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Summer Camping Trip w/TDM Lounge

Summer Camping Trip w/TDM Lounge

Pause the video and read it to understand what’s next. Him: Everyone get up. Come on. Him: This game is only for like “men” men. Him: Let’s do three rounds, then we go to sleep? Alex: I don’t want to go to sleep! Kevin: Wait, is it the game where you go… Him: If you can’t handle it… leave. Him: Until there’s only two. Leo: There’s gonna be three rounds? Him: Yes, who ever can handle three rounds. Him: Yea, lets start very weak. Alex: Ight, I’m done. Him: Dang, already? Him: No, don’t worry. I’m starting off weak. Kevin: STARTING WEAK?!? Him: Yo, now you gotta start getting people out. Him: There you go. Him: Stretch out your hand, or else it’ll break. Leo: WHAT DO YOU MEAN HIS HAND WILL BREAK?!? Him: I meant stretch you hand so it won’t hurt. Him: For real now, cuz I’m about to take out Davi. Him: Ok, he’s out. Him: Let’s keep going. Him: No, hit it with some force. Him: With force, with FORCE. Him: With force. Him: It’s the last one, for real. Come on. It’s the last on. Kevin: Just go. Kevin: GOOOO!!!!! Him: With force, man. Him: Go Alex! Be strong! Me: Yo, only like two more. For real. Him: So let’s do this… Him: You hit on each side… Him: And I hit on each side. Him: Ok, my turn now. Him: Now I’ll hit on this side then we switch, ok? Him: Now the other hand. Him: Go ahead. Him: Now it’s my turn, ok? Him: I missed him!

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