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Sunny & Hyoyeon go on a ride with Guinness Record [Battle Trip/2017.10.22]

Sunny & Hyoyeon go on a ride with Guinness Record [Battle Trip/2017.10.22]

– Of course, it’s Brisbane. / – Sure. Where are you headed? This is Gold Coast. – Burning day. / – You need to go to the theme park. It’s the climax of burning. Yes. We’ll be experiencing the highlight of it. – I love theme parks. / – So do I. The fact that it’s warm in the winter is a great merit. Right, right. – We were too excited. / – It’s the opposite to here. (Fairy tale themed buildings) (Thrilling rides and even animals) (The largest theme park in Australia) My goodness. I like this place so much. This place suits our taste perfectly. I feel like Dorothy will be here somewhere. – It does. / – It does, right? – There’s a show going on. / – How exciting. It’s an ice cream shop. The pink is so pretty. It’s very pretty. (Excitement abounds) They can’t help but be excited. (It’s like they’ve entered a fairy tale) – It felt like a town back in time. / – It must have. It’s like she’s alone in a movie. – It’s kind of retro. / – Look at Sunny. Sunny should know that song. I do. – She’s good. / – How cute. – It’s like watching a musical. / – That’s right. They throw performances like that. It was very nice. The leisurely vibe is great. Another concept begins here. There’s that fairytale like setting but it becomes a bit grittier towards the scarier rides. I’m happy. It’s fine as long as Sunny is happy. I like rides. Do you know that this ride isn’t a joke? What’s wrong with the sign? – It’s quite chilling. / – Buzz saw. Why is that there? It must be dizzying. I strongly recommend this ride. – It’s scary… / – I thought it wouldn’t be scary. The thrill… It was scarier than skydiving. That looked like a straight drop. I think it’ll be a childish ride. It might be childish. I think going to exciting places might suit our preferences better. I like going to places. If there are a lot of thrill rides, I’m good. – Should we sit at the way front? / – Sure. Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. This is going to be fun. Let’s head out. Most women aren’t intimidated by thrilling rides. – But this one was scary. / – Women are less scared. It was scarier than expected. You climb up as if you’re lying down. Gosh. What’s going on? I didn’t know that we’d go up like that. This is crazy. It goes like that. (Mid-air twist) – That’s the best. / – That’s too scary. That’s incredible. This is crazy. It was the best. It’s pretty much a 90-degree drop. (A speedy descent) You go down like that? And then… – Backwards? / – You go backwards? – Wow. / – Saliva came out. (Going in reverse) Now that’s scary. Since you don’t know where it’s going… It was so fast. – It was such a thrill. / – That must be fun. All I see is Hyoyeon’s hair. (This is scary) Look at all that silver hair. – This is like “Frozen.” / – Hyoyeon keeps salivating. That’s so funny. It swings back and forth like the Viking ride. – This is crazy. / – She’s like a grandma too. It seems like noodles are waving about in the air. Or perhaps a grandmother with her hair undone. Her hair is so funny. – It’s so funny. / – So, the ride pauses? Yes, it pauses briefly. Gosh. That ride is too scary. We’re going backwards. (Time to regret) – That was fun. / – That was. – Is it over? / – Yes. Look at Sunny’s hair. That was scary. I was spitting everywhere. One more time. Is that possible? We couldn’t ride it again because of Hyoyeon. (Wobbly legs) – Hyoyeon’s legs wobbled. / – It was a lot scarier… Than I imagined. I underestimated it. It’s an upgraded version of the Viking. – Viking extreme. / – We thought it would be easy. It’s fun to go on with someone bad on rides. It’s fun but easy to watch. But this one was scarier than skydiving. This one was… This is it. It goes way higher than the thrill ride at Jamsil. That one is extremely high. This is it. Now, that’s fun. – This is a ride that… / – Gosh. This is hot. – Separates your soul with body. / – Right. It goes up faster than expected. I thought it’d be slower. That one is extremely high. – It’s very high. / – This is it. Now, that’s fun. I heard that it’s the highest in the world. – It’s that ride… / – The difference is negligible. It’s so pretty up here. I’m not doing well. I don’t feel very good. I don’t feel good. What should I do? I hate this. – Hello. / – It’s so pretty. Gosh. It’s so pretty. I’m not doing well. I don’t feel very good. I don’t feel good. What should I do? I hate this. I don’t have a good feeling about this. You planned this day. It feels so… I wish it’d stop climbing. It’s so pretty. I feel terrible about this. Take a good look. Does this even make sense? You get about 20 to 30 seconds to enjoy the sight. Gosh. My heart is pounding. Does it just drop? Does it just drop? (Heh) What is that? Everything is visible. It’s so pretty. I even hear a dog barking. – It’s so good. / – This is no joke. I’m so scared. Oh, no. I’m so scared. Oh, no. – Oh, no. / – It takes that long? Usually, it drops after 5 seconds. They hold you up there for at least 20 seconds. – It forces you to look down. / – 5, 6… It’s better to drop right away. Just let go. – It’s so good. / – This is no joke. – Gosh. That’s