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Why are you so good at acting … yeah … pretend to be Wake you up … Already wake up Loh Good morning My Smart Subscribers Good afternoon … good evening … I want to say good morning Because here, the atmosphere is like Very early morning. I wake up very quickly at five o’clock … It is okay.. My God … my friend is changing clothes. I’m sorry dear I am just ready to eat bread, my Smart Subscribers … so … Today I wake up very fast at five in the morning Because … I tell the truth. I can’t sleep … so … Here, the sound is heard … but not so noisy … because here it is … Very fresh air so all kinds of sounds Dispose of the wind (fart) also sounds, this speech sounds, the speech sounds Those who hold the plastic crackle sound also sound So, My Smart Subscribers, we will do morning exercise See the view here My God … My Smart Subscribers It’s like in my village … but it’s more than my village The atmosphere … the air … ulalaaaa If possible, I will climb there to find the experience My God … My Smart Subscribers. I slept at three in the morning. But I can’t sleep well But his sleep is rich in duck sleep And My Smart I catch a cold I have a little diarrhea But I have taken medicine. This morning, I just took the body’s vitamins last night to be fresh today Oh My God! Who among you who travels far or shows like this Usually bring medicine … then Our body in one day is strange For example, rich in flu I have a little flu and throw away the wind too I am alone, it smells badly of my breath Geez … lots of eating last night So today I want to go to the toilet again The toilet My Smart Subscribers at KEBUN EFI is very clean And very much, it’s just .. Whatever the bathroom is, there are more people. So it must be fast So that we don’t queue for long Hayoo … I already wear my friend’s clothes. Ouh … cie (brother) … it’s the clothes … I use that too Yes … relax his hand My Smart Subscribers Those who can get this shirt are those who have the PGB closing (NEW GENERATION PRULINK) And there are terms and conditions. So I got these two clothes, My Smart Subscribers We’re looking for beautiful scenery for photos so that the photos are cool Hello … helloooo … Good bye … I like kids dear. And the child is a little shy .. My Smart Subscribers And we are not shy people. I do not care The flowers are great My Smart Subscribers. What is the flower, what’s the name … Indonesian name flower means chicken manure 😅 Where are the TAI AYAM flowers 😁 My Smart Subscribers. This flower is what it’s called. I forget Look here ! Look there! Look there! We want to see horses there, huh What do we want, baby? Look at the horse What English is horse? HORSE While studying while looking for it Yeah … a little smelly .. Helloooo … I have a YOUTUBE channel. enter your picture on YOUTUBE video I will! You can SUBSCRIBER 😋 We are like people who have never seen a horse Yes! So true ! In my village there are no horses, there are oxen, buffaloes, goats But I once rode a horse, at the OUTBOND event I made another video … No horse combs, bro .. Mustache! If it is screened, the horse is tied to the hair (COCANG) Hello … eat … eat … eat … Keep eating Please take a shower Use shampoo. Formed her hair You find a secret road here. I want to take a picture near this rock. Good huh And the atmosphere from here. Oh My God! Look there My Smart Subscribers Ouh, from here you can get all the Woii tablets Ouh … the mountain is great! Good morning My Smart Subscribers. I have met the owner of EFI BERASTAGI GARDEN. Want to meet? Come on! We all talk and we ask about KEBUN EFI, yes, My Smart Subscribers Hello .. EFI’s name is our mother’s name. Then we have a concept. The brand must be simple Why do we choose EFI GARDEN. because it’s very short Simple and easy to remember So for friends who want to launch their own brand. We suggest Don’t use complicated names. Because people can’t remember So I’m short like an EFI GARDEN Easy to remember And short and to the point (directly to the target) We also have a history, why is there an EFI name Actually I am FELI. who manage this area and the development of all kinds is my sister FELIX It’s busy again, so I was interviewed So FELIX is a graduate of NEW ZEALAND PhD S3 BIOLOGY Especially for the development of fruits Because NEW ZEALAND is famous for the development of fruits such as kiwi, apple, So he got a PhD from NEW ZEALAND also works as a consultant for the trademark (trademark) section for its legal section Wow … a lot of experience … Become a friend. For example, if you want to do business, make sure there is skill / experience. Experience is important! FELIX is an expert in the fields of agro biology, chemistry and law And the back ground is very high. And now consultants … Government program to help farmers on JAWA island This land belongs to the family, we bought it about six years ago So before what was the term The amount of land is yes So,. We manage around two to three hectares And this must be really formed because of the former forest Yeah … so … I can imagine there is no electricity, water And FELIX comes home from NEW ZEALAND And we live without electricity and water does not yet exist So we use rain water. Until the incident was hit by phlegm You must have an idea, My Smart Subscribers. Ouh … how many hours of travel from the city huh .. From the city about forty five minutes Frequent arrival of guests from SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA Yesterday there was also FRANCE Then finally there was a guest from BELANDA … this is camping again Yesterday we arrived at the MR / MRS Kapolda twice The minister’s special staff also came We are now nominated for the API (ANUGERAH PESONA INDONESIA AWARD 2019) Oh My God! My Smart Subscribers … did you hear that? Listen? So, in BERASTAGI, I have arrived abroad. Great And for the future The plan for those who want to add to the progress of this EFI GARDEN is anything The vision for the future is that we want to focus In tourism. In addition to the EFI GARDEN. We want to develop KABIN EFI It’s across the road we specifically focus on lodging So it’s a kind of KAPSUL HOTEL. CABIN. Start thinking about more advanced concepts So friends who come will be presented with various choices We will have CAMPING, KABIN, etc. So … prepare funds and time Oia … I have something to ask This is if you usually want to open, at certain times or days. Or at any time always open yes Because I’m here today My Smart Subscribers is very full (for camp) So it’s really very many who come