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Summer Time in Milwaukee | Camper Van Life S1:E60

Summer Time in Milwaukee | Camper Van Life S1:E60

have you ever visited a place and
thought I think I could live here? well that’s how Kait and I felt about
Milwaukee Wisconsin after our first visit. the city left such a positive
impression on us that we put it on our list of favorite cities in the u.s. did
I mention there’s great beer and good food and the city gets extra bonus
points for being dog friendly Leo is with us on our first trip to Milwaukee
and needless to say the locals love them you excited for bread? I say let’s go sit on the patio it looks
delicious we’ve got cranberry walnut bread and
sourdough one of my favorite things to do is to find a good local bakery always
exciting to see what kind of baked goods they come
oh man knows food the crust is perfect of course there’s
more to eat than artisan bread in Milwaukee
during our first visit and sampled beer cheese sausage even a root beer float
if Pizza is your thing check out transfer pizzeria this pharmacy turned
to pizzeria dishes out some of the best pizza in the city we love their garlic
sauce pizza topped with sausage and pepperoni it’s fantastic
pepperoni is thick cut and spicy transfer pizza good job for brunch any
day of the week head over to Blues egg and snag a seat at the bar Kate’s
favorite is their house-made English muffin served with whipped butter and
jam although our diets have changed since our first visit to Milwaukee we
got to revisit some of our favorites including the Wisconsin cheese Mart and
despisers okay gotta feed the meter how much time
should I put in dollar fifty an hour let’s do this I love the smell of this place smells
amazing stocked up on all of my favorite spices now I can officially begin
testing and working on the cookbook love the spice how really fun to be walking through this
area again because we were here on a food tour the first time we were in
Milwaukee it’s fun to pop into the cheese shop
it just wasn’t really good it’s really good to cheese travel as well but I love
this cheese sign we’ll have to take a picture in front of it ooh smoked Wisconsin cajun Gouda I don’t think I’ve ever had this much
cheese and we ate at mater’s on the food tour that was a lot of fun sauerbraten
cabbage before we move on let’s talk about the
Friday fish run live music and a great beer to go with your fish head over to
lakefront brewery while you’re here you may as well go on their brewery tour
complete with samples and a good laugh we had a great tour with Kyle I was
introduced to a new beer the Arturo and it is absolutely fantastic I think we’re
gonna go back inside have a couple more enjoy this wonderful day in Milwaukee by
the river and see what else this leads us to you know there’s no shortage of
festivals in Milwaukee but there are several to choose from one day we
stumbled upon the Brady Street festival in full swing with live music on
multiple stages a festival in Wisconsin wouldn’t be
complete without a cheese curd eating contest although I couldn’t convince
Kate to sign up we did stick around to watch the contestants chow down on their
to pound a pile of cheese curds then we proceeded to sample every cheese under
the tent including the ghost pepper cheese after watching all those people trying
to eat two pounds of cheese curds I decided I had to try some
squeaky Milwaukee cheese curds good I can’t imagine eating two pounds though
no I’m glad I didn’t sign up for that contest it’s a good thing Milwaukee is a
very walkable city because a leisurely stroll was an order after all the cheese
Kate and I went for a walk along the Milwaukee River where we hung out with
the fond and hopped on a relaxing cruise around the city if you’re looking for more adventure
kayaking is a great way to experience the city and its architecture Kate and I
went on a four hour kayaking trip the first time we visited Milwaukee and it’s
still one of our favorite things to do the challenge with a great city is
there’s way too much to do and not enough time if you’re a motorcycle
enthusiast like me a trip to the harley-davidson museum is important if
you’re interested in history a tour of the Cape’s mansion is a must the guided
tour reveals some fascinating history about the taps family along with a
detailed tour of their 20,000 square foot mansion time to grab a cold one
over at best place and learn more about how Pabst Blue Ribbon came to be what’s
the word of the day Gambrinus it means to be content with a
stomach full of beer all right which way ice-cold beer this way gift shop this
way this way ice-cold PBR pregnancy so far this has
to be one of the best brewery tours because we’re not learning about how the
beers made we’re learning about the company itself this little nugget if you
don’t know what that is look it up find out what the B stands for very
interesting story let’s go while we’re on the subject of brewery tours we had a
meet up at MKE Brewing Company with our WT our camp head brewer Kirk gave us a
private tour with several refills along the way including a sample of OG a beer
beloved by the locals and one of Kurt’s creations Kate and I have been on quite
a few brewery tours and they’re all a bit different MKE brewery it’s a glass
and ham tour where you can sample as many beers and as much beer as you can
handle that’s a nice thing about having home with us we can walk back to the van
and take a nap when we’re done but there’s no time for rest and relaxation
German Fest is in full swing curtain family offered to drive us to
the festival where we devoured not one but two giant pretzels
I’ve loved bugs ever since I was a little kid but I particularly liked the
Baha bugs and we actually thought about towing one behind the van and it’s still
something I want to get to this day so that is one cool vehicle behind me and
if there aren’t already enough reasons to go to Milwaukee here’s another one to
add to the list a live glockenspiel performance at German fest granted we’ve never experienced the
winters in Wisconsin but we enjoy Milwaukee so much we just might plan a
winter road trip to get the full experience

Reader Comments

  1. I grew up just outside this city, I liked it and then moved to California, I long for the seasons and any rainfall.

  2. Milwaukee sure looks nice! I am just curious how do you plan to winterize the water tanks in the van when you visit Milwaukee in the winter? Could you please share your thoughts?