terrifying. / – 1, 2, 3. (All quiet) Your heart might beat itself to death. When is it dropping? (Screaming) (Skin-crawling) (Screaming) It’s terrifying. She knows how to enjoy rides. She straightened her legs. So scary. (Just as advertised, it’s a giant drop) (Eyes clenched shut) (Laughing) – Sunny’s no joke. / – What’s with you? Sunny’s so… Do I look scary? Gosh. Are you scared of anything? This is so much fun. That was the scariest thing in the whole world. – Wasn’t that terrifying? / – It was. So scary… Did you really ride the scariest thing in the world? It’s really scary. It’s so scary. Bye. I hope I never see you again. (Peeking) – Why? / – She wants to ride again? She went on it again. What? I respect you. (That’s really something) I have to respect that. (While Sunny is busy breathing the air above) Compared to all the free-fall rides in Korea, it was 200 times scarier. I think Sunny is much bolder than I am. Today is supposed to be my burning day. – But I’m about to throw up. / – This is great. But I feel great since I scheduled this right. – But you’re usually not timid, Hyoyeon. / – She’s not. I used to not be able to go on rides. But everyone in Girls’ Generation loves them. Eventually, I started to enjoy them. I used to be afraid. – You have to eat that. / – That’s a must. Local food is a must. Of course. (They drive 50 minutes to a local restaurant) (There is a local favorite across the street) Let’s go. We have to press this to cross the street. That’s how the signal will change. When I first went abroad, I didn’t know. I waited forever. It just remained red. – You have to press it. / – I had no idea. We’re about to cross, so we have to walk pretty. – We have to walk sideways. / – Let’s go. 1, 2, 3. We were too excited. You have to remember the button. (The weather is great and so is the scene) – We’re doing the model walk. / – It’s so picturesque. – I’m so hungry. Aren’t you? / – I am. – Now it’s time to eat. / – I have hunger pains. I’m so hungry. – We played too hard. / – I know. I gained 3kg in Australia. I ate too much. Her face changed before and after the trip. Every day is a bit different. It’s time to eat to fill our stomachs. What are we eating? It’s time for our words to bear fruit. I had no idea that this would be Australian local food. – Really? / – Yes. – What is it? / – Kangaroo… – And crocodile meat. / – Oh, my. (Hyoyeon’s local cuisine pick) (Australian kangaroo meat) I’m so hungry. I think I can eat anything. I’m hungry. – Shall we begin? / – You first. I love sampling local food but I have a weak stomach. Really? What should we eat first? So that’s crocodile meat, right? – That’s a bit… / – It’s different from ours. – You’re right. / – It’s cooked differently. It’s already prepared. They’re not skewers. They’ve been cooked. How is it? – How is it? / – It’s just meat. – It tastes like pork. / – Really? Yes. It doesn’t taste fishy or gamey at all. – It’s good. / – The texture is like pork. – Very good, actually. / – But it looks like shrimp. It feels like seafood, right? Doesn’t it resemble stir-fried pork? But they cooked it well. It’s sweet and sour. Try this too. She’s not trying any of it. That one needs to be cut. It’s too big. It’s pretty tough to cut. (The juices are red) I can’t do this. – Maybe it’s medium rare. / – There’s a layer… – Of beets under the meat. / – I see. – We mistook it for blood. / – Oh, they’re beets. She’s eating so diligently. It’s like steak. – It’s like steak? / – Yes. – That’s blood, right? / – No, it’s not. – It’s from the beets. / – Is it from the beets? – Don’t be so startled. / – It startled me. Don’t worry. It’s from the beets. It’s pretty good. I don’t taste any gaminess. It tastes a bit like steak… Made with a wine sauce. It’s just like steak. It’s tasty. I’ll give it a try too. (Hyoyeon finally gives it a try) (Chuckling) – It’s pretty good. / – Look at her expression. I ate a mushroom. What was that? You ate a mushroom? She pretended to eat the kangaroo meat. I ate a mushroom. I shocked the director by eating it so quickly. I think we need another shot. I didn’t get the footage. She’s carving air. Oh, come on. What are you doing? I’m about to try the crocodile. I described it incorrectly. – But really… / – It’s obviously a mushroom. Not gamey at all. You know I can’t eat gamey food. Okay, I’ll try it. – Maybe if your stomach is churning. / – Don’t talk. – She got annoyed. / – But meat is just meat. There’s nothing to be cautious about. You wanted to try local cuisine, Hyoyeon. But we played with kangaroos the day before. That’s right. They saw kangaroos beforehand. (Will she really try it this time?) (She ate it) It’s good. – Was it good? / – It ended up being tasty. “It’s good.” – It’s really like beef. / – It really is. Try the other dish too. (She attempts to try crocodile too while she’s at it) It’s kind of like Thai food. I like the crocodile better. She was all disgusted earlier. Now she says, “I like the crocodile better.” She prefers the crocodile. It must be more tender. – It’s good. / – It’s kind of like cartilage. – The texture is… / – It’s very unique. You said that you couldn’t eat it. It’s fine after trying it, right? (Foodie destination) (Approved) (She washes it down with some local beer) (Gulp) Kangaroo? Do you want some?