here EFI GARDEN operates from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon And we are open from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday holiday because employees need to rest And for camping / camp now starts open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and red dates One national holiday before the red date Want to ask about the price? We ask, is there a discount or all kinds? In ten thousand per person. And free parking For camping / camping there are several classes For tents that are two people three hundred thousand Four hundred five thousand tents Tents are five people six hundred thousand But the price of holiday days is more expensive. So before ordering, make sure to chat first for the price because it can change EFI GARDEN number that can be contacted and the owner directly responds yes I make sure My Smart Subscribers. The scenery here is very natural with nature So prepare everything. You can follow / follow the INSTAGRAM and give the phone number So … remember to come here … You will get the right price according to experience And really really good INSTAGRAM is MADU_EFI LINE is HONEY EFI Awaiting arrival Hello My Smart Subscribers. I met visitors from outside Apart from PRUDENTIAL, it is from BTPN SYARIAH BANK And I tell you correctly, all staff are women huh. So great My name is RAHMAWATI SIREGAR from TANJUNG BALAI My name is MILDI LESTARI from TINGING TINGGI My name is ROPIKA from MEDAN My name is NISYA from MEDAN BESITANG What is the experience … facilities are ok! Service ok! The atmosphere is cool. The view is beautiful It’s really cool to take photos Friends who have never come here. Immediately honey Because visitors also like it because it’s good and others Thank you, friend I met the leader of AD. Greetings Madam Hi … hi .. For events like this, the tips, and also the enthusiasm for friends, PRUDENTIAL until you want to register, what do you do .. If we want to join PRUDENTIAL insurance agent First, we have to know what the goal is. So if we know our purpose Where to go and what. We just joined If we don’t have a destination to join here, Later it will stop in the middle of the road. We must also be confident, and must learn training I can only succeed here. Because I am an AD I have joined in around 5 years At least one year, ma’am Five years have become AD / director. I am still AAM (Manager) so I need to learn a lot Da … well … Da..dah … “PEACE” (my name) peace is beautiful! thank you Hi … My Smart Subscribers. How do I look! I use it very completely With my earrings and my scarf. I used to be not very good at style Only I have mom always say Want to go ? Look at your clothes? Your pants? Don’t use it! Yes … I’m a little story here … We are very busy here. Because I’m getting ready to go home Actually, we don’t go home right away, My Smart Subscribers We want to spoil the eyes rather And Spend cellphone batteries to travel to TONGGING area How, scenery there. Continue to follow my channel until it’s finished. Ok! My Smart Subscribers, here are very many visitors … For visitors, only photos and It’s rather stylish to take photos just below To rise above the stairs there is no way. And specifically for tent accommodations only My Smart Subscribers, here is a service for taking photos of KOREA clothes, like this! There is an Instagram Instagram brother. There is ! My Smart Subscribers, I will put it under the Instagram, yes, below the video description, yes Don’t forget to love coming here, wearing clothes, grooming because there are KOREAN clothes and others provided here There is also a pre wedding and there is a photographer team too .. My Smart Subscribers, I’m slow, I can’t travel far motion sickness Actually we want to go to TONGGING, but I’m just diarrhea, I’m not feeling well And I tried to do a vlog Two kilo shrimp mango What do you buy friends How much is kak? Two kilos fifty thousand No less the price of brother? My Smart Subscribers. Oh, my God. What happened to my face? We eat at the HOSPITAL RS, WILL BE ASKED The fruits at BERASTAGI are very fresh. I once filmed In my video the title was OUTBOUND and GOAL SETTING at BERASTAGI. You can see there, huh I can’t talk much. I am weak, nausea wants to vomit Forgive me My Smart Subscribers, I very rarely go out of town because I never got in a car This one-fourth costs ten thousand rupiah Oh, my God ! Peanut since My Smart Subscribers I always defecate back and forth I have to fill my stomach so I don’t catch a cold My Smart Subscribers, I ask for plastic for cake wrap I was scared on the road, I was starving This is delicious I eat first, My Smart Subscribers Hello My Smart Subscribers, I just arrived in my city Oh My God! We from BERASTAGI arrived at MEDAN at eleven o’clock, ate and stopped at the gas station Finally it arrived until four in the afternoon I am very. What is it … limp Always To toilet Friend Also throw away the wind And I give thanks, my leader is very concerned about looking after me and loving me And also my friends also love me I again pour out my heart about you And I love them too Earlier we were on the toll road, many queued huh because of the toll road, from MEDAN or all kinds. They enter private cars and big cars But not on the toll road card. So queued up Waiting for them to load the card is very long I hope there are rules or conditions so that they don’t do anything like that again, yes, My Smart Subscribers Oh My God! Wait a minute, please Because we are there, waiting for thirty minutes, yes, My Smart Subscribers Because those who don’t fill the cards are very many who are lining up. They also wait at the cashier’s place I hope there are good rules so that they get better Don’t ride the car .. I don’t want to ride the car (sulk) ☺️ I want to ride a rickshaw! 🤗 You are tired of your brother riding in a car (friend) I smelled the smell of my city, so my body immediately refreshed Ouch! It’s very difficult if you get drunk, My Smart Subscribers But I tried to fight my drunkenness and did not want to depend on drunken drugs It’s just that, nervous in the car Our brother was first, friend … just first! Maybe if I have a car later, then I can adapt it Ok! I go home first. Thank you for watching my video. We meet in the next video. Da … already .. My Smart Subscribers, for additional energy, sometimes I drink this because it’s very good for the body And vitamin C is very much And, if your body strength is not so good, I suggest that you can take body vitamins I love it !

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