  3. I'm not sure you'd want to live there in the winter – it gets mighty cold and snowy. The weather here (Central Indiana) is yucky enough in the winter and it is probably one of the reasons we are doing our research now on which Class-B we will end up with. We've looked at the Hymer but the aisle is just too narrow for us as well as the size of the bathroom. Always look forward to your videos and learning as much as we can from everyone we follow. Cheers.

  4. This is the first time I've ever commented on any youtube channel (have watched MANY). You two have inspired me! Kate, I LOVE your hair, you could so a quick talk on your decision to that, maybe?? Thank you for sharing your joy and adventure with us 😄

  5. Our won't want to be in Milwaukee in the winter. Don't think you'd like dealing with 8 to 14 inches of snow and all the cold.

  6. Thanks for another enjoyable video. I was happy to see you both in Milwaukee WI., I grew up in Wisconsin and remember celebrating at Mader's and enjoying the waterfront. If you decide to come in the winter be sure to check out northern Wisconsin and the South shore of Lake Superior, it's magical and wild.

  7. As a life long Milwaukee resident, I'm glad to know you enjoyed your second visit. I live in the north shore and have always enjoyed a typical happy suburban life. I like living where I live. But it must also be noted that I am white. Living in Milwaukee as an African American is an entirely different experience. Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in the country.

  8. Great video! My Father grew up in Gays Mills, WI (about 100 miles from Milwaukee) & I'm planning on being there in a few weeks.

    I remember the first time I had a cheese curd – I was 6 years old & thought it was so funny that they squeaked!

  9. Obviously you guys have not visited Wisconsin in winter time, you might change your mind unless you love snow shoveling n ice driving.

  10. I ran into you guys at the Brady Street Festival, and introduced myself!!! You're right, Milwaukee is a great town, eight months out of the year. With all that cheese you won't poop for a week!

  11. So nice to see my hometown highlighted and enjoyed your positive take on the city. I still live here and agree the city has a lot to offer. You highlighted some of my favorite spots like Blue’s, Rocket Baby, and Transfer Pizza. My brother works as a tour guide at Lakefront Brewery which has a reputation for fun filled tours. You mentioned winters. The city takes on a different persona in the winter but there is still a lot to do. The changing seasons in the Midwest is one of the things I love about living here. Hope you come back to visit again.

  12. Milwaukee is one of my favorite cities also! My favorite pizza in Milwaukee is at Zaffiro’s Pizza east side of town it has been their since 1954.

  13. I've been living in Madison Wisconsin for thirty nine years and I never knew that there was so many things to do in Milwaukee. I will need to plan a week getaway for my wife and I. Thank you.^

  14. I live in Fond du Lac. 45 min North of MKE. It was neat to see you at some of my favorite places. One may want to visit here in February before deciding to live here. LOL

  15. Not sure what the problem is but the sound on your video is so low I can't hear a word you are saying. The music is fine as are the advertisements. Just can't hear your voices.


  17. I like to look up the crime rates in cities I see Full Timers go to. Here's what I found:

    Each used the FBI's UCR violent crime figures for 2014. says Milwaukee is safer than 4 percent of the cities in the United States. Another way to say that would be that Milwaukee's violent crime rate is higher than 96 percent of the country. says the figure is 3 percent.


  18. U always say so many nice things when U visit my state. Kait's Packers💚💛 are here in Green Bay, plus U wouldn't be far from Door County & I remember you loved it there. Winters last way too long but U could always travel.😊👍

  19. The Live Glockenspiel performed had me hysterically laughing and crying, as I remember living in Heidelberg Germany!!!

  20. I’ve lived next door in MN my whole life and have never been to Milwaukee, though I have traveled by on my way to IN. I’ll be joining you all on the road come January!
    I want to share that yes, the winter can be cold, as winter is meant to be, but it’s really quite enjoyable as well, whether you are an inny or an outy 😉 I’m an inny, mostly. After many decades, I’ll be leaving the four seasons to follow moderate temperatures. I love your travels and videos. I’ve been living vicariously through you for a while now and enjoying it thoroughly. Great inspiration. Thank you for sharing🙏🏻

  21. I HIGHLY recommend going to the EAA Airventure airshow sometime! It’s a camping metropolis. You wake up each morning to ultralights, and the afternoons are filled with jet afterburners. It may be crowded boondocking, but it’s an awesome bunch of people to be around. It’s where we first toured a 19’ Scamp, and the next year brought our own new one.

