank you for your help.

  45. Hello Bret if you got a free rear tire for your bike which one would your personally choose Shinko 705 Anakee adventure Karoo street Mitas E 08

  46. I think "a little bit of noise" is an understatement. There's a whining and whistling sound/noise from these tires on asphalt roads (more noticeable than other block tires I've had) but if you're only riding on dirt roads they're mediocre on the good side, like Bret says.

  47. I just have a question about tire sealants, have you ever used them and would it be of any use riding off road. Has anyone tried Ride on sealant?

  48. e-07 is great when it's warm. e-07 suck when it gets cold and wet and that's the reason i quit using. i'll the shorter life and stickiness of the tkc80 and shinko 804/805. i'm not fun who brags about mileage. for my style, performance is priority over mileage everyday. i guess, if doesn't push the push too hard, heidenau's work. for me, heidenaus are fucking dangerous. also, stiff sidewalls can lead to sidewall puncutures. i tore the sidewalls on two e-07 dakars. that led to me carrying a spare tube on the gs. that's never happened with contis or shinko.

  49. Bret… Your opinions of the new Mitas e07+ (plus in some places). I try to find the same e07 that you show us in the video and is sold out and only available on e07+ version. What other wheels your recommend?, hiedanau k60, tkc80/70, anlas capra X, metzeler karou 3?. Waiting your response from Chile

  50. I have used them on my 1090r and the front would constantly loose pressure. Back tyre much better, very long lasting, but after 5-6k km they become really slippery in the wet, so they are only great in hot weather conditions. The old tourance used to be ok, but they don't make them anymore

  51. Along with training, putting these tyres on my V-Strom changed my ability offroad more than anything. I have heaps of confidence on gravel, mud, clay, wet and dry roads, everything I've asked, they've delivered. I've been very surprised by their all round performance. Awesome!

  52. they look good i have been runing k60's scouts for years and years managed to go 30 miles on a flat tire and it did not come off the rim

  53. As always an excellent video. Your recommendation means a lot. I know you advocate stock tire pressure for large adventure bikes. What is your experience with cast wheels vs spoked wheels with regards to rim damage if proper tire pressure is used. I have a 1290 SAS and would like to venture out to offroad roads next season. How strongly would you advise that I get spoked wheels. Thank you!

  54. Bret! Love your videos man. Can I ask a silly question? Is that a Rev It liner from a jacket? I was considering the Sand 3, but I'm not sure if you could wear the liners if you were around the campfire etc.

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