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  1. Please tell me someone noticed the Charlie and the Chocolate factory ost and the beginning of the video.

  2. Anyone noticed the female staff handholding a camrecorder behind hyo during the ride? Lol I can’t do that job…😂

  3. Sunny is such a cool friend to bring on adventures. She'll happily try everything out for you first. She's so daring and fun.

  4. Haha this was really funny! I like seeing the SNSD girls in this kind of situation, they always seem so perfect and distant, but here they are having fun just like everyone else.

  5. There's an amusement park in Arkansas that has a the same ride (the buzzsaw) only it's called the Xcoaster and it's yellow and red not blue and red.

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  7. i might die if i ride these rides 🤢🤮🤢, sunny is really brave despite her petite body along with taeyeon, salute to them i am afraid of height 👏👏👏

  8. Hyo be like:
    "it's so pretty up here!" 😀
    "I not doing well. I don't feel very good." :((
    "I don't feel good. What should I do??" T_T


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  10. I would like to go for an amusement park date with sunny we Arent afraid of anything HAHAHAH i wanna go date with the whole Soshi!!! And van we talk about how Lazy girl is on the BGM like i thought no one know that song, it is really underrated song 🙁 i love tgat song so much @ 8:59

  11. Love the rides. But i hate it when they tried some local exotic food. 😟. I love kangaroos and I may not be a fan of crocodiles but they also don’t deserve to be killed just to get eaten in some restaurant

  12. The most scary is NO Shoulder strap 😱😱😱😱😱
    Ps. I don’t know how to call that thing the one supposed to lock at shoulder. 😂😂

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    +hyo is disgusting herself for eating and not feeling guilty but I remembered Korean eat ox and every fucking food on the earth

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