    If you return to Milwaukee, I also recommend The Safe House. It’s a spy experience! Good food, too.

  22. Nope! Was tired of having my car broken into. Maybe mice to visit, but not live. Moved there from Miami and had my BMW broken into twice.

  23. My family moved away because of the crime. The FBI crime stats show that you're more likely to be the victim of a violent crime in Milwaukee than in 96 percent of the country. This is no joke guys.

  24. You should have gotten a nice wedge of edamer and havarti cheeses and some prosciutto too. Yum yum, I love me some fresh bread.

  25. I loved this video. I’ve lived here in Milwaukee my whole life and I am trying to think of why to visit in winter… maybe driving through some of the areas with amazing Christmas lights (downtown Wisconsin Ave is pretty, but most of the larger displays are outside of the city proper)… otherwise, friend, come back in spring. 🙂
    (Fall is a lovely season here for colors of leaves and pumpkin farms).

  26. I grew up in Milwaukee, so this video was pretty nostalgic for me. One thing I just don't understand though: how do you go to Milwaukee and not try the frozen custard? Oh my goodness what a treat you missed out on! Go back! Go back!

  27. Milwaukee is great for four months. Go back in October and stay until April. You’ll hate it soon enough. That’s why we left! If you are looking for dog friendly cities, you won’t get friendlier than Austin, TX. Best city ever.

  28. Where did you stay? We have been to Cliffside in Caledonia (Racine) twice because of your recommendation. Really like that place and it's only 1 hour North of our S & B!

  29. Hey Joe, just bought and read your book “Take Risks” nonstop. Great, great book and I’d consider this book a must read for anyone wanting to go full time in an RV. I wish I had found this before we went full time in our 40 footer. You written anything else?

  30. Milwaukee is a beautiful city with the best cheese in the World and best lite beverages in the world, and Nice and friendly people, and , Milwaukee and also biking friendly. Me and my friends enjoy biking.

  31. I love this video. Thanks for sharing it, guys. Since my daughter will most probably go to Marquette University, I will hopefully have chance to visit Milwaukee and experience all this.

  32. Extremely segregated and tons of drunk people with wild crime all over.there are alot better places to visit. If all.your going to do is drink and eat food then visit.otherwise unless its summer there isnt shit to do

  33. You started off the video at rocket baby! Love that place!

    I have some serious advice for people traveling to Milwaukee.

    It’s a great city, but you have to know where to go. Because there are a LOT of slums in the city, and you do not want to get lost in the wrong neck of the woods

    The most dangerous zip code in the country is in Milwaukee, where 2/3 of the male population has been to jail.

    These slums have been struck with poverty. Gun problems are noticeable in the slums. Rarely does the violence leave the slums, but it can.

  34. You went to all the hipster doofus places. You haven't begun to hit the really cool places that a longtime resident would know but thanks for stopping.

  35. Yeah Milwaukee is cool if you go downtown east side by the lake. The rest of Milwaukee & especially WI is trash and boring

  36. This video made me so happy! I'm originally from Milwaukee and had to move away for work, and to see your enthusiasm for all the things that make Milwaukee great made me smile and made me proud! Milwaukee is such a great, underrated city so it's awesome to see it being appreciated like it deserves! You missed out on all the great Mexican food though on the South Side, next time you're there you have to check those places out!

  37. Great video! We loved Milwaukee when we were there last summer, we were not expecting it to be so clean and have a waterfront. You guys saw much more of Milwaukee than we did, looks like Sabrina and I will have to do a return trip now. Oh and that Pretzel looked great, very fresh for sure 😉

  38. Nice and quiet part of Milwaukee.Can anyone tell me which area this is?I see that Milwaukee has a lot of skyscrapers but I want to visit more of a quiet and historical type of area in Milwaukee just like in the video.

  39. Milwaukee has some major problems with crime and being in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the US but I still love the city and its my favorite in the midwest and where I grew up. So many awesome breweries and lots of cool neighborhoods.

  40. If you are going to come to Milwaukee in the Winter (even though I advise against it) come around the New Years and go polar bearing in New Year’s Day at Bradford Beach .
    If you do come back in the summer time, come at different times in the summer so that you can partake in the different ethnic festivals either at The summer fest grounds, or Bastille Days at Cathedral Square, Greek Fest at the State fair grounds , or Highland Days in Tosa,
    Also don’t forget some of the brewery tours that are not directly downtown like Miller Brewing or Sprecher

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