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Summer Vacation in Spain | RichTheManVlogs

Summer Vacation in Spain | RichTheManVlogs

hello everybody welcome to New Yorker I've got a real nice room here you can see it's looks good outside balcony thing bad thing anything I am even got one of those a sprayers I think it's called a bidet I know you like marvel so I'm still representing as I'm away this right here this this Villa here apparently this is Simon Cowell's mansion which is on sale for thirteen million pounds I think or 13 million euros so if you want to come to me Orca go to Simon Cowell mansion we actually walked around there and there's just the high gated place dog event or something so me and Emma been walking down the same street for the past few nights exploring as you do and I've always wanted to go down this little alleyway or kind of what I don't know what I eat and today I'm gonna stop and looked and there's a table there [Applause] hey em look it's Tom's cruise down there that was wasted joke and now we return true Instagram for gravel Young's where we stand in idle positions as our partners take Instagram related images no doubt these are to attract the attention of people the purpose of likes closing has gone into overdrive for the female as the male looks on with his camera saying yes no but does look good in his powers go for the flowing look and we'll put in the applicable filter to make you look good yes you can polish a turd Bangkok lap dance now to announce smoking a big split wagwan bredrin

Reader Comments

  1. Mate 20 X did a ton of work! You got some nice shots in there and the video was pretty solid. Cannot wait to put my own Mate 20 Pro to work on holiday next week. Keep up the good work, Rich.

  2. I hope your next vacation will be as good as this one Rich,also I hope for both of you the best.

  3. I laughed so hard at the not so subtle booty shots you chose to include. Over all looked like a nice vacation.

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